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  1. List of characters made by me.
    All rights reserved.
  2. Genre: Sci-fi, mech, action.


    Scorpio - Hersir Three
    Design and production by Krona Inc in cooperation with Starlight Tech.

    We are proud to present our newest prototype, The Scorpio Hersir Three Class Mech.
    Made to pack a punch, The Hersir Three is built for hit and run tactics. Using our newly improved booster
    technology, the Scorpio can dash away from any danger that may arise. The large plasma cannon is purely meant for close combat,
    and that's where the claw come in handy as well.

    Krona Inc. is here to protect you.
    Krona Inc. is not responsible for possible damage or
    injury caused by giant mech.

    (Kindly ignore the purple aura.)

    Name: Rion Solius
    Nationality: Danish
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Obvious military personality. Rion is an outgoing person, but hides his inner feelings for strangers.
    Lives in the moment, making it hard for him to look too long into the future. However, he is quick to act. Lovable person once you get to know him. Show great loyalty to friends.

    Biography: Rion was forced into the Krona Inc. corporation as a kid. Taken away from his parents, Rion grew up in a underground training facilitates along with dozen of other kids. Krona Inc. is a rival firm to Starlight Tech, but had for years themselves been working on mechs. However, with Starlight Tech's winning the race with their robots, Krona Inc. got desperate. Without government knowledge, kids from around the country was kidnapped and bought to a secret bunker. You see, Krona Inc. had a problem. While they had no problems designing a prototype, was a pilot capable of controlling all the system impossible to find. No soldier or officer in the army could pass the required tests. They had no choice but to select a kid, and from there force him to become synchronized with it. They were successful, and with the planet's fate on the table no questions was asked.

    Rion himself learned to accept his new life. Being told over and over that it was for the greater good, it had a big effect on him. But, now hides his feelings under a hard surface. Beside hard physical training he have also been feed with tactical strategies. Along with military knowledge.


    Skills/Abilities: Capable of quickly dashing away from danger. The Scorpio focus on deadly hits before a fast retreat. The plasma cannon's payload have been brimmed with powerful acid. Anything that touch it will slowly be turned into a pool of nothingness.

    Rion's reason for signup is obvious. He was made to be able to use the mech.

    • Downloading R.E.F.I.R.E Introduction Video....Download complete.
      Now playing...


      Good day pilot, and welcome to the short introduction video for
      the R.E.F Interplanetary Ranged Enforcer or R.E.F.I.R.E for short.

      When we here at Krona Inc. first started the Refire project, we wanted to look back and take inspiration from the ancient but powerful US Army. With superior land, air and navy they kept world peace longer than any other nation before in human history. However!

      We take it to an entirely new level. We are proud to present Refire, a Capital Ship among Gaia Class Mechs. It will not only ace in space, but in sea and air as well. Our amazing designers and engineers have turned a space battleship into a deadly foe for any enemies inside the atmosphere of any planet. It comes with its own special designed FOLD drives and reactors powerful enough to keep it in the air. Refire is built to support troops on the ground and manage to do so with its superior armament. Some of the few weapons Refire comes equipped with are missile turrets and large energy weapons. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with your mech today!

    Refire can transport 12 Atlas and 24 Titan Class mechs.
    The massive Gaia Class ship also have space for standard ground forces.
    We are also proud to say that the large hangar comes with its own workshop.
    You can now easily customize your Atlas or Titan on the go!

    War Room
    What is a deployment platform without a War Room for briefing?
    We offer you the Refire Tactic War Room. Equipped with the newest tech for presentation and planning.
    You will never get bored as tactic overviews are displayed in rich colors and animations.

    Here at Krona Inc. we take pilot comfort and safety very seriously.
    That's why every pilot on board Refire get their very own private chamber. Enjoy the view of space, or take a nap in one of our -third- first class beds. The interactive screen wall give you a live feed of operations or emergency orders.

    Tell your parents not to worry, for Krona Inc. know how to put people back together.
    The battlefield can be a rough place, so Refire comes with its own squad of doctors.
    Krona Inc. is not responsible for accidents doing operations, and no refund will be available at any time.

    Last but not least, the Command Bridge
    Krona Inc. present the heart of every Mech Operation. The Command Bridge. The
    place to be when troops are to be ordered around, and of course pilot Refire.

    ...End of video.
    Attempting to access full files for the Refire Project...
    Error. Access to Krona Inc. database platform denied, routed to
    official information page.

  3. [​IMG]

    Design concept file:
    Design and patent by Krona Inc.
    License bought by R.E.F and manufactured in cooperation with Solius Steel A/S.
    Displaying Refire P.R file...

    What happens when you mix a battleship, a flying fortress and a spaceship? You get Refire of course! Krona Inc. present the R.E.F.I.R.E project that take the best and mix it all together. The R.E.F Interplanetary Ranged Enforcer is an all purpose battlecruiser that takes the fight anywhere. It mainly serve as transportation for smaller mechs, and allow pilots to customize their Atlas or Titan on the fly. What it lacks in armor, it give back in speed. It is much faster than any land based Gaia class mech. The Refire can even take the battle to the seas. Refire is a good weapon against enemy Gaia's, but rely on it's Atlas and Titan mechs for defense against smaller enemies. Should a foe get too close however, do the Refire have 6 missile turrets for self defense.
    R.E.F Interplanetary Ranged Enforcer or R.E.F.I.R.E for short. (Refire)

    Mech Class:
    Gaia. Space, Air and Sea use.

    //End of Refire P.R file.
    Hacking into Krona Inc. Database platform... Successful.
    Displaying rest of file...

    4x Particle Laser Cannons. [Can only use two at a time, bringing power use to 12. 5 Armor penetration each.]
    -Two powerful laser cannons in the front of Refire. Can strike against all targets. Four have been mounted, with the last two under it. However, power remain limited to the use of two at the same time.

    10x Missile Swarm Turrets. [10 Power. Zero armor penetration]
    -Mainly for self defense. 4 of the 10 turrets can actively be used for offensive attacks.

