Right this moment I'm thinking...

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I'm thinking I prolly' should have slept instead of staying up yet again.
...that I probably should've finished my presentation weeks ago instead of waiting until tonight, when I have to present it tomorrow morning.
...if you're dating a necrophiliac, do they make you pretend to be dead when you're having sex...?
About hamburgers.
Depends. Necrophilia means an affinity for sex with corpses, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will turn their noses up at a warm body(lol).


...that I probably shouldn't have answered that quite so matter-o-factly.

Where to find a place to sleep tomorrow for Mile High Blues. As I may have to drive home or sleep in the car.
...that I'm totally screwed, with my presentation due today and me still not done with it.
...uhm...I really did just have a thought...but I don't know where it went
....if I'm getting sick again i will KILL EVERYONE.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS SEASON. better freaking be allergies.
I wish I'd stop being mopey inside of my head.
I'm kind of cheating my post count here in the game forums >.>
I hope I don't fall asleep during the funeral today, I haven't had sleep in a while and...man that would suck. The preacher's saying his part

...and all of a sudden...

-thunk!-: my head tilts over and hits the pew and I start drooling in my sleep. This would truly SUCK. Yes. It would. Suckage. Yet...funny.

Why helllllo thar'...I see coffee. And its looking miiiighty fine in that little black cup. Mrowr baby, mrowrrrr. [/sleepy rant thoughts]
I'm hoping THAT girl will be in town when I'm off dancing tonight...
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