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  1. Two brothers on a journey...
    -My Character Info-
    Name: Sam James Cole
    Age: Just turned 18
    Height: 6'4''
    Story Begins:
    Sam's alarm clock went off. He grunted, he absolutely hated that noise.... but it did get him up, that was the important thing. He punched the off button on his alarm clock and got up.

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  2. Name: William J. Cole
    Age: turning 12
    Height: 5'2
    Looks: [​IMG]( am i not fucking cute loool)
    He grunted getting up off his brothers floor were he was huddled up in a bunch of sheets, rubbing his eyes he clambered after his brother saying " Morning Sammy " He laughed rushing past him
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  3. ((Holy crap he is tall for his age XD))
    Sam laughed. Will was the only one he allowed to call him Sammy. Sam smiled, "You should probably get dressed bro. You know you have school."
  4. (oh shit let me fix that lool)
    " Do i have to go! cant we go on like an adventure or something! oh please Sammy Please! " he said jumping up and down excitedly.
  5. He sighs in defeat, "Alright, but just for today alright?"
  6. " ADVENTURE! WOOOO! your the best Sammy " he ran to his room and began to dig through his clothes looking for his adventurer clothes
  7. Sam laughed, went back into his room and got changed. He put on a plain white under shirt, camo pants and black sneakers. He came back out.
  8. He came out wearing the same clothes " You little...ugh! give me a second! " he ran back into his room and changed into a black undershirt and black sweatpants and threw his small cloak over himself and walked back out " Now im ready "
  9. Sam chuckled and shook his head, "Alright come on. Let go." they head out the door.
  10. He followed behind him grabbing sammy's hand as they walked out into the world, he rubbed his eyes with his one hand and had a big smile on his face.
  11. Sam looked down at his little brother and smiled, "So where do you wanna go first?"
  12. " How about hmm... the woods! " he said jumping up and down
  13. Sam smiled, "Ok! To the woods we go! Ready?! March!" he began marching.
  14. He marched right along with his brother laughing and smiling " I wonder if we will find something cool! "
  15. Once they got to the woods Sammy stopped marching then looked around, "I am sure there is something cool!"
  16. He let go of Sammy's hand and ran off into the forest laughing and disappearing, he laughed and let it echo through the woods around sammy
  17. "God damnit..." he muttered to himself then yelled, "Willy!"
  18. A scream came through the forest not to far ahead of Sammy " SAMMY! AAAAH! "
  19. "Willy!" he ran to Williams voice.
  20. He was sitting infront of something that looked like a floating rip in the air, he crawled back towards sammy and burried himself in Sammy's arms. " What is it sammy what is it! "
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