Rise of the Golems

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    Merith, a massive land full of magic, the long seas bordering the land on all corners. The six kingdoms of the lands holding a strenuous peace after the Dark war and though their sizes vary greatly each one maintains its power and strengths through their mages and golems. Bandits and mercenaries forge their own bands and groups in an attempt to make some money doing what the Kingdoms dare not openly do, wage little wars.
    Travelers and merchants all travel the land in a donut, never cutting through the central Wastes, fear and suspicion main reasons for this. Fear of the never ending storm, and suspicion from the Wastes being the location of the most battles during the Dark war.

    Ra'uthen the kingdom of the traders located at the northern most area of Merith, the kingdom is almost always covered in snow. Its city holds a massive hill with the manor of the Merchant leaders sitting ontop. Under the hill is the network of tunnels, most believe these were hiding places during the Dark wars, the only safe haven from the wrath of the Demon Golems.

    Sodan is the military Kingdom, located in the north west just outside the snow, the strongest steels, the hardiest, strongest and stoutest men and golems. Weapons forged in this city is guaranteed to be stronger than other weapons, well except maybe enchanted weapons. Luckily Sodan is also the location of the foremost Magical guilds so they also produce the strongest wizards in the world (well thats what they tell everyone) Every building, even the lowliest peasant hovel is enchanted for more rooms, stronger material, and even to release its magical energies to attack enemies of Sodan.
    The largest building in Sodan is the Keep, which looks closer to a castle and holds the Kingdoms Noble families and the general.

    Zerith, feudal, honor bound and mercilessly secretive; located in the south east, directly opposite their most hated enemies, the Sodan. Their warriors are trained from birth to ignore pain, to fight with the soul purpose of honoring their ancestors, family, and their Divine Emperor/Empress. Their swords are carefully folded to be the sharpest able to cut through even the thickest of Sodans Golems. They also hold the worlds greatest assassins, or atleast thats what all the other Kingdoms say.
    Their palace is a multi-tiered castle which seems to try and compete with the War Cathedral of Avirician. The Divine family rest within this palace and few are allowed within its walls.

    Vrill the shrine Kingdom, the technological powerhouse, the western most port city. The Great Library of Vrill holds all the worlds history, books rescued from all of the other cities even some ancient cities that the world forgot like the Kingdom that used to lay in the center of Merith.
    All of Vrill's buildings stretch toward the sky in a vain attempt to reach the floating temple, the floating island in the sky which holds their temple dedicated toward their Goddess. Reaching this temple is only for the worthy, only for those with strong enough wind magics to carry themselves up in specially designed airships.

    Avirician the southern most Kingdom, the oldest known Kingdom, the location of the Final battle of the Dark war. Their kingdom was built on war, but not invading, Avirician has withstood wars after wars, battles, invaders, besiegers. None could penetrate the largest building in all of Merith, the War Cathedral. A building built of the thickest stone, built high enough that the top of its tall spires seem to claw at the clouds. Each of its levels all hold siege weapons and bows with windows designed to allow those within to see and shoot their targets but to make those outside have a hard time shooting back. The dome of light in the center of the ground floor of the Cathedral is supposed to be a memorial to all the lives lost during the Dark war.

    Coria the youngest kingdom located next to a massive mountain that shares its name. This kingdom, while in the east, is actually located the closest to the Wastes as you can watch the never ending storm from the city itself. Nearly a hundred years ago the young small kingdom had a sudden gold rush, stones which glowed with a brilliant light was found and was purchased by nearly every other kingdom. Unfortunately the mountain was mined clean in less than fifty years, or atleast most of the mountain was, but not the deepest part of the mines where the miners dared not go because the darkness was so thick down there that it swallowed their lights.
    Currently Coria is only known as the worlds foremost Quarry as all thats coming out of the mountain now seems to be regular but strong rocks.

