Ripped apart

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    • Long time ago humans of all ages lived in peace and harmony, but then on the year 2050 there was a troll invation, the trolls had taken over many other beings pixies, and, magis The adults decided to surrender follow their rules. Meanwhile all the 8-13 year old humans decided that they are not going to bow down to The trolls. Most pixies, and Magis had the same idea so they created a land using the human's knowledge of technology, and the pixies, and Magis knowledge of magic. They created they're own realm, called "eerf".

      Now the year is 2055 the humans in eerf are now teenagers, and they have built own homes,and re created parts of the society they used to have adding magic from the pixies, and Magis. Meanwhile the rest of humanity struggles to survive as minority of the trolls and their servants.
    • 1.No meta gaming
      2.If you decide to be an adult human, or troll you can, but you can't live in Eerf.
      3.Don't role play until your char is accepted
      4. No ops that means no magic that can freeze things, or anything like that, sure you can use some magic during battle, but make sure you keep it a fair fight.
      3. Use dice for combat lets let the public decide who wins.
      4. For combat you can only make five posts make them count, but follow the rules.
      5. The character limit is ten.
      6. Have fun
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  1. Cs.
    Human, pixie, magi, or troll:
  2. Name: Katia Grace
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Human, Pixie, Magi, or Troll: human
    Personality: smart ,optimistic, tough, and rebellious.
    Appearance: straight dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
    History: she was born to an ordinary family, she was very shy back then at age nine the trolls took over she joined the fight to make humans free once again. Now she is fourteen and one of the youngest leaders of the fight.