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  1. It was a morning like any other, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The neighbor next door was mowing his lawn, and there was an obnoxious banging on the door. Slowly opening his eyes, yawning from a long night of doing nothing. Spencer Munn rose from his bed, with his eyes open halfway looking around his room. Organized Slop, two words he would use to describe the layout of his room. Running his hand through his dark brown hair, he yawned some more trying to stay awake. The banging on the door wouldn't stop. Making an effort to get out of his bed, he got up slowly making his way to the door in his grey boxers. "God, what?!" He answered in annoyance, he knew who it was slamming on his door too.

    Opening the door, he seen his shorter black haired sister smiling at his annoyance. "Wake up dick. School starts in a hour." His sister told him, they were twins. Although they did not look a like, they had a very similar anger issue. "Mom told me to wake you up. Breakfast is on the table." She walked away from Spencer's doorway, walking downstairs to the kitchen. "Dumbass." She mumbled under her breath as she walked away.

    Spencer turned around, slamming his door in annoyance. Looking around his room for clothes to wear, he picked up a dark grey hoodie, khaki shorts and underwear. Getting dressed, he realized his forgot his shirt for under the hoodie. He walked back towards the pile of his clothes, getting frustrated at the mess he left on the floor, his eyes began to glow a bright red color as he ruffled through the clothes. Smoke was emitting from his hands as he was trying to find a shirt. Placing one on his torso, he walked out his room towards the kitchen.

    Looking at the table, there was his twin sister Selena, his older sister Cassie, and finally his mother Olivia. He sat down at the table, grabbing anything he could munch on. Chowing down on the food, he took his sisters drink, chugging it down.

    "Spencer, i need you to take your sister to school today." His mother told him, his sister was smirking in the background.

    Spencer shook his head in disagreement, not wanting to take his twin sister to school due to already having plans. "What? No way, why do I have to take her? She has her own car, plus i'm already picking up Elena. How is this fair?" He protested the idea of taking his twin sister to school, he slouched back in the chair with attittude. "Come on mom. Why can't Cassie take her?" He protested.

    "Selena's car is getting fixed up, and Cassie has work which in the opposite direction. No arguments, just do it please." His mom sighed, not wanting to argue with her son, she got up from the table and walked over to the sink to wash some dishes.

    "God, fine. Selena, let's go. I'm leaving now." Spencer got up from his chair, grabbing his keys out off the counter. He left the house, leaving the door open for his sister. Walking over to his crappy 1999 Dodge Neon, he opened the door making a creaking noise in the process. He honked the horn for his sister, having to climb over to the passenger seat to unlock the door. When his sister got in the car, he looked at her with a serious expression. "When I go to get Elena, you get in the back seat. I don't want you making it awkward for me." Explaining the situation to Selena, he turned on the car. Driving off towards Elena's house.
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    Elena Nash || 18 || Magnetism
    For as long as Elena Nash could remember, she had lived with an overabundance of energy. Her morning routine was atypical when compared to that of her friends, and the dark-haired girl was often up before the sun, jogging and trying to burn off whatever restlessness had plagued the few hours of sleep she fit in between the million other things she tasked herself with throughout the day. After years of living from one activity to the next, Elena always wondered when she would burn herself out.

    Just like any other morning, the sun was up and shining when Elena returned from her run through the park. Her heart rate had started to return to normal as she pushed open the door of the modest house that she shared with her mother. On the couch, the same unconscious body was still lying there, arm slung over her once-pretty face after a long night at the bar. Sometimes, Elena wondered if she pushed herself so hard so that she didn't end up like her mom—well meaning but always missing the mark. Offering a sad smile, mostly to herself, Elena padded through the house and immediately headed for the bathroom. She needed to shower and get ready for the day before Spencer came to pick her up. Between his Neon and the bus into town, he was always the better option.

    With a single twist of her hand through the air, the brass knob turned itself and the door to the bathroom swung open. Elena walked into the narrow room and waved her hand again, turning the shower on without thinking twice as she stripped off her clothes, took down her hair and waited for the water to heat up. Her affinity for metal had started at an early age, sometime around middle school and while other people thought that something was wrong, Elena had always embraced her mysterious powers. They were a gift, something to be celebrated, not hidden away. Raising her hand once more, the dark-haired girl flicked her index finger and the hooks that held the shower curtain snapped back with a clank.

    After taking a shower and getting herself mostly ready for the day, Elena made her way back out to the living room. “Morning, mom,” she said to the woman lying on the couch. The only response was a tired groan, but movement was a good thing and Elena was quick to put on a pot of coffee for the both of them. “How was work?” she asked, always conversational.

