Rise of the Runelords: Chapter 1

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    • Chapter 1: Burnt Offering

      Sandpoint has faced many hardships but also great prosperity in its 42-year history. A small town on the Varisian Bay, fishermen, farmers, and other simple folk make the community one of the rare havens of peace in Varisia. Yet, while the townsfolk have known dark times in the past, a new shadow has begun to loom over the unsuspecting town.

    • [​IMG]

      “Like no other land I have visited in all my vast and fevered travels, here in Varisia art and environment are truly one. The monoliths of a mysterious and romantic people weather the ages, telling the voiceless tales of a race lost to silence. Each inspired day colors the skies in vivid palettes of placid blue, raging red-orange, and sorrowed gray—heavenly emotions painted across an endless, cloudless canvas. Even the natives live like masterpieces on display, their tattoos becoming the likenesses of their lives, their dances telling their endless tales, and their wisdom tempered by murmured harmonies echoing from both past and future.”

      —Cevil “Redwing” Charms Esq., Eidolon​


      1. Cathedral2. Boneyard3. The White Deer Inn4. The Way North Library/Maphouse5. Jeweler
      6. Junker’s Edge (Dump)7. Gorvi’s Shack (Streetcleaner)8. Sage9. Locksmith10. Garrison
      11. Town Hall12. Savah’s Armory13. Risa’s Place (Tavern)14. Rovanky Tannery15. Red Dog Smithy
      16. The Pillbug’s Pantry (Herbalist)17. Bottled Solutions (Apothecary)18. Cracktooth’s Tavern19. House of Blue Stones (Temple of Irori)20. Glassworks
      21. Sandpoint Savories (Baker)22. The Curious Goblin (Bookseller)23. Theater24. Carpenter’s Guild25. Lumber Mill
      26. General Store27. Turandarok Academy (Orphanage)28. Madame Mvashti’s (Seer/Historian)29. Grocer’s Hall30. Vernah’s Fine Clothing
      31. Wheen’s Wagons32. Scarnetti Mill33. The Hagfish Tavern34. Valdemar Fishmarket35. Market
      36. Meat Market37. The Rusty Dragon :Inn:38. Goblin Squash Stables39. Two Knight Brewery40. Mercantile League
      41. Sandpoint Boutique42. Fatman’s Feedbag (Tavern)43. The Pixie’s Kitten (Brothel)44. The Feathered Serpent (Oddities)45. Hannah’s (Midwife)
      46. Shipyard47. Valdemar Manor48. Scarnetti manor49. Murasaki Manor50. Deverin Manor


      ASHEN RISE: A limestone tor, home to uncommonly aggressive ravens and crows.

      RISTON'S POND: Named after an eccentric Varisian druid, whose spirit still haunts the shack on the east shore. Goblins from Mosswood often fish here.

      BRINESTUMP MARSH: Unexplored swampland infested with giant insects, goblins, and other unpleasant monsters.

      DEVIL'S PLATTER: Home to the Birdcruncher Goblins (non-aggressive) and nocturnal, devil-worshiping Bugbears.

      DRAGON'S PUNCHBOWL: Bowl-shaped island where Wyverns roost in caves. Rumors hold that a dragon visits the place once or twice a year for unknown reasons.

      EGAN'S WOOD: Pine woodland once owned by a local eccentric named Egan. Giant spiders infest it.

      FARMLANDS: At any given time, at least 2 or 3 farms need help in running off predators or goblins.

      FOXGLOVE MANOR: Home of Aldern Foxglove.

      GRUBBER'S HERMITAGE: A small, isolated island of lepers, ghosts, and hostile fishermen. The island has recently fallen silent, but no one has investigated, despite sightings of strangely large numbers of carrion birds nearby.

      HABE'S SANATORIUM: A mental asylum build by a rich doctor, Erin Habe.

      HAG'S PLUMMET: A popular place for secret lovers and tragic suicides.

      THE MOORS: Ashen Moor (low-lying), Bleaklow Moor (high altitude, ghoul-infested) Whisperwood Moor (large and foggy). Goblin dogs, wolves, worgs, and worse hunt here.

      MOSSWOOD: Goblin-infested redwood forest. The Mosswood tribe remains the largest of the Sandpoint goblin tribes, but the tribe is constantly killing each other over which god is da best.

      NETTLEWOOD: A forest of nettles and thorny underbrush.

      PAUPERS' GRAVES: An old Varisian gypsy graveyard. Those who died during the construction of Sandpoint were buried here. Now inhabited by ghouls.

      THE PIT: A sinkhole rumoured to be full of all kinds of monsters.

      THE PYRE: Ancient Varisian ritual site (no longer used)

      RAVENROOST: A ragged wasteland. Not a lot lives here apart from relatively harmless wild animals.

      SHANK'S WOOD: Small pine and eucalyptus forest. Seven Tooth goblin tribe claim this forest as their territory.

      SOG'S BAY: Bay of many shipwrecks, giant crabs, and other tidal predators.

      THISTLETOP: An island infested by the Thistletop goblin tribe.

      THE THREE CORMORANTS: Three towering sea stacks protruding from the waves and covered in eucalyptus and cypress forests. Harpies dwell here.

      TICKWOOD: Pine and redwood forest, infested by ticks and boars. Popular with hunters.

      THE TORS: Stretch of nooks, caverns, and old Varisian tombs. Popular with adventurers/explorers.

      WHISPERWOOD: Towering redwood forest, rumoured to contain Thassilonian ruins. Most explores fall prey to the wolves, bugbears, and bandits.

      WISHER'S WELL: 30ft stone tower with flooded chambers below ground. Monster-infested.

    • Sandpoint

      The Town
      A simple, peaceful town with a tightly-knit community. Wood buildings and cluttered docks line the town’s natural harbor, while farms and manors dot the surrounding countryside. The people spend their days fishing, farming, lumbering, glass-making, and shipbuilding, and spend their evenings in Sandpoint’s many taverns. A playhouse and would-be museum make unusual attractions in such a small community, but Sandpoint’s true landmark is the Old Light, a lighthouse of ancient origins that lies in ruins.

      Though quiet, Sandpoint has had its share of troubles. The fading scars of a recent terror still linger, a time most folk refer to as the Late Unpleasantness. Just over five years ago, a madman stalked the streets of Sandpoint, killing dozens. Known as Chopper, the killer’s month-long terror ended when an eccentric local artisan was revealed as the murderer and killed by the watch. Adding to the pain, less than a month later the local chapel burned to the ground in a conflagration that nearly consumed the town and left the local priest dead.

      Emerging from the shadow of these events, though, Sandpoint has healed and rebuilt, with many townsfolk viewing the coming dedication of a new church as a symbolic end to the healing and a return to normality.

