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  1. Hello, my peeps. It's time to Rise, the Guardians-- from the Man in the Moon himself!

    The plot would be that the man in the moon picks 5 new guardians to combat a new or old dark threat of some sort.

    And the other guardians have to train them/ assist in the fight.

    Multiple sign-ups ARE allowed-- meaning, you can play more than one character.

    North- @Shadeslayer05
    Sam- @KAZUAKI
    Tooth- @EternalMusic
    Mother Nature- @EternalMusic
    Jack Frost- @Nico
    Catarus- @Kitsune
    Leaf- @Nico
    Bunnymund- @Victor Markov
    Valentina- @Ravenbelle


    Character Form:
    Guardian or no?
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  2. [​IMG]

    *Raise zombies

    Enforces rules of Halloween, Kills rule breakers
    Guardian or no
    Neutral unless either side messes with his holiday

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  3. He's not a guardian, right?
  4. well i dont really know , he is a symbol of Halloween but hes scary as f**** and im not sure if he would be able to be in the guardians, what do you think ?​
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  5. Hm... You're right-- better as an ally of Pitch.

  6. Character Form:
    Name: Toothiana
    Age: looks 17 (?)
    ~ Flight
    ~ Mulitlingual
    ~ She can split into smaller versions of her self
    ~ Tooth Fairy (I don't know what else to say here.... ^^;;)
    Guardian or no?: Guardian

    Character Form:
    Name: Emily Jane
    Age: Appears to be in her 20s
    She has control over all of the elements
    Wind, starlight and gravity
    Earth Day
    Guardian or no?: Neutral (She is neither good or bad)
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  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Jack Frost
    Age: 17
    -Winter Magic
    -Magic of Fun
    -Free Running
    -Magic Staff
    Holiday/Festival: Winter
    Guardian or no?: Yes, Guardian of Fun
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  8. @EternalMusic

    \Hey Mother Nature could have Earth Day on April 22nd. Just a thought.

    Can I make a female teen for cupid and valentine's day?
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  9. That's amazing idea!!! *hugs* thank you!!! ^^
  10. No problemo ;D
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  11. Name::
    Appears to be 17
    -Can shift into cat
    -Can use magic
    -Night vision
    -Enhanced senses
    National Cat Day
    Guardian or no?::
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  12. @Kitsune What is Catarus a guardian of? Cat-lovers? Also, is Catarus male or female. Sorry i cant tell..
  13. Hmm....Guardian of Domestic Cats. It's okay! Catarus is a male. :3
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  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Leaf
    Age: Appears 16
    -Fall Magic
    -Wind Magic
    -Food and Drink Summoning
    -Fire Magic
    Holiday/Festival: Fall
    Guardian or no? Yes, Guardian of Hearth and Home
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  15. Sure!
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  16. I'm too lazy to update it today, but you guys are all accepted.
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  17. Name:E. Aster Bunnymund
    Age: old as easter itself.
    Powers: Open holes underground,
    Plant manipulation, Enchanted boomerangs,
    Exploding Easter eggs
    Holiday/Festival: easter
    Guardian or no? yes
    Appearance Bunnymund.jpg
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  18. Name: Valentina Amorette
    Age: looks 17, but she is as old as Valentine's Day itself.
    -An archer of the greatest caliber, Valentina never misses her target. Her arrows only affect those who are open to Love. Otherwise, they are as lethal as any other weapon. Needless to say, she uses her arrows sparingly and mostly on humans....Unless she's trying to hurt someone.
    -A quiver of endless arrows.
    -She can fly on her wings that she can shrink to the size of her hand (for convenience) When she flies however, they're huge.
    -Val is blind, which makes it very difficult to sneak up on her. She has incredibly enhanced senses and the only thing she is able to 'see' is the red string that connects two people who are beginning to fall in love.
    -Valentina has the ability to heal various illnesses and injuries only on others (it does tend to exhaust and weaken her)
    -Valentina has a special empathic perception which allows her to fully interpret and sense the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others around her.
    Holiday/Festival: Valentine's Day (Feb 14th)
    Guardian or no? No, but she's not bad. She just hasn't been recruited. Like Jack Frost before he was thrown in a sack and sent to the North Pole.

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  19. That should be it for signups right? Now all we need is a sandman and then we'll be closing signups?
  20. I think we need Pitch too
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