    “I don't get paid enough,” Rose, who was now sitting up, sighed. She rubbed a hand over her face and reached for a pack of cigarettes that was lying on the coffee table. “What are you doing up so early?”

    Laughing softly, Elena dropped a few slices of bread into the toasted and manually pressed the lever. “I have class,” she reminded. “New semester, new times. All that.” Biology was something that required time and devotion, but Elena was serious about accomplishing her goals, even if money was tight, she still wanted a better life for herself.

    “Let me give you some money for the bus,” Rose offered, smoke filling the room as she exhaled.

    “Spencer's coming to get me,” Elena said and poured the coffee into two mugs. Beside her, the toast had popped up, golden brown and ready to eat. She took a slice for herself and left the others for her mother, making sure to let the older woman know that there was some semblance of breakfast in the next room before she disappeared down the hallway once more.

    Back in her room, Elena made quick work of her still wet hair, drying it so that the dark tresses looked halfway decent with a little bit of a wave. After that, she applied a bit of make up, just some black eyeliner to ring her blue eyes and the same mascara she had been using for years. Getting dressed was just as simple, and Elena chose a pair of dark jeans and a light, gray sweater. In the middle of digging through her closet to look for a pair of shoes, Elena heard the distinct honk of a horn in the driveway. Swearing under her breath, she pulled on a pair of ankle boots, grabbed her bag and headed for the door. On the way, she said goodbye to her mother in the kitchen and then left the house.

    “Hey,” she greeted Spencer and Selena with a smile. “Are you early today or am I late?” She settled into the front seat and reached into her purse for her sunglasses. Early morning pleasantries were common when it came to Elena, but she was always a little happier to spend the morning with Spencer than anyone else.

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    Spencer smiled seeing Elena, it always made the mornings brighter. Pushing his finger down on the unlock button of the car, he waited for her to get inside. He shook his head with a bit of laughter at her question. "No, I'm early." He said with a smile, he looked in the backseat. Looking at his twin sister, he raised an eyebrow and sighed. "We had to leave early, because Selena needed a ride to school. Which lucky for us is earlier then ours." Sarcasm was added into his comment, looking at Selena in the mirror above the dashboard. Wanting her to feel guilty for waking him up, he gave Selena a weird look with his one eye brow raised.

    Selena heard what he said, rolling her eyes. She sat back, and folded her arms in annoyance at her brother. "Oh screw you. Mom's the one who told me wake you." This was a normal thing for these two. Despite being twins, they're very different in personality and looks. Selena was more of the in your face anger, while Spencer was more of the boiling anger. Both of these personalities didn't work well together, thus their usual morning bickering began. "I'm sorry you have to be close with this idiot Elena." Selena said jokingly, she stuck her tongue out at her brother, sitting back in the seat, looking out the car window.

    Spencer rolled his eyes at his sister. Looking over at Elena, he smiled gently as he put the car in drive. "Let's get going. We can hangout at the cafe before we go to class." Spencer put his foot down on the gas, and began driving down the street. The little car made a squeaking noise whenever it started up, it was part of it's charm. As they were driving down to school, Spencer rolled down the window to get some air. Taking the scenic route to school for the nice view, he noticed that traffic was beginning to build up. This was a bit strange, especially for the time of day, usually traffic flowed nicely around here. "What the hell? Do you see al these cars?" He was confused by the buildup, wondering where it starts. Maybe it was an accident?

    Sticking his head out the window, he noticed there was squad cars with their lights flashing. Police officers were standing by, but it didn't look like an accident happened. Spencer stuck his head out further, and seen there were protesters standing on the side of the street with signs. One sign read, 'MUTANT AND PROUD', the protesters began walking in circles around the police as they directed traffic. Putting his head back in the car, he looked at both girls with a bit of curiosity. "There's some sort of protest going on down there. That's why the cars are stacking up around each other." Pushing his foot down on the gas, the police officer waved his arm for Spencer to go. As he drove, he looked out the passenger side window, watching the protesters. There was a lot of them, some had wings, others were glowing.

    As he was driving, he looked over to Elena. "What do you think that was about?" He asked her opinion on the rally they drove by. He didn't expect to see something like that. Turning on the radio in the car, he switched to a news only station. The radio was crap but you could still hear what was being said. Turning up the volume of the radio, Spencer took a shortcut to the school, hoping no more traffic.

