Rise of the Dragon Pokemon

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    The sun had barely begun to shine and Minami was still fast asleep while most of the pokemon started to wake up in the village. The village of Ajagara was the only real village on Sevii and though it was harsh and cold it was peaceful and beautiful in its own way.

    It had been a long night for Minami and her partner Kisuke and she had been tired to the point of falling asleep on Kisuke's back. Unfortunately for her, despite the fact his species was nocturnal, Kisuke had gotten used to waking up early with the rest of the dragons.

    It wasn't long until Minami's peaceful sleep was disturbed by a harsh nudge that made her groan. The nudge was followed by another one and then a nip at her side that made her stir and yelp in surprise. Her face was thoroughly licked when the dragon realized she was waking up and she sputtered as she pushed the bat-like pokemon away, only to be crushed under the beasts weight when he jumped on top of her.
    She coughed a bit and wheezed, opening her eyes to look in the happy golden eyes of her noivern.
    ' Yep... I'm up already... get off please?' she wheezed after petting the dragon.
    Kisuke seemed to realize he was too heavy and jumped off, hanging from a wooden beam by his back legs and claw like features of his wings.

    Minami got up and stretched with a groan before getting up. She knew her partner well enough to know what he wanted and opened the special sliding hatch in the roof to let her partner out for a morning flight.
    Kisuke slipped outside with a happy screech and flew off to visit other dragons around town.

    Minami opened her windows to let some air in and headed out her room. On the way she knocked on the door to Orion's room, the boy that had been taken in by her family and she had seen as her brother for many years now. 'Orion wake up. You need to get ready to hunt. I'm gonna go make breakfast. ' she called through the door before walking downstairs.

    As she had announced she started making breakfast for herself, Orion and their dragons. Orion and her got some nice baked eggs with bacon and sausage on the side, while the dragons both got one tauros leg to munch on.
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  2. Ryan and Sal had been sleeping under starry sky that night, rather than inside. It made it easier to get right out there and get stronger when every so often they let the sky be their ceiling. As the sun began to rise, Sal woke with many of the other dragons, and as Ryan had started syncing his sleep patterns with Sal since a young age, he wasn't far from waking as well. Sal knew that Ryan would wake up soon on his own, so it simply looked to the horizon for a moment as Ryan's snoring faded to nothingness. Ryan felt the nice, albeit cold, breeze rush over his face. "Morning Sal..." He said quietly as he sat up. Of course, he didn't like staying cold, so he had a jacket and gloves on. "Come on Sal, we need to get going or we'll miss breakfast, and I'm not doing that two days in a row." He jumped up, patted Sal's leg and looked towards the sun. "Come on, let's go towards the sun to start with, I need to warm up my face."

    Ryan and Sal began running and flying, respectively, towards the sun. As the sun passes each finger, it'll have been about fifteen minutes. So two fingers should do it for this run, then we get back for breakfast, and then go for thirty minutes of sparring. I'll tell Sal that plan on our way back for breakfast. He glanced up into the sky, seeing the stomach of his overhead ally just above. He smiled slightly before looking forward again, and seeing another dragon flying through the sky. Seems like some of the other dragons are flying already too, suppose I should be used to seeing that, though. "Hey Sal! Be careful of the other dragons!" He shouted, hearing a roar in return, and continuing his focus on the run.
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  3. Orion groaned as Minami knocked on his door, he hated getting up in the morning. Orion was currently in a big pile with Ragnar curled around him and Tiberius on his back. Him and Ragnar, being so in sync that they sometimes felt like the same person, weren't about to get up any time soon. Tiberius, however, was the more active of the trio, and didn't like how the other two were slacking off. So he decided to wake them up the only way he knew how.

    seconds later, two roars of pain came from upstairs, followed by the door slamming open with Tiberius running from a very PO'd Orion and Ragnar, both having bite marks somewhere on their bodies. Tiberius hid behind Minami, and Orion and Ragnar halted their charge so that they did crash into her. "Good Morning Minami, now could you please hand over Tiberius so I can displine him from testing out his fangs on me." Orion growled, his eyes licking between Red and Gold in his annoyance. Behind him, Ragnar was in a similar state of agitation, growling at the smaller dragon pokemon hiding behind his rider's caretaker.
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  4. Minami was in the progress of making some coffee, which was rare as the beans were only delivered once a month to the village, when she heard the loud screams from upstairs. She looked up and chuckled, expecting Tiberius to have done something to the two brothers upstairs. As she thought, Tiberius sped downstairs and hid behind her, Orion and Ragnar behind him with bitemarks on their body.