      The Law
      Kendra Deverin has served as Sandpoint’s mayor for the past eight years. She has proven to be both an adept diplomat and stern hand when need be—skills likely honed during her youth in Magnimar. Kendra holds the abiding respect of most of Sandpoint’s people, charming them with her fiery temper and tenacity for justice (as demonstrated during the Late Unpleasantness). A council of several of the town’s most respected and affluent landowners aids Deverin’s work.

      Meting out the town’s good justice, sheriff and councilmember Belor Hemlock keeps watch over Sandpoint’s people. Held as something of a local hero, Hemlock is lauded with being the man who brought the serial killer, Chopper, to justice. Although rarely faced with misconduct more severe than vandalism and public drunkenness, the sheriff is both a keen wit and a skilled swordsman. While the town’s chief enforcer, Hemlock knows the difference between the word of the law and its intent, and often gives those under his protection the benefit of the doubt.

      Sandpoint’s people also realize they must often fend for themselves, especially on the outlying farms. In the rarest and most extreme cases mob justice is sometimes all that satisfies the outraged people.

      The Land
      A rolling, lightly forested land of limestone escarpments, rugged tors, and verdant moors surrounds Sandpoint. Numerous farms spread over the surrounding countryside, while the homes of fisherfolk dot the cliffs. Wolves, snakes, and oversized weasels primarily stalk the deer and hares common to the area, along with the occasional stray farm animal, making attacks on humanoids rare. When the fogs common to Sandpoint’s stretch of shore rise, though, every dark shape in the mist becomes a monster, giving rise to numerous local legends of hungry wild men, winged terrors, and reeking things from the sea.

      Places of Note and Rumours of Late

      Sandpoint Rumours
      As in any small community, gossip accents every business transaction and spices every evening meal. Anyone who makes a DC 10 Gather Information check might hear one of the following rumors, some of questionable veracity.

      • Sheriff Hemlock shares a long-running, “secret” romance with Lady Kaye, madam of the town brothel.
      • The ghost of the murderer Chopper haunts Chopper’s Isle, just north of town.
      • The White Deer Inn used to be the Black Deer Inn, but was tastefully renamed after the fire.
      • Ask Ven Vinder at the general store to see the “wine cellar” and he’ll sell you a jug of disgusting but potent orc rotgut.
      • Farmer Grump claims the Sandpoint Devil, a horselike monster with bat wings, once flew off with one of his prized sows.
      • Old Ilsoari at the museum sometimes wanders the beach at night, looking for treasures.
      • Don’t go down to the junktoss after dark: goblins steal the trash at night.
      • Solsta Vinder claims Sczarni stole her sheets last week and two cooling pies a week before that.
      • The new cathedral is magically protected from catching fire.
      • Murdermaw, a giant red snapper big enough to bite a boat in half, lurks in the Varisian Bay.
      • The Deverin family was once affiliated with the Chelish resistance, but was forced to flee to Varisia.

    • Festival and Fire

      The PCs arrived in the town of Sandpoint to attend the Swallowtail Festival, a ritual to consecrate Sandpoint's new church. After mingling with the crowd and listening to the opening speeches, the heroes learned a little about local events.

      - The bounty hunter Tahlzair befriended Ina-Oster, an agent of Lord Scarnetti, who may have links to the local crime family.
      - The prodigal daughter An-Nur realized her foster father and best friend died 5 years ago in the fire that claimed the previous church.
      - The sadistic magus Voren learned his studies of the Old Light are shared with the Sorceress Tatharel.
      - The local handyman Rodeh received a shady work offer from Gressel, landlord of the Fatman's Feedbag tavern.

      At the highlight of the festival, a thunderstone was used to bring attention to the stage. But unfortunately the same noise was the signal for a hidden group of goblins to attack. The little menaces invaded the square, with the intent of sowing chaos and confusion. The heroes responded quickly. In the fighting they stopped the goblins from burning the cathedral, and even saved a visiting noble, Aldern Foxglove, from being butchered.

      The goblins were hidden in wagons placed specifically in the square. And the north gate of the town, which is usually locked, was left unbolted and open.

      The attack was more organized than a goblin raid should be...

    • Local Heroes

      As Sandpoint recovered from the attack, the heroes took shelter in the church and helped with the injured and distraught. An-Nur was welcomed home by Father Zantus, who told her the sad tale of the church fire that claimed the lives of both his predecessor and An-Nur's step-sister, Nualia. But upon looking for Nualia's grave, the heroes were set upon by mindless undead - summoned by a Robe of Bones that laid discarded in the vault. The remains of Father Tobyn, the late high priest, were gone, and tracks pointed to a goblin band led by a single humanoid - no doubt the traitor who had helped the goblins in their attack. It seemed that yesterday's raid was merely a distraction from the enemy's real mission: to plunder the vault.

      Lord Foxglove, the noble whose life was saved the previous day, offered to host the heroes at the Rusty Dragon tavern. While buying them drinks there, the heroes found themselves in the middle of an altercation between the landlady, Jin Murasaki, and her father, who was trying to leave town very quickly. After a scuffle the lord stormed away, and further investigation was denied when the heroes were called to deal with a stray goblin trapped inside a home on the main street. Upon killing the greenskin, they found that he was carrying a stolen ring... perhaps part of the loot that was plundered from Father Tobyn's grave.

      Meanwhile, the bounty hunter brothers, Tahlzair and Dhoryl, followed a lead to the local Sczarni tavern, and made short work of antagonizing the crime family. After a brief and bloody fight they got the attention of Jubrayal, the head of the family, who freely told them that their target, the Blackbird, could be found at the Murasaki Glassworks.

      As fate would have it, the brothers were now heading to the same place as the rest of the heroes. As night fell, a barmaid from the Rusty Dragon sought out the heroes and handed them a letter found in Jin Murasaki's bedroom. It was from the landlady's estranged brother and implicated Lord Murasaki as the goblin sympathizer. Jin was missing, and the letter told her to meet her brother, Tsuto, at the Glassworks by midnight.

      Sensing that the truth was soon to be unveiled, the heroes geared up and set out for the factory.

    • Glass and Wrath

      The heroes arrived to find the Glassworks open, the locks picked and the rooms surveyed. The bounty hunter brothers had got there before them, having followed a lead from their investigation of the Sczarni crime family. But the criminal henchmen who should have been waiting inside the factory were already dead, slaughtered by goblins, along with their crooked benefactor, Lord Murasaki. After dealing with the goblins, the party found one of their own missing. Lord Foxglove had fled from something in the basement. The party ventured to behold that same horror, and found the room in which Tsuto Murasaki, embittered son of the late noble, had taken up refuge. The renegade monk had forced his father to confess his part in the Sandpoint Raid, and had tried, violently, to coerce his sister onto the side of the goblins. Outnumbered and enraged, Tsuto fled down the same route by which he had infiltrated the town - an old smuggler's tunnel once used by the Sczarni to smuggle contraband through the Glassworks. But what the heroes will find at the end of the tunnel, in the hunt for Tsuto, is darker than anything imagined...