    "Protests are happening around the country, as the Superhuman Registration Act is being reviewed, a legislative bill which required the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers. The act arose due to public pressure for accountability following a series of superhuman-related events causing significant damage and death to non powered humans. The act requires any superhero in the United States with superhuman abilities to register with the federal government as a "human weapon of mass destruction," reveal their true identity to the authorities, and undergo proper training. The heroes who do sign up will be earning a salary and benefits such as those earned by other American civil servants. Stay tuned for more information, later today." The news anchor, announced the new that was going on.
  4. The volatile relationship between Spencer and Selena was one that Elena would never truly understand. Her own childhood was solitary despite having step-siblings and one half-sister floating around in the world somewhere, more often than not, Elena had been alone growing up. Friends, no matter how many, were never an adequate substitute for the closeness of a sibling. Although Elena never did anything more than listen to Spencer's many qualms with his sister, she was often envious of their grudging closeness and Elena wasn't under the impression that the twins truly didn't like one another. “You're around him more than me,” Elena smiled, looking over her shoulder at Selena in the backseat. It was just a bit of light teasing, and Spencer had to know how much she liked being around him.

    As Spencer pulled out of the driveway, Elena agreed to hang out at the cafe before class. “I want one of those lemon things,” she said, pointing her thumbs and index fingers together in a square. Toast and a cup of coffee wasn't going to cut it until she could catch a break for lunch, and Elena knew that she would need the sugar to get through her first few classes of the day.

    Not long into their ride, the traffic was becoming more condensed. It was a strange sight, and even though rush hour was just about to reach its peak, they had never had a problem getting to campus before. Elena furrowed her brow and sat up straighter in her seat, craning her neck to see what the problem was. “What's going on?” she asked, although she didn't expect either Spencer or Selena to answer her. There were all kinds of people though, some with signs, others chanting at police in riot gear as they attempted to get the crowd under control. Elena caught a glimpse of one of the signs, the catchy slogan making her smile. It was about time their kind got the positive recognition it deserved.

    Looking over to Spencer, Elena shrugged her shoulders. “Protests, I guess,” she answered, although she didn't know about which issue specifically. Thankfully, the radio filled in the gaps of curiosity, and Elena listened to the announcer as he talked about the controversial Superhuman Registration Act. It was something that Elena had only heard whispers of and twisted stories of what could happen to mutants if it passed and if those with powers actually complied. The last thing that Elena wanted was to be locked up and treated like a criminal just because she had been born with something extra, something special that set her apart from the boring humans.

    “Human weapon of mass destruction,” Elena repeated with a laugh, blue eyes rolling. “What a ridiculous thing to say.” Equating all mutants to danger was harmful and it was hard to enough to exist in a society where people feared others for no reason without the government coming in to make it worse. Elena didn't think that those people who risked their lives to stop the real evil in the world should have to be subjected to such a ridiculous shakedown.

    Turning in her seat, Elena's focus fell to Spencer once more. “I'm moving to Canada,” she announced with a grin. “Are you with me?” It wouldn’t have been a bad plan if Elena had the means. Her words may have been in jest, but Elena was incredibly serious about avoiding the registration. She hoped that the protesters they had just passed would make a difference.

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  5. Spencer was a bit upset by the radio broadcast. Having to register for being born different? The idea was so ridiculous to Spencer, shaking his head in disagreement as it was being broadcasted. He focused on the road while listening to Elena, he laughed a bit at her comment. "Yeah, Canada. I think it's crazy that they would want people to register just for being different. Like, what kind of shit is that? And to register as a human of mass destruction?! Fuck that!" He was pissed, thinking the registration was the worst idea ever conceived. Spencer wasn't on board at all, he protested the idea in his head. If such act would pass, his sister, and himself would have to be labeled as a weapon. Being that their twins, they both share the same ability, being able to control, and produce fire.

    Selena looked up to Spencer, she had a concerning look on her face. "I think it's a good idea. I mean, there are probably kids out there, who can do a lot of damage. Some little kid could probably explode a whole building down, but no one would know cause he's not registered. This might actually be for the better." Selena voiced her opinion about the issue, she agreed with the what they were trying to do. Folding her arms, she looked outside the car window.

    Spencer stayed quiet, not wanting to escalate this into a full blown argument. Staying focused on the road, he turned into the student parking lot. It was the second row of cars, not that far from the door which was pretty lucky. It was a pretty large university, many people think it's a little town. Spencer put the car in park, looking back at his sister he grabbed his phone holding it in his hand. "When you're done with your classes. Text me." Spencer, put his phone back in his pocket and got out the car. Walking to the trunk, he opened it up to see his bag was still in there. Spencer was the type of that, if you don't have homework then why not leave the bag in the car?

