Rise of the Golems

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    In ancient times a cataclysmic war was waged throughout the kingdoms of Merith, known now as the ‘Dark War’. Humans wielding powerful weapons, in the form of golems, battled and died for their kingdoms. The most powerful of these golems being granted the title of Demon golems. Many of the Demon golems broke free of human control and eventually caused the destruction of homes and lands, while the people strived so hard to protect their lands. In the end these powerful tools of destruction were sealed away, leaving the center of Merith a decaying patch of earth.
    Well thats the official story anyway, but history is written by the winners. The truth is that while yes the Demon golems did break free of human control, and many of them rampaged and killed, their goals however was actually to set golems free, to destroy the magical spires that force their brothers into such slavery. Each one was sealed away, but the center of the lands was left decaying because of a wizard, not the golems.

    How was the Demon golems, the most powerful magical creations in the world, sealed away? Somehow the humans got ahold of a fraction of the Demon golem's spirit, and using that they sealed each of the golems away by using the power of their opposite. Then they sealed the stolen power inside of a shell, or a spirit golem, these golems currently live as workers, slaves like all the other golems unknown that the feeling of emptiness is actually because they desire to return to their original body.

    Centuries have passed and humans have prospered once more, using golems simply for everyday chores and as protection. Recently, however, strange rumors have been flying around about a secret group, gathering golems. A new cult appeared bent on the return of the demon golems, and of locations of power being held within each of the kingdoms.

    Bits of Info (open)
    I plan on everyone being a golem/demon golem. There are only six demon golems, but that doesn't mean that you can't be just some regular golem. I'm even open to the idea of more Demon Golems being 'created', after all humans aren't exactly well known for saying 'this nearly destroyed us we shouldn't make more'.

    Oh and if you 'really' want to be a human then I may be willing to hear you out (after all diversity is good :P)

    Rules (open)
    1- Try to keep yourself balanced. There will be fighting, and we all hate losing, but try not to break out the godmode.
    2- Please keep active as best you can, send me a message if you can't post for a while so i know what's up. Even if it is school or something.
    If you get writers block just tell me and I'll try and help you think of something to post.
    3- Don't worry about how long your post is so long as it is more than TWO lines. The longer the post the better so long as it is legible and people can understand it.

    I hope I don't need to add more so have fun.

    Demon Golem List (open)
    Note: You are not actually tied to the 'gender' of the title. These titles are just what sounded good to me.

    Ayzelene the Queen of Ice: Sealed, Played by Silver (Spirit Golem Anita)
    Emperor of Fire: Sealed, Played by __ (Reserved by Chocovanilla)
    Homika the Goddess of Wind: Sealed, Played by Kraveing_Volkf (Spirit Golem Himiko)
    Shemhazzi the Tyrant of Electricity: Sealed, Played by The_Cheshire_Cat (Spirit Golem Koji)
    Alcinda Sol the Sovereign of Light: Sealed, Played by Katherine (Spirit Golem Saskia Kuroichi)
    Terris the Monarch of Earth: Sealed, Played by Yaoi Master Gavin (Spirit Golem Tellera)
    Azazel the Deacon of Darkness: Sealed, Played by Akuma (Spirit Golem Azar)

    Accepted Golems
    Sleipnir - Ignition to Spitfire

    Kingdom Status/Locations (open)
    This is the kingdoms names, descriptions, and anything else (like which demon is sealed and their seal. If you claim a demon but you have an idea for their seal just tell me and I'll change it.)

    Note: The prisons of the Demon Golems have been lost in time, so no one (unless you ask and I okay it) knows where exactly the prisons are. (Though rough estimates would be okay)

    Ra'uthen: A bustling kingdom of traders the city itself is colder than the surrounding area.
    There is a large hill atop which rests the manor where the merchant leaders carry out their daily business. Beneath the hill holds an underground network of tunnels, much of these tunnels have not been explored but are believed to be a hiding place during the dark war. Deep within the network of tunnels is a large wall of ice, beyond this ice wall is a massive castle made of ice and hidden beneath the hill. In the center of this castle is the tomb of the Queen of Ice, sleeping, trapped behind a wall of blue fire.

