Right Smack in the Middle of the Forest

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  1. I just wanted to try creating a new RP. We're all in the forest so be who you want to be and do what you like. Summon whatever you want, everyone owns this!

    It was around midnight, and the forest was all but quiet. Sitting in a cage that was hanging on a tree, with no idea as to how she got in, was a fairy named Thalia. It seemed like the... thing... or person... that got her built the cage around her. There was no way out.
    "GET BACK HERE, YOU FAIRY-NAPPER, AND SET ME FREE!" She screamed. "YOU IMBECILE! WHERE ARE YOU?" She kept screaming things along those lines until she lost her voice. She was exhausted and frustrated since she could not remember what happened before this.
    "Why and how am I here?" she whispered to herself as she slumped down, feeling hopeless.
  2. The leaves above the cage rustled, and a girl was produced, landing on all fours atop the branch. She seemed to have a large set of fox ear, tilted forward alertly just as a furry tail wrapped around one of her legs to avoid it hanging off the branch. The fox girl then bent off the branch, holding on still, large emerald eyes examining the small person in the cage. Her expression was not at all sinister, only curious and determined as her hand traveled along the bars of her entrapment, searching for a latch to unhook and free the fairy. Her weight on the branch caused the whole thing to shudder and wave slightly, the cage rocking back and forth as she hurried about her work. She was leaning at such an angle that the book that was in the backpack she wore slid out. She lurched forward and grabbed it, letting out a sigh of relief. "Heh... too close... I'll getcha out though, fairy girl!" Though her voice was hushed, it also was full of her enthusiasm as she shoved the book back where it belonged.
  3. "Holy Fairy King!" Thalia cursed as she felt the cage sway, looking for the person who caused it. She was relieved to see a fox girl who had a backpack and cool ears. "Oh, I like your ears," she commented.
  4. "Thanks!" Grabbing a hold of the cages door, while holding it in place with her foot, she pulled as hard as she could. Suddenly the cage door flew off, and she waved her arms before falling to the ground with a high pitched yell. She whined, holding up the door whilst watching the cage swinging on the branch. "I got it!~<3"
  5. She felt her whole body hurt, thanks very much to the cage, and heard a yell from her savior. Immediately, she pushed herself out of her prison cell and flew down to the fox girl.
    "Oh my fairies, are you alright?" she asked, seeing that she fell from quite a high place. She winced and decided that the least she could do was to use her own healing powers. It was one of these days when she realized how special she was to be a healer fairy.

    She placed her hands on the head of the fox girl and started chanting. She could feel the power from within spread throughout her entire body, and transferred it all to her hands. Afterwards, she sat back and looked at the fox girl closely.
    "Thank you so much for saving me," she said. "I really don't know what I'd do if I was still stuck in that horrible cage. Besides, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night? Aren't you supposed to be asleep?"

    Then she added, "Oh, and I like your tail, too!"
  6. She rubbed the back of her head as she sat up, a smile on her face. "Now why would I be doing that? Thank you, and you're welcome." She sat on her haunches, crouching to look to the fairy with her usual curious eyes. "Are you alright too? Who trapped you, anyways?"
  7. Adrias :"I told you we would get lost!"Adrias muttered to his twin Brother
    :Adrian" We are elf! how do TWO perfectly capable, handsome..
    " Adrias:"Don't for get charming"
    Adrian:"Ah yes charming, and smart!"
    Adrias:"Ah and tasteful!"
    Adrian:"Get lost in the woods!
    The two twins went on and on, not realizing that they had been going deeper and deeper until they where smack dab right in the midde of the forest.
    Adrias:"Uhm brother id hate to alarm you.."
    Adrian:"Yes nore do i want you too alarm me"
    Adrias:"There right There, A fox lady is speaking to a Fairy!"He points in confusion
    Adrian:"First off, foxes don't speak, second fairys don't exist. How many purple berries did you eat?!"
    Adrias:"Only 12!"
    Adrian:"Well it seems that was enough, because i see them too.."
    And the Brothers continued to question reality back and forth until the silly men got into a tussel! Rolling around,pinching, kicking, wallawaping, and such nonsense!.
  8. She tilted her head at the commothion, ears flattening backwards in confusion. Her arm shot out to point at the two, a typical goofy smile on her face. "Ooh, look! People!" She exclaimed, clumbsily scrabbling over two them and sitting indian-style in front of them.
  9. Lizzy watched from her tree.
    She sat skillyful invisible at the people infront of her.
    They were strange.
    She, being a half-human, half-fairy, laughed daintly at them.
    She called from her tree,
    "Hello There! How are you?"
    She giggled once again.

    (MY CHARAtCER: http://browse.deviantart.com/photography/?q=fairy#/d1fjbal)
  10. Thalia rubbed her head, still aching from hitting the cage. She looked up to see a girl who had long, pointy ears and wings.
    "Oh, hi!" she replied, "I'm... okay... I guess. Are you a fairy, too? Your ears are pretty cool."
  11. She clapped her hands together once, a nervous smile on her face and a finger risen. "So many people here at once.. Should we relocate to a treehome, or wait for my fairy friend's captors to return?" The answer may have seemed obvious, but some might actually have preferred to stay and fight the rude gluttons upon their returning, as she thought about it. You never know, around here.
  12. Thalia heard the clap, and she was so happy with her freedom that she forgot the captors! "Oh my, I actually forgot about that!" she exclaimed. "I can't believe it. Well, they might hunt us down if we relocate, but I really don't know." She sighed.
  13. "I wouldn'y mind relocating" Lizzy smiled sweetly.
    "And you part right," Lizzy turned to the other girl. "I'm half-human and fairy."
    She jumped down from the tree to stand by both girls.
  14. "Let them possibly hunt us down, or definately be attacked when they come to gather their missing treasure?" She pondered somewhat mockingly, tapping her chin.
  15. Thalia sighed, weighing the options. "Well, I think that relocating is better, like what she said." She used her thumb to point to the girl who just jumped down from the tree. "But maybe we could also ask those two guys over there?" She looked at what looked to be two elves rolling around.
  16. Ryder walked through the forest his red eyes gleeming around he criinged in pain holding his chest his hand would reach out to get a steady grip, he haden't had blood for weeks and holding out was making the pain unbarrable, ryder would gasp heavily as he continued through the forest seaching and trying to forget about the lust he craved for blood.
  17. Chaos had been following Ryder for over an hour, curious. Afraid to make the first move. She knew he was starving and would become a problem if anyone was around. But they were in the middle of the forest! Who would be there? other than a few woodland creatures...
    She clutched her sword, the only thing protecting her from the vampire. It's spell was meant to capture the smell of her blood so it wouldn't lure in predators. Yet Chaos knew she still had to be wary, for he would be able to feel her heartbeat if she drew too close.

    Her position was dangerous. But danger is always intertwined in the role of a vampire hunter.
  18. Ryder would continue to walk then he'd stop smelling the air faintly he would stop and look around catious, ryders red eyes gleamed at a tree hoping there'd be someone there he turn, the heavy pounding in his chest came once aging making him fall to his knees gasping rapidly, clutching his hand to his chest.
  19. (( may reply slow))
  20. She quickly spun behind a tree when he stopped, worried that he might have sensed her. She peered around the trunk to see him on the ground, in agony.
    Maybe I should just put that thing out of it's misery...She thought to herself as she watched him struggle. She clutched her sword tighter, readying herself for an attack.
    Then stopped herself.
    If he sensed me, why didn't he come after me? She lowered her weapon. A conflicted look spread across her face. I'll just keep following it... no matter what happens, a monster is still a monster.
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