    • The Blackbird

      Returning to the Glassworks the next morning, the heroes found the servants of the Murasaki household searching for their master. The servants revealed that Lord Murasaki had ordered the sabotage of Sandpoint, likely after being blackmailed by Tsuto. His son had always known that his father murdered his mother after she gave birth to a half-elf. An-Nur sent the servants to report to Jin, who is now the sole heir to the Murasaki estate.

      Venturing into the catacombs, the heroes found more signs of Tsuto's presence - a love letter to Nualia carved on the wall of the smuggler tunnels, along with a recent lullaby, composed for a child. Beyond this, the tunnels broke through into more ancient, forgotten chambers. The walls had been broken by heavy, devastating sword strikes. The heroes entered the Catacombs of Wrath, and found clues to its ownership: a statue of an ancient queen named Alaznist; symbols of the dark goddess Lamashtu; and notes written by a mad torturer named The Tormentor.

      Another skirmish occurred with the Sinspawn, and a mutated goblin chieftain, both stationed as guards around a prison and torture chamber. To Serenus's horror, she found that the prisoners here were witches with features like her own. One of them had even swallowed a ring like the one Father Tobyn wore. Notes in the torture chamber indicated that the Tormentor who owned this dungeon was under orders to interrogate the witches and find the other rings.

      After plundering the Meditation Chamber, where the Tormentor was experimenting on two Black Blades, the party followed the final tunnel to a Shrine of Lamashtu. Inside, they found the Tormentor's old apprentice - a quasit demon named Erylium, who had been masquerading as "the Blackbird" - the oracle who has kept the Szcarni out of jail for the last 5 years. Thanks to some careful planning by the bounty hunter brothers, Erylium's scrying was blocked, and this allowed the party to get the drop on her.

      In the ensuing battle, zombies and summoned demons made short work of Voren and Dhoryl. But the tenacity of the heroes paid off, and Erylium was defeated. As the quasit perished, her scrying well faded. It seemed that this Well was the source of the Sinspawn, and had been powered by the souls of the goblins slain during the raid.

      Tsuto's plan was clear. Every death of the last few days had been orchestrated to power Erylium's Well and grant her more Sinspawn with which to make a second, devastating offensive.

    • Thistletop

      That same night, the Sheriff returned with soldiers from Magnimar, and learned from Kolto the sorry story of what had happened in his town. He pledged 100 gold to each of the heroes if they could track Tstuto down at Thistletop and end to this madness. So as the Sheriff's men dealt with securing the catacombs and burying Lord Murasaki, the heroes spent one last night in Sandpoint.

      It was not uneventful. The dregs of the Sczarni made a final attempt to reclaim power, but were destroyed, with only their leader, Jubrayal, fleeing town. But this victory was tempered by dark news, as it came to light that two of the heroes had also departed. Serenus had let slip her secret that she was a witch; while An-Nur had run alone to Thistletop, convinced that Tsuto was in league with a woman she thought long dead... her own sister, Nualia.

      But An-Nur had left clues: Tsuto's journal, a Harrow Prophecy, and the diary of the mysterious Tormentor who Erylium had served. Whoever controlled Tsuto was themselves at the mercy of darker forces - from an age lost for ten millennia. The ancient empire of Thassilon had its part in these events, as did the monstrous goddess Lamashtu, and her progeny of witches who had scattered their rings across Sandpoint. Father Zantus offered a further 200 gold for An-Nur's safe return, but this bounty paled beside the other motivations that now drove the party.

      All answers waited at Thistletop. The group rejoined the witch Serenus, who had found their ranger guide murdered by Tsuto and An-Nur. With confirmation that their friend had gone over to the enemy, the party journey east through rain and goblin territories, plunging deep into the heart of Nettlewood. As they began their approach through the thorn mazes that encircled the fortress island, it was clear that An-Nur had already warned the goblins.

      But for better or worse, they could not tell. The first circle of Thistletop defenders fled before they could be engaged. Even now, was An-Nur helping them from inside the fortress...? ​

    • Malfeshnikor

      For centuries, the greenskin tribes have fought over Thistletop, the jewel of the goblin territories. Perhaps they sense the power within that sunken giant's head. Perhaps they sense what waits inside it. Boss Ripnugget, famed harpy slayer of the Thistletop Tribe, has long sought to plunder the island's secrets. But he is a shrewd goblin and aware of his limitations. When Tsuto and his allies arrived, a few months ago, he was clever enough not to fight them. For they too sought the treasure inside the island. An alliance was struck, and the Boss cajoled his goblins into adopting the new religion of the Longshank visitors.

      But things are now stretched to breaking point. Too many of his goblins have died. Ripnugget begins to suspect that he is little more than the minion of his human guests; just as those guests, themselves, begin to realize that the thing they seek is far more manipulative than they imagined...

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  2. RACES

    • Varisian Languages

      Numerous languages are spoken throughout Varisia, including Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, and Halfling. Not as commonly heard in civilized regions are the Draconic, Giant, Goblin, Orc, and Sylvan tongues. In addition, the following five languages each have their place in Varisian culture.

      Boggard: A language of croaks and pops belched by the frogmen of the Mushfens. Non-reptiles can only speak the simplest form of this crude tongue.

      Chelaxian: Only the wealthy of Korvosa and travelers from the far south speak the national tongue of Cheliax. Humans of Chelish descent gain this tongue as a bonus language.

      Shoanti: The language of Varisia’s Shoanti tribes, this sharp tongue is spoken across the Storval Plateau and any of the other rocky lands the barbarians inhabit. Humans of Shoanti descent gain this tongue as a bonus language.

      Thassilonian: This is the dead language of the land’s ancient monuments, spoken today only by intellectuals, historians, and arcanists.

      Varisian: Songs in this rolling, sultry language of Varisia’s native wanderers precede them wherever they travel. Humans of Varisian descent gain this tongue as a bonus language.
    • There are 3 societies of humans.

      Chelaxian - Pale skinned and dark-haired, with a love for art and finery. Cheliax was once a militant empire that threatened Varisia from the south. Then Aroden, the nation's god, died, and the aristocrats sold their souls to devils to remain in decadent luxury. The former empire is in decline, and many immigrants are heading to Varisia.

      Shoanti - Tall, well-built, nomadic humans who live off the land to the northeast. Their skin is slightly reddened and most shave their heads and wear tribal tattoos. All but seven tribes were wiped out in wars with the Chelaxians, who stole the Shoanti lands in the south. Old grudges remain.

      Varisian - Wandering gypsies who live off the land have no concept of owning it. They travel from town to town to trade and entertain. They are olive-skinned, long haired, and have vibrant tattoos and costumes.