    Walking back to the front of the car, Spencer looked at Elena and smiled. "Ready to go? I'm starving for some food." Smiling gently, he put his bag over his shoulder and closed the door to his car. Selena got out the car with her bag, walking pass Spencer and Elena. "Yeah, bye. God, so rude." Spencer didn't understand Selena, thinking she always had something up her butt. It was their weird relationship that made them always argue. Because they're twins they grew up always around each other. You couldn't find one without the other. Now that they're young adults, they want to spend less and less time around each other.
  6. For change to take place, upset had to happen. The radio broadcast may have been the slightest bit ominous, but Elena wasn't all that bothered by it. Ever since superhuman abilities and mutants had been brought to the attention of the public, a discussion had started to grow and soon, curiosity had turned to fear. In the court of public opinion, most mutants were already hated because of what they were, how they were born and although Elena didn't speak of it very often, she felt a distinct disconnect between herself and the rest of the human population. Those who couldn't understand science and evolution didn't deserve to be around to witness such an incredible change.

    “Ooh, children on the government payroll,” Elena said, the smirk on her face turning into a smile as she laughed. As far as Elena was concerned, Selena didn't know what she was talking about, nor did any other non-powered human and the decision shouldn't have been left up to them. However, Elena believed that she was a lover, not a fighter and Spencer's car wasn't the place for a heated conversation about morals and ethics.

    Finally, they had arrived on campus and Elena was happy to get out of the car. She grabbed her bag and slung the strap over her shoulder as Spencer and Selena collected their things as well. “Bye, Selena!” Elena waved, still failing to understand the contempt that the two siblings had for one another. Once the other girl was out of sight, presumably off to find her friends before her first class started, Elena too was ready for a sugar fix. After all, she and Spencer had time before their day officially started, and wasting time in the cafe was the easiest thing to do.

    “Seriously,” she stressed, taking Spencer by the arm, “lemon squares.” The cafe wasn't that far of a walk, but Elena liked whatever extra time she could spend with Spencer. He was a good friend to her, someone that understood what it was like to be different, and if Elena ever happened to need anything, she knew that she could count on him. “What's up with your sister, by the way?” Elena asked as they walked. She had let go of Spencer's arm by now, feeling that he didn't want someone hanging all over him.
  7. Spencer blushed a bit when she grabbed his arm, her hand was soft. He had to think about the answer to her question. He honestly just wanted to call her a bitch, but he knew that would have been messed up. The relationship between the twins was strenuous, unable to tell how it started Spencer was taking guesses. "I don't know, she's been such an asshole lately. It's like she always wants to start something with me. I bet it's because she broke up with Kevin, but that was months ago. Didn't you notice how big of a prick she was being? It gets so bad, her and I fight." As in physical altercations, where they both would wrestle each other to the ground. But in the end, they both apologize to each other.

    "Did you notice how diffensive she got about the registraion thing? She thinks that crap is something great." Tim was opposed to the idea, and with his sister supporting. It just made him more upset. He knew that he had to control his temper with his sister. Especially around Elena. "Let's get some lemon squares, my stomach is rumbling." Smiling, he opened up the door to the cafe for Elena, trying to be a gentleman. Taking out his phone, he checked the time just to make sure they were good. Spencer and Elena had a couple classes together, which was nice that they got to see each other.

    The cafe was huge, there was wide selections of foods they could get. The overall name of the cafe was called the SU, also known as the Student Union. This is where everyone came to eat, mostly because of the different options. Spencer walked up to one of the lines so he could get coffee. "You know you're going to share those lemon squares right?" He said jokingly, smiling at Elena.

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    It was a sad fact of life that sometimes, people just changed. While Elena didn't have her own siblings to compare, there had been plenty of former friends who had filtered in and out of her life for one reason or another. Someone was always upset over the demise of a relationship, sulking and moping, being generally prick-ish to everyone around them before those people began to distance themselves. “Kevin isn't even worth it,” Elena commented, simply thinking out loud. If Selena wanted to jeopardize her relationship with her brother, the dark-haired girl supposed that there was no stopping her, and Spencer was simply going to have to wait it out, or move on. Of course, Elena hoped for the former, fingers crossed that the twins would stop being so horrendous to one another some day.

    “I don't think she understands,” Elena offered as they approached the cafe. She wasn't one to defend people who wanted to keep mutants down, but Selena didn't have any gifts and most people feared what they couldn't comprehend. “She's not like you and me, so I'm sure hearing that we're all going to be locked up and trained is music to her ears.” If Elena were being honest, she would have admitted that some powers were dangerous in the wrong hands, but bias was difficult to shake. She thought that people like herself and Spencer were perfectly capable of managing themselves.

    After Spencer got the door, the smell of baked goods and fresh coffee wafted toward them. The cafe was as busy as usual, bustling with students who were trying to get a sugar and caffeine fix before class started. As Spencer jumped in the line for coffee, Elena smiled at him. “I don't think I'm going to,” she teased, tilting her head to the side. “Have fun with your coffee, though.”