    4x High-Caliber HMG Turrets. [8 Power. 5 Armor Penetration]
    -Simple, but effective self defense weapon.

    Special Yabusame Reactors Class G.
    Power 30 Speed 4



    Non-standard modifications:
    Capable of flight, sea and space use.

    WPCS or Weapon Power Control System
    -The Refire have been equipped with a control system that allow it to carry more weapons than it can actually use. That means it can turn off weapons and instead use the power elsewhere. This will come in handy when the weapons in the back of the mech needs power, and the one in the front doesn't.

    High-Caliber HMG Turrets.
    -Bigger version of the standard High-Caliber.

    Equipped with FOLD drives.

    //Connection lost.
  • Name of religion:
    Endoraism or The Worship of the Dragon All-God.

    Name of the major God:

    Servants: (Minor Gods)
    Ragnar. (War)
    Vinter. (Death & weather)
    Prospera. (Life & magic)

    None other than guiding and watching. She do however, like to appear out of no where to talk with the other Gods. She loves to belittle their creations and brag of her own.

    Endora have always been there. Hiding in the Old Gods shadows, Endora kept to her own little plane which hold nothing but void. The servants are as old as Endora, who has the same age as the Old Gods.

    Major God:
    Endora real form take the shape of a massive black Dragon (Roughly the size of a huge mountain). Beside the incredible hard scales and sharp claws, she can breath a purple flame which kills anything that stands in its path. Endora is a powerful God, and even more so now that many of the Old Gods are gone. Lurking the worlds, she have created a 'presence' of herself that can walk the lands. This form is usually a woman dressed in black armor and with blonde hair.


    Minor Gods:
    God of war and destruction, Ragnar is the most brutal of the servants. His flaming breath of Armageddon lay ashes to anyone who dare raise against Endora. He is about the size of a small mountain and have red scales. He represents strength and due to this is the most popular minor God among Krona knights and soldiers. Ragnar is more beast than anything else, and strong control is often required when he is used.

    God of death and weather, Vinter is the one who takes man and women to his realm of Aether when they die. His breath freezes the very soul and he swoop down from the sky without a sound. About the size of a large castle and bear grey scales. Unlike Ragnar is Vinter capable of human like thoughts, and can speak with the world's people and Gods. It will often be him who is sent, should a God dare enter Endora's realms without permissions.

    Prospera is the God of love and magic, and her Dragon skin takes all the known colors. She can take both the form of a Dragon and a woman. The Dragon form is about the size of a small house. She is often seen next to Endora, but rarely speak.

    Real body:
    Endora's real body is the massive Dragon. However, since that one is trapped in a shadow plane, Endora have created a 'fake' body or 'presence'. This presence is like a cloud of smoke and can therefore not be killed. She can still kill a person. The servants only have their real form and are not immortal. (They cannot die of age, but require a deadly hit to be taken down.)

    State of existence:
    4. Unseen even for your race, you thread the lands like a ghost, none noticing but those that understand to see past the facade, your slumbering wrath.

    Endora's Dragon servants visit the lands from time to time, either to punish, bless or to protect her people from other Gods.

    To put it bluntly, Endora is your typical female villain who drown in her own arrogance. She look down on other divines, refusing to see them as major Gods and truly believe she is the only true God. She relay on brutal power to get what she want, and enjoy watching her victims beg for mercy. She is full of hate, but usually hide it behind a ice cold face.

    Endora would never sacrifice herself to save her race. For Endora, the mortals are mere pieces in a game and would rather see them wiped off the board than her. Should her servants die, then so be it.

    Endora came with the Old Gods. But where many of these Old Gods would work together to create wonderful worlds and creatures, did Endora decide to keep to herself. She felt herself superior and went to watch from a shadow plane for a long period of time instead. Growing bored, she threw a shadow over the worlds that quickly left them with earthquakes, floods and powerful volcanoes. Angry by their creations in ruins, a large group of the Old Gods placed a lock on her shadow plane, trapping her inside. Realizing there was little she could do, she went into a deep sleep. After the first battles between the Old Gods, Endora slowly woke up from her slumber due to the shakes it left in the planes. Endora had been more or less sleeping through the entire new world creation phase. When her servants reported that many of the Gods who had locked her up was gone, she reached her mind out to discover the new world and Gods.

    Endora remained trapped, even after many of the Old Gods was gone. To escape, she would require a huge amount of magic to break the seal. So she decided to play along for now, and with the use of her servant she took control of a area in the new world. With massive flames, Ragnar killed the original people. With magic and life, Prospera created the Escarians. With weather and death in Vinter's control, the land came in balance to allow it to grow.

    She's a bad poker player, but hate to be left out nevertheless. Gods Meet Up? She'll be there just to talk down on them or listen in on gossip.

    The Holy Sword of Endora. This sword have passed down from High Emperor to High Emperor and have the power to blind it enemies and prevent the bearer to loss blood from wounds.

    The Jäger Sceptre of Vinter. Dead Escarians have their body overtaken by Dragonic Knight Souls, who have double the skills of a regular Knight.

    Demonic Blade of Ragnar. A single hit by this blade will set an enemy ablaze, but can also create a firewall for protection. The Highest Ranked General carry this.

    Shapeshift Rope of Prospera. Allowing its user to change to the shape of any animal, this makes it a great use for espionage.

    Endora have blessed the leader of her race the power to summon her Godly servants for battle.

    Trapped in a plane distant from the rest of the world, Endora have to rely on a few magic tricks and her servants when things happen in the real world.

    In her own personal realm there is nothing but dark, endless void.
    Here she have slept since her entrapment but woke up after the War between Gods. Because Endora is trapped in her own Realm, can she do little should God enter her people's lands. However, a hostile God will be met by her servants. These battles will take place in the mortal world, most likely with catastrophic consequences.
  • Link to page.