    The world over realizes that something is wrong, the kingdoms all prepare for a coming. A group has been rumored to be stealing golems then sending them off on some quest, most of the kingdoms call this group a bunch of cultists. However what has the kingdoms worried is that the cultists seem to be seeking for 'locations of power'. Some of the kingdoms prepare by hunting down these cultists to kill or arrest them, others like Sodan are preparing by getting ready for war.


    Miko sat on a rock watching as a group wheeled the golems who would be going to be sold. They were apparently destined to go to an auction, be sold to a new owner, then used as labor again. She was…requested to liberate these golems, told that the key to her future lays with this group.
    Sighing Miko tied her bangs up before touching her sword and shield. "One golem against a group of armed guards? That hardly seems fair."

    Slowly Miko closed her eyes trying to gather enough energies to cause some kind of wind storm.


    Around the world other golems were being approached by golems or humans wearing long dark cloaks, a recruitment drive of sorts.
  2. Sleipnir was tasked with his usual course of business. Weapons forging had been in high demand as of late, a fact that the blacksmith had initially found rather peculiar. That was until he'd caught wind of the rumors that had been in circulation throughout the city. It was speculated that a rogue, cult faction had become the topic of concern; their exact motives were unknown and all that could gathered were that they were collecting other golems in order to aid their goals.

    Under any other circumstance this would have been of no concern to Sleipnir, such worries were trivial to 'him' as he rarely engaged himself in matters that didn't revolve around 'his' work. However, the rumors seemed to have rang a cord with those higher standing individuals within the hierarchy of Sodan. It bothered them so that upon hearing it, they almost immediately deemed it fit to increase the weapons production. Something about these fanatics had put the nation on edge, so much so that they were ready to yet again mount their military might. This fact if nothing else concerned Sleipnir, greatly. The tone of the land had changed, something that he could feel, something he had long since felt and yet distracted himself from. 'His' very existence could sense the impending omen of something unknown, something that would undoubtedly disturb the peace 'he' had become accustomed to. Now the feeling he had long since dismissed, was an ever present nag in the back of 'his' consciousness.

    "Is the peace I've come to endure finally come to an end?", Sleipnir "spoke", 'his' voice resounded from his metallic structure as he continued to tend to his weapon making. The hiss of steam filled the room as he expelled the substance from his 'mouth', an action resembling that of a sigh.

    Grabbing the weapon he was treating, a standard blade for the Sodan military, and moving it over to the cooling station he found himself lost in thought. So distracted in fact that he failed to notice the gathering of people outside his work station. A particularly strange gathering of individuals, all of which were garbed in long dark cloaks.
  3. Anita was eating a treat when another golem approached her. Looking up, the smaller golem tilted her head at the man. Her master had given her a break and a treat for a hard days work out in the field. That's who had bought her from her former masters, a farmer and his wife. she had decided that she much rather be with the sweet elderly pair than being forced out to fight the other golems, they where scary. and big. Just as she thought those words, the golem seemed to decide that he wanted to talk.

    "Are you a defect?" His voice came out like one would except a grater to sound like. Anita blinked at him again, staying mute. She wasn't sure if she liked this other golem yet or not. Anita took another bite of her treat, it was useless for her to eat, but she found she rather liked the taste of it....even if she had to spit it all out later. As the silence grew between the two golems, the larger one seemed to growl before he moved off and away from her. Anita took another bite as she watched him retreat. It was weird to see a golem by itself out this far away from the city, but perhaps its master had sent it on an errand. Anita didn't question it.

    when the treat had been thoroughly crushed and all of the flavors immensely enjoyed, Anita spit out the remnants of it. She didn't have a digestive system after all, before she skipped her way back to the farm. Her masters wife liked it when she skipped, she didn't know why. But she didn't mind, it was a faster mode of travel than walking. She came to a near skidding halt before the door of the little farmhouse. Without a second delay she entered, pausing long enough to figure out where her masters where, before going to join them in the kitchen.
  4. Sleipnir

    The voice would ring up and the forge golem would notice a cloaked figure entering his workstation. "Humans have issues keeping such peace they crave war and are quick to act. Honestly I'm more worried about what the humans will do to us golem when they learn that their magics are not holding our will down as well as they used to."
    The hood was removed, revealing a heavily scarred golem, there was no defining facial features, just two eyes and a mouth, though the voice ringed male. "Tell me forge, what do you remember of the Demon golems and the dark war?"