    • Most Dwarves live in the in the iron-walled town of Janderhoff. This town is an important trading bridge between the Chelaxian metal-workers and Shoanti medicine-makers. The Dwarves excel at breaking up fights between the rival human factions. Other Dwarves can be found elsewhere in the land, in workshops, forges and hunting parties.
    • Elves are rare in Varisia, but common in the Mierani Forest to the north. It is a forest of giant pines, white barks and towering coastal redwoods. The tree-city of Celwynvian lies within the forest, but was abandoned after "the deepest of shadows" fell over it. No Elf will say anything more about what happened to this forsaken city.
    • Like the Elves, most Gnomes keep to the forest. Sanos Forest, in the east, contains many hidden, secretive gnome communities where rumours tell of gateways to the Fey Court and other ancient magics. The Gnomes know that this land is an old one, and many wander in search of the old power.
    • Just as there are 3 types of humans, there are 3 types of Halflings.

      Chelaxian Halflings - Often treated like second-class citizens, Chelaxian Halflings are servants, middle-men and entertainers. They are treated with contempt by the taller races.

      Magnamaran Halflings - In the west, Halflings have the same rights as humans and use their wits to get on top. They excel at swindling the taller races.

      Varisian Halflings - These Halflings share the Varisian way of life, becoming gypsies, wanderers and entertainers. Both humans and halflings see each other as kindred spirits in Varisia.
    • Faced with discrimination from both humans and elves, Half-Elves often turn to a life of crime or become vagrant hermits at the edge of the Elven forest. However, they are accepted by the Varisian gypsies and welcomed among the Shoanti tribes, who see no difference between Elves and Half-Elves.
    • From the far north, Half-Orcs launch frequent raids upon the Shoanti Tribes. They are born from Orc rape, with the intent of producing cunning leaders who can better infiltrate the human lands. Many Half-Orcs in Varisia are spies for the northern warlords, and those that are not must face a life of constant distrust. The Half-Orcs are hated by Shoanti humans, and must go a long way to prove their good intentions.
    • Shoanti

      Male Shoanti names are made up of a few sharp syllables, while an “ah” sound at the end implies a feminine name. Titles based uponone’s exploits are also common among the Shoanti.

      Male: Ancrym, Frarnak, Galstak, Ivtolt, Kaddok, Mestrard, Nalmid, Pikrak, Roakkad, Shadfrar, Tanrov, Zakok.

      Female: Adohah, Cada, Desba, Eyotah, Istas, Lenna, Meda, Nuna, Shadlah, Toska, Unas, Yola.


      Names among female Varisians tend to be elaborate and lyrical. Male names tend toward shorter, harder sounds.

      Male: Camlo, Chaine, Deivon, Durriken, Jal, Jubrayl, Lel, Mandraiv, Pais, Rauno, Wesh, Zurisatro.

      Female: Aylmora, Chavali, Emyralda, Iymkala, Marilis, Relisys, Seoni, Syeira, Tauni, Wren, Zenovia.
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    • Regional Feats​
      Big Game Hunter (open)
      You are experienced in fighting the gigantic creatures that stalk Varisia’s landscape.
      Benefit: +1 on attack rolls and +2 bonus on weapon damage against Large or larger creatures.
      City Born (open)
      You grew up in Magnimar, Korvosa, or Riddleport, one of Varisia’s three city-states.
      Prerequisite: 1st-level character, cannot have Country Born or Lone Wolf.
      Benefit: +1 on Reflex saves. If you’re from Magnimar, you gain +2 Diplomacy. If you’re from Korvosa, you gain +2 Intimidate. If you’re from Riddleport, you gain +2 Bluff.
      Country Born (open)
      You were raised on hard work and common sense in one of Varisia’s rural regions.
      Prerequisite: 1st-level character, cannot have City Born or Lone Wolf.
      Benefit: +1 on Will saves. Also, you ignore the first Fatigue or Exhaustion effect you suffer on any given day.
      Lone Wolf (open)
      You led a lonely childhood and were forced to fend for yourself.
      Prerequisite: 1st-level, cannot have City Born or Country Born.
      Benefit: +1 on Fortitude saves. Also, when dying, your chance of stabilizing is 50%.
      Totem Spirit (open)
      You are closely and mystically tied to your tribe’s sacred totem.
      Prerequisite: Member of a Shoanti tribe.
      Benefit: Depends on which Shoanti tribe you belong to:
      Lyrune-Quah (Moon Clan): +1 on Will saves and +2 on Listen checks.
      Shadde-Quah (Axe Clan): +2 Intimidate. If you have the rage ability, it lasts for 1 additional round.
      Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan): +2 Initiative and a +2 on Ride checks.
      Shundar-Quah (Spire Clan): +1 on Fortitude saves and +2 on Perception checks.
      Sklar-Quah (Sun Clan): +1 on Reflex saves and +2 bonus on Acrobatics checks when tumbling.
      Skoan-Quah (Skull Clan): +2 bonus on weapon damage against undead and +2 on Heal checks.
      Tamiir-Quah (Wind Clan): +5 base land speed and +2 on Acrobatics checks when jumping.
      Varisian Tattoo (open)
      A Varisian tattoo typically consists of a long string of characters in Thassilonian, the language found on the ancient monuments of the land. Most are quite complex, running the entire length of an arm or leg. These inspire and empower your natural magical ability.
      Prerequisite: Spell Focus feat in matching magic school.
      Benefit: +1 caster level in magic school for which you have Spell Focus (CANNOT BE DIVINATION). Additionally, you can cast a single cantrip as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1/day, caster level equals Hit Dice, save DC is Charisma-based). The spell-like ability gained is as follows:

      Abjuration: Resistance.Conjuration: Acid splash.Enchantment: Daze.Evocation: Dancing lights.
      Illusion: Ghost sound.Necromancy: Touch of fatigue.Transmutation: Mage hand.Divination: NOT ALLOWED

    • Most barbarians hail from the Shoanti tribes. Others may come from the Orc marauder bands to the north, or from the feral edges of the Elven forests.

      Many of the Shoanti’s greatest warriors draw on the spirits of their tribal totems for aid in battle (see the Totem Spirit feat).

      Barbarian Chew: The Shoanti make this bitter red chew by drying the leaves of the galtroot, a stunted bush found across the Cinderlands. Aside from staining the teeth a shocking shade of crimson, it increases the duration of barbarian rage by +1 round as the stimulant increases aggressiveness. These effects last for 1 hour.

      Earth Breaker: A massive hammer used by Varisia’s Shoanti tribes, the crude metal of the weapon’s head ends in multiple blunt spikes, which channel the momentum of a powerful swing.