    She giggled faintly and turned to Tiberius, crouching down in front of him. ' Hm, you did a good job waking them up, I'll tell you that, but you should never, ever, bite your partner.' she flicked the small dragon's nose. ' Now go accept your punishment, or no breakfast for you.' she pointed at a very large steak that she had cut for him. It was smaller than what Ragnar and Kisuke got, but it was about the size of his body, which should be enough.
    She straightened out and nudged Orion. ' And you need to get up once when I call you. That goes for you too, mister.' she pointed at Ragnar.

    She turned back to her coffee and poured herself a cup, leaving enough for Orion if he wanted some. She placed the two plates with egg, bacon and sausage on the table and placed the tauros legs in two large stone carved bowls, meant for feeding the two dragons. Tiberius's steak was placed in a smaller wooden bowl, as he would grow bigger when he evolved. Minami had already asked the builders in town to build an extension to the house for the dragon once he evolved.
    ' Alright come and eat. You need to go hunt and I have my patrol in a while.' she whistled out the window to call for Kisuke, who showed up later with a happy screech and started munching on his tauros leg. In turn, Minami sat down and started eating her eggs.
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  5. Meanwhile, Six was just beginning to wake his blue eyes slowly opened as he yawned pushing himself upward into sitting position.

    Outside his window he can hear the roars and screeches of the other dragons, their cries wake him fully and he quickly looks around for his own dragon. His frantic thoughts easy when he hears the steady thumps and slight scratch of clawed feet on the boards.

    "Crescendo, there you are!" The young boy pipes relieved to see the striped Charmander holding the artificial leg in his claws. Crescendo walked towards his partner and held up the leg with a light roar.

    Six thanked his partner and inserted his stump into the socket.

    After a quick meal and dressing (not to mention a small fight with Crescendo to take his bitter medicine) the twosome were outside and racing across the lush grassy field.


    Six and Crescendo look up toward the sky only to see Sal and Kisuke flying along with others.

    Six looked down at Crescendo "Someday that will be you!" He told his partner feeling the anxiety pulsing from the small dragon.

    "Come on buddy, let's go see if there is anything we can do to help others. Maybe Minami and Orion needs help, we can even ask Ryan!"

    With that the two head off, toward the home of Minami and Orion. Reaching the door Crescendo paws the door with a roar trying to get the attention of the ones inside.
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  6. Not quite as quick to wake as most of the villagers, Emil groaned in his sleep as the sunlight shone through the window at just the right angle to hit his eyes. Beginning to toss and turn in attempt to block the sunlight, it wasn't long before the younger child tumbled out of the small bed and to the floor. Huffing as he untangled himself from his blanket and tossed it aside, Emil pouted towards the window for waking him up, then reluctantly getting to his feet and heading downstairs as he heard his father calling him to breakfast.

    After devouring his morning cereal and toast, Emil immediately rushed off to go to his Goomy, only to be stopped at the front door by his father, holding a package.

    "Emil, you wouldn't mind delivering this to Minami for me, would you? It's not far--"

    "I-- I know where she lives, Dad, I'll go." The boy replied, nodding some as he took the package, then heading out the door. Of course, he still had to say hi to Goomy first. Sticking the package into his backpack, he headed around to the back of the house and moved the loose boards that his the entry to the crawl space. The entry was still only big enough for a small child like himself, but it was pretty roomy once you got further inside. That's where Goof was waiting.

    Greeted by a squeal of delight from the creature, Emil quickly pulled on the raincoat he always left by the entrance, before the Goomy pounced at him for a hug. Laughing as he caught Goof in his arms and returned the love-- without the worry of goo-covered clothes, thanks to the raincoat.

    "Good morning, Goof!" He spoke in an excitable whisper, then setting the Pokemon down. "I gotta deliver this package for dad, but I'll be back soon, okay? There's no school, today!" He promise, grinning as the Goomy happily wiggled in response.

