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  1. Hello!

    So I recently got into my Disney fandom again which mainly revolves around Rise Of The Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon and Brave. Overall I love The Big Four. Jack Frost, Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel.

    So I was thinking if anyone was interested in this role play, of a plot that can be tweaked or changed of course but it goes along the lines of this:


    It's been eleven years since the events of Rise of The Guardian's, Pitch black defeated and the children of the world once again believing in The Guardian's who protect and watch over them.

    However, evil never rests. Throughout the years Pitch has been gathering new Anti-Guardian'a to join his side. Preparing to unleash the ultimate sense of fear to the children of the world.

    MiM knowing this, seeks out new Guardian's to defend against the fight to keep believers and children safe.

    So basically Pitch is back after 11 years and is starting a war against the Guardian's.


    You can be any canon from Rise Of The Guardians, Brave, Tangled or How To Train Your Dragon.

    Other canon characters that are available are:

    Thor (Marvel) and Loki (Marvel)

    I figured since this is mostly dealing with fantasy and fairy tales, I should at least include those two canon characters. However of you have any other canon characters that may also fit within this role play, please do tell!


    Remember that this takes place 11 years after Rise Of The Guardian's, so of course a few things would be different.

    For example Jamie Bennett wouldn't be a little kid anymore, he would be an eighteen year old.

    And his sister Sophie would be fourteen.

    Basically the ages of the characters will be different

    However I claim Sophie Bennett but you may have any other cabin or create an original character.

    Please let me know if you're interested!

    I'll see how many people are and make another role playing thread. I would make a group but I think that feature on Iwaku is currently disabled so.

    Thank you for reading and or being interested in this role play!


    Taken Characters

    Jack Frost @Incubus Prince

    Merida @Arius Angels

    Rapunzel @IndiePrincess

    Sophie Bennett @Skelexis

    Pitch @GoodEveningClarice

    ToothLess @Starnight

    Flynn Rider @Quiet Musician
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  2. Oh I would so be into this but I want Merida!
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  3. Someone reads Sister Clair I see.
  4. You can have her. Lol.
  5. Sorry this just sounds very fun. <w<;
  6. Lol I hope it is, if we can get more people that is. I wish I could make a group but for some reason I think making groups is disabled right now. Go figure right? xD
  7. They're tweaking it a bit. -stalks around Iwaku quite often and happens to notice these things-
  8. I'd like to join but fandams scare me because I'm afraid I'm not playing them right lol. Also my writing skills as poor and its cost me quiet a bit of rps so the decision is yours.
  9. Lol I understand the fear of playing fandoms and especially canon character but you're welcome to make an OC and I don't reject people based on writing skills. I mean we all started somewhere right? I'd love for you to join! You can be any canon or OC you want :3
  10. Well let's hope by the time we get enough people I can make a group lol xD
  11. If I was a cannon it'd be hiccup but what's an oc?
  12. OC? I believe it stands for "Original Character" basically it's just a character you create for the role play that someone relates into the role play itself...For example...When I was doing an Avengers role play my own character was Skillex and she was the cousin of Thor and Loki.
  13. Ah okay then.
  14. Lol you can be Hiccup if you want
  15. cool
  16. *studies up on hiccup*
  17. Lol xD
  18. So when are we starting?
  19. Can I play Rapunzel? Pretty pretty please <3
  20. Yes you can! :3
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