Rise of The Guardians Rp?

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Is this a good idea?

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  1. How would an Rp revolving around RoTG sound?

    The plot would be that the man in the moon picks 5 new guardians to combat a new or old dark threat of some sort.

    And the other guardians have to train them/ assist in the fight.

    Though-- I'd totally play North in this, if we do it.
  2. I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS~!!!!! >////<
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  3. could i play stingy jack / jack o lantern .
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  4. Sure-- if this idea gets maybe one more person involved^.^
  5. YAYYY! Any idea on who you would be?
  6. I'll admit I am tempted by this. I may do some kind of harvest type Guardian. Perhaps a native American Warrior type? I'd need to flush put more of a character before I commit. I would also need to know your guys RP style. (I can be picky)
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  7. Hm. You could play one of the totem animals...

    Oh, it's fine. My style is pretty direct, and I rely /HEAVILY/ on dialogue. ^.^

    I also like internal monologue-ish stuff, seeing as description of the external world is lost on me. XD

    ((Unless I'm talking about cool places like the NORTH POLEEEEE and the ADORABLE YETISSSS))
  8. Hmm. Yeah I looked at the others RP history a bit (Yes I stalked you all, deal with it). I Like volume and substance to my RPs. If RPs were sandwiches I would get the double decker meat-itarian 16inch sub with extra bacon and side of chips. So I am not sure if you guys are into that type of RP. Let me know if I am wrong though!

    As for know Shade, I think that there are people better suited for your RP than I. But I will keep tabs on how things progress. Thank you though :)
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  9. Well, I can role with anything really~ (As long as I am allowed to have some romance I am all good~ ^///^)
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  10. Alrightie. <3 I would do volume, but alas-- one of my previous partners expected 12 paragraph replies.

    It's scared me so like

    omg no

    @EternalMusic -- hm. Either way, I am so being North because I F*@#ING LOVE HIM :D

    So, you can pick whomever you like.
  11. *thinks* Uhmm..... Maybe mother nature? But her daughter or something like that... ^^
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  12. Sure, that'll work. ^.^
  13. wait so am i going to be the bad guy or is stingy jack worthy of being a guardian
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  14. I wanna snag Jack Frost ;-;
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  15. Do you think he is worthy of being a guardian?

    It's all up to you~.
  16. North Voice: "My boy! HO-ho-ho! So- you finally show up, eh?"

    Omfg XD helppppp
  17. I wonder if I still have RotG on the DVR....
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  18. NICO!!!! *waves and hugs* OMG! Can I be the Tooth Fairy as well!?
  19. -hugs- Heyyy Eternal :3
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  20. How have you been the short time we haven't spoken to one another~?
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