Rise of The Royal Guards (Zelda Roleplay)

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  1. The sun shined brightly in the good ol Castle Town of Hyrule. There were crowds of people in the area either listening to music, dancing, trying to catch a bargain in the market, or just relaxing in one of the benches, it was a sight to see. certainly had expanded over the years. In the middle of this town was a statue dedicated to the Hero of Time who sacrificed himself to seal the King of Evil Ganon away, or at least that's what small plate on the statue said. Looking up at said statue was Gill, ready for another day at work. "May the Goddesses of Hyrule bless me through the day." He whispered to himself, putting on his helmet. Gill then began his daily routine which was walking around the back alleys of Hyrule market town, trying to look for any criminal activity. Usually nothing happens until he saw a suspicious man following a old lady. He knew the man was up to something and decided to follow him from a distance.

    Just guarding the entrance to Hyrule castle were Grif and Lenard. Like usual, neither of them wanted to be there with Grif sleeping standing up and Lenard cursing under his breath. He finally decided to talk. "Hey Grif."

    "Wha....uh yeah?" Grif asked.

    "You ever wonder why we're here?"

    "One of life's great mysteries . I mean, why are we here? Are we really here by cosmic coincidence? Or are there really three Goddesses, watching us, with a plan and stuff? I don't man, but it keeps me up at night."

    "......What? I mean why are we out here, guarding this stupid gate?"

    "Oh uh.....yeah."
  2. Down in the training grounds, a young boy was training. He was skinny and looked like he didn't belong in the knights. Yet, he was beating the two older knights that had decided to gang up on him. He fought with ferocity as he beat the two with the wooden practice sword. He was focused until... "Atclinch! Go find Grif and Lenard! I need to talk to them."

    The boy gave a very girly squeak and stopped fighting at once. "Y-yes sir!" He said, putting on his armor and running off to find the two. He seemed to have a very feminine appearance about him though if you asked anyone, they would say he was most definitely male. If only they knew. "Grif! Lenard!" The boy, Evel, called out.
  3. "Ah crap it's that girly boy again. What the hell does he want?" Lenard asked himself clearly annoyed. Sure Evel was a higher rank than them Lenard would usually smart mouth or straight up insult the other guards, even the knights. It's kind of sad. Him and Griff have been royal guards longer than Evel and they're still just simple guards.

    "What is it?! I swear we haven't done anything wrong!" Replied with. He was hoping that they didn't find out that he had been sleeping on the job again. Last thing he needed was to lose his job.


    Gill kept following the man, who kept following the old lady as he waited for him to make a move. Following him did pay off as he saw the man beginning to reach into the lady's pocket. "Hey you! Stop right there!" Gill yelled out at the man.

    Both the man and the old lady turned around. Upon seeing the thief behind her, she quickly right hooked him in the face. It both surprised Gill and the man as he stumbled a few steps back. "You won't be stealing from me." The old women told him as he took off with Gill chasing after him.

    "Stop thief!"
  4. "Th-th-th..." Evel took in a deep breath to calm his nerves. Even being a higher rank, the older guards still scared him. "The captain wants to speak to you. Probably about something important." He said, glad he could say it without stuttering. "Oh, and y-you should probably stop sleeping on the job. Wouldn't want an arrow to hit you."

    Just as Evel said that, an arrow came flying from some new recruits who were practicing. Evel swiftly blocked the arrow, which would have been imbedded into Lenard's helmet and even skull if he had continued to sleep, undisturbed. The small boy waited for the two to start following him to the captain.
  5. "Oh crap! You see. They know I've been sleeping. They probably going to fire us now." Griff said as he was starting to panic.

    "Will you shut up and let go?" Lenard replied with following Evel. "Hey how about you worry about you and I worry about myself?" Lenard told Evel even though he was almost hit by an arrow.


    The thief was fast, but Gill kept on his trail. Eventually he grabbed a hold of the man and tackled him to the ground. "This is the end of the line for you. I think a trip to the dungeon will be suited for you. You can think about what you tried to do before you get trailed." Gill told the thief.

    "Damn it I was so close! Why can't you be like the other guards?" The thief asked.

    "Well that's the whole thing. I'm not like normal guards. Some of us actually do our job." Replied Gill as he cuffed the thief before taking him away.
  6. "I want to keep my comrades safe. Even the ones that don't like me." Evel said quietly, leading them to the captain.