      Ogre Hook: A huge crook of crude, sharpened metal, ogre hooks take their name from the savages who most typically employ them. You can use an ogre hook to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip attack, you can drop the ogre hook to avoid being tripped. Usually created by giants and their ilk, ogre hooks are commonly size Large and awkward for most humanoids to use.
    • Varisians are famed for their boisterous dances. Shoanti are famed for their tribal "thunder-calling" songs. There are also travelling bands of performers from Cheliax and the Elven forests.

      Varisian Scarf: Well-known as entertainers with a flair for the dramatic, Varisians often employ seductive garb and entrancing props in their performances. Scarves of colorful cloth, transparent silk, orembroidered with elaborate scenes are favorite accessories. Aside from the mundane variety, though, clever Varisians have subtly repurposed these favorite tools for a variety of covert uses.
      - Bladed: Knowing their unkind reputation and that their seductive performances can sometimes bring out the worst in watchers, some Varisians craft rows of razor-sharp blades into their scarves. While one side is all color and sequins, the other hides a deadly weapon. The skill required in using such scarves effectively and not revealing their deadly nature makes them exotic weapons. A bladed scarf has reach, so you can strike opponents 10 feet away with it. In addition, unlike most other weapons with reach, it can be used against an adjacent foe. You can make trip attacks with the bladed scarf. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the scarf to avoid being tripped. If you are proficient with a bladed scarf, you deal 1d4 points of slashing damage to any creature that makes a successful grapple check against you. You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls with a bladed scarf sized for you, even though it isn’t a light weapon for you.
      -Pocketed: An elaborate design disguises several small pockets on one side of this scarf. This scarf grants you a +4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to hide objects on your body. This bonus does not stack with the bonus wearing heavy clothing provides, but does stack with bonuses for attempting to hide small objects.
      - Reinforced: One side of this 8-foot-long scarf is reinforced with chain links and metal plates. While not enough to provide a benefit to Armor Class, these versatile scarves can be used like a length of chain to climb short distances or bind an enemy. A reinforced scarf has hardness 10 and 4 hit points. It can be burst with a DC 24 Strength check.
    • Every world religion is found somewhere in Varisia. The most popular is that of Desna, the goddess of travel. The more monstrous races pray to Lamashtu (the mother of monsters) and Rovagug (the sleeping destroyer).

      Deities of Golarion

      DeityALPortfoliosDomainsFavored Weapon
      Erastil LG God of farming, hunting, trade, family Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant longbow
      Iomedae LG Goddess of valor, rulership, justice, honor Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War longsword
      Torag LG God of the forge, protection, strategy Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection warhammer
      Sarenrae NG Goddess of the sun, redemption, honest, healing Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun scimitar
      Shelyn NG Goddess of beauty, art, love, music Air, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection glaive
      Desna CG Goddess of dreams, stars, travelers, luck Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel starknife
      Cayden Cailean CG God of freedom, wine, bravery Chaos, Charm, Good, Strength, Travel rapier
      Abadar LN God of cities, wealth, merchants, law Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel crossbow
      Irori LN God of history, knowledge, self-perfection Healing, Knowledge, Law, Strength, Rune unarmed strike
      Gozreh N God of nature, weather, the sea Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather trident
      Pharasma N Goddess of fate, death, prophecy, birth Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water dagger
      Nethys N God of magic Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune quarterstaff
      Gorum CN God of strength, battle, weapons Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War greatsword
      Calistria CN Goddess of trickery, lust, revenge Chaos, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery whip
      Asmodeus LE God of tyranny, slavery, pride, contracts Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, Trickery mace
      Zon-Kuthon LE God of envy, pain, darkness, loss Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law spiked chain
      Urgathoa NE Goddess of gluttony, disease, undeath Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, War scythe
      Norgorber NE God of greed, secrets, poison, murder Charm, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery short sword
      Lamashtu CE Goddess of madness, monsters, nightmares Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery falchion
      Rovagug CE God of wrath, disaster, destruction Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Weather, War greataxe

      Varisian Idol: Scavenged from rare uneroded Varisian monuments, these depictions of forgotten spirits can be used to augment summoning magic. If used as an additional material component for any summon monster or summon nature’s ally spell, the creature has an additional +2 hit points per Hit Die.
    • Defenders of nature wage a subtle war in Varisia. For decades, outsiders have come to plunder the land of her wild treasures and take advantage of the native races. The druids of Varisia have ever fought to confound such efforts.

      Within the Mierani Forest, the region’s eldest druidic circle works to overcome the malady that afflicts the Forsaken City.

      Beyond these groups, many of Varisia’s druids are, in fact, strangers themselves, natives of other lands or agents of larger druidic circles who view Varisia as unspoiled and deserving of protection.
    • The warrior tribes of the Shoanti teach their children the basics of hunting with hammer and sling. Savage raiders from the north prove their prowess through their scars. The Mierani elves cultivate their people’s ancient skill with bows and long blades. In Janderhoff, wall wardens heft the axes of their fathers and wear rune-carved ancestral armor. The Chelexians from the south form expansionist militias. And in Varisia, there is always the call for mercenaries.

      Klar: Traditionally a Shoanti blade bound to the skull of a horned spirestalker (a breed of Storval Plateau giant gecko), in recent years the armorers of southern Varisia have started crafting these bladed shields from iron. You can attack an opponent with a klar, using it as an off-hand, martial slashing weapon. For the purpose of penalties on attack rolls, treat a klar as a light weapon. If you use a klar to make an attack, you lose its AC bonus until your next action (usually until the next round). Both the sword and shield segments of a klar can be enhanced separately. An enhancement bonus on the shield does not improve the effectiveness of the blade.
    • There are no monasteries or organized fighting schools in Varisia. Any monks you see will either be unarmed warriors of the Shoanti tribes, or distant travellers from the southern lands of Tian Xia.

      Starknife: An ancient weapon widely used by Varisian wanderers, this weapon has long served the church of Desna as a holy weapon. From a central metal ring, four tapering metal blades extend like points on a compass rose. A wielder can stab with the starknife or throw it like a chakram.
    • Several religions have sent their agents to Varisia, to help bring order to the troubled land. The churches of Abadar and Erastil hold particular interest in the region.

      Also, the Chelaxian Hellknights are a grim order of ex-Paladins who still believe that the Empire of Cheliax will rise again. They are based at Citadel Vraid, a bleak fortress in the southeast corner of the land.
    • Varisia is an explorers paradise, and Rangers are in high demand as guides and warden. They are also revered as the best monster hunters in the more dangerous parts of the region. Some are even organized into bands who serve the Chelaxians by guarding vast tracts of their (claimed) land.

      Harpy Musk: The reek of this doubtful cure-all proves useful at scaring off Varisian goblins. If smeared on a surface or used as a thrown weapon, the musk fills a 30-foot area with the stink of harpies for 1 minute. Any Varisian goblin who enters the area must make a DC 14 Will save or be shaken for 1 minute.