    The small golems peace would last she could keep helping the farmer and his wife until the pair died of old age…rather the peace would have lasted had it not been for the cloaked man who was in the kitchen helping the pair clean. "She would be very useful to us and I promise to return her as soon as its finished." The man was quite clearly human as it appeared he had cut his finger earlier and had it bandaged.
    When he noticed that they had been joined he turned and smiled toward the small golem, he had a look in his eyes that suggested he knew a lot more than his young face should know. "Hello, my name is Flaun Wundarsin. I'm a traveling mage and I was just talking to your owners, nice people by the way, about temporarily borrowing you for a…journey of sorts."


    As Miko got ready to charge she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, followed by a broad shouldered man who clearly looked like he was from Sodan. "I would advise you stay seated wind golem." He growled, "I would hate to cut down one who looks so young."
    Miko normally would have continued to follow the orders given to her, except right now her body was obeying survival instincts, because the magic pulsing from the hammer strapped to the mans back suggested he was a Golem Cracker, mercenary group hired to destroy the 'rouge' golems, and quite good at their jobs.
    "Good. Now you just sit there and be a good golem, then once the caravan leaves you can return to your masters. I have a feeling that we will be seeing one another a lot in the future." He grinned and is left eye flashed bright, "Give my regards to your golem friends when you finally meet them."
  5. A cloak around his face as if he was hiding, He had heard of men in black robes wandering about speaking to people. He didnt really like such figures because they tend to be either very religious or very evil, He noticed how they went into the black smith. And he immediately walked the opposite way, But he noticed a few of them on the same path as him. He walked into a bar and took a seat in the very far corner hoping to evade them. But they entered the bar also, he now knew they were looking for him. He shook his head keeping his eyes looking at the table, but he knew they had saw him as they approached the table in utter quietness, before he spoke " What do you want? Do i owe you something? i have no money for you " He said looking up with his cold eyes, Swaying some of his hair out of his face.
  6. Sleipnir turned from his work in response to the unknown voice. Resting the blade on his work station, he turned to face the "man" who'd drawn his attention. His gaze fixated on the cloaked figure. Having removed his shroud he confirmed his suspicion that the "man" in question was indeed a golem and one was not foreign to the trials of war. This was even more apparent by the words he spoke. Only those hardened by battle could speak so cynically about man. Sleipnir was not naive to the cruelty of man, the corruption that the power they beheld could do to them. In spite of that he was even more conscious of the compassion and kindness they could posses in times of peace. He treasured their ability to truly feel. This did not absolve them of their transgressions, but it was enough for him to remain at peace with them. The unknown golem's final statement however truly captured his attention.

    "I remember that during the age of their time in power..." he paused briefly, quickly summing up the reason for the golem's sudden appearance at his forge. With that Sleipnir's voice took a more serious tone.

    "They brought a great deal of calamity upon these lands. Carnage and destruction ran rampant as they waged war against all who incurred their wrath." These words rung out with no small degree of disdain.

    "Now, my friend, what may I ask is your business here?"
  7. Anita had frozen in the doorway as she observed the scene in front of her. It wasn't unusual for the masters to have guests, but the one there currently looked wrong for the setting. The small golem tilted her head, but remained silent as she continued to observe. When the strange man noticed her and turned to speak to her, again, she stayed mute. Even for a golem, she didn't talk much. Siler eyes glanced over at her masters as the man spoke of borrowing her. The elderly couple didn't seem all that upset by it, if nothing else they beamed with that weird emotion master kept telling her was called "pride". She didn't understand humans at times. However, if her masters wished it, then she would go with the man. She looked at the stranger again and inclined her head in a little bit of a nod to show her understanding.
  8. Azar

