Rise of the four heavenly kings

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  1. I found a rising web/light/manga novel series that is quite popular Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari / The Rising of the Shield Hero

    The basic plot for it is some of the characters have been summoned from another world to become heroes for this one and save it from destruction

    my Idea is basically the same its not a complete fandom this is an open world rp type

    you can choose to be a ruler of one of the countries if you want!

    I not too strict on rules and am open to ideas the only thing is its first come first served on the weapons so please reserve one if your find it to your liking also note that the weapons have a growth ability that changes the form and gives different powers and not all of their enhancements are listed so if you find one and want to make your own power ups for it be my guest.

    and you dont have to have one to join this rp

    the first web link will show you the world and countries and faiths

    the second link is to expand the monster races but I warn you that the content on that site is a little much for some younger kids but if your a manga reader you should be fine also they took and made the monsters all female there but that will not reflect on the story idea for my rp


    The Replica of the Four Legendary weapons
    reserved for myself
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.