    Sodan: A large military city, preparing for what seems to be a predicted battle of the ages. Their kingdom is the magical center of the world with even the most basic of civilian buildings pulsating with magical energies.
    Within the ground under the largest building in the city stands the ‘great door’ what lies behind this door has been lost to the ages, what is known is that there are two lock situated at the highest corners of the door. The Noble lords, and highest General of the city hold the keys to this door. Behind this door lies the holding place of the Monarch of Earth, trapped within the eye of an underground hurricane.

    Zerith: A feudal Japanese styled kingdom, it is a bustling kingdom of Ronin and masters of the martial arts. Ruled by a divine emperor whos family sealed away the Emperor of Fire.
    The palace itself has an old doorway; the doorway itself has been magically sealed long ago. Behind the doorway stands the Emperor of Fire, submerged in water.

    Vrill: Vrill is one of the few kingdoms which are dedicated to the old ways. Their libraries are the only ones in all of Merith that have books on the Dark wars. Ironically though they are dedicated to the old ways and actually worship the Goddess still, their buildings are all technological marvels with tall skyscrapers stretching toward their floating temple.
    The floating temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Wind, the center of this temple stands a statue dedicated to the goddess herself. This statue is actually where the Goddess is held sealed in magical rock. The keepers of this shrine being the very order of priests that created and served her, they now protect her from the world and the world from her fury.

    Avirician: The kingdom of Avirican has been a long-standing kingdom, holding fast over the ages as one of the most historic capitals in the world. Its also the only kingdom which looks like it hasn't updated its architecture since the medieval era. This kingdom was the location of the final battle of the Dark war.
    The greatest building in this kingdom is also the largest building on Merith, the war cathedral, built to withstand all besiegers. The center of the cathedral holds a glass dome on the floor, the dome always seems to glow with a light almost as bright as the sun itself, this dome is supposed to serve as a monument to the lives lost during the dark war. Under this dome lies the Deacon of Darkness.

    Coria: Known for its massive mineral deposits, this kingdom was once called the golden kingdom because of the gold rush that occurred only a hundred years ago. Now the only thing being mined here are rocks. Its also the smallest kingdom as its essentially just one massive city that surrounds the mountain of the same name.
    Hidden in the deepest tunnel of the mountain lays the Sovereign encased in never-ending darkness.

    Wastes: The center of Merith, the location of most of the Dark War's battles. A massive wasteland where little grows and the location where the Devil Golems originally broke free of human control.
    There is a massive never-ending electrical storm, with the center being the location of the Tyrant of Electricity, grounded by shackles of magical metal.

    'Cultist' Main Camp: Located east of Coria by the ocean. The camp is large enough to be almost its own town, however often times it is nearly empty as most members are off recruiting. The largest tent here belongs to the leader, though it may be abit excessive as the leader looks to be an old fox, literally an elderly fox, a small (but old) animal.

    Profile Layout (open)
    You may add or change anything you wish to make this how you desire

    Demon Golems
    [Note: Many of the Demon Golems are destructive forces of disaster, they are extremely powerful golems, and many won't be happy about being sealed away. The more destructive and detailed an RPer can be with one of these characters the better so please keep that in mind if you want to apply for the job. However I won't argue if you wish to play any other way...well except maybe 'lets hug all the humans'…though that would be hilarious.]

    Character Name: (this is given but a nickname or a regular name can be added with the Demon golems title)
    Age: All demon golems are 300+ (but none are older than 482 (which is how old my character is and she was the first demon golem)
    Looks About: (age of appearance)
    Identifying Gender: While there are Golems who are definitely 'male' or 'female' complete with the…appropriate body parts. Most Golems are genderless but identify with the 'he' or 'she' gender identity (if you don't then please know I will probably refer to your character as 'it' then)
    Magic Type: (This is stated in their title)
    Main Weapon:
    Secondary Weaponry: (if any)

    Spirit Golem: This is the golem which carries your spirit (essentially this is the golem that you will play until the demon is released) (side note, when your Demon golem is freed you can choose to either keep playing the spirit golem, or choose the spirit golem to die there. Its all your choice on if you want to play multiple characters at that point.

