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    A great disaster has occurred, and the world's population of champions have been defeated in a battle unlike any other, against an enemy from beyond the stars. As crime is on the rise, order is maintained harshly by top dog villains, war-mongers and crime lords. B-list heroes and villains alike are rare in number. Creatures spawned from the the unknown alien entity roam the planet by night, primarily in cities, consisting of attacks by a combination of violent mutants and living machines capable of imitating the skin of man.


    You are in a band of young adventurers. Perhaps you were a partner to such a hero, or perhaps you've only lately gotten used to your new place in life-- or newfound power. You've all somehow holed up in the estate of a wealthy crime-fighter known as Alias X, known for his incredible tactical and espionage skills, from disguises and stealth to unarmed combat and firepower.

    It rests now on your group to do battle against the forces of evil, and perhaps find a way to summon back the heroes in order to battle the alien entity that had beaten them once before, the unknown force residing presently on the moon, and traveling to various parts of the Earth every now and then, hoping to eventually complete its dark, unknown task.

    Together you must stand. Find others like you, as well as heroes and former villains that shall stand beside you...

    ...The Enemy is Everywhere!

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  2. Name: Derrick Bolland
    Alias/Nicknames: Alias Y
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Derrick is a 5'8 tall brown eyed tan skinned male with medium length neatly combed jet black hair that he always seems capable of fixing if made messy. He's dressed in a long sleeved dark blue shirt with a black Y-shaped harness going down from his shoulders to a similarly colored utility belt worn over black shorts and blue leggings, as well as a black domino mask with a light blue 'Y' over the nose and brows.

    Personality: Derrick Bolland is by all accounts, one for mischief, eager to show off the skills taught to him by his former mentor, Alias X. But make no mistake, as Derrick is prepared to lead when needed, the shock of losing a father-figure compelling him to grow up. But only just a little for now.

    History: Derrick Bolland was born to Mr. Alec Bolland, a wealthy CEO who, while using a disguise had impregnated a woman during an early outing as Alias X. As such, he would eventually find the boy and raise him as his own, even going as far as to draft him into his personal war on crime-- the reasoning for which no one seems to know at the moment. It was Derrick who would invite the rest of the other youths to Bolland Manor for their own safety, and in the hopes of bringing justice someday again.


    Utility Belt- Derrick possesses several gadgets on his very own utility belt, more so than Alias X often carried. But of his equipment, he always has a portable disguise kit, and items like smoke bombs or whatnot.

    Multi-Functional Stun Gun- Derrick's preferred ranged weapon is a device that can fire sleep darts, gas bombs, or on its default offensive function utilize a compact power source to send out a non-lethal 'lightning bolt' that works like a taser against normal and superhuman foe alike.


    Trained Combat Fighter/Gymnast - Derrick is proficient in kickboxing and some wrestling in terms of self-defense arts. He also possesses a great deal of agility, allowing him to be very maneuverable in situations.

    Impersonation/Acting- Derrick has been trained to impersonate others and take on new identities in order to make his disguises seem more believable. It is this skill that has actually allowed him to blend in with the alien entity's infiltration machines.

    Stealth- Derrick is an expert on blending into shadows and eluding others, almost to the point his skills could be considered supernatural in nature.

    Hypnosis- Derrick possesses minor hypnotic abilities taught to him by an ally of Alias X.


    Stun Gun Cocking- Derrick's stun gun must be cocked by hand after each shot.

    Temper- Derrick is quick to anger if someone speaks badly of his father, Alias X.

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  3. Name: Isak Ostergard
    Alias/Nicknames: Kid Beowulf
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Isak is a 6'2 tall caucasian male with short blonde hair and green eyes, sporting a muscular build, and always in a grey flightsuit with silver accents.

    Personality: Isak is not one to speak loudly, despite his physical attributes, being the 'gentle giant' of the group. But he does believe that actions speak louder than words, and works loyally to keep his place amongst the group.

    History: A teenager from Denmark. Isak was one of many candidates for the european super-soldier program. The program itself had begun some time ago following an attack on Britain and France by mystical beings. residual magical energy and artifacts were collected and studied, one such brilliant scientist synthesizing such raw power into the "Enchanted Super-Serum," which gave way to the Round Table, a super-team stationed in Britain. All european teams joined the American heroes in engaging the alien entity in the Earth's orbit, Isak remaining planet-side when the mutants came down first. Unable to stop them all by himself, he flew for several days straight, until he was discovered in an alleyway by Derrick Bolland through his Alias Y persona.

    Items/Weaponry: None to note.

    Communicator- Isak carries a device to contact others. Though he seems to typically send written messages, unless he's forced otherwise to speak loudly and clearly.


    Superhuman Physique- Isak possesses Superhuman strength and heightened durability against puncture wounds, a basic staple of the Enchanted Super-Serum.

    Supersonic Flight- Isak is capable of defying the forces of gravity, capable of moving fast enough to break the sound barrier and travel at least within Mach 1 or so. If incapable of achieving flight for any reason, he can still jump vast heights and short distances.


    Focused Radiation- Radiation can be endured by a user of the serum, but concentrated attacks can severely weaken them.

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