      Hide Shirt: Made from the hide, bones, and thick scales of the giant lizards, a suit of this light armor provides greater protection than its heft suggests. Many Shoanti warriors favor this armor, especially shirts made from rare black-scaled spirestalkers.
    • Most Varisians are regarded as thieves on account of their gypsy ways. There is a loosely-organized association of bandits, smugglers, and thieves called the Scarni, who like to exploit newcomers to the region.

      In Chelaxia, there are powerful organized crime syndicates who run the major cities. To the north, there is also the pirate haven of Riddleport, where many a scoundrel can prosper.

      Dogslicer: A savage weapon created from castoff bits of sharpened metal, goblins named the weapon after the act for which it’s most commonly employed. Holes drilled in the weapon’s blade make it easier to heft. If a wielder rolls a natural 1 when attacking with a dogslicer, the weapon breaks. Masterwork and magical dogslicers do not have this flaw. Most dogslicers are size Small.

      False Jewelry: Favored by rogues in statuesque Magnimar, these adornments hide tiny secret compartments. False jewelry grants a +8 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to hide a tiny object on your person (does not stack with the bonus for hiding very small objects) and negates the +4 bonuses searchers receive when frisking you. False jewelry costs 20 gp in addition to the value of the ornament being fitted with the secret compartment.

      War Razor: In all appearances, a war razor is an oversized razor or flip knife. As the razor folds into the handle, no sheath is required, making the weapon easy to hide, granting you a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal the weapon on your body.
    • Varisians believe that magic is their birthright, and magic potential is greatly cultivated. The Varisian tattoo is seen as a way to channel magical potential. See

      Chelaxian sorcerers claim links to the infernal bloodlines that now run their shattered empire.

      Shoanti do not encourage sorcerers, and trust more in the native wisdom of druids and clerics.

      Those around the gnome forest of Sanos claim to be fey-touched.

      Wizards are relatively rare, compared to Sorcerers. They are clustered in groups, such as the Mage Smiths of Janderhoff, the Devil-Binders and Golem-Masters of Cheliax, and the Elven Wizards of the Tower of Stars, on the fringes of the Forsaken City.
    • Numerous animals unique to the region make Varisia their home. Any druid or ranger native to these lands is familiar with these beasts and might befriend them as animal companions.

      Auroch: Powerfully built herd animals that range across the northern Storval Plateau and western hills, aurochs refuse to be mere prey animals. With thick, mottled gray hides and forward-curving horns (reaching 2-1/2 feet in length), adult aurochs often weigh well over a ton. Aurochs have the same statistics as an advanced 7 HD bison.

      Cindersnake: These giant red-patterned vipers hide amid the crags and fine silt of the Cinder-lands, crippling prey with a painful, burning venom. Cindersnakes have the same statistics as Medium vipers.

      Donkey Rat: Snowy white rodents the size of small dogs (in some places known as capybaras or giant guinea pigs), the donkey rats native to Varisia’s coast are popular pets (and meals) throughout the southern lands. Donkey rats have the same statistics as dire rats (without the disease ability) and are CR 1/4.

      Fire Pelt: These black-and-red-furred mountain lions stalk much of northwestern Varisia. The color of their pelts changes from predominantly black to a range of autumnal colors with the seasons. Fire pelts have the same statistics as leopards.

      Giant Lizard: Geckos the size of ponies prowl the moist sea cliffs and forests of southern Varisia, feasting on rodents, giant insects, and even the occasional goblin. Upon the Storval Plateau, aggressive horned spirestalker lizards hide among rocky outcroppings and fearlessly attack anything that comes in sight.

      Storm Roc: Proud raptors with wings the color of thunderheads and crownlike crests of tousled feathers, storm rocs are said to live for hundreds of years and eventually grow to the size of the true rocs. Storm rocs have the same statistics as eagles.

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    • Backgrounds​

      You are strongly encouraged to have some connection to the town of Sandpoint, to explain why you are there at the start of the adventure. You can't all be travelling swords-for-hire wearing leather jackets and living by your own rules.

      If you want to be connected to an existing NPC, or tangled in the subplots already at work, just let me know and I'll plot with you.
    • LINK

      A seductive Aasimar Fire Dancer.

      An-Nur grew up in Sandpoint, having been orphaned and dumped on the temple steps. Despite her heritage, she was treated as a cursed child, as if the angel who sired her was a fallen one. She ran away from Sandpoint 6 years ago, and left behind her friend and surrogate sister, Nualia. Now she has returned, but is not sure why. And she has yet to learn that Nualia is dead.
    • LINK

      An armoured Human Fighter.

      Kolto grew up in Riddleport but left before it could turn him into (complete) scum. Trained as a sellsword and streetfighter, he currently accompanies An-Nur on her journey to Sandpoint, a bodyguard and partner in crime.
    • LINK

      A sneaky Elven Magus.

      Tahlzair is one half of an upcoming bounty hunter team. With his brother, Dhoryl, they have been hired to come to Sandpoint and kill a man known as the "Blackbird", an oracle said to be working with the Sczarni Crime Family that operates in the town.
    • LINK

      A stealthy Elven Slayer.

      Dhoryl is one half of an upcoming bounty hunter team. With his brother, Tahlzair, they have been hired to come to Sandpoint and kill a man known as the "Blackbird", an oracle said to be working with the Sczarni Crime Family that operates in the town.
    • LINK

      A Human Fighter.

      Rodeh was born to a Shoanti tribe and has left it on a spiritual quest, to learn about himself and how he might bring good fortune back to his people. This pilgrimage has led him to Sandpoint, where he lends his muscle to odd jobs around the town.
    • LINK

      A Half-Elf Witch.

      Serenus was born in the Mierani Forest, and in a place where elves struggle daily against the shadow of the Forsaken City, they had little time for a clumsy half-elf. She was driven from her home and returns only occasionally to visit her mother, and also her friend, Tatharel. She works in Sandpoint as a scribe for Father Zantus.
    • LINK

      A Tiefling Magus.

      Voren was born from a liaison between his father and a succubus. With devil-worship ripe in the old empire of Cheliax, he was able to prosper in the Magnimaran nobility. He is now a voracious scholar, and his studies have led him to Sandpoint, where the Chopper Serial Murders and the mystery of the Old Lighthouse have peaked his interest. It is a path that will spell either collaboration or conflict with the sorcerer Tatharel.

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  5. RULES

    • Starting Level: 1

      Ability Points: 20

      Alignments: All permitted, as long as you can play nice in a group.

      Carrying Capacity: We'll play without it, but if it's not on your sheet, it never happened. And if it is on your sheet, and it's too much, then I'll give a Tarrasque your picture and a bottle of rohypnol.

      Deities: All Golarian deities (see Cleric tab above).

      Crits & Fumbles - gonna use this little thing here.