    Two of the cloaked figures stood, however one took a seat, the motions was light easy almost dainty. The figures face was hidden far better than the other hoods, even the figures hands were hidden by gloves. "I am with a group of golems who wish to free our brethren from the oppression of the humans." The voice was feminine but echoed oddly, it seemed to bounce around in ones mind, loud but not booming, yet oddly the guard sitting at the bar didn't seem to hear, nor did anyone else aside from Azar really. "We are gathering the golems who were with the Demon golems before they…disappeared. You were sent from the Deacon to the Sovereign before both were sealed away. Thus you are one of the golems who interest us greatly."


    "Carnage and destruction ran rampant long before the Demon golems." The battle scarred golem stated, "But theirs was not unsolicited and without purpose. They sought to break the humans hold, unfortunately the humans had other plans."

    "As for my business, I was hoping to…hire a golem such as yourself. While many of us have no need for weapons, being weapons ourselves, your forge could be put to other uses, such as armor, or repairs." Though unstated it was moderately obvious that fighting would be involved also.


    "I understand your hesitation." Flaun gave a surprisingly hearty laugh as he reached out to take the smaller golems hand, "But don't worry, I'm hoping to eventually reunite you with your…mother." He wasn't quite sure how to actually mark the Ice queens relationship to this smaller golem but mother/child fit better into his mind.
  9. Koji was currently walking through the normal alley ways as he walked back to his master's house. He held the bags of groceries as high as his little body would allow him. He really didn't like this tiny body, but it was the most logical of bodies to choose for what he needed to be done. He shuddered as he felt as if someone was wtching him. He sped up a little and began turning coners quicker. He turned one final corner and came up to a dead end. He tensed up as he felt a presence behind him. He slowly turned around and gasped quietly when he saw a group of people in black robes blocking his exit. he kept his eyes fixated on them as he put one arm down, sneakily holding onto his dagger's handle, ready to pull it out if he needed to.
  10. Anita let the man take her hand. Why would she care if he touched her? However the so far silent golem's eyes shot open and her mouth parted as she gave a startled look when the man mentioned her mother.
    "My ex masters said she was dead. " Her voice came out a whisper. She didn't use it much. "Why would they lie?" Her voice got firmer, coming out in a tone of demand as the smaller golem strived to understand. Anita pulled her hands from the strange humans and took a step back from the man. Was Ayzelene alive? Could she meet her again? Anita made a low sound in the back of her throat as a mass of longing erupted inside her. Her small hands went to hold her temples as she tried to shake the emotions away. It was too weird, too strong for her to deal with all at once.
  11. Sleipnir took note of the golem's request. He made a valid point, one that he was not oblivious to. The nature of humans were to sow destruction, whether it be for the expansion of territory or in the interest of self preservation. However in contrast to this they are also able of equally tremendous compassion and it was that aspect of them that Sleipnir aligned himself with.

    "That is...a substantial obligation on my part. I would beg your forgiveness, but I would have to humbly decline."

    He was aware of the implications behind offering his services, not only aligning himself with what appeared to be the cult fanatics he'd recently heard about, but also providing them with weaponry in which they could access should their fanaticism come to violence. Sleipnir had come to enjoy peace and stability of the current age and hoped that it would continue to prosper. He wasn't exactly sure what their intentions were, but if it involved the Demon Golems it would undoubtedly disrupt that.
  12. Koji

    "Ease young one, you needn't tug on that dagger." A voice, like an elderly man but somehow older, spoke from behind the robed men. "I only wish to speak to you, where you decide to go afterwards is your choice." From behind the group a fox, granted it was a rather large fox with a just as large beard that dragged on the ground, but it was still a fox, walked forward. The fox looked toward Koji before stretching, "You know how difficult it is to find all of you? I'm an old golem, I can't be traveling all over the world trying to hunt spirit golems. Granted the humans would now use me for target practice rather then scouting…hell I'd be happy with retiring to some old humans lap but no all they see is a fox." The fox golems eyes were clear, like glass, so Koji could actually see the inner workings of the golem, the magic flowing around within its body binding it together, forming and clutching together at around the middle of the fox.

