Rise of the Void {IC}

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Landebert stood on his balcony, overlooking his once beautiful city. It was now dirty, filled with waste and filth. Food was starting to become scarce. His wrinkled face turned to the encroaching darkness. It was faintly visible. It was likely two weeks off from hitting, maybe more. He was encouraging the Ebon Wings to spy inside of it as much as possible, to find a way to destroy it. He sighed softly, turning back into his office. It wouldn’t do any good to worry right now. He had to get the reports from the last week. Dressed in his daily robes, he armed himself with his dagger, and took stepped out. An elegant guard was standing outside at the ready. “Gerald, please come with me.” He spoke to the Royal Guardsman. He walked past many refugees that had taken shelter in the many bedrooms of his palace. He didn’t mind, he wasn’t using them, and he wasn’t planning on having any guests. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]His guards opened the large doors, and sunlight hit his face. Despite the darkness coming, today was quite pleasant. If he weren’t scared for he and his people, he’d likely be having a picnic with his family in the palace garden. The garden had been unattended to, and it had grown over with weeds and thorns. It was unfortunate, because he did so love the garden. He passed by, and made his way into the city, and to the barracks which were close to the palace. He entered, nodding at the soldiers who were inside. Now, to find some of the Generals…[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gladhrien knocked another arrow on her bow, shooting the straw target in front of her. It was a perfect bullseye. She practiced every day. She went and gathered her arrows, putting them back in the quiver. She stepped away from her training area, going to get her rations for the day. She wasn’t too upset about the lack of food, as she had already been training herself to resist hunger. However, she knew the food wouldn’t last forever, so she took less than her share. She ended up with a loaf of bread, a few potatoes, some radishes, and a quarter wheel of cheese. That would last her a couple days at least. She took it back to her small home. It wasn’t large enough to open to anyone else, so lived on her own. It was a three room dwelling, a bedroom, kitchen, and the privy. It was tight, but she managed. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She placed her food in the cupboards, taking some bread and cheese for her breakfast. She would likely cook a potato to halve for her lunch and dinner. Radishes cut up on top made for a rather tasty meal. But for now, a slice of bread and a small portion of cheese would fill her. She wanted to keep some food available for when she went outside of the walls. She never went anywhere outside the city without food. After eating, she took her bow and arrows, and left her home. She had to get to the barracks for orders. She would likely be doing some menial task again today. She didn’t mind too much, but keeping refugees from killing each other got a little boring sometimes. Especially when she and the other Wardens were supposed to be Elite soldiers against the oncoming storm. She sighed to herself. What could she do? Absolutely nothing. Once she learned more about the fog, she could report, but she only knew minimal amounts. Like it was impossible to see far when inside. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ysolde awoke from her sleep in the small room given to her. She wasn’t used to the dingy room. Not only that, she had to share the dingy room. There were six bedrolls squished inside. She didn’t even get a full bed. So was the life of a member of the Militia, apparently. She groaned, her back cracking. She made her way to a small wash basin. She looked into the grimy water, and sighed. They were lucky they had her. She held her hand over it, and absorbed the water into her hand, creating an orb of liquid. All that was left was the dirt particles in the basin. She dumped that out, and put the water back. Almost completely clear. There were some things she wasn’t able to separate, but it was better than before. She splashed her face once, patting it dry with a nearby cloth, and made her way out. Outside, there was a small pond that she had created for her familiar. It leaped from the water, alighting on the surface. She gestured for it to come up, and it flew to her shoulder. She had named it Nirva, though it rarely responded to that. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She made her way to the barracks, which was not far from where she slept. She was likely a tiny bit late, but she figured that would be fine. They weren’t in any danger today anyway. Well, not immediate. They were always in danger at this point. She opened the door, gasping a bit at seeing the king there. She skirted around him, bowing slightly. “Your majesty.” She greeted, making her way deeper into the barracks. She needed orders of some sort. She was hoping Captain Cydai would have something for her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Another day, another death.” Rhistel muttered to himself, finishing off a mug of ale from a barrel he was keeping for special occasions. Like today, because he wanted some. He was dressed, and went downstairs. He slept in the barracks, because why not? Easy to get to, just enough space for him, and he had some pretty decent things considering he was general. He ran a hand through his hair, and looked up, seeing the king. He bowed elegantly. “Sire.” He greeted. “How can I be of service?” He looked around, seeming to be the only commanding officer in the vicinity. “General Duirsar, good morning.” Landebert smiled, though obviously a bit forced. The stress was wearing on him, and Rhis understood completely. He wasn’t offended. “I was just wondering about your past week’s report.” Rhis nodded. “We were successful in scouting around the fog. It seems the creatures do not come outside, as there could be some seen, but none came out. The Ebon Wings went inside, but I do not know of their report.” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Rhis wasn’t fond of the fog. It was interesting at best, and catastrophic at worst. The creatures that they could see were the most horrible things he had seen. The Ebon Wings explained them to him, but he himself never went inside. He didn’t dare enter, he didn’t know how to fight them. He didn’t even know if they could be affected by magic. And he didn’t feel like finding out the hard way either. He’d have to wait until he could enter with the two other squads. He did want to know, but he wasn’t about to die. Yet. He felt that there was no hope for them, but he’d still fight. He had things he wanted to do yet, and no fog was going to stop him.[/BCOLOR]
  2. Merrek

