RIP Brian Jacques

Blind Hemingway

Ancient Iwaku Scum from 2006.
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... Say... wah?

Well damn... there goes another one of the authors from my childhood.
this sucks.

But his legacy will live on.

He has two great series of books for him to be remembered by.
Thank you for my username, Brian.

Long shall I can continue the stories you inspired in me.

Rest well.
Wow, that's sad. Thanks for letting me know. He was my favorite childhood author and I'd still go back to this day to re-read some of those books.
It really is a sad day when one of your favorite authors die.
You named yourself after the Adder, Asmo?

I respect you a bit more now.

Great recurring villain there.

I loved his books...when I was younger I remember crying because the story was finished but I couldn't enter the book and live there. (Weird childhood).

I also remember hating most of the food that the little Redwall denizens ate...but he described the bounty with such aplomb and skill I found myself wanting to eat what they did, despite the fact I knew I wouldn't like it.

The man had a talent for describing food as I recall.
The good guys had the best food.

*beats Jack with the 500 other threads where he's mentioned that Redwall is where he first saw the name Asmodeus*
*Defends with confusion and ignorance*