Rise of the Monsters

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  1. "But I love him still." Anya sigh, "It's really complicated. I can't imagine what it must be like for Diane."
  2. "They won't. Doesn't stop them from finding other reasons to punish him as an alternative and my mother is one such alternative."
  3. SO, I've never watched any season or episode of American Horror Story before, but I have definitely heard of it a lot as a good horror anthology series. I'm starting on it sooner or later, but would anyone like to watch it with me on Rabbit?

    American Horror Story Season 1 is titled Murder House. A short synopsis of it is as follows;

    It centers on the Harmon family: Dr. Ben Harmon, Vivien and their daughter Violet, who move from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien has a miscarriage and Ben has an affair. They move into a restored mansion, unaware that the house is haunted by the ghosts of its former residents and their victims.

    We can organize a day to see it during the weekends to ensure we have more free time. So who's up for seeing it?
  4. I'll join if I'm awake when it starts :3
  5. *blushes and huggles back* Thankies c:
  6. I'm good as well ^^
  7. Errr....we get some rping done tomorrow. Or..I guess today. >.<
  8. AStorath smiled and gave her a light peck on the lips.
  9. If you hadn't deleted the post, I would have had Navel interact with Hachiro.
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  11. "Lots of things can happen, especially with oracles."
  12. "Don't worry, I'm married."
  13. Anya smile and kiss him softly.
  14. Carrion grinned "Hear that Fin.... no one escapes. I say you go round back to take out any runners." He reached out to cut himself a large piece of some large roasted bird that sat in the middle on the table. Putting it on his plat and spooning some soup into a small bowl. "Me, the Kat and Ammit storm in and take the fighters and set fire to their huts. The felames and young ones will all run to you and it should be cake to sandwich them between us. Though perhaps you should take kat. Me and Ammiit should be able to take their fighters." He finished and bit into the piece of poultry, waiting for a response from the group.
  15. "'At would prolly work, Deader, yeah...I got a better idea though. Yer ignorin' my secialty, yeah?"

    Sharkfin produced one of his many daggers from somewhere and balanced it on his fingertip, absently moving it from finger to finger as he talked like he was walking a coin across his knuckles.

    "I say you, Kitty-kat, an' Short-an-Scaly take positions around town in case someone gets lucky while I go in an' put the spearchucker an' 'is girlie on ice while they's playin' woodwright. Then I ghost back out an' we can set fire to the huts - herd 'em, like - to one end of the village an' make a straight up slaughter that much easier. Be like stealin' from a drunken sailor, it will."
  16. "Its not going to be so oust to sneak around in a village made for pipsqueaks." Carrion sneered banging his glass down on the table. I say we set fire to the place and trap them. It being a swamp we'll have to look out for those scalies in the water. But if our benefactor wants to take the humans by surprise it might be better there not being a large column of smoke rising from a burning village." as he spoke he pored himself some more of the dwarven ale, it reminded him of life before the humans took everything from him.

    "A single burning hut should cause enough of a distraction for the rest of us to get close and while they work on putting it out we ambush the bucket brigade and finish them quickly and quietly. the rest will be busy with damage control and easy to take by surprise with their weapons out of reach."

    His revised plan was followed with a swig from his glass and he let the wash around his tongue before he swallowed.
  17. "Aww, don't you believe in lil' ol' me? I'm hurt, Deader. Sneakin' around in places made fer short stuff won't be a problem. I figure worst comes to worst, I can give a grin to at least one of the toppers without having to worry about getting made. Barring some seriously bad luck, 'course. Make the rest 'a the show easier on alla us, yeah?"

    He punctuated his point by slicing himself a drumstick without breaking the knife's rhythm across his fingertips.
  18. "No Fin[/]. I'm just recommending a minimal risk approach." Carrion replied his voice cold placing a little stress on the shortened name. "One that does not rely on the luck of a single human." His eyes locked on Sharkfin as everyone either watched them or ate in silence. Carrion put his glass down and cut the tender fish in front of him with the side of his fork, the flesh simply falling off the bone.

    "But a suppose your kind have more experience destroying villages so I'll leave the decision to our esteemed host." his voice was completely neutral as he turned back to the meal in front of him refilling his glass again from the jug that sat between him and Kat.