    Merrek twirled his polearm expertly, going through the motions of a solo practice session. Twists and slashes, forward thrusts and a hard whack with its dull end hard enough to crack a skull, if Merrek wanted. Its iron tip glinted unevenly in the morning light, its rusty edges giving it a rough and marred appearance that seemed to suit Merrek quite well. He brought through one last upward strike before thrusting it downward and planting it firmly in the dirt below. That was a killing blow worthy of his title.

    Merrek heaved a weary sigh, rotating his shoulders to ease the tension and tugging his weapon free. There was the subtle bite of hunger in his stomach, and hopefully he'd be able to get his hands on something to satisfy his rampant sweet tooth.

    He hoped that today would be a lucky day, and that the cooks were feeling generous.


    Kad felt that today was going to be a good day. He'd slipped out of the barracks earlier that morning to grab a drink or two, waved to a few townspeople he was vaguely familiar with. By the time he was back and pleasantly warm, the sun had risen fully and it was time for a morning call.

    "Up!" Kad bellowed, pounding his fist against the walls. "Get moving! This isn't a rest day!"

    There was no such thing for a rest day in the Militia, in Kad's opinion. He was a soldier through and through, and had only left the army to make sure these militiamen were capable of doing their jobs. Rest wasn't a word he was familiar with, and neither were leisure or break. Work, celebration, and drinking were the cores of his being, but lazing about was sure to get one reprimanded. Or kicked out, depending on how lenient Kad was feeling that day.
  3. Vyne Gip

    Standing in her full but unimpressive height Vyne gracefully went through her battle positions, the vine and leaf corset flowed with her movements, the loose black pants floated with every twitch, and though she wasn’t exerting herself physically she had almost translucent green sweat powering off her face. Her arms rolled into a defensive position as her mind was pushing her power into the trees around her going further and further, until finely hit the fog and it almost felt as if she had hit a brick wall with her mind. As a soft breeze gently flowed over her moist skin, her mind and power whiplashed back into her body and she slumped panting. A grimace pulled at her full lips, her dark green eyes flashing. Tensing and relaxing her muscles, she quickly went through a volley of fast paced body exerting positions and whipped through some basic weapons training on herself. Gasping for breath when she is done Vyne lowed her body on to the compact dirt and slowly wrapped her brain into the forest around her, finally relaxed and her anger dissipated she stood and walked on silent feet back toward the city.
    Upon entering she grabbed her rations for the week, she only took the things she couldn’t make herself. Dried meat, some cheese, and some sweet wine. Upon entering her small dwelling that she had created at the top of an old try in the courtyard she threw her food into a basket and grabbed a few nuts and popped them in her mouth. The sun had made her little home rather warm but she bared it no mind as she stripped herself of her clothing and willed the vines and leaves from her torso. A quick wipe of a cloth and she changed into her everyday clothes. Tight black breeches, a dark green tunic top and her bark corset that she willed into place and asked the vines to lace into place. Leaving her hair in the messy bun she pulled on her boots and strapped her weapons into place and went in search of her General. Though her information is nothing new, the fact that the fog blocks her from contacting the plants and earth hidden within it is worrying.