      Allowed: Archetypes, Alternate Racial Traits, Carrying Capacity, Hero Points, Extra Maneuvers, 2 Traits (or 3 if you take a Drawback).

      Prohibited: Firearms & Gunslingers, 3rd Party Homebrew, douchebaggins.

      Hitpoints: Start at the maximum possible for Level 1. When leveling, use the Throw a Dice command from the More Options menu in the bottom right corner of an Iwaku post.

      Experience: You'll level up at key plot points in the adventure. This first adventure will end with you on Level 4.

      Starting Wealth:
      Paladin/Ranger/Fighter/Cavalier - 175gp
      Cleric/Rogue/Inquisitor/Ninja - 140gp
      Barbarian/Bard/Alchemist/Oracle/Witch/Samurai - 105gp
      Druid/Sorcerer/Wizard/Summoner - 70gp
      Monk - 35gp​

    • I have no rational or honourable way to stop you taking familiars, animal companions and henchman. I just want you to know that I fucking, fucking FUCKING hate them. It increases the tokens on the board, makes the initiative rounds longer, and provides another little piece of shit that everyone forgets about. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to yourself, cheat on tasks and generally avoid meshing with the rest of the party.

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose the bonded item or the hunter's bond. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take the leadership feat. I can't physically stop you, but I will be highly disgruntled and make frequent complaints about it. Seriously, there will be monolithic bitching.

    • Treasure is scattered throughout the adventure, sometimes thinly, sometimes decadently.


      So if you ain't finding shit, you ain't looking in the right place. Or you haven't made the right NPCs grateful. Or you have to wait. Yes - that's it. Wait.
    • We'll be using the Pathfinder Character Sheet inside of Roll20. It's fully interactive and shit.

      Here's a guide on how to use it.
    • The game will be played in Roll20. You'll need to set up an account.

      When you first log in, go to the settings tab at the top right and turn off your webcam (no one wants to see that shit). You can also reduce your avatar size so the bottom of your screen isn't filled with people's avatars (no one wants to see that shit either).


      For dorky-talky, we'll use TeamSpeak. The Iwaku server is at: voice.iwakuroleplay.com.
    • Sandpoint

      You have a 75% chance of finding any magic item under 1300gp in Sandpoint.

      If you fail the check, you have to wait a week to roll again (or send a PC to another town).

      You can sell anything for up to 7500gp. If you want more money, you'll have to travel to a larger city.

      You can purchase spellcasting services up to Level 4.

      Deluxe magic items for sale this month:
      Scroll of Greater Heroism - 1,650gp
      Dust of Disappearance - 3,500gp
      Scroll of Find the Path - 1,650gp
      +2 Light Steel Shield - 4,010gp
      Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds - 4,500gp
      Scroll of Freezing Sphere - 1,650gp
      Wand of Flame Blade - 4,500gp
      +1 Adamantine Longsword - 5,015gp
      Jar of Stone Salve - 4,000gp
      Iron Bands of Binding - 26,000gp
      Dragonhide Plate of Improved Shadow - 18,300gp
      Belt of Mighty Constitution (+4) - 16,000gp​
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  6. An-Nur
    Aasimar, ???

    Twenty years ago, a farmer killed a thief raiding his stores. His clothes and features were Varisian, and he was caught filling his waterskin with milk and honey.
    They heaped his body, along with his posessions--a deck of cards, a starknife--for burning. As the flames consumed the Varisian's body, a wail pierced the heavens.
    An aasimar infant, swaddled, unharmed and hidden within his scarfs.

    Fearing divine retribution for orphaning the half celestial, the farmer took the infant to Sandpoint. He left her, a ward of the temple.

    Within the temple walls, An-Nur found a kindred in Nualia, another aasimar foundling. The people of Sandpoint called them the Twins. And it soon became clear who was the misbegotten.

    Nualia and An-Nur
    Like the moon: light and dark

    The fire took a liking to An-Nur. A burst of flame or noxious smoke would manifest from her saturnine tempers. As she grew, she became clever, able to see into the hearts of others, and lend guile to her words. She kept company with whores, gamblers, thieves, and deformites.

    It can't be helped, often said in sigh or sneer, she was begotten from a fallen celestial.

    No one was surprised when they found her room empty, the window open, her father's cards and starknife, gone.

    Regularly Updated Character Plot Notes*

    *There is a picture with lady nipples, so use your best judgement, ya'll
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  7. Tatharel

    Tatharel's story is all about how her life was flipped around by a youthful mistake, she especially enjoys taking a minute or two to tell curious busybodies of how she became one of the sorcerers in the little town of Sandpoint.

    In the western part of Arsmeril is where Tatharel was born and raised until she reached the age of 64, she was sent to Sandpoint to live with relatives from then on. The motive behind being moved was that when Tatharel was young, she already displayed an aptitude for the arcane. She had studied under tutors before enrolling in a proper school but as is the wont of children, her curiosity led her down a more objectionable path. Falling in with a group whose members had ties with the Drow, Tatharel nearly got eaten by a Pit fiend during a summoning gone awry. Tatharel's mother grew especially afraid and sent her to live with her auntie and uncle in Sandpoint.

    To further embed the lesson of making correct choices, Tatharel was made to travel to Sandpoint alone. The universe must have approved of the parenting tactic and provided the elfling a funny, old trader whose cart she rode all the way to the little fishing town. She made friends with the old man, named Presh and his donkey named Dice. It was through that old man that Tatharel began to learn how to properly conduct herself and to deduce the better choice in a given situation. Their time was short as the unusual duo arrived at Sandpoint 7 months later, Tatharel herself would swear it was more like 8 months.

    She bid farewell and good health to Presh and Dice and looked upon the town, she was finally there. She could now look forward to sitting around in her aunt and uncle's house in Sandpoint. There were not many teachers of the arcane arts so Tatharel turned to the various landmarks rumored to be touched by the aether, miles more entertaining and educational than staying in her relatives' house.
    She visited the church in hopes in finding lore on the buildings. Instead, having found its recent disaster nearly destroying its collection of tomes, volunteered to help identify and organize the surviving texts.

    Also edited for purposes of the character sheet.

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    Name: Kadin
    Race: Human
    Class: Monk
    Age: 25
  9. [​IMG]

    Varisian boys born into the underclasses of Riddleport tend to meet with one of two fates. They either find themselves embroiled in the Sczarni turf feuds that rage through the city (something that's likely going to earn them a knife in the back before they hit 20), or they have the good sense to get the fuck out of dodge as soon as they're old enough.

    Kolto is one of the latter. Escaping the anarchic city in the company of a mercenary band, he has been trained in the art of street fighting by his upbringing and drilled in the use of axe and shield by the sellswords who took him in. Though not the hardest of hitters he can use both of his weapons of choice to great effect.