    Nation project (open)

    Escari Empire
    Under Royal House Krona
    Selected by its Escarians Human People

    High Emperor Syris Krona


    The Escarians are very adaptable and well rounded. Their skin color can come in different colors, but most of them are white/light brown. Hair and eye color also comes in different variants. Both male and female have a strong and powerful build, making them ideal for hard labor and combat.

    Escarians make amazing fishermen and farmers and with training learn to become skilled soldiers and knights. While they sometimes fall behind in attributes compared to other races do their raw willpower often go unmatched. The common Escarian live roughly 70 years. They are able to adapt different climates, but can be vulnerable to longer periods of strong cold/heat and hunger/thirst if not properly equipped. Certain Escarians have proven to be able to master Magic at an extreme level.

    Reproduction & People:
    Just like normal humans. 9 months and chance for more than one child. The Empire is currently supporting 200.000.000 Escarians. Farmers make up for the biggest part of the population.

    The Escarians follow a very strict culture. The Royal House Krona have been in power since the founding, with not a single rebellion ever successful. Unlike other cultures does the throne room also serve as a shrine for Endora, further boosting their claim to power and control of the people. Many of the Escarians are proud of their roots, and are very loyal to the High Emperor nonetheless. The people is for the most part welcoming to newcomers, but the military act harsh. They treat other races that don't look "human" or "Escarian" lesser than they would one of their own. Discrimination is as normal as buying bread in Escari Empire and territories owned by them. All men is expected to serve in the military, and much of their culture is built around war and expansion. They do have a good side to them thought, and are very social. People gather together in many different communities within the nation. Parties and celebration are also often seen and at least once a year there is a military parade. Many songs sung in taverns praise the common soldier's bravery.

    Foreigners might joke with nervous eyes that Escarians live in a constant state of war preparations. Many technology advancement does indeed focus on this area, and the large Escarians cities are filled with guilds that craft weapons and tools. In this later time period amazing new war machines are coming forth. Some better than others.

    Government system:
    The High Emperor rule above all. He is not worshiped, since he have Endora for that. Under him work the Grand Escarians Council. Positions in the Council are:
    Minister of Economy, Minster of Foreign Affairs, Imperia Commander, General of Krona High Constable, Admiral of Krona's Armed Fleet, including various notable merchants, leader of crafting and nobles. Beside the Grand Council is the religious wing, the worshipers of the Dragon All-God. The highest title in this organization is the Invoker. Below the Grand Council and Religion wing are the Ruling Wizard League. The top spots are taken by the 10 most powerful Mages in the Empire.

    With a strong culture, a strict dresscode comes as well. The rich are able to buy silks and other fine products. Commoners wear more rough and medieval clothes.

    The noble Escarians follow Endora at an almost fanatic level. It is what keep the nation together, and the army willing to fight to the last man. Everyday there is hold an hour long prayer in the many grand churches and cathedrals built solely for Endora and her servants. Especially the shrine in the Palace Throne Room is busy with rich merchant and other important figures coming to speak with the High Emperor. The Escarians know little of Endora's actually form, but many books contain paintings of the servants. Ten books have been written that describe the Dragon All-God and her laws. The Dragon symbol is widely used, and many of the military uniforms use them. The books mention that Endora is trapped, but not how she can be released. Escarian scholars suggest that a huge amount of magic or a relic perhaps could break her free. But that beg the question, should the most powerful God known to Escarians be released?

    The Escanrians are known master builders. They have created a special, and secret, concrete that allow them to build huge cities. Farms and fields shoot up and can produce enough food to feed its entire population. From the underground they have made mines that bring up gold, iron, copper and coal. It is not common to keep slaves, and only the rich can afford to keep human servants. For construction trained and paid labor is used, for the Escanrians believe in perfection. Water that isn't taken directly up from the underground is brought to the cities via aqueducts. In the later years smoke and fog have started to collect over the populated areas, but nothing have been done to stop the development and rapid growth. All roads leads to Saryris Capital City is a widely used saying, and it just might be true for the Escari region with their many roads. Most impressive might be the vast fields supporting rice or wheat. With such a huge population, food is more important than anything else. Another reason why they keep expanding their land.

    Capital City ("Saryris Capital City")

    Ways of transportation:
    Horses, but carriages are not used. Ships are widely used to get around. Some of the best horses are trained and breed in the southern part of the nation.

    Not all Escarians are born able to control the magic flow. Pure magicians make up only a small percentage of the population, and only the more rich citizens are able to get the training needed to master the power. In the Capital of Escari Empire do the National Esper Academy each year only send 100 new Wizards to the Royal Battle Wizard Legion. Magic is important to the Escari Empire and 'ranks' have been created to determine the strength of a magic user.

    Class A know how to use a large range of magic items. Being the lowest rank, he can't cast magic himself. The classes goes from A, F, S then move up to SA, SF and finally SS the highest level. Class F mostly do research and the classes S, SA make up for the most Battle Wizards. Of course, class SF research higher level magic while SS make up for the extreme elite. Roughly 5.000 are trained to use magic items for war. The public does not have access to magical items, as all these are reserved for the military and noble. (Black markets can be found in all cities. They will often sell magic items.)

    Escari Empire have a total population of 200.000.000 Escarians, of which 10.000.000 live in or nearby the Capital City.

    The Escari Empire Military
    "War never comes alone" -Krona saying.

    The Escari Empire is, and have always been a fight-for-survival race. The people have forged strong swords and with training learned to defend themselves. They truly believe that the best defense is a good offense. From a small State, to a massive Empire. Out of Saryris Capital City gates Legion after Legion march under order of their new High Emperor. The rich south was taken first, and from there the army went north with the support of the newly founded Krona Armed Fleet. Since then have the Empire slowly been building up its military.