    Teagen Kia
    Teagen stood silently, his long hair a curtain around his face as his onyx like eyes bore down on the rich coffee like hair that hid his younger sister’s face from him, lightly tanned skin and muscles rippled and gleamed in the light. Having returned from his normal morning workout he had found his sister trying to enter the Militia barracks. Again. Running his long fingers through his hair he shook his head in a frustrated manner. “Minerva, why? Why must you do this? I don’t want you near the fog! Someone needs to be here, to keep Eregon safe.” He said, his voice low and husky. Looking up with a blank look in her face, but a defiant gleam in her eyes Teagen knew that Minerva would do it again, “You promised, on you word as a Weaver. I guess you no longer see yourself as a Weaver.” Though he never raised his voice that was a bite and he watched her flinch back, her ruby like eyes filling with tears but though he felt bad there was satisfaction burning deep in his soul. That would stop her from trying to get around the ban on her being a part of the army.
    Entering his room after grabbing a piece of bread to munch on, Teagen pulled on a clean pair of dark pants the traditional green, blue and gold patterns of the Weavers glinted up at him. Blinking back memories of his family and the terrible day that had caused him to run with his sister and nephew to Caesion. Pulling his smooth hair back into a pony, he exited his small three bedroom home. His bare feet made almost no sound as he walked, he needed to speak to his General, see if there is any news on the fog. He was getting sick of waiting and he needed a good spar with someone, he needed to get rid of the guilty feeling that had started to grow in his gut.

    Minerva Kia
    Staring blankly outside Minerva was listening in on the conversation her neighbors were having, not that entertaining but it took her mind off the cruel remark her brother had made. She knew it was true though, she knew she had gone against her word. Snapping back to reality when a little hand touched her arm she turned and looked at her nephew. Small for a galeborn at the age of eleven was Eregon, sickly sense a child with white wings that were too small and one green eye and one red, red hair with a white steak on the left side of his face. He looked at Minerva with sympathy, being born mute hadn’t helped him and if anything made him more reliant on his family. Sighing Minerva stood, towering over the sickly little boy she smiled at him, “You need breakfast and then I will take you to Lexi, I’m sure she would like help in her library. I heard she found a few more books.” She said in a voice that was more of a whisper of its normal self. His answering smile made him almost look like a normal little boy.
    After a quick meal of dried fruit and meat she dressed in the same clothing as the day before. Braiding her hair she smoothed her hands down the silky water repellent black cloth that made her long tank tunic and the red leggings. Snapping her mind from her brother and her wounded pride she walked her nephew to their neighbors and then went running through the streets before taking flight. Minerva hadn’t given up yet, she would prove to Teagen she could be useful to the city.
  4. Yerion Natelia
    While his colonel was off challenging the fog head-on, Yerion was pacing around his humble corner of the kingdom, scattering his possessions around the dark room only to set them back in different places. Something was off about the arrangement; he just couldn't put his finger on it. He had been feeling anxious all day, as a matter of fact. Impatient. He'd heard that a squad of elites had been sent into the fog, but he wasn't among those selected, and he couldn't help but feel a little hurt. It was because he couldn't use magic, wasn't it? They didn't trust him. No one trusted him! He might've been small but he'd lived more years than Colonel Gip and General Brando, and he could fight, damn it!

