Right-handed or Left-handed?

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What's your dominant hand, and have you ever tried to write or work with the other?

I'm right handed, I trained myself to use my left hand for some tasks, though I still can't get myself to be able to write or draw with my left hand...
I'm dominant with my right hand, but due to the fact that my brother is left-handed and I grew up eating next him, I can eat with both.

I can write slowly, but neatly with my left hand as I have trained myself over time. I'm ambidextrous whhen it comes to drawing.
Generally right hand dominate But I can drum and other things with my left hand as well.
I'm a leftie.

I'm pretty even when it comes to handling the ball(ball-control in basket) with both hands.
I'm more left handed that right usually eat, drink, write with my left hand

I catch and throw with my right hand, not sure though because I use both of them a lot… I would say that I am left handed though.
Right handed. c____c I guess I do stuff with my left hand, but I never really notice the difference. When I do something important it's always the right. >:D
Right handed. However, I have injured my right hand on several occasions, so I had to train my left hand.
I use my right hand for writing and drawing...You know, the important stuff.
I can use my left hand to eat and drink...and play video games. It's generally my "Give me a snack while I'm writing" hand. XD
I use my right hand for most things, it truely is my dominate side. However I can do several things with my left hand... I can even write, though not as well.
Lefty. I'm not bad with my right hand, so long as I don't have to do anything too coordinated.
Ok, seven righties and three southpaws.
Sorta both... o_o I write pretty well with both my right and left hands, I draw with my right hand and have trained my left hand on drawing certain things, (circles, eyes, shapes also shading..), eat with my right hand... So about even with both.
Well technically I'm classified as right handed but I don't distinguish my hands like this.

My right hand is more my operations hand, the precise work and unexpected work goes to that hand. And my left is my labor hand, anything from pushing, pulling, lifting, ripping, this hand does that.

For example if I'm carrying something that can be held in one hand I'll keep it in my left in case I have to write, press a button, etc.