    Golem/Spirit Golem
    Character Name:
    Age: (how long ago was your golem made?) (spirit golems would be about 250 years old (give or take a few years)
    Looks About: (age of appearance)
    Identifying Gender: While there are Golems who are definitely 'male' or 'female' complete with the…appropriate body parts. Most Golems are genderless but identify with the 'he' or 'she' gender identity (if you don't then please know I will probably refer to your character as 'it' then)
    Magic Type: (Fire, Ice/Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark) "Magic Type" basically tells what type of magic you are able to use or cast, spells and abilities are based around that element. (Golems are able to have up to two magic types however doing this means their magic is weaker than a pure element (though they have more flexibility) Spirit golems however can only have ONE magic type, which is essentially the magic type of your main golem.
    Main Weapon:
    Secondary Weaponry: (if any)
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  2. Homika (Mika) the Goddess of Wind (open)
    Age: 482
    Looks About: 15
    Identifying Gender: Female
    Magic Type: Wind
    Main Weapon: A sword of wind which can't be seen (except maybe in dust storms, rain, snow, or fog as the wind would start moving that stuff around) and releases sharp gusts of wind when she cuts with it. Honestly though one can guess when she has it as any time her hand is balled in a fist she's probably not planning on punching things (weak arms)
    Appearance: Mika has shoulder length white hair with long bangs. She uses her wind to keep her bangs out of her eyes, splitting her bangs so that she only has a long strand over her nose. She has bright cyan eyes and a number of freckles on her nose and between her eyes, partially hidden by her bang.
    Body wise she actually doesn't really have any breasts, which annoys her greatly and causes her to have quite abit of breast envy for others. She is also very lean, almost fragile looking, and is also quite short for her 'age' as she only really stands at five foot even.

    Clothing wise she used to wear a long flowing white dress, however she changes that fairly quickly and instead starts wearing a knee length striped dress with cyan and dark blue stripes. She also wears knee length military boots, finding them quite comfortable when compared to the sandals she used to wear.

    Bio: Mika was the first Demon golem. She was created as a test for what would happen if they created a golem with the strongest wind magics in the world. Their test proved quite successful so they started working on more…and oddly found each one failing. Every time they aimed to create another something would go wrong and the project would fail. This proved to be similar for every nation after that, every time they made a Demon golem the process refused to work again.

    Mika was sent out to crush Vrill's enemies, and she obeyed like a good little golem. However all that magical potential in one shell started to…break free. Mika started to gain free will, she started to resist commands, even attacking allies. Friends and foes alike started to fear her power, they started to aim to destroy her. Some of the humans even started to worship her, and she rather liked it.
    She proclaimed herself a Goddess, and when the other Demon golems started to gain their wills she started to give each of them their titles.
    She's not completely sure which of them originally came up with the plan of freeing all their golem brothers, but Mika liked that idea and she went along with the plan. Really no human could stand up to them so she figured why not…they all underestimated the humans.

    Mika's own group of priests and priestesses, the group that gave her life, and now worshiped her like the goddess she proclaims to be…they were the first to enact their plan to seal away the Demon Golems (though not the first to start on the plan itself)
    They created another golem, making her similar to Mika (though the other spirit golems may not look anything like their Demon golem) This golem worked perfectly as Mika near instantly started to hang out with this new golem, taking this golem in as a friend, practically being inseparable. The golem stole some of Mika's energies without her realizing it, then they sent it off to help trap the Monarch of Earth.
    They were not quite ready for the wrath of Mika attacking them when she found out they sent her lover off, slightly more surprised when Mika called the golem a 'lover'. They managed to talk her down and saved their own lives, then they tricked her into thinking they were going to get the woman back. One day they told her to wait in the temple for her love, which she did, and when she heard a voice she turned, hoping it was her love. Instead she wound up being trapped in a tomb of rock, turned into her own statue.

    Her statue actually looks fairly unique, its in mid turn, one arm stuck down, trapped there before she knew what was happening, the other is raised like she is about to attack, while her face looks to be somewhere between fear, anger, and surprise.

    Note: Mika is the first Demon golem created, and the first to be locked away.
    She's given all of the other Demon golems their titles.
    Personality wise Mika views herself as a goddess, she hates 'girly' people, is jealous of people with breasts, and loves to play games using her wind…she doesn't really care if her games wind up causing major damage.

