INTEREST CHECK Rise of the Golems

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  1. I've been fiddling around with a story for a while now, and I think its about done so I figured I should see how interested others would be.

    In ancient times a cataclysmic war was waged throughout the kingdoms of Merith, known now as the ‘Dark War’. Humans wielding powerful weapons, in the form of golems, battled and died for their kingdoms. The most powerful of these golems being granted the title of Demon golems. Many of the Demon golems broke free of human control and eventually caused the destruction of homes and lands, while the people strived so hard to protect their lands. In the end these powerful tools of destruction were sealed away, leaving the center of Merith a decaying patch of earth.

    Centuries have passed and humans have prospered once more, using golems simply for everyday chores and as protection. Recently, however, strange rumors have been flying around about secret the return of the demon golems, and of locations of power being held within each of the kingdoms.

    I'm hoping to get people who want to play the demon golems, but also play regular humans, and regular golems.

    The Demon golems will be a pure element, Ice/Water, Fire, Earth, Electricity, Wind, Light, Darkness.