    The captain was a large and buff man. He nodded to Evel. "Thank you, Atclinch. You can stay here. Now, what I've called you two here for is that there has been some suspicious activities throughout the land. I want you two to go check it out with Atclinch here supervising you."

    Evel immediately began to protest. "S-sir, I'm not good enough to supervise this mission c-can't you-"

    "You're supervising it and that is that, Atclinch! You will also have Vandolf with you. You leave today. Get your horses and gather your supplies. I will have Vandolf do the same when he gets here. You are dismissed!"

    "Y-yes sir!" Evel said, saluting the captain as he walked out of the room.
  7. "Oh thank the goddesses. We weren't in trouble.....wait he sending on a mission? We're just guards not knights. What the hell are we going to do?" Griff asked clearly panicking again. It was indeed true. Of all the time Lenard and him have been working as guards all they've been doing is well, guarding.

    Lenard didn't say a word, but he was thinking of something. Are you freaking kidding me? It's bad enough I have to be a stupid guard, but now I have to do patrol duty with the assholes? He thought, giving the bird behind the captain's back.


    Gill took the thief to a small dungeon area just outside the market place. It was usually where they would take thieves and other market town criminals to. He could tell the thief was miffed that he was caught. "Don't look so mad. Maybe you'll think before stealing next time." Gill told the man, placing him in one of the cells.

    "Hey, are you Gill?" The guard who was watching the dungeon asked.


    "Uh, the captain looking for you. Said that there's been some suspicious activity and that you need to report to the royal courtyard. They'll be some other guards that will be going on this mission with as well."

    "Alright. I'll report there immediately." Gill responded with as he headed off to the royal courtyard.
  8. Evel sighed. "This is going to be a long mission..." He said to himself, walking toward the royal courtyard. He saw Gill heading toward the same destination and called out, "Y-you're Gill, yes? M-my name is Evel A-Atclinch. I'll b-be supervising the mission." In his mind, he cursed himself for stuttering. That was no way for a knight to talk! No wonder the others called him weak and spineless. He commanded no respect until you saw him in battle. Even the other knights made fun of him to a lesser extent. His father was probably shaking his head as he thought this.
  9. "Well it's nice to meet you Evel." Gill responded with, smiling a bit. "I will all I can to aid you on this mission." He continued. From the looks of it it was just Evel, him and two familiar faces that he actually knew. "Ah Griff, Lenard. Quite a surprise to see you two going on this mission."

    "Yeah I know. Don't know why there making us go on this mission." Griff replied with. Lenard and him were now holding their weapons, a spear for each of them.

    "Lets just get this crap over with. The sooner we get this done the sooner I can go on with this crappy job." Lenard said.

    "Nope. You two haven't changed at all."
  10. Evel whistled and four horses ran to them. He got onto a brown one with white mane. "Ready to go on another adventure, Reina?" He asked the horse, stroking its mane. It whinnied, showing its readiness. "E-everyone, follow my lead. W-we'll start with the forest. M-most of the t-trouble happens between the f-forest and the fields." He said.

    "Yah!" With that, the group was off. Evel rode with grace, trusting his horse completely. The horse seemed to trust her master as well. She was willing to jump over ledges with him and ride over rough terrain. So far, they hadn't seen anything.
  11. "Well you her buddy. Lets follow your friend over there." Gill said to his horse. "Hayah!" and off his horse went, galloping along side with Evel's horse. "So have you been with the Royal Knights for long?" He asked Evel trying to start a conversation. He could tell he was a knight since their armor was different from the guards. Griff's horse was just like him, slow and lazy but it did manage to keep up with the others. Lenard on the other hand.

    "Come on ya stupid jackass. Get going!" He yelled at it, kicking its sides. That caused the horse to dash off in a frenzy. "Holy shit!" Lenard screamed holding onto the horse.
  12. "J-just little over a year." Evel answered. "F-Father was q-quite pleased when I-I finally scraped my w-way into the knights." He noticed Lenard and debated whether or not to help him. "He d-doesn't quite g-get how to ride a horse, d-does he?" He asked, gesturing to how he rode his horse.

    Evel's horse, Reina, whinnied and moved a bit faster. Evel adjusted easily, used to his horse's sometimes wild actions. Riding over the fields felt quite peaceful as the sun followed their trek.
  13. "I'm guessing he doesn't." Gill chuckled a bit as he watched Lenard struggle with his horse. "Was your father a knight too?" He then asked. "I've always wanted to become a knight. Though I need to hone up on my fighting skills. Maybe one day I will."

