Right this moment I'm thinking...

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    What are you thinking about right this moment?​
  2. ...killing a guy with a dull icepick! =D
  3. About eating pancakes ...at 9:28pm.
  4. about going to sleep...which I probably won't do anyway XD
  5. The beating I'm receiving at work and wondering why no good deed goes unpunished.
  6. Recruiting members!
  7. that I should be doing homework...which I won't do until the last minute
    that I really want to take another shower.......a reeeeeeeally loooong one, with lots of hot water and soap and good smelling things like sandalwood and oranges
  8. ...that I had a seriously freaky imagination when I was a kid.
  9. ...that I'd really like to kill Spencer...and I wonder if I should get a milkshake before or after?
  10. ...that I need to go shopping because I'm pretty much out of snacks! Noooooooooooo.....
  11. ...that church institute classes are really, really dull.
  12. that psy is completely right about church institute classes
  13. ...That I'm almost in college.
  14. that beer is gods way of saying I'm sorry for how shitty life can be
  15. ...that psy is by far one of the coolest friends that I have...I'm never bored around her
  16. ...that we'd both be a lot less bored if Nephy would GIVE ME HER INSTANT MESSENGER INFO ALREADY.
  17. that I need to turn off my computer and get ready for dinner!!!
  18. That this topic suddenly reminds me of Twitter.
  19. That I should post, but certain other thoughts keep getting in the way of my creative process!
  20. I want Okami, I want Okami, I want Okami, I want Okami, etc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.