    The Ground Forces

    The main body of the military is huge, and many jobs await within the army. Common soldiers make up the bulk of the forces and they are equipped with anything from swords and shields to spears. They carry both equipment and armor themselves, since carriages are not used. Light soldiers use thin metal plates and leather, while the heavy use thicker armor plates. The heaviest unit, the Elite Dragon Knights use special forged Dragon scales. One Legion consist of 60 units. One unit hold 100 men, all fighting as a giant war machine for the High Emperor. The Escarians relay on advanced military tactics, where all the different units play a key role to success. Special skilled soldiers receive medals for their work, and quite a few men and women become famous back home. The front units are usually spearmen, while the units right behind them carry swords. Legions should not be confused with the "Knight Orders". Few Noblemen want to be mixed with the common folk. Instead a Noble wishing to fight can be accepted into a Knight Order. They are trained to become the Elite, and can afford to carry expensive Dragon armor. The Dragoon Knights are nobles on strong horses while Dragon Knights carry huge shields and walk. These two Knight Orders take commands exclusively from the Imperia Commander. The Imperia Commander is also in charge of the Empire's spies. 35.000.000 men serve in the Ground Forces.

    Other important units:


    War Lizards
    In the deep underground, Escarians found large lizards. The lizards took little notice of the small humans who had broken into their home. But the Empire found a use for these primitive beast. The minor Gods sent to aid the Escarians could not remain in the world for long periods of time, and always required a person with the Royal Blood close by. The War Lizards are handled like War Elephants. You charge into the enemy, and hope they don't panic and run back into your own ranks.


    Siege Towers
    When laying siege on a enemy fortress, you need siege towers. The Empire have built towers that both can break gates and wooden walls. As well as shooting large arrows. With the downside being it can only shoot forward.


    Other instruments for siege
    Hitting the enemy hard is very important for the Escarians. They have created war machines that hit the enemy from away, and most of them are built on the battlefield.


    Vinter's Spearhead
    The Escarians likes to experiment too. This machine is called the Vinter's Spearhead. It is special in the sense that it can be brought with the army and used instantly. 12 horses are needed to move the weapon. Payload range from large stones to magic explosives. It can turn 100 degrees and with its large range it is weapon comparable to a full blood Dragon.


    Ragnar's Revenge
    Another experimental weapon. This 'cannon' shoot cannon balls using magic. It is the Empire's most heavy weapon, but sadly lack range, can't take bad weather and sometimes blows up. On the other hand does the firepower bring fear among enemies.


    Krona's Armed Fleet
    The Enlisted sailors takes many kind of roles on board the navy fleet. From cook to gunner. Krona's Armed Fleet proved itself worthy when it was used to take large parts of the western continent. Not only became transportation of troops faster, it was now also possible to create blockages and bombard cities from the sea. The fleet empower different ships, each severing their own purpose. The standard ship engage enemy vessels with smaller versions of Ragnar's Revenge. Craftmen have improved the smaller design to withstand water. With the smaller payload comes better range as well. Krona's Armed Fleet now count 10.000 ships. 6.000.000 men serve onboard. Being able to swim is not a requirement. 2.000 of the 10.000 ships are classified asheavy, but only 100 of those are listed as Titan Class. 3.000 ships are for transport of troops.


    The Standard Frigate
    This vessel make up for the most ship in Krona's Armed Fleet. Small, but fast. With 9 cannons on each side it can quickly hit the enemy before retreating.


    For transport large ships are used to carry the many soldiers in the ground forces. With a flat shipdeck the men can stand ready to storm coasts and harbors.


    The biggest ship in the Krona's Armed Fleet. Only 100 have been made and they are all currently keeping the Escarian seas safe.

    The Imperia Elite Forces
    What is a army without an Elite to save the day? The Imperia Elite are nobles who can afford to hire master swordsmen for training. And good looking armor as well. The Elite count 3.000.000 of the 35.000.000 men army.


    The Dragon Knight
    Masterly trained soldiers. Lot of their gear is magic infused, and many of them carry huge shields. They support the Legions.


    The Dragoon Knight
    Only the best can take the ranks of the Dragoon Knights. They are permitted the use of the best breed of horses. They are the cavalry that strike down anywhere.


    The Battle Wizards
    Only 3500 of a 6000 men strong Battle Wizard Legion can actually use powerful spells. The rest are trained to use magical items, such as rifles or magical shields for defense of the Espers. Many problems are currently rendering the Battle Wizard Legion useless for battle. Often the Wizards will seek out battles between each other. The young mock the older wizards, and that's a really bad idea. The Imperia Commander is often forces to completely split up the entire Legion, but that means no control whatsoever. However, if the problems could be fixed would the Battle Wizard Legion likely be the strongest in the world.

    The Royal Commanding Rank Tree
    Ground: 100 men or a unit, is put under a Squad leader. The Squad leader follow orders from the Sergeant, who is in charge of 5 units. The Officers takes order from the higher ups and control a Legion each. The Commander is the last link on the battlefield, and follow but also provide their own input on military strategies from the General stab. The Commander usually have 2 strategist on field with him. The General of Krona High Constable is the highest rank, and serve directly under the High Emperor. During peace times, only the High Emperor can call for the attack on a foreign nation. N
    Navy: The Lieutenant is in charge of keeping check on the Enlisted. Depending on the size of the ship, a single ship normally have minimum two Lieutenants. The Commander is second-in-charge of a vessel. The Captain takes order from the Admiral and each ship bring its own Captain. The Vice-Admiral aid the Admiral of Krona Armed Fleet who serve right under the High Emperor.
    Elite: The Imperia Commander is in charge of every elite unit.

    Important Military Locations
    The Capital City
    The First Krona Armed Fleet is located outside the main city of the Empire. Along with two Legions for show of power.

    Last details:
    41.000.000 men and woman serve in the entire military. All men and women are required to work in the military for a minimum of 12 months when they turn 17 (6 months are spent with training). Under this period they will be provided free food and shelter. Depending on the need, they are free to select ground forces or navy. Men cannot refuse service, but women are placed in a lottery. 1/5 of the female populace serve in the military. Teamwork is a must, and the soldiers learn to fight side to side in huge Legions.