    "Stop! Stop! How do you stop this stupid thing?!" Lenard asked no one in particular. His horse was doing all she could to get him off her back.

    "Man, some people just don't know how to ride a horse. Right Donut?" Griff asked his horse.....which he named Donut.
  14. "She d-doesn't like you, Lenard!" Evel called, wanting to help him with his problem. "T-try to be nice to her. T-treat her w-with m-more respect. A horse w-will treat i-its rider how he t-treats it."

    Reina whinnied in laughter as she watched the other horse try to throw off her rider. Evel smiled and stroked her mane. "Father used to be in the knights... but was injured in his prime." Evel said, for once talking without stuttering. "H-he always wanted one of h-his children to continue his legacy... I'm s-sure you'll get t-there soon. When y-you do, I-I'll happily f-fight by y-your side."
  15. "Oh shut up girly boy! This horse needs to be sent to the glue factory is what it needs to be!" Lenard angrily replied with. He picked up some small rocks and began throwing them at his horse which he missed. Now horseless he decided to catch a ride on Grif's horse since it wasn't being such a bitch.....that what's Lenard called it.

    "Girly boy?" Gill asked. That was kind of uncalled for. However he did notice that Evel did look more feminine than most men. Maybe that's just how he was born. He wasn't going to judge.
  16. "A-a lot of people c-call me that... i-i-it's nothing to worry about." Evel said. "Whoa!" He said, noticing a commotion up ahead. A large suit of armor was attacking some children at the edge of the forest. The suit seemed to be winning. Evel narrowed his eyes. An iron knuckle? What's it doing all the way out here? One of those haven't been seen since... He thought. He watched the commotion as a hand went to his sword. "Report to the captain that we've found some commotion. I'll handle the threat." His tone left no room for questions as he pulled out his sword, ready to charge into battle.
  17. "Yes sir." Gill replied with. He motioned for his horse to turn around and head bacj yo HQ.

    "Where the hell are you going?" Lenard asked.

    "There's trouble. We need to report back to the captain."

    "Why? Because girly man said so?"

    "Well if you want to stay and fight the iron knuckle be my guest."

    "Uh....I think we should head back." Griff suggested.
  18. "J-just go!" Evel ordered before getting off of his horse and running toward the iron knuckle. The giant suit of armor turned to him and abandoned its fight with the children. They retreated back into the forest, their home safe for now. Evel raised his sword and blocked a swing from the iron knuckle. He pushed it back and rolled so that he was behind it and slashed at it, causing some of its armor to fall off. The iron knuckle swung around and struck him in the side, causing him to scream out in pain. The suit swung at him again, Evel barely dodging. He managed to get behind the iron knuckle and slashed once more, causing the rest of its armor to fall off. The iron knuckle, now moving faster, turned around and slashed at Evel, catching his shoulder. He yelled out, stumbling away from the monster. Panting, Evel raised his sword for one final strike, running at the suit. The suit tried to block his attack but he quickly threw the sword out of the monster's hand and stabbed it in the chest. The monster slowly disintegrated.

    "There..." Evel panted, his sword falling limply from his hand. He fell to his knees, holding his side. He was bleeding profusely from his shoulder and side. He wasn't going to last much longer.
  19. After the battle with the iron knuckle was over the children of the forest emerged once again from their hiding places. There were three of them to be exact. Two twin boys with their blond hair covering their eyes and a green haired girl. Their outfits were similar to what the hero of time wore. "Talon, Mido I....think it's gone. That knight, he saved us." The girl spoke.

    "I guess he did Ilia. Well, here I thought all the guards in Hyrule were useless." Talon said. The three forest children walked up to Evel.

    "Oh dear. He's hurt pretty bad." Iila cried out.

    "Well then lets take him to the Great Deku Tree, His magic can cure anyone." Mido suggested. "Hey....hey can you walk?" He asked Evel.
  20. "I... I think I can..." Evel said. He tried to stand and took one step before falling to his knees again. He coughed up a bit of blood, panting. "I... I'm sorry... I can't walk... Too weak..." He felt his vision fade in and out as he tried to focus on the children. His father would be yelling about how useless of a knight he was right now. He should of had at least one of his comrades stay.
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