    Stretching the fox sat down before motioning as if to ask Koji to also sit. "I started this group…maybe fifty years ago after the umpteenth arrow entered my posterior. Some human came to me and told me about the demon golems, though I already knew about them, no his interesting information was on you, a group of Spirit golems who have a portion of the powers of the Demon golems, maybe even some of their Spirit too.
    Now I couldn't care less about reviving the Demon golems, buncha fanatical idiots hoping to destroy the humans grasp on us. You get to be my age and ain't no human can still control ya, may be why they started destroying golems that were six hundred or more…anyway I however don't like leaving golems with a half empty state. Eventually the others will wake up to their own free will, but you Spirit golems…well…you'll always feel empty even once you are fully aware. So I figured I'd help put ya back together."

    The fox golem looked almost like he was smiling, though it was hard to say exactly.


    "Hmm, maybe I gave too much information." Flaun sighed to himself, "Well honestly I don't know what they told you, but I know what I saw." He started to usher her outside, not wanting to alarm the girls current masters, "I saw you with the Ice Queen of legend, I saw her anger when you disappeared, then I saw her behind a wall of blue fire…she didn't look dead she looked…sleeping actually."
    Yea, this man wasn't exactly one for subtlety, or even realizing that Anita may need less information right now, something she can process…rather then all the information that he was willing to share. "There are more like you, we already found the Goddess of Winds lover…or twin…hmm…anyway we've also got people trying to find the others too. If you'd follow me I'd be happy to take you to our primary camp. Or I can answer questions, I do love those they sometimes activate my eyes."


    "Hmm, understandable." The scarred golem had a look that looked to be a smile but his featureless but scarred face was…difficult to discern what it actually was. "Then I have one more request. I'm currently being…tracked by my old 'master', really though I only had one master and that was the boys ancestor, and needless to say he died, as all humans do. I ask you not to assist him." With that the golem left.

    Barely an hour passed before in came a man large enough that it wouldn't fault anyone for thinking he was a golem. The man was close to eight foot tall and with all his muscles he was nearly the same width. On his back was a large shield and a sword, both looked like they could crush a man just from their weight. "Forge golem." His voice was loud, imposing, almost like one of the city guards, in fact on his arm was the tattoo of the crest of Sodan, it looked to be magical in nature, but then again very little wasn't magical in nature around here. "I understand several hooded figures were in your shop, may I ask why? And at the same time may I request you repair my equipment, they are…slightly broken."
    Slightly was the biggest understatement of the century, when the shield and sword were put down both looked like they had just been through a war. The sword was in enough pieces that the sheath jingled as it was laid down, and the shield was covered in enough holes that it actually looked more like a wagon wheel than a shield.
  13. Koji just eyed the other proclaimed golem wearily, but he made no move to flee. He kept his hand on the handle of his dagger and made no move to sit. He gave the older golem a look as if to say 'I'm listening. Go on.' He really wasn't a very talkative golem, but he was willing to listen. If this golem was right, then he would be able to re-awaken much sooner than he thought. He was still weary and unsure about whether or not to trust this golem, but he figured that he should at least hear this old golem out.
  14. Koji

    The fox golem started to laugh, it was loud especially coming from the small fox body, and it sounded dry which was probably odd since that wasn't there when the fox spoke. "Well its good to see I've found such a talker." Slowly it stood and started walking out of the ally, "Come, talking in this dingy alley is starting to make me feel like some kind of thug."
    As they left the alley the fox looked toward the other robed men then made a motion, which left only Koji and the old fox. "Do you like living in this small town? It would be nice to survive in, a retirement home."
    The fox would keep himself so that any humans or even other golems were always closer to Koji than to the fox, "So, I assume by that look in your eye, you are intrigued by what I ask...however I have some skepticism as to if that human is correct with who you are. Would you mind showing me some of your power? I cant track your energies but I've seen each of you Demon golem energies enough that I can tell them when I see them."
  15. Sleipnir nodded his head in acknowledgement of the Golem's request.