    Saryris Empire trade with others as long they see a profit in it. Openly friendly to races that resemble their own, but may show hostility towards alien like races.

    Stories have it that ghosts from the people that was killed by Ragnar's flames sometimes haunt travels on the many roads.

    The story of creation told by the Escarians (open)
    (Credits goes to Alakaba for this amazing piece of unfinished religion telling)

    Before the time of man the world as we understand was teeming with life both unfettered and unrestrained. Over time this land had become full of excess, races were at war with each other for no other purpose than greed and scourging the lands they traveled. From another realm a being of immense power heard the cries of the dying and took pity upon the condemned world. This being takes the form of a dragon known now as Endora. Endora drew from her blood to create the body of man, to be governed by hers Rex. From the vapour that drew forth form the blood she molded man’s spirit, this was entrusted to her servant Lucius. From her breath of fire she melded the two parts together with a third, thought, and entrusted this to her servant Prisma.

    Thus with man complete as a pure being Endora rent a hole into the world, scouring the land with her mighty talons and planted mankind in his wake. Thus mankind began their journey to remake the world in their divine image. Humanity grew and flourished under the care of Endora and her servants but was unable to convince the other races into a peaceful collective free from vice. As time went on man grew tired and angry of the attempts to seize their fortunes and began to arm themselves in defence. So did the fall of man begin when he had his drawn sword in anger. Humanity then ignorant of their guiding powers began to believe themselves blessed by their own achievement and began to take the lands of those races they believed inferior. After claiming lands outside their right, the servants laid a warning to humanity by rendering the land barren through blight and drought. This punishment when unheeded by the people who then sought claim over each other’s dominion, believing it to be the only land worth holding. Thus the first war of humanity had begun, the war went on for 200 years until at last Endora could bear it no more. He sent forth Prisma as a woman clad in white to the capitol of each faction to deliver the truth of their existence in the span of one day. In all instances she was met with hostility, for man had sold himself to gods of wealth and desire, thus she was forced to call upon the aid of Rex to purge the towns in a torrent of flame and Lucius to gather the souls, sparing only the infants, which she collected as she went before traveling to the next town in hopes to find a pure home for the children of man.

    As she traveled to the city of the largest house to again deliver the words of her master she was taken back in shock. Where she had planned on preaching her word she had instead found a noble looking man preaching the same. Though he did not mention the gods of which he could not have heard he spoke of the opulence of mankind and how they had fallen into the decadence they had once abhorred. Curious to test this man, Prisma took on the guise of an old woman weathered by many years. She approached the man and asked why the man was preaching. The man replied, “My family has taken much but given little, the seeds of wealth are to be spread evenly across the fields of man lest they rot in the hands of the tyrant who rots with them.” Upon hearing this Prisma had concluded that there was still hope for mankind, no sooner was the thought complete did no fewer than ten soldiers lead by the lord of the land had shown up demanding the head of the one who blasphemed against his lord. The people who had gathered began to cheer the soldiers by begging for an execution on the spot. The man said to the people, “Why must it be that you who go hungry are so thirsty for blood, when you have not even bread for your children?” As the soldier in charge of the operation drew his sword to strike the man Prisma had reached out grasping both men in the talons of her true form. As she took to the skies she said to the executioner, “gaze upon your lord, how he is but a worm writhing in the mud”. With those words spoken she had dropped the soldier into the inferno the city was fast becoming.

    The noble man had spoken in words of fear and anger, “why dost thou purge my kin, though they have done wrong they had still chance to be saved!” Prisma then replied as the pair landed by a glade “the time of salvation is now and their judgment has been passed, you who have inherited the mind of humanity’s origin are to be it now.” Upon entering the cave and seeing the hundreds of children within he said, “How am I to provide for these when our land has been scourged so!” Then did an eye open from the air and reveal the truth to him, Endora spoke, “As I and my servants have provided before, so to shall we now provide when given sacrifice of man’s ignorance.” The man taken aback by these strange words had asked, “What have I who possess nothing to give a being who has all they require?” Then Endora proposed her offer to the man, “You still have your name, give it to me and I shall grant you another that will hold the power to call my servants to your aid and the aid of rest.” Thus the man had given his mortal name and become the first Invoker of the gods.

    He turned back to the ruins of the city and asked that life be returned to the ashen land. No sooner had he made his request had plants begun to spring from the earth and animals return to the land. When he gazed upon to verdant green that had arisen he turned his gaze back to eye in joy and proclaimed, “What does one call a power so great that it can create the purest of scenes for the ruins of the damned!” “Endora”, spoke the eye and thus he revealed the names of his servants; Prisma, god of emotion and keeper of the mind, Lucius, god of weather and keeper of spirits, and the oldest Rex, god of fortitude and keeper of the body. With that Endora than spoke, “With these three to guide you I will entrust this land unto humanity once more, so long as you trust in us and our ways so shall we trust you and yours, no go forth and spread your word of virtue to the world so that generations after you may life without pain.” It was at that point that Lucius had appeared as a spirit of wind with the souls of the dead in tow. He spoke to the invoker and said, “gaze upon these the souls of the damned who go unto their maker for judgment, their fate is not their own to decide and their fault is not any others. Now lead these children in pure thought so that one day I may rejoice that this grim task is complete. Now onward wary spirits your time is at an end.” With that Lucius and the souls departed through the eye into the abyss. Then appeared Rex as an avatar of flame. He spoke, “One man has not the power to raise many by his own will, I will grant you these servants of clay to tend to your needs until the children are grown.” After thanks from the Invoker so too did Rex depart. Prisma once again as a woman in white spoke to the Invoker saying, “You who are as a beacon to your people shall be granted clarity of mind to lead the people unto greatness, so that we may one day gaze upon your works truly knowing that you have acted out of the good for all.” With that message of hope did Prisma depart and the eye vanish from existence. Thus had the era of man’s rebirth begin.