    ...No, that was all silly. Of course he was trusted; he wouldn't still be in the Ebon Wings if it wasn't. Yerion was just feeling awfully on edge. Irritated, he smacked a small pack of jerky to the floor, then hurriedly picked it back up and set it back on the table with his other rations. Mostly meat, with a few scattered breads and vegetables to balance out his diet. He always made a point of taking exactly what he was allowed, and no less. Elites like him deserved more than the common folk, right? After all, his job was among the most difficult. But also the most rewarding!

    So why wasn't he out there right now? He wasn't sure. But he was debating on going out there by himself, just to work off some of his nervous energy.​
  5. Cordelia kneeled in her small home on the floor, her eyes closed with a slight smile on her face. She was in front of small tub filled with water, which she kept her Hippocamp familiar,Mizuko, in. As her arms swayed back and forth in front of her over the tub, the water in it followed her movements. Mizuko didn't seem to mind, as he paddled around a bit, following the water's movement. Cordelia opened one eye, realizing again that Mizuko was in the tub. She stopped, picking him up and walking over to a small washbasin to place him in. "I need to test my skills more, Mizuko. I apologize." Although Cordelia knew Mizuko could not understand her words, she knew he understood how she felt as he blinked and let out a small breath. Cordelia stared across the room for a moment, imagining the fog up close. The creatures. Cordelia had never seen the fog, nor did she want to, but it interested and horrified her at the same time. She shook her head, walking back to the tub and kneeling at it. She started her movements over, slowly swaying her arms over the tub and watching the water move. Her movements became more violent, the water began to come up in waves, never touching Cordelia, only spilling over the sides of the tub every so often. Then, large tendrils of water came up over the tub as Cordelia twirled her wrists. They wrapped themselves around her arms like the vines of a plant, and carefully, Cordelia got to her feet, water surrounding her arms that almost looked like tentacles. She walked outside with bare feet, then flung her arm out and struck the nearest tree with the water. It swirled off her in a whirlpool-like fashion, and when it hit the tree, it split the bark a bit on the trunk. She repeated this with her other arm, hitting the tree in the exact same area. Cordelia went back inside, picking up her katana that had carelessly been put on a table in the corner. She picked it up, smiling as coils of water wrapped around her hand and wrist. The water seemed to become her flesh momentarily. She returned outside, walking to the tree she had previously hit and acted as if it were a monster, advancing and receding, stabbing, slicing. Of course, this wasn't good enough. Cordelia needed moving targets. But since she had none at the moment, this would have to do.
  6. [BCOLOR=#000000]Brando[/BCOLOR]
    Brando Had been up since before dawn doing a morning training, as he does everyday except on missions. As he left the small yard he had made his practice place he grabbed a towel to wipe to sweat from his face, before he walked into his small house. He had given up his larger room that comes with being a general for people who needed it more then him. His comprised of one large room that had a eating space, kitchen, bed (Curtained off), and a desk to do his paper work at. Then quickly changing out of his leggings and tunic he wore for training and put on he normal brown pants and brown shirt, with a light weight bronze armor, then he pulled his green cloak, buckled on his belt and gauntlets, and lastly he made sure all his weapons were where they were suppose to be.

    The General grabbed an apple to eat as his breakfast, he would have eaten more but he had trained himself to not eat as much. After eating he jogged to the barracks to much sure all of his regiment was up and ready to go back to the fog. Arriving there he silently nodded his head to the guard as he walked into the large building.


    Rumil Erikson

    Rumil woke up earl, earlier than normal, so he could help pass out rations to everyone. Though it wasn't the funnest job he could do, it brought him great joy to help others in need. Thankfully as an elf he ate less as well as needed less then humans. He didn't know why that was, but it was a just a fact. Looking up to the sky he realized he needed to get back to the barracks before he got in trouble with his general for being late... Again. Telling the woman he was helping he had to go he left and ran to the barracks.