    Obviously, Elena planned to share, she almost always did when it came to Spencer. Walking off, the blue-eyed girl found herself in another line, but it didn't take long to purchase two pastries and find an empty table to waste time at. Finally, Spencer had returned and Elena pushed one of the lemon squares, folded in wax paper over to him. “I lied,” she explained with a grin. “Don't I always share with you?”
  9. Spencer took a sip of his coffee, loving every drop of hot caffine reach his throat. When Elena pushed over one of the lemon squares, Spencer ate it without hesitation. Looking like a hamster with stuffed cheeks, he smiled. "I couldn't help it. I love lemon squares with a side of coffee." Swallowing down the food, he looked at his friend and shrugged. She pretty much shared everything with him, food and money. They've always been there for each other, regardless of circumstance. They were best friends, through thick and thin, which they've most certainly been through. But Spencer seen Elena as more then a friend, he truly cared for her. Spencer was never going to tell her though, if he did that would jepordize a pretty solid friendship.

    When Spencer looked over his shoulder, he seen a very unwelcoming face. A face so familiar it would bring tears to children, drain the life from flowers, destroy mirrors. It was none other than Spencer's ex-girlfriend Avery. She was the walking symbol of bad break ups. Avery was a very pretty girl, with her long red hair and pale skin. Spencer looked at Elena with a panic, trying not to look obvious of his avoidance. He seen a newspaper on the table next to him, opening it up he put it very close to his face. Now this breakup between Avery and Spencer was bad. Like everyone run for the hills bad. It ended on the stoop of Spencer's house, during a pretty bad rainstorm. Avery made Spencer choose between herself and Elena, and seeing that they're now seperated. You could guess who he chose.

    Avery was like Spencer and Elena. She was Spencer's opposite, while he controlled fire. She controlled water, being able to manipulate its properties. As she walked in the direction of Spencer and Elena, she smirked deviously. Walking in line for the coffee shop, she glared over at the two then back to line ahead of her. Spencer was spooked, as if he seen the ghost of Christmas past appear. He took Elena's hand and dragged her with him somewhere else.

    Quickly he walked towards the library, not wanting to head back. "Sorry about that, I just couldn't be around. The wounds still pretty fresh." Unfortunately he was being literal and figurative. Avery was so angry at the time that she left a scar on the side of his rib cage. It was a pretty messy break up. Luckily Spencer didn't tell Elena why they broke up. He only mentioned that she cheated on him a couple times, which was a big lie. Turning the corner into the library doors, he walked into them face first without realizing.

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  10. Although Spencer may have become distracted by an unfriendly face, Elena could hardly be considered aware. She was focused on her breakfast, blue eyes gazing out the window to what was shaping up to be a beautiful day. It was a shame to be stuck inside, and inwardly, the dark-haired girl toyed with the idea of skipping out on her classes to go and join the protesters. Standing up for something she believed in seemed like a better use of her time than learning the ins and outs of of the ever evolving human body. Although Elena had never deliberately missed a class, she was seriously considering it until Spencer practically yanked her from her seat and dragged her out of the cafe.

    “What the hell!?” she protested, looking around before they were entirely out of sight. The red hair stood out from a mile away, and Elena rolled her eyes as she and Spencer headed toward the library. Avery was never someone that Elena had a problem with until she tried to come between Spencer and all of his friends. It made no sense to her and Elena truly failed to wrap her mind around girls who saw other girls as a threat. The way Elena saw it, she had been there before Avery, a friend to Spencer whenever he needed someone, and to throw that away for some random girl wasn't fair. In the end, Elena had been secretly happy to hear that Avery was no longer in the picture, even if it did make Spencer sad.

    Sighing as Spencer explained himself, Elena shook her head. “I don't know why you let her bother you,” she said, glancing to him. “How bad can a break up really be that you can't stand to be in the same, giant room with each other?” None of her own break ups had ever been that messy, but unlike Spencer, Elena had a low tolerance for people playing games and her relationships didn't tend to last very long. Thinking on it now, Spencer was the only boy who had managed to stay in her life for years at a time, while others could only accomplish a few months at most.

