Ripples of the Past

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  1. I want to run a near future sci fi RP where reincarnation becomes a central focus. The scientific community has found a way to not only prove the existence of past lives, but to find out who was who. While the general populace don't remember these past lives, they ARE being held accountable for them by the Accountability Standards Court and forced to pay for any crimes of past lives. This is not a big problem for most, but for those who are reincarnated criminals or murderers, especially of the famous sort, this can be a huge problem.

    It is a tale of conflicted morals, dubious science, and political machinations. The idea is to have a small group who is trying to avoid accountability for their past lives and find a way to overthrow the Accountability Standards Court, or at least survive long enough to get out of the country and to a safe haven. Will they succeed, or will they become the very criminals they are trying to avoid being judged as? Anyone interested?
  2. Possibly a group of people whose past lives were on the border of shady criminals and good citizens, and therefore think that this is wrong because they worry about themselves and their kids? Or criminals who are trying to get a second chance and turn over a new leaf? Or even just people who think controlling people all the time is plain wrong?

    Stop with the good ideas already! @_@;
  3. We could even have people from each of those sorts of walks of life. I don't mind a slightly varied group, so long as the goals are similar.
  4. This sounds cool :D

    I think I'd want to be the reincarnation of someone like Bonnie&Clyde or something of the sort :3