    The Lands: Much of the land dwell on the mountain range that start in the south and end in the north. Many of these mountains hold forests, while the area closer to the sea is filled with rich plain soil. The Escarians keep cows, pigs, sheep, chickens for food. In some areas large rice fields been built, while other areas make a living on wheat. Scattered around lies ruins from old civilizations, but many stones have been taken from the ruins and used in new cities. The roads are patrolled by units in the day time, but there have been few reports of beasts who attack travelers in the night.

    Notable beasts:
    The advancement left many of the beasts either killed for their skin or trapped for entertainment. You can however, find Griffins, sable tigers and large bears hiding in the mountains. Most of them are on the brink of extinction. Deep underground near lava sources live huge lizards.


    • [​IMG]

      Special Fleet Commander Darius Atlas
      "I am Fleet Commander Darius and let me give you a word of advice;
      War does not come alone. Neither do I."

      Age: 39
      Gender: Male
      Species: Human Cyborg hybrid.
      Main Faction: The Sith Syndicate.
      Sub-Faction: Sith-Empire.

      Darius grew up as a single child on a hectic human city world. It would later become part of the Core Worlds in the Galactic Empire, at least until the demise of the Emperor. Coming from a rich family, Darius had no problem getting the education he wanted. His father, and his father before him had all served in various Star Fleets and this laid the foundation for his life. Darius didn't mind though, and was eager to surpass both. At the time, Darius was a very attractive young man and had both the skill and will to grow in the ranks. However, it would be a while before he became the Sith fanatic he is today. But his family made the mistake to openly support the Sith and lost everything when the Empire was overthrown.

      Darious had barely finished his major education when the second Death Star was destroyed and thus was spared from war crimes. His parents however, now faced jail for life. Darious himself had mixed feelings about this, only further sending him towards the Dark Side. It would be the years with the Grand Muffs that changed his life forever though.

      Even though he remained slightly emotional unstable, Darious managed to impress the Grand Moff enough to get his own combat cruiser. He did not disappoint and by using dozen of daring, but also brilliant tactic turned the tide of his battle to his favor. It was at this peak he finally found someone to get him back on track emotionally. Doing a service on a desert planet, Darious fell in love with a local female human and they later married.

      But the new order of Sith had heard of Darius's skills, and they wanted him for their own. He was contacted but refused, now happy with the Grand Muff and his new wife. The Sith didn't care and planned his acquisition, with force if they had to. Using a double agent, a bomb was planted in the couple's apartment doing their honeymoon. His wife was killed, and he lost both his legs and sight. Darious was quickly captured from the site, and was declared dead. In truth he was taken to a secret Sith-Empire laboratory where he would undergo major changes.

      Dead flesh, broken bones and limbs was removed, leaving only behind his brain and a few organs. His new big metal body required that his heart was improved mechanically. Dozen of implants was also worked into his brain, and his sight was enhanced ten fold. Using a mixture of drug and sith force, Darius was tricked into believing the Grand Muffs was behind the murder of his wife along with the death of his parents in jail. Furious, Darius swore revenge and finally joined the Sith-Empire as Special Fleet Commander.

      Even now, no one know Darius serve the Dark Side. The Dark Lord himself have taught Darius light saber combat, training him to become the perfect Jedi killer and Fleet Commander.
      1. He hate his cyborg body and envy those who live without mechanical parts.
      2. Stubborn until the last minute. Should a battle not turn in his favor, he will fight until escape is the only option.
      3. Prideful.
      4. Fanatic. He is a core believer in the Sith way.
      5. Due to his size he cannot enter small enclosed areas.

    Main Weapons:
    Two lightsabers. (Red and blue)
    -Red gifted to him by the new Dark Lord, and the other stolen from a dead Jedi.

    Secondary weapon:
    E-5 blaster rifle
    -This gun normally require two hands for accuracy, but Darius only need to use one.

    High Power Energy Cells
    -The large and heavy cyborg body require a lot of energy. He can run for two days before the need for a recharge.

    Compact Universal Jammer
    -To countermeasure most sensors, Darius body include a jammer to hide his presence.

    Cortosis Gauntlets
    -Light saber resistant alloy cover his arms. Since Darius don't have nearly the same amount of training as a full blown Jedi, it was decided to equip this for self defense.

    Fleet Commander
    Droid Commander
    Lightsaber combat
    Close combat

    Cyborg body:
    Darious's hybrid body builds on the experience from both General Grievous and Darth Vader's cyborg parts. However, Darious's version is much heavier. Instead of the light material known from Grievous does Darious use alloy that are ten times stronger but in turn heavier. He stand at 2.9 meters. His sight have been replaced with advanced optics, allowing him to see further and sharper than any human. Since he is completely "infused" with the body he can survive freely in space.

  • The Return of The Droid Army

    D1 Battle Droid

    The D1 model is the successor to the famous B1 model. This version is only slightly more expensive to mass produce, but make up for this by having a much greater flexibility and intelligence.

    E-5 blaster rifle
    SE-14 blaster pistol
    Thermal detonators


    Dark Trooper

    B2 Super Battle Droid

    The B2 proved it worth doing the clone wars and return as is.

    Dual built-in laser cannon (Wrist blaster)
    2x TriShot and Wrist rocket

    Droideka Mark II

    The successor to the Droideka Mark I. This powerful unit is too costly to mass produce and instead serve to protect important assists like spaceships and stations.

    2x Twin built-in blaster cannons
    Triple built-in blaster cannon
    Twin Ion cannons

    BX-series droid commando

    The commando droid return for special missions.