    Reaching the library, Elena pushed her hand in front of her, palm side out and the heavy, metal doors in front of she and Spencer parted with practiced ease. “You know she's probably going to come talk to you, right?” she proposed, one eyebrow raised. From what Elena could recall about the other girl, harping may as well have been an Olympic sport.
  11. Spencer walked into the library feeling uneasy, his day already felt ruined. He was trying to avoid Avery at all costs, regardless if she wanted to talk or not. Spencer wasn't good with situations like these, he knew he could only dodge Avery for so long. The last thing he wanted to do was get Elena involved. Walking over to a table, Spencer sat down sighing in irritation. "I don't think she's going to come talk to me. You're with me, she doesn't like you...That came out wrong, she doesn't like any of my friends, you, Matt, Ryan. So I doubt she'll come here." Sitting back in the chair, he looked out the window and sighed. "The thing with her and I...it's complicated." Spencer wanted to avoid talking about the situation, it made him cringe.

    Looking out the library window, he noticed there were protesters outside the campus. The school was pretty large in size, so something like this was bound to happen. It wasn't a regular protest though, it was like the one he seen on the side of the road. Mutants, protesting for their rights as an individual. Because the campus was so diverse, there was plenty of mutants with different abilities. Most of them were like everyone else, they just wanted an education. As they marched outside, holding signs reading 'We're still people!'

    "Hey, Elena. Look what's going on outside." Getting up from his chair, Spencer walked over to the window, along with other students in the library. They all watched as the protesters rallied around the quad. There wasn't any form of aggression, so the police shouldn't be involved. Looking over his shoulder Spencer looked at Elena, with a bit amazement. "This is pretty crazy, it's even happening here. I don't blame them though, it's their free speech and their using it to their advantage." Spencer was a strong believer of whoever has the loudest voice is the winner. It explained why he would yell when he argued with his sister.

    As Spencer continued to watch, campus security arrived on scene. There had to be around four cars, the lights flashing from the top of their vehicles. There was about eight security officers, they slowly approached the protesting students. Unable to hear what was happening, Spencer could tell that the situation was about to shift. The security guards took out handcuffs, to apprehend the students. It was a peaceful protest, so the fact that they were cuffing them seemed odd. As the guards began to approach one student, he dodged their attempts to detain him.

    The student's body began to flash a bright purple. His hands pointed in the direction of the security officer, they stopped in fear to what would happen next. Then there was a flash of light. A beam of purple light shot out of the students hands, hitting the officer. It all went downhill from there, the officer's body began flashing purple and like that, he exploded. The officer exploded, turning straight to ash, blowing in the wind. Spencer's eyes widened in horror as he witnessed it. Other students watching began screaming and panicking. It was like something out a horror film.
  12. Regardless of how Avery felt about her, Elena didn't have it in her to really care. It wasn't as though the two girls had ever been friends, and whenever they did have to be around one another for Spencer's sake, their toleration was mild at best. Avery was the kind of jealous, controlling and insecure girl that Elena both failed to understand and like all at the same time, and the fact that the two were no longer involved with one another was a good thing in her eyes. If Spencer wanted to date someone, spend his time with someone other than her, Elena only hoped that it was with someone who respected him enough to let him make his own choices. Avery would have chosen his clothes for him if Spencer would have let her.

    “I don't care if she doesn't like me. There's no love lost,” Elena admitted with a flippant shrug. As Spencer took a seat, Elena looked over a shelf of books. They were near the world history section, and the dark-haired girl slid one finger down the spine of a book that chronicled the Boer War; that was complicated—what Spencer had with Avery was just ridiculous. “Why don't you just move on?” she suggested, turning back around as Spencer drew her attention toward the window.

    Slowly, and with a mixture of curiosity and great concern, Elena stepped closer to the window. The protesters had spilled onto campus, brandishing their signs and shouting to be recognized as people. At such a big school, it wasn't unheard of for students to organize over one cause or another, and with so many mutants enrolled, it wasn't surprising to see that they were protesting the Registration. “We should be out there with them,” she said, feeling incredibly useless now that her day was going to be filled with classes instead of standing up for what was right. Mutants did deserve to be treated like everyone else—it was just a fact that humans were going to have to accept.

    Moving away from the window, Elena went to grab her bag from the nearby table that Spencer had once occupied. Slinging it around her shoulder, the dark-haired girl was close to bolting for the door when a bright purple, nearly blinding flash stopped her in her tracks. What had started as a peaceful protest had gone from zero to ten in a matter of seconds, and a campus security guard was now nothing more than ashes in the wind. The panicked screams of both mutants and humans could be heard only moments after, and the quad had soon descended into chaos.

    Security still seemed determined to break out their handcuffs, and Elena was sure that it would only be minutes before the police arrived. “We have to help them,” she said quickly, unable to stand idly by and watch her own kind be treated like criminals. She gave the sleeve of Spencer's shirt an encouraging tug before she too was out the door, running back through the library and pushing her way past people in the cafe to get out onto the street. The first thing Elena's blue eyes were met with as an officer pinning a waifish girl down to the curb, hands behind her back so that a set of metal cuffs could be clamped around her wrists. The girl was struggling, trying to get away, but the officer only held her down more.

