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  1. Fifty years have passed since the fall of an old empire and the rise of a tyrant. There is no longer a thing such as happiness, as the streets of every day life are filled with fear and war. Civilization is closely monitored by the soldiers known as Knights of Valor, KOV for short, and you either follow the rule or die at their hands. Anyone caught hiding from the government and going against KOV's meet this fate, no matter what the meaning is.

    However, there are still those who will do anything to keep their freedom. They're called the Fallen, hiding amongst every day life, constantly on the run and being hunted down. Their lives are anything but peaceful or pretty, but they won't stand to live a life dictated for them by the KOV and their government. They risk everything, their happiness, and even their lives. For they know if they are ever caught or found helping a Fallen, death is given without any questions asked.

    This roleplay will be violent, as for those who play the Knights will be dealing out punishment to those Fallen captured and other citizens that don't follow their rule. I'm looking for those to play Knights who hunt down the Fallen and people to play the Fallen as well. A note to remember is the Fallen do not travel alone, they work at least in pairs, so if you want to play a Fallen you will probably have a history with another character (to be determined later). Those who play the Fallen could also be of another race, which would give the KOV even more reason to hunt them down. Please know the majority of Fallen are humans, however.

    Is anyone interested?


    The genre of this roleplay will be futuristic with a touch of Sci-Fi. Or maybe, a little bit more than a touch, but honestly, not a lot. As someone asked before, the government system is similar to Communism, pure Communism that is, but with a Tyrant rule. Best way to describe it is for those who watched the Mockingjay, how the Peacekeepers were when they entered District 12. If you don't follow their rules, you get punished, or killed (same as the KOV). If there is anything else to add, I will add it later!
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  2. Yep. Sounds cool. Any twists in mind tho?
  3. There are a few that will remain secret until the time comes, but the major one is the Fallen are preparing for war (since they aren't a rebel group nor do anything rebellious besides flea, it would definitely be a surprise).
  4. What sort of tech level and theory of government did you have in mind for this? ^^ I might be interested, but I'd need more information.
  5. An almost scifi setting. No robots or flying cars though. It's hard to really say, honestly. Oh wait, flying spaceshift and super computers. That help? And also the government is similar to communism, but without the "everyone is equal", like with a tyrant.
  6. You said the Fallen were mostly humans... What races are you thinking of?
  7. Not all, but few. Very few. And genectily altered beings that were controlled by the government and want out. Half-animal creatures. Things like half-canine, half-feline, maybe other creatures (rats, fish, etc.) Outcasts and such.

    Cheesy, I know, but it would add a bit of entertainment in my point of view.
  8. Ok. That's cool. :P
  9. Okay, so is anyone still interested in this? I've had it up for a while and I'm thinking about maybe starting up the sign-ups soon for the characters.
  10. Yep. I'm still interested.
  11. Themes of racism then? I'm very interested to know what exactly the KOV considers an obedient subject. Are we looking at Lawful Evil here, or am I jumping the gun?

    (Yeah, I'm interested).
  12. I'd be interested
  13. What type of punishments would the Fallen be subject to if they're caught?
  14. You answered slightly the question of Technology, but what kind of equipment would the Kov have? Guns? Lazer technology? Would the fallen have simmilar weaponry or woulod they have something more primitive? (Im kinda interested.)
  15. @Erayandor - Death, if they're lucky they get torture or experimentation, but mostly death.
    @Vegnya - No, not exactly. It's not really racism. The best way to explain the governments feelings towards the Fallen is as a rebellion, only they aren't a rebellious group. And yes, you would be jumping the gun on Lawful Evil, my friend. When I get to my laptop to set up the sign up, you will get your answer.
    @Darkiethewolfgirl - Thanks!
    @JextheShadow- The KOV has guns, knives, things soldiers would have in this day and age. No lasers. They do have headsets and tracking devices for those of the Fallen who aren't fully human (the experiments did belong to the government.
    The Fallen have guns as well, however they are a bit older (not as up-to-date but nothing like hand guns or pistols).

    To everyone else, please keep this in mind. If you are a Fallen or a Knight, depending on the flow of the story your character might (only upon your agreement) die.
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  16. sounds cool, I'd like to join.
  17. What would this be listed as, Modern Sci-fi or Militia? Should I place the sign up in the Global Sign-ups or the Sci-Fi forum? Feedback?
  18. @puck2robins.ashes
    I would say that this is way more militia then sifi. You should list under the global roleplay section.
  19. @JextheShadow - I get confused because while it is Militia, it's also a future based roleplay, along with a few supernatural elements.
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