    Spirit Golem - Himiko (Miko) (open)
    Age: 251
    Looks About: 15
    Identifying Gender: Female
    Magic Type: Wind
    Main Weapon: A metal sword and shield.
    Appearance: Miko looks pretty much like Mika's twin, the only major difference between the two is that Miko doesn't have the energy stores that Mika has so she uses a hair tie to keep her bangs up, though winds up removing it whenever someone laughs because when she does this it looks like she has a major cowlick.

    Clothing wise Miko wears a button up white shirt and a knee length skirt.
    Bio: Miko was created to steal Mika's powers then serve humans like a good golem. She was created, trained, punished for disobeying orders. Then she was sent out to Mika, however something unexpected happened and Mika fell for Miko. Though none of the others knew this until they sent Miko away.
    The pair became inseparable, Mika keeping Miko close, actually attacking humans who tried to give Miko orders. While they were together Mika's energies were slowly sapped, drained and hidden away within Miko. Then Miko was made to leave for Sodan, sent away through a simple command word activated at night while they slept to stop Mika from knowing and trying to stop Miko. There she sealed the Monarch away before being taken, used like a slave. She had no actual free will to speak of so she didn't care and just followed orders.

    After a hundred years Miko started to dream, she dreamt of Mika, dreamt of the surprised, happy look Mika when she saw Miko, dreamt of the nights they shared and of Mika talking about freeing the golems and giving her free will. Mika smiling and kissing her, telling her about how she would break the hold on Miko's mind.
    These dreams continued to haunt Miko, and when she finally mentioned them her master grew pale. Golems can't dream, or at least that was the common belief but really Golems do dream just typically its lost once they wake up. Anyway fear sparked and Miko was nearly destroyed, but found herself taken away, captured and hidden by a group who wish to free the Demon Golems.

    Miko was made to figure out where all of the Demon golems were sealed away, she knew exactly where Mika was, as the only thing that could be keeping her island floating is Mika herself, but she can't exactly go there.

    Note: Personality wise Miko is still trapped by the conditioning so she follows orders and is quite shy. She doesn't like being made fun of so she is willing to blind herself with her bangs if it means she doesn't have to have her hair made fun of.
  3. Would I be able to reserve the Tyrant of Lightning while I think up all of his details?
  4. sure, I'll reserve the spot for you ^^

    If you have any questions or would like some help just ask :3
  5. Okay, thanks!
  6. Could I reserve the Queen of Ice spot, perchance?

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    Demon Golem

    Character Name: Queen of Ice: Ayzelene

    Age: 425

    Looks About: young adult, older than a teen, but younger than 23

    Identifying Gender: female

    Magic Type: Ice

    Main Weapon: Arrows of Ice -

    She 'conjures' giant arrows made of ice in the air and fires them at enemy forces. They do one of two things, explode into shrapnel just before landing among enemy flanks, or they sink into the ground, only for ice shards to spring from the earth and impale any one lucky enough to be standing in a quarter mile radius of where the initial shard seeped into the earth. This is her main attack and she was deigned to be a ranged machine, able to shoot these icy projectile arrows of doom from the mountain top in the middle of the city and stop the enemies in their tracks.

    Secondary Weaponry: Cold touch

    Her skin freezes any liquid particle it touches, air that touches her cools as it brushes her flesh. The ground freezes beneath her bare feet as she walks, a slight caress to a mans face means an icy death as the blood and water in her body freezes from the point of contact out.


    Ayzelene was said to be modeled after what her creators thought and elf would look like. The golem stands tall, at an even six foot, and has a slender, near willowy frame that has just the perfect touch of a curve to it. Her skin was made to look pale, almost too pale, for a human. However, her face always seems to have a small blush, like she'd been walking in the wind long enough that the sting of the breeze had dusted her cheeks a light pink. Her ears, are, of course, elven in design, long with a pointed tip. Her lips had been set to always hold a small, seemingly polite smile, however, when she gained consciousness, she began to change her expressions at her own will. Her eyes seem to nearly glitter silver. Her long white hair hangs down in gentle waves to a point just below her waist. Before consciousness, it was always done up in some elaborate updo. But after gaining conscious, it found it's wait into a simple, loose braid intertwined with small glittering crystal pins. Her bangs are parted down the center and often hang in simple waves at the side of her face, if they haven’t been weaved into a braid with the rest of her hair.

