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  1. With Pitch defeated around Easter the children of the world believed again. And for a long while things were at peace, until a new enemy rose. Now the five Guardians of the children need help now more than ever! New Guardians will be born, some spirits may lost to the dark, but either way it will usher in a new era.

    Hello there! I've been wanting to do a Rise of the Guardians RP for a while now and finally remembered to make a sign-up thread for it xD. Pretty simple explanation here. Takes place a few years after the movie, evil rises once again and the guardians need to extinguish it, will you become a guardian? Or will you aid the efforts of darkness?

    ~~Character Sheet~~
    Full Name: (Actual Name)
    Spirit Name: (Name that you are known by)
    Representation: (Holiday, time of year, etc. that you represent)
    Age: (Not including past life)
    Nationality: (Where the spirit originally hails from OR where their base/home is)
    Personality: (Short description is fine)
    Alignment: ( Click here for help. )
    Bio: (Short description)
    Abilities/Skills: (What as a spirit can you do?)
    Extra: (Anything else you want to add)
    Appearance: (Anime Picture preferred, but real and or a description is fine too)
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  2. ~~Character Sheet~~
    Full Name: Shiro Aikomura
    Spirit Name: Cupid
    Representation: Love/White's Day (March 14)
    Age: 37
    Nationality: Japan
    Personality: Shiro is soft spoken and kind most of the time, but if you get on her bad side well....better count your blessings.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Bio: In her previous life she worked as a teen in Ishimura Manseido's confectionary factory. The same day that Japan's National Confectionery Industry Association established White's Day, she saved a couple from getting hit by a truck, therefore dying and becoming the spirit of Love and White's day.
    Abilities/Skills: She can fly, she's an excellent archer, and can make any sweet imaginable.
    Extra: Her elder sibling is the original Cupid (PM me if you want your oc to be the original Cupid)
    Appearance: (It's huge)
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  3. Full Name: Imani Asha
    Spirit Name: Saba Siku Furaha (Seven Days Happiness) / Call her Saba for short
    Representation: Kwanzaa
    Age: 58 (She was born in 1945, and died in 1957)
    Nationality: She was born in Parsonsburg, MD but she lives in Kenya.
    Personality: Imani can only be described and bright, optimistic and bubbly. She always has something good to say and rarely let's things get her down. She's also very talkative, curious and has a thirst for knowledge.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Bio: The youngest daughter of a prominent figure in the Black Panther movement, Imani spent most of her childhood and teen years helping others. She would go with her mother and older sisters to give food to the poor black community and help watch the younger children.
    Imani was killed when the KKK targeted and attacked one of the areas were her family helped out the most. She was watching two young children when the house that they were in was set on fire. She managed to get the younger children out, but succumbed to smoke in her lungs and perished in the fire. She became the spirit of Kwanzaa soon after and began spreading
    Abilities/Skills: She can purify, fly and manipulate light.

    Show Spoiler
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  4. Full Name: Alexander Garenhert
    Spirit Name: Ghoul
    Representation: Halloween October 31st
    Age: 95 (Born 1925-Died 1945)
    Nationality: Germany
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Personality: A very laid back individual Alexander was raised within the southern Bavarian area of Germany during the rise of the 3rd Reich. His indoctrination into the Hitler Youth has left him slightly distorted mentally as he at times refuses to accept that he has done wrong. Of course during his short life he was not in much combat up untill 1944 in which he was on the front often. He is a talkative person who loves seeing others get freaked out. He is a prankster but also very dark at times.
    Bio: *About to Eat. Will add in*
    Abilities/Skills: Shadow/Dark Magic, Combat Oriented, Fanaticism.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  5. Both are approved, but the age doesn't check out make sure your math is right.
    Although I guess I should say that the year IS this new year 2015. My fault for not stating that before. As for the time of year let's say around summertime.
  6. @Akira

    Are you talking to me or Crimson?

    If it's for me then; RP is set in 2015,
    My character was born in 1945
    in 1957 she is twelve years old, and she is killed then.
    She becomes a spirit in 1957 directly after her death.
    2015 minus 1957 is 58. So she is 58 years old because she has been a spirit for 58 years.
  7. I was talking to @CrimsonHorizons sorry for not specifying, and on that note: do you really think Germany is right for a halloween spirit? XD
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  8. Very much so. Halloween was a Dutch/German tradition
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  9. It has Gaelic/Celtic roots though? Nevermind, just saw the Germany part.
  10. OH SHITNITZ i forgot to put a space for your character alignment, Put "Alignment" under personality here's the link if you need help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alignment_(Dungeons_&_Dragons) YES its based of the D&D dont judge.

    Well then xD I guess I just didn't see Hetalia Germany going along with Halloween lol, then again Ive only seen the first seen and part of the second.
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  11. Oh, I dont even have to look at that. chaotic Neutral all the way.
  12. And that i expect from halloween
  13. Could your spirit also embody an occurrence? I want to have mine embody the Equinox, which comes twice a year, but not sure if that would be allowed ^^"
  14. Yea that would be fine, I'd like to see how you pull that off, if you wanted you could make your oc twinzies
  15. At least that's what seems best to me as an equinox spirit. but go ahead and do whatever you had planned
  16. Twinzies sound like fun, though my initial thoughts were to give her multiple personalities. Hm, now I'm not sure which is better.
  17. fliiiiip a coin~!
  18. Haha I'll make them twins I think, but not ordinary ones c:
  19. Full Name: Kai October
    Spirit Name: Unlucky
    Representation: Friday the 13th
    Age: 108
    Nationality: American
    Personality: Loves causing trouble, enjoys mayhem, rude at times, loves tricks, and hates following orders that aren't his own
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Bio: In his past life Kai always loved pranks and reading about the superstitions. He was never afraid to test the superstitions, like stepping on cracks or looked for black cats to cross his path. One day he saved his older brother and several other kids from a school shooter by wrestling the gun away and unfortunately being shot to death. The students and staff all come out unharmed and the killer is sent to prison, and Kai becomes the spirit of Friday the 13th.
    Abilities/Skills: dark magic, summons black cats, telekinesis
    Extra: Unlucky has cat ears, instead of human ears fitting the 'black cat' look
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  20. Love the picture you used ♡ I'm a big fan of Ao no Exorcist c:
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