    "If this man bears you ill will then I will use my discretion in aiding him. If I can be of no further use to you then I would ask that you please excuse me as I have much to do." , and with that the hooded figures took their leave. Sleipnir, once noting their departure returned to his work, albeit with a burdened mind. Had the rumors been true? Were these fanatics truly aiming to resurrect the Demon Golems? These "thoughts" weighed on his mind as he continued his weapons craft. He let out another semblance of a sigh, steam billowing from his "mouth" as he did so.

    "So it seems..." Sleipnir spoke out to himself in response to the golems earlier statement about the end of peace in the lands.

    The golem toiled at his work, amassing a gallery of weaponry. Having tempered and polished the weapons by the time another visitor entered his forge. His voice boomed within the confines of the smithy instantly garnering his attention. He was polishing a sword as the male entered the shop. Was this the man that the Golem spoke of? He studied the man only to discern that he bore the crest of Sodan. Placing the weapon on a nearby rack, Sleipnir placed a metal hand across his chest and performed a slight bow, as the man appeared to be of some authority.

    "Welcome sir.", his voice rang out in a polite metallic tone. "You understand correctly; they were...." Sleipnir paused for briefly thinking back to the request of the Golem. Sleipnir was chivalrous in the sense that he honored his word and as a Golem of Sodan should a patron issue a request that was within his power he would honor it. In saying so Sleipnir decided to withhold some information before he spoke again.

    "...Golems seeking repair sir. They appeared to be travelers and in their journey's they appeared to have damaged their equipment. Unfortunately I was ill equipped to aide them in their repair and thus was forced to send them off."

    As he said so Sleipnir moved to retrieve the damage tools of the man. They were undoubtedly crafted in Sodan and as such were made by him. He was surprised to see them in such a deplorable state, they were noted on their durability in combat.

    "Sir, if I may be so bold as to ask, what happened to these weapons? Do they have anything to do with the hooded figures?" Sleipnir mused as he inspected the damage of the blade and shield, waiting for the man's response, which would hopefully shed light on the situation.
  16. He looked at the cloaked figures his eyes slowly widening as he realized that they wished to set free the Deacon, this was madness to unleash into the world and he was not sure if this is what he wanted to do " You want to release the deacon again....you want to let darkness roam upon the world once more " Azar's eyes slowly opening wider, he stood up his breathing a bit rash " I dont think that would be the best of ideas, what is your reasoning behind such freedom to the deacon " Azar said leaning forward once again scanning over the group with his eyes. He seemed like he didn't have a choice but to give into what they want, but with them releasing him it would cause the deacon to kill off azar and take back his power and azar seemed not to like the idea of dying just yet. If there reason was just enough he might just give his life away, which it most likely would be but on the slight chance it was not then he will probably make a run for it.
  17. Koji gave a look at the golem as they walked down the road. 'Well, I guess that I better. I could use help for my revival.' He thought to himself. Koji pulled the dagger out of his sleeve and held it in his hand for a moment and then, as if he hadn't moved, the dagger was in the wall about two blocks away, spouting out a burst of purple lightning. He quickly retrieved it out of the wall and turned to walk back to the golem. When he did, the area of the wall that was previously punctured with the dagger exploded, creating a medium sized hole in the wall. A hole that was about the perfect size so that Koji could fit through.
  18. Anita let herself be ushered outside as the golems head spun. The sensation was odd for the smaller golem, having never experienced such a vertigo without actually having spun or been spun.