    When he got there he almost ran into the general of The Ebon Wings, but quickly turned and ran the other way so he wouldn't get in trouble. Moving towards the room he shared with several others to make sure they were up, he never liked it when they got yelled at.

    (I will post for Leah Silverstar later)​
  7. Elianna Devereux

    Standing beside the balcony doors, Elianna sighed softly as she stared out her window, her green eyes narrowing and focusing in on the darkness outside the city walls. A delicate hand moved to push open the doors so she could step out onto the concrete. Elianna paused by the railings in wonder. As much as everyone feared the fog coming their way, she couldn't help but be interested in it. Interested in what laid in wait for her people to either enter the mist or to be engulfed by it. Like many others, Elianna had heard rumors floating about the kingdom of what could possibly be in that dangerous cloud looming over their futures.

    Finally, Elianna pulled her eyes away and directed her attentions down towards the streets of the crowded city. So many people, she thought quietly as she looked at the dirty and hunger-ridden humans below her. With the thought her own belly rumbled. Elianna bit at her lip, remembering even the royals were struggling to feed themselves. She sighed a bit turning away from the streets and heading towards her room and then towards the exit. "Perhaps I can convince brother to find some good food," she said softly her eyes moving towards a woman and her baby as they walked passed her. She sighed, biting at her lip and shaking her head.

    "I don't think I could bring children into this world," Elianna said to herself as she moved quickly out of the castle and towards the barracks to find her brother. She was sure he would be practicing there. Elianna smiled feeling the sunlight hit her skin and the soft wind blowing her vibrant hair around her. "It is quite lovely," she stated looking up at the sun and giving another smile.

    After weaving her way through town, Elianna finally stumbled across the barracks. She sighed entering and quickly passing her father, in a mission to find her brother. A smile crossed her lips when she found him with his arm stuck in the dummy. "Good Merrick," she called, tilting her head to the side just a bit.

    Damian Barnes

    Damian looked over when he heard the door to the barracks open. He sighed not moving from his position as he focused in on the subject, one of his hands holding an orb of fire. His familiar sat close by, watching intently as the Elemental stayed concentrated. His face showed little more than a very light smirk on his lips. Other than that it was difficult to figure out what he was thinking or feelings. Many found it difficult to crack his shell, but Damian thought differently. He felt his lack of emotion left him a wall that made it even more difficult for his enemies to decipher.

    He was moved to the kingdom after escaping the fog once it had hit his last city. Damian shook his head at the thought. This darkness was getting overwhelming for most...including himself. He hated to see so many dead and even more homeless and starving. All of these spent everyday scouring for food and for shelter, protecting their family from whatever lied in the shadows. Damian had seen many kill themselves, mothers who could no longer stand the idea of watching their family starve, fathers who who stand the thought of not providing or protecting their family. It was sickening and disheartening. Damian didn't have family, at least not any he truly wished to remember, but if he did, he would protect them with everything he had.

    Damian shook the thoughts and lowered his hands, his eyes moving towards the king when he heard him speak. He studied the man, his attention now focused on him and wondering what the orders would be for the day.
  8. Leah Silverstar

    Leah danced with the flickers of flame that moved around her body as she made her graceful movements. She loved to dance with her fire all around her, it was her way of momentary forgetting the pending doom that was on it's way. And it was a great way she trained in fine tuning her fighting ability. Ending her dance the fire around her went up in smoke and Ke'la, her young dragon familiar, came running to her side. The woman smiled and patted Ke'la's head as she walk into the house she was sharing with about twenty others, everyone was crowded so they all tried to stay outside as much as possible.