    Before consciousness, Ayzelene was always done up in a near obscene amount of frills by her creators. Enough so that she could barely move. Given, she wasn't designed to have to move, it was supposedly okay to restrict her range of motion and make her "pretty". After consciousness, this was done away with quickly, the golem instead adopting much simpler clothing. Clothing that she could move in. One of her favored things to wear is a simple white sundress. She wears no shoes, finding them to be one of the most annoying pieces of attire she's ever laid eyes on. She does, however, have a soft spot for things that glitter, and so it’s not a far-fetched sight to see her belt dangling with the same jewels she's chosen to adorn her hair with. And you never see her without the simple circlet, crown thingy resting on her forehead, silver in color and inlaid with diamonds. She wears simple silver chain anklets on both of her ankles and a dancers bracelet on her right wrist, a metal circlet on her left bicep and a ring on the middle finger of her left hand. All the metal she wears is silver, and all the jewels either translucent, peralesque, or white in nature.


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    The making of Ayzelene was largely funded by one man in the city of Ra'uthen. He was a trader among traders, finding himself one of the most wealthy man of his homeland. When news of the, as he called them, 'ultimate Golems" reached his ear. The man found that his own great city needed one just as so, and he'd be one of the founders of it. So the man recruited the best of the artisans and makers of the Golems in the Ra'uthen together. He charged them with the making of a golem both beautiful and powerful to represent their great city. He wanted a golem that was elegant and graceful and elf like in appearance, but he also wanted her, for the golem, was of course to be a she, to also harness a power of stopping enemies in their tracks. The Golem crafters, hearing of the failure to create any golems of like elements as strong as the few of them running around, picked a new element. One that was native to their northern homeland. They picked ice, harsh, unforgiving and brutal. As they began to work on the golems design, they decided to reach even higher, seeing if they could get the golem to wield a power even colder than that of normal ice.

    And so, when the time to gather materials was at hand, a group of the most resilient rangers where sent even further north than the Great white wood, up into the icy peaks that none but the bravest dare to go. The group was charged with bringing back only the coldest of materials to craft this golem from. The group traveled for days among the icy wilderness, seeking what they had been instructed. Then, quite on accident, the fortunate men stumbled upon the cave of an Ice Drake. The men were excited, for what could be colder than the heart of a dragon who breathed a breath so cold whatever it touched became ice? The men lucked out even further as they ventured into the cave to find, not a full grown dragon, but a nest of hatchlings. They little Drakes squeaked and shrilled as quickly, the men swooped up the smallest of them before knocking it over its still soft head. Quickly, the group bolted from the cave. Needless to say, a roar of one very mad mother dragon broke out over the land. Trees shook. The men ran. Not many escaped the wrath of the Ice Drake, but of the four that did, a small, still unconscious hatchling, rested in one of their leather packs.

    When the four survivors returned with all of the requested supplies, plus the still beating heart of an ice drake, they were praised and richly rewarded before they were dismissed. Quickly, the group of artisans began their work. The ones who formed the body did so in the most detailed fashion they could manage, as the benefactor of the project had said he wanted her to be as if she had been born and not made. Many months, then a year passed. All along, the Ice Drake was kept alive and healthy for its heart was to be the golems power source. Finally, a year and a half later, the last piece of the puzzle was needed before they could work the final magic’s to bring the creature to life. On a night of a full moon, the Ice Drakes still beating heart was added to the mix, followed by the entirety of its blood. After that, the magic began. Another half year passed before the creatures eyes finally blinked open.