    “Leave her alone!” Elena shouted and raised her hand, and in an instant, the handcuffs were gone from around the girl's wrists and lying several yards away in the street. In the distance, the sound of sirens could be heard.
  13. Responsibility, a word that kept popping up in Spencer's mind. Torn between helping out his fellow mutants, or do nothing and just be an observer. Spencer didn't know what to do, this was becoming all too real, too quickly. Looking over at his friend, he watched her help the defenseless girl against the security officer, as she flung off the handcuffs. Running over to Elena, Spencer put his hands on her shoulders with a look of worry on his face. "Elena! What are you doing?! We have to go! This is going to get out of hand!" Spencer hoped he could talk some sense into his female companion, shaking her to get her attention.

    As Spencer was trying to get Elena's attention, a security guard ran over with a taser in hand. Aiming the weapon at Elena, Spencer seen in the corner of his eye. Jumping in front of her as the officer fired the taser, the two probes made contact with Spencer's arm. The powerful electrical pulses ran along the wires and into Spencer's body. He screamed in agonizing pain as the voltages went off. Now Spencer wasn't the type you wanted to get angry, because bad things would happen after that. Taking the pain the best he could, Spencer ripped off the probes with some diffucutly, tossing them to the ground.

    Furious, Spencer's eyes began to glow a bright pure white color. He looked at the security officer dead in the eye with such rage. Spencer raised his hands up, open palm, and fire began to form in his hands. A large ball of fire formed in both of his hands, cocking them back he aimed for the officer. There was no talking him out of this anger, all sound began to tone out. Spencer flung his hands forward tossing the fire balls around the security guard. The gaurd ran back in terror as the surrounding area was engulfed in flames.

    The situation just kept getting worse. As Specer was losing his cool figuratively and literally, law enforcement began to arrive. There was a total of 5 squad cars, each holding two officers. It was an overkill amount for a couple of students. As the squad cars stopped, the officers quickly got out their cars, holding their guns in hand. They aimed for Spencer, since he was throwing fire. Spencer looked at the surrounding police officers, then back to Elena. They needed to leave or something worse would happen. As Spencer was about to turn, an officer misfired their gun, shooting Spencer through the shoulder.

    Spencer yelled out in pain as tears escaped his eyes, he placed his hand on his bleeding shoulder. The police officers were yelling at each other for the misfire. "Fuccckkk!" Spencer yelled, the pain was great as he kept losing blood. Luckily though the bullet wasn't stuck in his arm. Spencer didn't know what to do, either he fought back and eat massive amounts of bullets. Or he surrendered and got arrested.
  14. With all of the chaos that had erupted around her, Elena failed to notice the additional security officer and the taser in the man's hand that was aimed right for her. Before the dark-haired girl could even realize what was happening, Spencer had put himself between her and fifty-thousand volts of electricity. Elena's blue eyes were wide with concern and fear, and then narrowed in anger as Spencer's agonized screams were drowned out by the crowd around them. Things had gone from bad to worse in a matter of minutes, and Elena knew that Spencer's temper was about to make the situation ten times more dangerous. In this instance, his abilities matched up with her personality rather perfectly; fiery and impatient, explosive. Before she could do anything to help calm him down, it was too late.

    As flames ignited all around them, the police arrived on the scene. The officers were quick to get out of their cars and their guns were drawn and ready to fire directly at Spencer. Part of Elena was at a loss for what to do and although the choice of saving Spencer or going to jail should have required no thought at all, the blue-eyed girl was torn. She wanted to save her friend, the boy who meant so much to her, who had been there through and thin by her side, and abandoning him now just seemed wrong. On the other hand, living up to what everyone already thought of their kind was unacceptable, and Elena didn't want to be labeled as dangerous just because society had forced her hand.

    “Spencer!” she shouted, as a round was squeezed off and cut through the air. The bullet had pierced clean through Spencer's shoulder, spraying blood onto the street behind him. There was more commotion among the police officers, the men trying to figure out whose gun had gone off, but to Elena, they seemed ready to fire again. Rushing over to Spencer's side, Elena did her best to help steady him while her other hand was reached out toward the police. She could feel the metal of their guns and bullets vibrating in the short distance, but Elena wasn't powerful enough to keep all of them from shooting for longer than a handful of seconds.