    Taking the raincoat off, he put it back down before leaving the crawlspace and heading off to the home of Minami and Orion. If wasn't a long walk, but he instantly halted a few feet from the front steps. There was already someone knocking on their door...​
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  7. Tiberius looked at Minami with a mock look of betrayal, before he was suddenly dragged away by Orion being held up by his tail. Orion stared the tiny dragon down before gently letting him down. "For your stunt earlier, Ragnar gets to decide your punishment, and I think he wants to do some sparring. Do you want to do some sparring?" A excited growl told him all he needed to know. "Yep he wants to do some sparring, so you better enjoy your free time while we hunt, cause I don't think you'll be having much fun this afternoon." Orion couldn't help but laugh as Tiberius began to shake, then he quickly walked over to his wooden bowl and quickly began to devour his meal. Shaking his head at the Tyrunt's antics, Orion sat himself down at the table, rubbing his hands together at the meal before him. Without further ado, he began to tear into his meal ferociously, similar to how Ragnar was devouring his Tauros leg, completely forgoing the use of spoons in favor of nearly shoving it into his mouth. Orion was still lacking with several aspects of civilized life, eating with any kind of manners was one of them.

    The three all finished their food at the same time, giving a simultaneous burp of contentment. Orion smiled at his older sister, picking his teeth with the tine of a fork as he considered her earlier propsal. "But waking up in the morning is such a pain, and Ragnar is so comfortable to lay on, a lot more than that stupid bed. How could any one sleep on something so soft, I feel like I'm going to sink right into it. Also, I think you have company, I'm going to go upstairs and get ready for the hunt. I would answer the door, but I tend to scare people off." And with that he walked upstairs and back into his room, getting ready for today's hunt.
  8. Ryan was just passing Minami's house when he saw two small figures out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to look in that direction, slowing down as he saw two younger children waiting to talk to Minami. He looked up to Sal and shouted "Sal, early break!" He then proceeded to walk over to the two as Sal landed behind him. "Is there a party today that I didn't know about...?" He looked to the door for a moment before noticing the one that was slightly farther back seemed to have a package. "Oh, I see. A delivery of some sort." He then squinted his eyes at the one with the package, "You're not trying to suck up to her to get her to tame a dragon for you, are you?" He glared slightly, a slight smirk appearing on his face before Sal pointed his eyes at the boy as well, almost imitating Ryan's look of pretend anger at the boy for the false accusation.
  9. Minami had started eating and rolled her eyes at Orion as she saw his usual manner of eating.
    She had often told him to eat like a human being, but he never did so. She scoffed at his complaint and pointed at him with her fork. 'Maybe if you used your bed, you'd get up on time for once.' she said.
    ' I swear I'm gonna get you a magma slab to sleep on like the other dragons.' she huffed and rolled her eyes.

    Once they finished eating she walked to yhe door when she heard a knock. ' And go take a shower Orion. You made a mess of yourself.' she said.
    She looked at who knocked and smiled. 'Oh, good morning Six. How are you? '
  10. Emil squealed some in surprise as the Salamence landed nearby, turning to look in time to see Ryan walking over. Awkwardly shuffling in place as he clutched the package he'd taken out of hi backpack. Quietly listening to the other's teasing comments as his eyes darted around to avoid contact, Emil then shook his head at the accusation before looking up. "I-- I don't-- I don't need her to train a dragon for me, I can do that myself..!" He replied, pouting. "Wh-when I'm old enough, I mean..." He then muttered, his eyes falling back to the ground.

    At the sound of the door opening and Minami speaking to Six, he turned back around to continue with his delivery. "H-have a good day." He called back towards the older trainer/dragon pair.​

    The sound of steel work rang out from the Blacksmith's workshop. It was a familiar sound in the village; almost as common as the sound of Dragon cries or of shouting youths.


    The abrasive sound of the heavy hammer on heavier steel told the experienced villagers all they needed to know: The smith was working on something heavy duty; probably a rugged steel being shaped into something tough enough to deal with angry dragons. A harness maybe? Maybe something heavier than even that?


    Oliver wiped a gloved hand over his brow, looking down at the large hunk of steel. In truth, it was barely even 10% of the work he had to do on this little project. The Sky cages had been one of his more ambitious ideas. He had read a book about Sharpedo divers, using similar products to get close to the sea pokémon, and he didn't see a reason that the idea couldn't translate to dragons.

    Ting, ting, ting. Ting, ting ting.

    Reaching for the small hammer and the chisel, Oliver began to tap a curve into a particular bar of steel, curving it to lock into place with a much thicker slab of steel. On the floor of his workshop was a Five foot rectangle of solid steel with four corner poles of metal.