    The golem was given the name Ayzelene, for she was fair and cold like the moon hanging above the city. The Artisans presented the creature to the benefactor and the man was pleased. He paid the group and took his new doll to his home atop the highest hill at the center of the city. Ayzelene served her city, and her master for many a year, gaining her own emotions as time passed, but staying obedient to her master. One day, while she and her master, for she accomompanied the mand everywhere, traveled to Vrill and happened upon the golem of wind who called herself a goddess. It was after this meeting that Ayzelene began to question everything. Why must she do what she was told? Why did she have to follow her masters every command and wear what he wanted her to and fight whenever he demanded it? Why? Why why why why why why why why? The question plagued her for a month more before she finally questioned her master. A sting across her face and much yelling, shouting and demands met the simple question. The golem, froze in a bit of shock. She didn't understand why the human man was mad at her for a simple question, so she turned and asked again. Only to be pinned against the wall and brutalized further. Never before had the golem raised a hand against anyone her master did not tell her to. But something inside of the creature snapped that night. Anger, icy, cold and unforgiving filled her. A roar echoed in her mind before she slid the protective gloves from her hands. No, the gloves were not to protect the golem. What did she have to fear from the cold? They were set in place to protect the flesh of any humans that wished to touch her. The man froze as the golems fingers brushed against his cheek, in quite a literal sense, the ice began at his face and spread, cold blue veins proceeding the crystallization as the man fell to the ground. That was the night the Ice Golem Ayzelene woke up.

    Not soon after that, attempts were made to end the existence of Ayzelene, much to the golems confusion, she only hurt those who had hurt her or the city. So why where the humans trying to end her? But that is what they tried to do. Tired of deflecting the humans, but unwilling to leave the city she called home, the women buried beneath the earth and built her own castle of ice, with help of course, from the few 'supporters' she had. When the glittering keep was complete, the golem isolated herself there for a short time. As she hid, her mind became more aware, her emotions more lifelike. All the while, foolish humans would tramp down the tunnels and try to attack her beloved castle. Days passed, and soon that same icy rage took over her. Why should she have to hide beneath the earth? Why should she have to forgive foolish humans even as they renewed their attack on her? Finally, after a few more days of seething, an enraged golem threw the last group of humans, frozen, into the city square. The once humans shattered as they struck the ground. Ayzelene built a new castle, or rather, the humans of Ra'uthen did at her command. The mansion her late master had lived in was demolished and a new castle fo ice stood atop the mountain at the city center. Ayzelene, without so many words as just the sheer force of her will, declared herself the ruled of the city. The once, somewhat gentle golem became an ice hearted creature. However, when left alone, she seemed to revert back to the mild mannered creature she once was. But humans, being humans wouldn’t leave well enough alone. Instead, the city gathered Ayzelens creators and bid them stop her on threat of death.

    The artisan group hadn’t a clue of how to stop the golem, for they had tried to make one with a power matching her own but had failed miserably each and every time. Then, one night, an idea struck them. What if they didn’t try to fight her? Quickly, the remenants of the Ice drake that was used to make Ayzelene were re-found. Ingredients gathered as a war seemed to break out in the city around them. The humans all taking up arms against the Ice Golem in an attempt to take their city back. War raged, human blood spilled. Quickly the artisans designed than worked. After many months, but nowhere near as long as the process for Ayzelene, they produced, on a full moon night, a small, younger golem made with the last remains of the frost dragon. If the dragons scales and bones could keep the power of its heart and blood in check, than perhaps a golem made of the bones and scales could keep another golem made of heart and blood in check?

    With care, the artisans called for Ayzelene and offered a trade, a companion (they of course did not tell of the ‘power’ of this companions) for her leaving the city. Ayzelene, curious, yet somewhat cautious demanded to see this companion they promised her. As they brought out the smaller golem, immediately, Ayzelene could sense a sort of kinship with the smaller creature. After much debate, Ayzelene accepted the trade, she and Anita, the smaller golem left Ra’uthen and headed to the north. It was with delight that Ayzelene found that she could touch the smaller golem without causing her to turn to ice. After they reached the White Woods, Ayzelene, for the third time, built a castle of ice for her and the mini golem to live. All the while, unbeknownst to Ayzelene, Anita drained her with every soft fond touch the older golem gave the younger. It had not taken long for Ayzelene to develop parental feelings towards the small golem. Ayzelene taught Anita how to use her magic as none had taught her. Ayzelen also taught the smaller golem to dance and sing, two things she’d picked up in service to her late master, not that he ever found out about it.

