Rise of the Guardians RP

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  1. So, I'm in the mood to try a Rise of the Guardians roleplay with my partner playing Jack Frost and myself playing a new guardian that I'm trying to create. Pretty much the Guardian of imagination, where she nudges the child's mind in the direction of their most creative source and even brings their imaginary friends to life, in a sense. My partner and I can collaborate on who can play the other guardians, if the other guardians will even be involved, and even create new guardians and characters to add to the fun.

    Things to know:

    • This will be a romance rp with Jack and my OC.
    • There will be intimacy and sexual scenes just as much as there will be plot.
    • Although I'm looking for someone to play Jack Frost, that doesn't mean that the person behind the computer has to be male. If a female believes she can play him pretty darn well, then by all means, pop in and say hello.
    • At least two-three paragraphs each post is required.
    • No one-liners or I will lose all interest in the rp.
    • At least one post a day is a requirement. If you can do more posts, that's great, but if you find yourself short on time, then just one post a day. I am serious about this one, folks. If you feel that you can't even do one post a day, then don't message me at all. I've had far too many partners who couldn't follow this rule.
    • I'm not a Grammar Nazi, but please have an understanding of sentence structure, syntax, punctuation and capitalization.
    That about does it. If anyone is interested in fleshing out a full story with me, go ahead and send me a PM. Do not reply here, especially not to tell me to PM you. If YOU are interested then YOU need to let me know. Thanks!