    Straining her fingers, Elena looked to Spencer. “We have to go,” she said, stepping back with him and hoping to move him along. She could already feel her hold on the weapons slipping, and the men holding their guns seemed confused and scared, and for a moment, Elena thought of shooting them back. Her mind sometimes wandered to dark places, but Elena could only concern herself with Spencer for the moment, her friend who was bleeding all over the place.

    “You need a hospital,” she insisted and began to make her way out of the quad with him.
  15. Spencer was losing blood fast, from such a clean shot. The palm of his hand were painted red, as he applied pressure to the wound. Looking to his side, Spencer glanced at Elena helping him. His vision was getting blurry, and his hearing was becoming muffled. There was too much blood being lost, from both sides of his shoulder. Being able to make out key words, he heard the word 'hospital'. Assuming that Elena was suggesting that he goes to a hospital, Spencer shook his head in disagreement. "No, I don't need a hospital!" He argued, unable to keep a fast pace.

    Looking back as they left the quad, Spencer seen that the police officers weren't firing their guns. They had a look of fear, and panic, as if something was possessing the weapons. Confused, Spencer looked back over to Elena, as she tried to hold them off as they left. Spencer was impressed with her capabilities to hold them all off. Luckily the two were close to leaving the quad, opening the doors to the Student Union. Spencer was in great pain as he grinded his teeth. "We need to get to my car!" It was the only thing he could think of. How else were they supposed to leave.

    Taking his hand, from his good arm. He dug around his pockets for his car keys. Quickly tossing them to Elena, he trusted her to drive somewhere more...sane. "You drive! I'm a little woozy." Blood continued to drip from his left shoulder. His upper apparel began to stain the dark red color, as it oozed out his body.

    There were students everywhere, just standing and watching. Some were recording the whole event, uploading it online across different sites. The crowd stayed silent as they watched the two students struggle inside. Their eyes widened in fear, and ignorance; slowly moving away from Spencer and Elena. "They're acting as if we have some sort of plaque." Spencer told Elena, it was astonishing how fearful the crowd were. This only made Spencer mad, seeing familiar faces from class. Turning his head, he seen his twin sister. She just watched in horror, as her brother was bleeding out on the white and blue tiles.

    Not saying a word, Spencer turned his head back around in disgust, that his own twin just watched. The angrier Spencer became, the more energy he was losing. Unable to take anymore steps further. Spencer dropped to the ground, slowly closing his eyes while on the floor. He passed out from exhaustion and blood loss, his condition was poor. No one would help him, they were all afraid to touch him, backing away from the two.
  16. Whether or not Spencer thought he needed a hospital wasn't up to him. He was shot through the shoulder and the bleeding didn't seem to be ebbing off. There wasn't anything that Elena could do about it, and although she seemed somewhat calm, the dark-haired girl was inwardly panicking and trying not to think about what would happen if her best friend died of blood loss right in front of her. Unfortunately, her powers couldn't help Spencer and although she could have dug the slug out of his flesh, her hands couldn't heal. Doctors with stitches and blood transfusions, and electrolytes could help, real people with real training—not some mutant who had rushed into a crowd of something she didn't fully understand.

    Still trying to navigate Spencer through the crowd, the tips of Elena's fingers caught the keys to his car, the metal floating near her hand before they slipped into the pocket of her jeans; it was something she could do without even thinking about it. Displaying her powers only seemed to make the students gathered in the cafe more frightened, and Elena recognized more than a few familiar faces, now contorted in horror as they looked at her and held their phones up to get a better view of the destruction. If Spencer hadn't been bleeding, Elena would have waved her hand and smashed all of their phones, fried their batteries to teach them a lesson about shameless gawking.

    It's gonna be okay,” Elena breathlessly promised Spencer as they neared the door, but his step had fallen short and he collapsed to the floor. Elena's eyes welled with tears and the silence around her was almost too much to bear as not one person in the crowd rushed forward to help. She got down on her knees and attempted to lift her unconscious friend, but he was too heavy for her and he was still bleeding. She tried again with no luck and attempted to collect her concentration, trying to block out the crowd around them so that she could try one last thing.

    The metal button on his pants was strong enough to lift Spencer from the ground, and the iron from his blood that had soaked into his clothes aided in the movement. Elena didn't need anyone to help her with Spencer, not friends, not ex-girlfriend's, and not his twin sister. She gave a violent push to the cafe doors with her shoulder as her hands stayed concentrated around Spencer, lifting him above the ground. It took every ounce of control she had, but eventually, the two reached the parking lot. “See, I told you,” she said as she opened the back door to put Spencer into the car, although he was still very much unconscious.

    Getting into the front seat, her hands now sticky and covered with Spencer's blood, Elena peeled out of the parking space and started back down the road. There was a hospital at the edge of town—she just hoped that she could reach it in time.

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