    "Good news guys, We've finished the most uncomfortable bed on the Island." Oliver stared at the slab of steel, before glancing out of the window to spot the rising sun. "Crap...Looks like this is the only bed I'm seeing today Ty. We're done for now bud, go and get some rest. Crooks and I can go to the mountains while you rest up."

    In truth, he was a little annoyed that he'd wasted an entire night on his little project. Lord knows that he'll get a bunch of new projects the day he even thought about sleeping in. "Or they'll all just decide to break the entire village."

    The 'They' he referred to was the various adult Dragon tamers in the village. He knew that the village's annual tournament was getting closer, and the festival, of course. Sadly, it was the tournament that would make him the most work. The various tamers were all going to get more rowdy as they practised for the tournament, and that meant more stuff breaking, and that meant more work...

    "Damn it all." Despite his outward annoyance, he was wearing a little smile on his face. He liked the liveliness of the tournament and the festival. It made the village feel most alive, and that was when he got to let off the most steam. The day of the village festival was his favourite, every year. He doubted this year would be any different.

    Wandering into his home, which was just down a slope from the Blacksmith's workshop, Oliver walked past the front door and snuck into a side portion of the home. It was Crooks' residence, built for purpose for the massive Tyrantrum. Oliver got all of three steps inside the room before Tyrantrum's eyes opened, and he was left staring at the giant Dragon. "Mornin' princess. We're going to the mountains in about thirty minutes. Ty is gunna rest up." Crooks smiled her trademark lopsided smile. A little scar on her left hand cheek was the result of some pre-meeting scuffle, but it had been as much a part of her as anything Oliver had ever known, and he loved the character it added to the pokémon. Oliver reached underneath a large garage-style door, which he always left unlocked, because no one was ever foolish enough to try and disturb Crooks' sleep, and he flung it up, making an entrance big enough for Crooks to exit from.

    "Follow me when you're ready. I'm going to go pick up some coffee or something."

    With that, Oliver began to walk towards the centre of the village. His home and the blacksmith workshop were on the outskirts, so everyone else's' homes were in that direction. He spotted the two dragons in the sky. "Here comes trouble."
  12. Orion ignored his sister's comments, quickly getting out of his sleeping pants, the only clothes he ever wore to bed, and began to put on his hunting gear, This consisted of Leather pants with shed Haxorus scales covering the Shins and upper thighs, a leather Jerkin, also covered with Haxorus scales, and a metal helmet shaped to look similar to Ragnar(think of Hiccup's helmet HTTYD 2, but modeled after a Haxorus), and finshed off the look by attaching his dagger, made from Ragnar's Fraxure horns. He also had spears made from the horns of Haxorus that he had hunted or Ragnar had defeated, the blades being especially strong and nearly incapable of losing their edge. He currently had ten of them, two were his kills, the other three being Ragnar's. Something that Ragnar liked to rub in his face, as if to say that he was a better hunter. As if, he good at fighting, but he could track prey down to save his scaly hide.

    Now that he was already, Orion burst out of his room, holding a saddle in one hand, and a his spears in the other.

    "Oi, Ragnar, Tiberius, it's time to go a hunting." Ragnar, was already getting position, allowing Orion to quickly attach the saddle and place the spears in their holders. Him, Ragnar, and Tiberius(who was taking a ride on Ragnar's head), went out the back of the house, then came around the front, Orion and Tiberius waving goo-bye to Minami.

    "Later Sis, want anything in particular tonight or are you fine with cooking Tauros this evening. Again." His tone emphasied his obvious distaste for the meat, not that it was bad, it just that he had had enough of it to last him a lifetime. Maybe if he could find some wild Mareep to take out, they always tasted great with Dragalge poison sauce. It was specially treated to neutralize the poison, and by far was his favorite condiment to any meal.
  13. Minami had her focus on Six and therefore didn't notice Orion getting ready to leave without showering. Once she did though, her eyes were blazing and she glared at Orion, forgetting about Six for a moment. ' Damnit Orion, I'm going to get a Blastoise to hose you down if you keep this up!' she exclaimed at him. Upon hearing his comment on food she hissed through her teeth. ' You'll be having a Muk stew tonight if you don't watch it!' she razed, eyes burning brightly as she clenched her hands to fists.