    E-5 blaster rifle
    Thermal detonator
    Optional Droid commando personal shield
    Stun baton

  • [​IMG]

    Class: Bellator-class dreadnought
    Length: 7,200 meters
    Number in fleet: 1

    26x (13x2) 480-teraton superheavy turbolasers
    192x (48x4) 210-teraton heavy turbolasers
    320x (40x8)40-teraton heavy turbolasers
    56x (14x4) Heavy ion cannons
    736x (184x4) 200-gigaton medium turbolasers
    6272x (1568x4) 600-megaton light turbolasers point defense guns
    108x Anti-ship heavy missile tubes
    2x Tractor Beam Projectors
    2x Gravity Well Generators

    432x Starfighters
    12x Lambda-class shuttles
    30x Delta-class stormtrooper transports
    10x Assault gunboats
    16x Skipray Blastboats
    8x Gamma-class assault shuttle
    Repair and recovery vehicles
    AT-AT barges
    40x AT-AT walkers
    40x AT-SE walkers
    Various ground vehicles
    Prefabricated garrison bases


    Assault Ship
    Class: Ventor class Star Destroyer
    Length: 1,137 meters
    Number of ship: 3

    8x DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets
    2x Medium dual turbolaser cannons
    52x Point-defense laser cannons
    6x Tractor beam projectors
    4x Heavy proton torpedo tubes
    16 torpedoes each

    192x Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing or V-19 Torrent starfighters
    36x ARC-170 starfighters
    192x Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptors
    40x LAAT/i gunships
    24x Military walkers
    Various shuttles
    1x Prefabricated garrison base


    Class: Recusant-class light destroyer
    Length: 1,187 meters
    Number in fleet: 2

    1x Prow heavy turbolaser cannon
    4x Heavy turbolaser cannons
    6x Heavy turbolaser turrets
    6x Turbolaser cannons
    30x Dual laser cannons
    12x Dual light laser cannons
    60x Point-defense laser cannons

    240 Droid starfighters


    Class: Harrower-class battle cruiser
    Length: 800 meters
    Number of ship: 2

    Turbolaser batteries
    Quad laser cannons
    Ion cannons
    Proton torpedos
    Concussion missile launchers

    95 starfighters
    Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighters
    32 B28 Extinction-class bombers
    35 shuttles


    Advanced Vulcan Droid Starfigther,_Mark_I
    Many years have passed since The Clone Wars, and the different Droid Starfigthers have seen a couple of upgrades since then. One of these is improved sensors and intelligence.

    6x Blaster cannons
    4x Buzz droid discord missiles


    Advanced Hyena Droid Bomber
    Light laser cannons
    6x Proton torpedoes
    6x Concussion missiles
    4x Proton bombs

    Droid tri-fighter
    1x Heavy laser cannon
    3x Light laser cannons
    6x Buzz droid discord missiles


    • [​IMG]

      .:General Grievous:.
      Supreme Commander of the Droid Army
      The Knight Slayer

      Star Wars - Villain

      "Jedi! You are surrounded, your army is decimated. Make peace with the Force now... for this is your final hour. But know that I, General Grievous, am not completely without mercy. I will grant you a warrior's death. Prepare!" Audio here.

      -General Grievous, during the Battle of Hypori.

    .:Info Panel:.

    "Unstoppable. He is unstoppable."

    Unknown. Assume around 45-75 years old.


    2.13 meters

    Completely cybernetic except for brain, some vital organs, and parts of head.

    Ruthless and evil, the Kaleesh Droid General serve only himself.


    Skill Set/Powers:
    Excellent commander and an ingenious tactician.
    Trained in lightsaber combat by Dooku.
    Uses prolonged lightning-fast flurries and power moves designed to overwhelm his enemy.
    Can split his arms into two, allowing him to wield four lightsabers.
    Able to spin these arms in a whirling storm of deadly lacerating light that few can withstand.
    Can spin his torso and wrists 360 degree at extremely fast speeds, becoming a lightsaber buzz-saw.
    Analyzes most of his opponents' attacks and respond thanks to advanced combat algorithms in his brain.
    Can directly control his droid army using two antennae built into his head.
    Can survive in space.
    Gifted pilot.

  • [​IMG]

    .:Bio & Personality:.

    Arrogant, cold and without mercy. The General care little about civilian losses, and wouldn't think twice about their survival to his own. He is quite the sadist and enjoy killing or torturing his foes. He have also shown to care little about his own allies as well, and is more a killing machine than anything else. But while he is brutal, he is not completely heartless. He cared about his people, and even showed pity towards a Jedi before killing her.

    General Grievous, born as Qymaen jai Sheelal served as the Supreme Commander of the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Grievous was originally a Kaleesh from the planet Kalee, where he lived his early life until a shuttle crash and his transformation into a cyborg. During the Kaleesh conflict against the Huk, Qymaen jai Sheelal quickly learned the art of war, becoming a demigod among his people due to his skills. After the lose of his beloved Kaleesh Ronderu lij Kummar, he renamed to Grievous and turned his anger and grief towards the Huk. But as a cyborg General, he moved his hatred to the Jedi and the Republic because they helped the Huk fight the innocent Kaleesh.

    The general was trained in the art of lightsaber combat by Dooku himself, who was also a Sith Lord. Grievous was a quick study and eventually came to be recognized as one of the most skilled duelists in the galaxy. Aided by his IG-100 MagnaGuards, Grievous killed many Jedi, and led the Confederacy to victory in many battles. Quickly gaining a reputation as a savage, merciless brute as well as a tactical genius, the cyborg struck fear into the hearts of many with his flagship, the ion cannon–armed Malevolence and later the large ship Invisible Hand.

    Poggle the Lesser and his Geonosian scientists implanted his brain and eyes into a duranium alloy body reminiscent of a Krath war droid, complete with LX-44 robotic legs. His vital organs were housed in a synthskin gut-sack impervious to vacuum. The Geonosians would also alter his brain against his wishes, both to trim away disturbing memories—while enhancing his rage centers—and to enhance his equilibrium, allowing him to better employ his newfound agility. Internal implants were also placed in his eyes to sharpen his vision and to protect them from the vacuum of space.

