Rift From Hell


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Hello, this is my first rp, so any tips and advice you guys can give would be appreciated, but more than that please join!

Rift From Hell

Setting: Medieval times, Magic and Melee weaponry, etc. Lone continent of Geruv.
Main faction is the Archeval alliance, a grouping of kingdoms all over Geruv, that have made quite the stable peace. Most kingdoms are specialized in a certain area of life, and use it to make their place in the alliance and get what they want from other kingdoms.

Main kingdoms are:
Ryrok - Known for the strongest military out of all the kingdoms. Their main trade is blacksmithing, and are renowned for their weapon and tool reliability.

Whyspra - Is the center of the magic world, is also home to Mystera Tower, home of the high mages where all new magics are practiced and tested for real world applications. Mainly produce magically imbued items as well as having the most feared mage corps of the alliance.

Grilv - The wealthiest of the kingdoms, is used as a meeting place for the kingdoms in terms of trade. Doesn't have any real import or export, though their inns are some of the best in the world.

History: Up to the rift forming, the continent was in a state of peace, the last major war 300 years back, which led to the formation of the Archeval alliance. The rift appeared within the kingdom of Whyspra, and as such were the first to fall, with only a few survivors. The other kingdoms, while quick to react, gravely underestimated the threat and, after several more kingdoms fell, realized they had to work as a single force and were forced to retreat until they could form a suitable gameplan. Due to tactical reasons and the accommodations, most of the realm is in Grilv and in the surrounding lands. Walls have been built around and for the moment protect those still alive. Occasionally, spirits will leak inside, though those that become possessed are quickly killed by the several guardsmen that now walk the streets.

While the rest of the Archeval alliance is safe for the moment, they cannot survive long within their restrictive area, and must soon go on an offensive to retake some land and expand their domain. In addition, they are in the process of figuring out what caused this to happen, figuring that it must somehow be connected to a failed experiment in Whyspra. Because of these circling rumors, and the High Mage Marik apparently dead, any mage from the region is questioned heavily and easily distrusted. In addition to this, Truvan, the king of Grilv, has apparently taken ill. While it does not seem to be life threatening, it does disable him from being an influence in the current course of action. Bram, the King of Ryrok, seems to have taken advantage of this and now seems to have taken control of the Alliance, pushing things to his will and wielding his massive influence.

In order to mount as massive an offensive as possible, the military is recruiting heavily, regardless if you're willing or not, as they need as many able bodies as possible to fill their ranks.

Present: You are part of Division 12 of the Scouting groups. Your task is to be the first wave sent out to test out the areas and scout out the current situation of the land. This means that all are fresh recruits, possibly including the Captain. You all come from various lands and walks of life, but under your new military role, you're all seen as equals.

The Rift: The rift appears to be a massive sinkhole, apparently leading to hell. From this hole came millions of dark spirits that took over many people, especially those in depression, anger, etc. These possessed have lost all signs of their former selves and generally act sadistic and bloodthirsty. They give off a cold, evil aura and attack anyone. Their strength seems to be enhanced, as even possessed little girls have been known to take down full grown men. However, these are the lowest of the ranks, but by far the most numerous.

There have also been rumored sightings of demons. While these have yet to be confirmed, it is a troubling sign for those remaining. Their capabilities are unknown and, should you come across one, are advised to get away as fast as possible and avoid engagement.

Character Sheet:
Race(All races are seen as equal, but nothing outside of Dwarf, Elf, Human):
Appearance(either pic or description will do):
Background (where you came from before the rift opened, your trade, etc):
Combat Style(mage, archer, etc):
Items/Weaponry(All will be given standard soldier armor, so that is not negotiable):