    Once she calmed down she spotted two more people near their house, Emil and Ryan. She gestured for them to come over.
  14. Emil took a step back when Minami began yelling at Orion, gripping the package as he cowered. She was terrifying. Once she calmed down and gestured for him and the other man over, he reluctantly stepped forward and up to front door. He gave an awkward little nod towards Six and Minami in greeting before holding the package far out in front of himself.
    "My-- My dad said to bring this to you...He-- He's the farmer a few houses down, Mr. Zachariah."
    He explained, unsure if the lady would know who he was referring to by 'my dad.'​
  15. Ryan was just about to set off to continue his run, but Minami gestured for him to come over. He smiled and waved slightly as he walked over. "Sorry, I just saw these two over here, and my first thought was that there was some type of party or something... I was just curious is all. But... Then I saw this one trying to get on your good side to tame a dragon for him." He smirked, glancing to Emil, then back to her "I'm just kidding, I have no idea what he's here for, other than to give you whatever's in his hands." He tilted his head to the side slightly, remembering that she had helped teach a few of the younger students about dragons. "Actually... Are you willing to have a sparring match with your partner?" He glanced back at Sal for a second, figuring Sal would like that more than running around like they did all the time.
  16. Inside the village itself, Oliver felt himself be taken by the quite mysticism of the sleepy village. There was something special about Ajagara in the morning: it gave of a certain peaceful air that could force a person back to bed, if they weren't careful. In truth, Oliver was more and more tempted by the prospect of bed as he walked. The only thing that kept him awake was a determination to be productive today. He'd used most of his spare steel stockpiles on the Sky Cage project yesterday, so he wanted to do something about it. Crooks would come along soon and cause chaos, so that would probably wake him up.

    He glanced up again to see the two flying dragons, thinking about what it might be to fly on such a dragon. In truth, he was a little scared at the thought of flying: He was of the school of thought that if people were meant to fly, they'd have wings. The earth under his feet was a lovely thing, he liked it much better when he walked on it. He pondered the idea of offering to spar with one of the Dragon tamers: it had been a while since Crooks had been forced to fight a flying opponent, and she relished the challenge. That, and a battle would wake him up a bit.

    Without thinking about it, he was soon making his way through the village and walking towards the flying dragons without so much as thinking. It was like an instinct that drove him towards the most active place in the village, which he soon figured out was in the direction of the teacher, Minami's house. She hadn't met the woman very often, and knew her more by reputation than anything else. As far as he recalled, she didn't really call on his services very often. That generally meant he had very little chance to interact with the woman. Perhaps now would be as good a time as any to do so? He remembered she was pretty, at least. Maybe he could steal a cup of something warm off of her. God, he could kill for a good cup of coffee right now.

    The sounds of loud footsteps behind him was enough to put a little smile on his face. Each step was as familiar as a heartbeat to the blacksmith, and he turned around to see the hefty Tyrantrum offer her crooked smile to him. "Hey Crooks, glad to see you didn't take too long. We don't all get as much beauty sleep as you do." Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed at what should have been a handful of pokésnacks. He came up empty and cursed: Ty had gotten into his pockets again. "That damn greedy sonova..."

    As he turned a corner, he spotted something he had not expected: A small gathering of people outside of what he could only surmise to be Minami's house. He had once had to bring some door hinges here, hinges that her goof brother had broken off, so he just about remembered its location. Was she really that popular? Huh.

    "Yo, is everyone getting invited in for breakfast? I would kill for a cup of coffee." Oliver shouted over to the group, offering a smile to the gathered group. Behind him, the Crooked smile of the Tyrantrum served to offer a quite possibly terrifying contrast to the smile of the blacksmith, despite the good intentions.
  17. Minami smiled softly as she saw Emil with the package and looked at it. 'Ah, my new herbs and berries.' she smiled as she accepted the package from Emil. ' Thank you hun, let me give you something for your troubles. ' she took out a gold coin from a small bag on her hip.
    ' Here you go.' she handed him the coin.

    She looked over at Ryan and giggled faintly. ' It does feel like a party, doesn't it? I never have this many people over at once.' she said.
    Kisuke jumped up onto the roof when he heard the word spar. He didn't get to have friendly matches much, besides working as Minami's partner and helping her when she taught the school kids about dragon anatomy. He screeched excited at the salamence and bounced up and down a bit, tongue sticking out of his mouth. Minami grinned as she saw the noivern's reaction and looked back at Ryan. ' Well it seems I can't really say no.'