    “S-sleeping?” She asked, her voice higher pitch than her normal tone would be s she fought down the tide of emotions. Anita inhaled, an unnecessary task, but she had found that it helped her calm herself. A tidbit she discovered in her short time as a combat golem. Again, the younger golem shook her head, hard enough to send white curls bouncing. For Anita, it seemed it took too long for her to snap out of emotions and into a logical stance gain. “Primary camp? Others? What? Why?” Okay, so maybe logical was a bit of an upplay on her mental state. “Activate your eyes?” Silver orbs peeked up at the man as Anita forced herself to focus on him and not the turbulence going on inside of her head.
  19. Sleipnir

    The giant of a man gave a 'hmph', he didn't particularly believe that those golems were strictly here for repairs, however he couldn't exactly do anything to the forge golem as no laws had technically been broken.
    "You don't need to be formal, I'm not strictly on duty right now so you can call me Ules." He stated, never really liking being called 'sir', an unfortunate thing to dislike considering his position of captain of the guard but still. "As for my weapons, they were broken by the hooded figures, or more particularly one dangerous figure. I didn't get a good look at her, and her voice rang in my head, however she can do things…things I've never seen any golem do."

    Motioning toward his sword he continued with, "The sword was broken when I swung at her, it was not fun retrieving all the pieces again." Looking at the shield he shook his head, "As for the shield, I think she enjoyed tossing attacks at me to see what would happen. I'm lucky she didn't aim to kill me."
    Ules gaze turned back toward the forge golem, "What did the hooded golems actually want?"


    "Well its good you catch on so fast. Yes we wish to free the Demon golems…but I have no intention of letting them roam free." The hooded female didn't react to Azar standing up suddenly, though Azar probably wished he hadn't leaned closer when he noticed that the woman didn't have a face. It wasn't featureless, it was just a large gap where her face was, her core was visible but unlike other golems which their core glows, this woman's core was dull. However leaning closer did let Azar see that the woman's robe hid a variety of masks.
    "The others wish to free the demon golems for idiotic reasons. For the old fox its so they can run free or something stupid like that. For the human…" She made a noise like she was spitting, "He is an idiot who thinks you'll all live peacefully. My reasonings are…deeper, I'll say that I have no love for any of you Demon golems…so I suppose you can say my reasoning is revenge."
    A light laugh came from the woman, "Oh and don't try and run, you won't make it far now that I've found you. I would much prefer you come quietly, I've nothing against you spirit golems so…I would prefer not breaking any of you."


    The fox watched, interested as Koji pulled out the dagger, then it was in a wall. The scent of the demon golems energies flooded the area, though the fox doubted any would recognize it. "Nice. I had my doubts, figured the wind and earth golems he found was pure luck. Now however I feel…better about sending the others out." When the explosion happened the fox gave a sigh, "Well this quiet town won't be as quiet now. Come I guess I should start taking you back now."


    The girl was confused, Flaun probably revealed abit too much, but he didn't really care, it was more fun to reveal more than necessary. "Yes, I've an interesting ability to see the past. Some people think its useless as who wants to see the past when the future is more interesting. But for me the past is so exciting. So far I've seen how the demon golems are created how they were sealed, where they are, and even abit on you spirit golems…though not as much as I'd like."


    The main camp for the group was located east of Coria resting on a beach overlooking the ocean. The camp was large, almost worthy of being a town. However it also felt empty, this being because most of the members were always out recruiting more or gathering supplies. The largest tent belonging to the leader.

    Miko sat looking at the waters come in then flow outwards, she wasn't particularly looking forward to telling the others that she failed, that she was stopped by one human who intimidated her.

    Koji and Anita would arrive at about the same time, guided by their respective guides. The old fox would move over toward Flaun before taking over the guiding of Anita. "Welcome to our humble camp." The fox laughed, "Its not much to look at, and it keeps growing, but were safe enough here. You both can make yourselves at home here, spare tents are resting near my own, its the large tent. I can smell another spirit golem so at least one other is here somewhere. If your going to go toward the water I'd advise you not go too deep, the waters aren't as safe as Vrill's waters."
    Perhaps not the best welcome to camp, especially a seeming ghost camp, however the old fox didn't seem to care as he started toward his tent, hoping to find reports on whats been happening so far.
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