    This somewhat happy life lasted for two years before the people of the city staged a kidnapping of Anita, when in truth they just sent her to seal the other golem. The towns people lured Ayzelene to her first castle with the promise that they’d return the golem child to her as long as she came to them without hurting anyone. And so she did. Only to be trapped by the wall of fire in her own castle.

    For years, the golem seethed in icy fury, but was trapped beneath the mountain. Five years passed before the golem, fearing she’d go insane, lay herself down into a deep sleep. Before slipped into a deep hibernation, her last thought was to swear vengeance of the foolish humans of Ra’uthen who dared to trick with false hope.

    Golem/Spirit Golem

    Character Name: Anita "Daughter of Ice"/ "Ice Princess"

    Age: 249

    Looks About: six years old

    Identifying Gender: female

    Magic Type: Ice

    Main Weapon: Exploding Ice balls

    A ball of ice will appear in her hand, she chucks it at someone, it makes contact, and it explodes into shrapnel. Or it sinks into the ground and in a 10 foot radius of the sink point, ice shards will spear up from the ground. Like a tiny scale of Ayzelenes Ice arrows, only in throwble ball form instead of ginormous ice arrows of doom.

    Secondary Weaponry: N/A


    Anita was modeled after Ayzelene, designed to be the golems 'daughter'. And so, she to, is tall for her age, has a willowy figure and nearly too pale skin. She looks like a mini Ayzelene, however, where Ayzelene was made to look graceful and poised, Anita was made to look adorable and innocent. Her own shoulder length white curls are tied in low hanging pigtails, similar crystals as her 'mothers' decorate the clasps holding her hair in place. She has the same glittering silver eyes as the Queen of Ice.

    Anita, still not totally at her own free will, wears what her creators put her in. She wears a short 'princess dress'. It's a knee length contraptions of lace, bows and overall frills. It has round sleeves and it puffs out quite a bit. It's white and a minty green in color. She wears black schoolgirl shoes and white stockings. A small barrette tiara adorns the top of her head.


    Show Spoiler
    Anita remembers when she was created, and she remberes the older golem who felt of kinship of her. However, she also was under the power of her creators. And her creators had given her a job. Yes, she may go with the older golem, but she needed to steal some of the the olders power. So, the little golem girl did as she was told. She went with the taller golem and she lived with her. She tried to talk, and she learned what the other taught her. She even learned to smile. She enjoyed the soft, gentle touched of the older golem. Nearing the end of her stay with the golem she looked so much alike, her first inkling of emotion entered her. She didn’t know what it was at the time and never got a chance to ask the older golem before her creators called her away and then sent her away for a very important job. After which, she returned to Ra’uthen to learn that the older golem was no more.

    The younger golem nodded, and went where she was told. But that night, for some unknown reason, Anita cried. She didn’t know why she was leaking. Maybe she was melting? The younger golem continued to exist, at night, the older golem would walk through her mind, smiling and dancing with Anita. However, the simple vision was always gone by morning light.

    One day, the city was attacked by golems and Anita was sent out to fight in the war. It terrified her. The new feeling of fear erupted inside of her as her dress was caught on fire by another golem. The little golem wished that Ayzelene where there, as hard as she could. When she was forced to the ground, the little golem ran away from the battlefield and the much larger golems on it. The little golem didn’t return to the city, instead she bypassed it and ran for the White Woods and the frozen castle hidden beneath the shadowy trees. There she stayed, ignoring the call of her creators as she began to cry again. This was the first time she disobeyed humans.

    Years passed, Anita returned to her creators who, again, sent her to war, where she again ran away from the much bigger golems. She had power, sure. But there was too many and they were far too big for the little golem to fight alone. Finally, the creators, now disgusted with her, sold her to the first person who would buy her. She was carted away from Ra’uthen. Again, she cried as she watched the city shrink.

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  7. Silver - Not sure why I didnt get an alert that there was a new post (am watching this but I guess I'll also have to double check every so often XD)

    There's a few spelling issues (primarily adding extra letters that cause me to re-read sentences before noticing what word was meant.