    Before she could ready Kisuke for the spar she caught the sound of yet another voice. She recognized the man approaching as the village blacksmith. She hadn't really seen him much, her saddle being made by the previous blacksmith and nothing else really broke around the house.
    ' Well if it isn't our good old blacksmith. ' she smiled. ' Well I guess since everyone is here, I might as well. ' she rolled her eyes. ' We were about to spar, but how about I make you all some eggs after?'
  18. "At least it be something different," Orion yelled, which soon turned into a stoic frown as he saw Ryan approach. He gave the dragon rider a look of warning, as he didn't like people approaching his territory so casually. He stayed for a second more, than he mounted Ragnar and went off in the direction of the near by woods, which was rife with small game to collecct before he got to the fields where other, larger prey tended to be, with Tiberius situated on top of Ragnar's head.


    A while later, Orion was currently stalking a Tauros, his spear at the ready. They had been lucky, catching this straggler and separating him from the rest of the herd. Ragnar had driven it aways off, and Orion and Tiberus were following the Haxorus' tracks. It wasn't long before they came to the sight of the battle, the Taurus charging at Rganar, who was keeping away from the raging pokemon, letting it tire itself out trying to attack him, but making sure to keep it from escaping. They were at the bottom of a hill, with Orion being at the top of it and waiting for Ragnar to get the beast into position. Ragnar, seeing his partner at the top of the hill, suddenly went on the offensive, charging the Tauros and plowing it into the hillside. In it's weaken state, the beast could do nothing to resist the attack, and was dazed by the force of the blow. That is when Orio struck, leaping from the top of the hill onto the beast, striking it;s head with the blade of his spear. The beast stood for a second, before it fell to the ground dead.

    With a victorious roar, Ragnar and Tiberius came over to their master, both eyeing up the Tauros carcass. Unlike their Orion, neither of them could ever tire of the taste of Tauros flesh.

    "No, we have to get this back home first." Orion chastised the two dragons, befoe going to attach the Tauros carcass to Ragnar's saddle, along side three Pikachus and a few fletchlings.
  19. Ryan smiled, raising a fist in victory at the idea of getting to spar. Sal flapped his wings once to stretch them out slightly, letting the excitement run rampant in the winds. Ryan laughed slightly as the wind from the wings pushed him slightly. He was just about to tell Sal to get ready when Oliver seemed to appear from nowhere. He waved with a smile, Sal giving a roar as greeting along with Ryan's wave. Ryan then looked back to Minami as she said something about free eggs. "Really? That'd be great! I'll make sure to return the favor, whenever you want I'll make breakfast and bring it to you." He pushed Sal slightly with his elbow, though it didn't move Sal at all, the motion was noticeable, "Or I can get Sal here to bring it over." Sal gave a quick nod of agreement. Ryan was never really one for accepting gifts, so even if Minami hadn't planned on accepting the return offer, Ryan was going to bring the breakfast within the next week, and in fact began thinking about doing so a couple times, seeing as she would be cooking for more than just one person. He couldn't stand the idea of using up someone else's... well... anything.
  20. Oliver offered a half-smile at the teacher's notice. "Hey, I'm not old. Just 'good blacksmith' will do fine. Or Oliver, I'm easy like that." He took a step towards the teacher and offered a hand to shake. It seemed wise to try and get on her good side, and he was more than happy to try and be nice to the woman offering to cook him eggs. "If you want, I can help out with the cooking. You've got to be a good cook when you are feeding the pickiest Tyrantrum in the land." Crooks grumbled out a low, throaty sound of disapproval, but there seemed to be no real menace to it. More a joke between two close friends. "After food, Crooks and I are heading into the mountains. Need to try and dig up some more metals or this place would keel over with broken door hinges and rusted saddles. I'm sure Crooks will dig herself up a snack, as well." Crooks gave a much more pleasant crooning sound at the prospect of breakfast.

    "Anyone is free to come along, if they want. You won't often get a safer time to see the mountains than when Crooks and I are with you. That place is like a second home for us." He smiled at the group, but mostly aimed it at Minami. He hadn't really made many close friends with people his own age, so the teacher presented a unique opportunity for him to bond with someone who spoke the same language as he did. If anyone else came along? An added bonus, really.
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