    She had eaten her breakfast earlier that morning so she just stopped in the house long enough to grab her black cloak that reached the ground as she walked. Leaving the medium sized house she looked around, it seemed as though the number of people on the street walking by had grown quite a lot in the past couple of weeks. Leah had heard all the rumors, that this was the very last country that had not fallen to The Void, in her heart she hoped it wasn't true and yet she knew it was.
  9. [​IMG]
    Landebert returned to his palace after checking in with the generals about the past week's reports. He left his guard at the door, and returned to his study. He passed the window, where he noticed something rather unusual. The fog seemed a bit closer than before. Like it was moving faster. He stared at it for a moment, noticing the wispy swaying of the clouds. By the gods, it was getting faster! He turned and ran out the door, ignoring his guard. "Sound the alarm!" He yelled throughout the halls. "Be prepared!" He made his way to the bell tower, calling up. "Sound the alarm!" He left his palace, with guards following him. "Tell everyone that the fog is moving faster!" He told them. They dispersed, as he himself went to go find his children and wife.

    Gladhrien had heard the call to arms. She had already started gathering together her armor and weapons. A guard came by, pounding on her door. She answered. "The fog is nearing!" He told her before going to the next house. This was not good. How was it so close? It was weeks away just this morning! She dressed in her light armor, gathering her bow and other weapons, making her way to the barracks. She could be of use to them, she knew. She had been inside often. She noticed that civilians were panicking. She bit her lip, then sighed. She'd bring them to the palace, where the king had said to put them once the fog consumed them.

    "Follow me!" She called. "Get into the palace! You'll be safe there!" She then started jogging towards the large structure. It may not have been structurally defended, but the guards there could at least fight. She watched as members of the guard and army ran past her, each going to their respective leader.

    Ysolde had sensed some disturbance. When a guard came in, yelling about the fog closing in, her fears were confirmed. She looked out the window, noticing an elf ushering civilians towards the palace. She could do that. She rushed out, pointing to the palace. "Come on! Be orderly! Please leave your belongings, you'll be cared for there!" She yelled, now physically keeping people in line. Her familiar was not pleased with this at all, and would occasionally hiss at the people who bumped into them. Ysolde shushed her pseudodragon, and it stayed quiet, perched on her shoulder, still very tense.

    Being a general, Rhistel was one of the first people to know about the encroaching fog. He was currently outside the walls, his wings carrying him towards the fog as quickly as he could. It was moving fast enough that he didn't dare land. He might not be abe to make it out in time. He saw the creatures inside of it, huddled near the side, waiting for their snack. They couldn't leave the fog, but as soon as it touched something alive, they'd spring. He backed away, quickly flying back to Caesion. This was not good. It'd be there soon. Perhaps it was tired of waiting, and wanted to finish them off. Maybe it was only toying with them. He landed back in the town square, getting back to his barracks. "Everyone! Off your asses! We have an issue!" He yelled inside.
  10. Brando heard the alarm he ran outside to look from where the noise was coming from to the Fog, to make sure he wasn't just hearing things. In a spilt second he made a decision, running back inside and loudly started yelling at, not just his subordinates but also everyone else near by. "Get the hell out and get the citizens in here, it's the safest place for them. Now move!"

    The General ran outside once more and stated calling his men together, so that they could be together in battle.

    (I will post more, but I don't know when I will have enough time for my other to characters, but I will as soon as I can.)
  11. Rumil Erikson

    Rumil jumped with a start when he heard the sound of the alarm. The young elf hurried out of the barracks to help others in to keep them safe. Even though he wasn't up for much fighting he was ready if he was needed, though he really didn't want to. He quickly moved from person to person, telling them everything would be alright as he guided them inside, before moving on to help the next person in need of help. Looking around as he worked he tried to find the other members of the Jade Regiment to get better orders of what to do.

    The screams of the people around him kept bring up the thoughts of other two attacks of the Fog he had already lived through. Fighting back those memories he tried his best to stay calm for the sake of those around him, but he was failing in his tries to hide his fears from the already scared civilians.​
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