    For the last year he's been working alongside the roguish fire dancer An-Nur, acting as both partner-in-crime and bodyguard when the situation calls for it. Their travels have brought them to the town of Sandpoint, a stop that Kolto believes is only going to be a short one.

    He's in for something of a surprise.

    ON PERSON...
    • scale mail
    • light wooden shield, spiked
    • battleaxe
    • backpack
    • Varisian Scarf, Reinforced

    • bedroll
    • flint and steel
    • hemp rope (50 ft.)
    • trail rations (4)
    • waterskin
    • winter blanket
    • 202 gp, 12 sp
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  10. Serenus Novemith Carroway
    30 years old
    Before (open)

    At the age of twenty, Serenus left the forest that was her and her mother's home. For years she tried to assimilate into elven society, but found that it wasn't working. During a hunt she would scare off the game by stepping on twigs or speaking at the wrong time. When it came to communicating with the animals, Serenus often got frustrated. The elves themselves were starting to distance themselves from her, calling Serenus greedy and selfish. Rumors floated about Serenus' heritage, that having a half breed would harm the clan more than help it. Serenus tried to fight against their prejudice, but when the harassment befell her mother she decided it was time to leave. Serenus' mother, Giselle, bid her farewell and gave the daughter an amulet. The two parted ways when she was twenty-one.

    In Sandpoint Serenus intended to live with her father. The two had a decent enough relationship. Serenus' mother allowed the two of them to visit, and at times Serenus would stay the night with him. Tytos Carroway was glad to have his daughter live with him, and the two of them coexisted splendidly. Serenus even befriended some of the city elves, notably Tatharel, although the half elf found that she didn't fully acclimate with city life. A bit of the Wild still remained in the witch.

    Serenus found a job as a transcriber of old manuscripts for the Church. While she has no religious ties to the Church, the local priest Abstalar Zantus has caught her eye. She is reluctant to act upon her whims, especially since she's been discharging strange magics. Serenus suspects it has something to do with her amulet.​
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  11. Thinking of playing either a Magus or an Arcanist, but still deciding.

    For anyone completely new to pathfinder please have a look at this link.

    Pretty much a beginners overview to the game. It has the basic core classes, what roles they typically take and how they develop and progress as they level up. As well as combat and other aspects of the game.

    Wish this was around when I started playing D&D, would of made understading stuff alot easier.
  12. Name: Voren Malechar
    Race: Tiefling
    Class: Magus (Bladebound Archetype)
    Age: 93


    My story isn't as interesting as some might imagine. Most don't care to know it anyways, preferring instead to ignore my existence all together, or worse, to scorn me. You see, I am the spawn of a human and a fiend. A Tiefling. How did it happen, you ask? Passionately I assume.

    As I understand it, my father, Canen Malechar, fucked a demon one night in some kind of ritual. Or was it a devil? Anyways, it wasn't long before I came along and he took me in. He was married at the time to a lovely woman named Liza. She hated me. I guess I can't blame her for it. After all, her husband DID go out and fuck another woman, then brought his bastard son home, claimed me as his legitimate heir, and expected her to treat me like I was her own. That's bad enough even without the whole "half fiend" thing. Oh the twisted things she did to me growing up... And the things I did to her in kind. Fond memories.

    Well lucky for me, my family was rather wealthy. My childhood was about as wonderful as any other noble boy's life. Growing up in Magnimar was quite an experience... but that's a story for another time. Suffice it to say that I was treated as any noble's son would be. I went to the finest schools, ate the finest food, sampled the finest women, and ultimately learned the arcane arts from my father who was a skilled wizard in his own right.

    Now I know what you might be thinking. "A Tiefling was treated just like any other boy? Hard to believe." And you would be correct. Then again, most Tieflings don't have powerful fathers. Gold can be very convincing, and when that fails, pain is a good backup.

    "Well that's all fine and good Voren", I hear you thinking, "but that doesn't explain how you ended up here in Sandpoint." I was getting to that. Patience is a virtue, you know. So my father and "mother" are dead now. That's to be expected of course, considering my age. Several years ago, I decided to continue my studies into ancient lore and arcane arts, and rather than rely on books, I wanted to go out and conduct my own research, uncover the secrets myself. What better place to start than the Old Light, right here in Sandpoint?

    Didn't take me long to come across Mr. Quink after my arrival. I was soon offered a position alongside him. So, here I am. I can't say that I have been a very welcome addition to the populace, especially with that little crisis with Chopper. I suppose I could have picked a better time to migrate here, but what can I say? Not every day you get a chance to study the Old Light AND a mass murderer. If only he had been more careful, maybe there would have been more time to research him and his work.... Oh well. Best not to dwell on it too much.​
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  13. "Wandering Warrior" Rodeh
    Member of Shoanti tribe Shundar-Quah (Spire Clan)
    Two-Handed Fighter

    Mohawk_Barbarian (1).jpg

    Wandering Warrior was a name given to a child whom liked to play where he shouldn't and reveled when he got into fights. Animals, people, large brush were frequent enemies of his life. Besides that, he wasn't really any different from most Shoanti.

    When Rodeh started to learn to truly fight, like a Shoanti, the man found that large weapons were his preference. They tended to be more destructive and mowed down even the most armored of enemies. Anything that needed more than one hand to wield, give it to him and everything would be just fine.

    Thankfully, growing into an adult had helped him to keep his emotion in check. Rodeh was also shown the importance of untity, which lead to the tribal tattoos on his body. They represent what a unified Shoanti people could do. Prosper.

    However, he felt that to unify his people that he needed to be unified with himself. After much consideration, The Wandering Warrior decided to leave his tribe in search of himself. This is what brings him to Sandpoint. It was a nice fishing port that was poised for a wonderful rise.

    Rodeh found work doing manual labor as odd jobs. If someone needed help moving or had a broken cart to push somewhere then he would be there. Otherwise, helping the fisherman out by giving them muscle was what brought in the gold.

    He keeps his skills sharp by helping the Shoanti with training the young and things of that nature. Right now, this is what makes him happy. It may not be the solution but it is a step in the right direction.
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  14. I'm gonna roll SOMETHING...


    Not sure what.

    Ranger, maybe? Or a Barbarian... Hm.
  15. An-Nur gets +2 bonus for Throwing Shade.
  16. Okay, who's pissed off with the Pathfinder sheets?

    Do you want to switch to a Google Drive, and use Zen's thingy?
  17. Without having actually tried it, I think I can definitely use the roll20 ones. They can't be that obtuse. I won't be able to give this brainpower until later this week ...
  19. It seems we have 3 types of people here:

    1) Those who think it "WON'T BE THAT BAD" and are more optimistic than a Ukranian Jew in 1941.
    2) Those who have realized how bad it is but have used magnets to deform their temporal lobe and attain an autistic grasp of affairs.
    3) Tegan Those who have raged and called it stupid and a horrendous waste of time.
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