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  1. Rin checking in!

    So I have some time on my hands and would like to have active role playing partners. Mind you, though, I do have a life that includes schooling and working at some chain restaurant. So please be paitent if I can not reply a day or two (I will always inform you if I can't).

    Onward to information about my RP preferences;
    Seeing as I am a female, I play females more confidently.
    That being said, please keep in mind that I am more than willing to double or even go out of my limits if the plot really interests me.
    I do not mind mature plots seeing as majority of us are adults here.
    I prefer RPing in PM's but I don't mind it in the threads.
    I like almost all topics and genres though I will not do furries or yaoi, I'm sorry if that is an inconvenience for you!

    Original Plots:

    Can be deepened over discussion.

    Bad Boy/Girl X Good Boy/Girl
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Enemy X Enemy
    Supernatural X Supernatural
    A Hunter X Supernatural
    Celebrity X Fan
    Celebrity X Hired Boy/Girl Friend
    Adoptive Sibling X Sibling
    Student x Teacher
    Band Life
    Small Town Life
    A Plot of nothing.... as if the characters met as two people would in real life and had to get to know each other as real characters.


    Criminal Minds
    The Walking Dead
    Harry Potter
    One Tree Hill
    Band Fandoms (Too many to list)

    And so so much more.

    Please if you're interested, PM me!
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  2. Adoptive Sibling x Sibling sounds interesting, lots of ideas for story on that topic.


    Best Friend x Best Friend, reminds me of my own life so that would be awesome to play out of you would like to discuss ideas?

    Supernatural :3
  3. I'd be interested in doing a Harry Potter RP
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Not open for further replies.