    I like both golems so they are accepted. (the younger Anita is quite cute :3 a little girl scared of fighting but willing to try

    I'm hoping for one more (after Cheshire finishes) but if you both wish I can start the rp
  8. I just re-read it and I do apologize for the misspellings. Thank you for the compliment on the characters *smiles*
  9. Demon Golem

    Character Name: Shemhazzi
    Age: 350
    Looks About: 23
    Identifying Gender: Male
    Magic Type: Lightning
    Main Weapon: A lance that charges and discharges lightning strikes and blasts.
    Secondary Weaponry: N/A
    Bio: Shemazzi's creation was actually an accident. It was meant to create a golem, but not him. He was created during a lightning storm. His creators were trying to create a normal golem, but the main power generator was struck by a bolt of lightning and he was created. A golem with an incredible power to control and manipulate the element of lightning. He, being the last of the Demon Golems to be created (If that is all right with you, of course) didn't have nearly as developed skills as the rest of the others, but he got out of hand when he got angry. Because of his lack of practice/skill with his magic, he tended to go on rampages which caused a lot of destruction.

    He never did anything other than play a major part in destruction when he wasn't sealed. He was always a loner, never wanting to be around a lot of his older 'Siblings' because he felt like the outcast, how any youngest would feel. He was calm and level headed most of the time, but when he got mad, it took a lot to calm him down.

    When the revolution of the Demon Golems arose, he fought on as hard as he possibly could. He began to grow furious as his family began to get captured and sealed away. His anger created a storm where he fought his final battle against one of the most powerful magical humans in the world. He fought on as hard as he could and he would have won, but the man used almost all of his magic to bind the Tyrant where he was. He used the rest to use Shemhazzi's lance as a conduct to absorb most of his energy, so that he couldn't break his bindings. Although, the storm is still fueled by his rage. His anger for what the humans had done to him and his family fueled his hate even while he was sealed, causing the lightning storm to never end.

    Spirit Golem

    Character Name: Koji
    Age: 248
    Looks About: 12
    Identifying Gender: Male
    Magic Type: Lightning
    Main Weapon: A dagger that he has stashed away in his sleeve.
    Secondary Weaponry: N/A
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Koji was not created like most of the other Spirit Golems for the reasons to seal the Demon Golems away. He was actually created by Shemhazzi himself. After the first of his family had been sealed, Shemhazzi had a feeling that he would also be captured at some point or another. So, he then created Koji and implanted some of his soul to him so that he may continue to walk this world, while still trying to find ways to unseal his true self. The main reason he chose to create one that seemed so young, was that he could get away with most things because of his 'curiosity,' as he called it.
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  10. Cheshire - Its short but explains what would be needed for the character. The only major thing is I would like some slight backstory (namely how your guy was captured...hmm just remembered something I forgot to send you in conv when you reserved the character. Will send it now.)

    Anyway beyond that the only thing left would be the spirit golem.
  11. can i reserve a spot to be the deacon of darkness
  12. Edited my Demon Golem
  13. yup that works ^^

    When you finish it you can put the spirit golem in the same post (make it easier for later finding XD)
  14. Okay, cool. I'll finish him soon
  15. Finished for now with my Spirit Golem, tell me if i need to fix anything.
  16. The main issue would be your spirit golems age. At 295 your spirit golem would have been made long before anyone was sealed away. You could change it to your guy made it as a preemptive thing, like he felt the humans were planning something and didnt want to be caught off guard.

    Essentually my Demon golem was the first made and first sealed, her spirit golem is 251 (Thats not saying my spirit golem was the first made as there can be plenty others older than her, just that my Demon golem was first sealed)
    Anyway, my two were 'together' for about two or three years before Mika was sealed away, so for your guy to make the spirit golem after one or two Demon golems were sealed then your Spirit golem would be closer to 248ish

    Anyway if you wish to keep the age the same then it just a matter of tweaking the bio.
  17. Whoops!! Sorry, was not even thinking when I put out an age for my Spirit Golem, sorry lol. I'll fix it up
  18. Ok accepted

    I'll wait abit for Akuma to finish with the Deacon before I make the Rp
    But I will start working on the opening post tomorrow (though it probably wont go up until saturday or sunday-ish)
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