    The cyborg project was funded by San Hill to create a military leader that could counter Dooku's growing political influence in the Separatist Movement, although he presented the finished General Grievous as a twisted gift to Dooku. Though taken aback by his appearance, Dooku was pleased, and bestowed upon Grievous the title "Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies," planning to use him in his efforts to conquer the Republic. He presented him with his first lightsaber, the weapon of Sifo-Dyas. Grievous was disgusted by his new droid body and took Dooku's appointment as Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies as an insult. Immediately after he was presented with Dyas' lightsaber, he slaughtered all the MagnaGuards in his presence in a defiant rage, exclaiming that he was not a droid, which Dooku had referred to him as. He further rebelled by openly displaying his Kaleesh heritage by adorning himself and his MagnaGuards with masks and cloaks in styles closely resembling those found amongst his people, considered by Dooku to be an act of vanity. Grievous, however, would soon come to highly respect both Dooku and Sidious, considering them "necessary" political leadership.

  • [​IMG]
    .:Droid Army:.

    General Grievous commands an army of battle droids. Weak alone, but powerful in massed numbers. The droids are meant to outnumber and overwhelm the enemy. B1 Battle Droids are cheap to produce and are more cannon fodder than anything else. But as the main infantry, they get the job done. More or less. The B2 Super Battle Droid is another case. This heavy infantry unit can take a lot more hits than its B1 counterpart. However, the army is not complete without the infamous Droideka. Fast and armed with two twin blasters along with a shield make this a very powerful unit in the Droid Army. Its comes with a price though, and is not easy to mass produce. But we cannot forget the IG-100 MagnaGuard. Special built on the request of General Grievous, these Guard Droids are the finest in the galaxy. At least a lot smarter than a simple minded B1 Battle Droid.

    B1 Battle Droid
    E-5 blaster rifle and Thermal detonators.

    B2 Super Battle Droid
    Dual built-in laser cannon (Wrist blaster) and TriShot and 2x Wrist rockets

    2x Twin built-in blaster cannons

    BX-series droid commando
    E-5 blaster rifle
    Thermal detonator

    IG-100 MagnaGuard

    Armed Assault Tank (AAT)
    1x Heavy laster cannon
    2x Light laser cannons
    2x Antipersonnel blasters
    6x Chain-fed energized shell projectile launchers

    IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank
    1x Retractable laser cannon
    2x Missile launchers
    15x missiles each, 30 total

    OG-9 homing spider droid
    1x Mounted laser emplacement
    1x Anti-personnel laser cannon
    1x Retractable ion cannon

    Multi-Troop Transport (MTT)
    112x B1 Battles Droids or
    20x Droidekas or
    12 B2 Super Battle Droids

    Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike
    1x Nd-53 double laser cannon

    Single Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP)
    1x Duel blaster cannon

    Vulcan Droid Starfigther
    6x Blaster cannons
    4x Buzz droid discord missiles

    Droid tri-fighter
    1x Heavy laser cannon
    3x Light laser cannons
    6x Buzz droid discord missiles

  • [​IMG]

    The Grand Droid Factory
    The Glorious City of Rogath. Home for thousand forges of war. In a seamlessly endless circle of metal, parts and circuits a massed army is built and assembled. No humans live here. Only droids and their evil and twisted General. In the beginning, it was merely a destroyed industry complex. But when General Grievous discovered this location, he turned into a City of War. The entire city runs on it own, powered only by the three Energy Spires. The fourth Spire, greater than the three others hold Grievous's headquarters.

    Rogath have become the home for the large Droid Army, keeping General Grievous effectly in power in the area. From his grand Spire, Grievous can control his entire army. B1 droids patrol the city nonstop, and other droids keep an eye from the sky. However, the surface is merely the shell for the factory complex underneath.
    The Outskirts
    Of course, not all of Rogath have returned to its former glory. The outskirt have become a graveyard for old droids. As well as those who have malfunctioned... This destroyed place is as dangerous as the center of the city, if not more so. For one never knows what horror lies in ruins of old.

  • General Grievous

    The large capital ship Malevolence shakes, crashing even the proud General Grievous against a nearby bridge panel. "Sir, the outer shields are down" The report came from a B1 Droid manning one of the stations as red alarms started going off. "Full power to the engines, get us into hyperspace!" The cyborg General commanded with a sharp, but rasped roar. The General got back up and craned his neck to the right to look out the large windows. The five Republic Venator-class Star Destroyers was moving in for a hot pursuit. The Vulture starfigther droids had successfully kept further enemy fighters off, but the droids were getting overwhelmed. Fast.

    "Roger, roger" The B1 responded, completely mindless to their dire situation. But that was because it was not programmed to know fear. However, General Grievous knew very well this was a lost battle, no matter what else he might think. "Curse you Jedi!" The General hit a one of the panels with fist, resulting in flying sparks from the destroyed electronics. The grand ion cannon had been destroyed because he had underestimated the Republic.

    "Sir, we are getting strange readings in the Hyperspace calculations" Another B1 droid looked up from its station. "I don't care! Engage the hyperdrive now!" Grievous commanded with a aggressive arm movement. "Moving into hyperspace" The same droid replied, its attention returned to the post in front of it. The next moment the Malevolence was gone, leaving behind the Republic Star Destroyers.

    "I don't think..." A third B1 droid managed to say before the dark space from the window panel turned into that of cloudy grey. The ship began to shake violently and all reading quickly went off chart. "What did you do you fools!?" General Grievous shouted as he hold onto the bridge control with a grip of his robotic arm. A huge red lightning suddenly flashed past them, lighting up the ship bridge in a sharp light.

    "The ship is about to crash against a large gravity mass". One of the droids who hadn't been thrown off its post, responded. "Grrr, activate the emergency booster engines before its too late!" The ship was slowing falling downwards like an arrow, and Grievous could only hold on to the panel to prevent falling against the windows.

    They felt a huge jolt the second the emergency booster engines started as they were suddenly slowed down tremendously. However, the ship was still falling down. On the surface of the planet, the roar from the hefty engines and the huge falling object could be heard miles away. Soon the ship broke the clouds, and Grievous saw the landscape of a destroyed world. The picture didn't last long though, as the steel windows shutters fell down to protect the bridge. Then they crashed.

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