Riff-Raff to Royal Bodyguards

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I sure hope I'm in the right place...

Um, I've come up with a decent plot, it's not posted yet because I'd like to get a few participants in line.... It has room to expand into much more than what my short description lets on... For now, here's the plot:

"Gillador is a mighty and prosperous country, if somewhat little. It is said that even the servants and slaves are well-treated, and that very few go hungry. But the neighboring country has become a terror; Sidaen is larger than Gillador, and much less cheerful. Even the weather and wildlife are moody and troublesome. Because of the recent peaceful decades in Gillador, the guards around the castle have been less than satisfactory, because they weren't chosen carefully. Who needs skilled, expensive guards when the country is at peace? Now that the land could face a perilous future, though, the King has realized that his guards frankly fail at everything. They don't know Gillador's streets, let alone any other country's. They have even gotten a little fat. King Gilladry has come to a conclusion at the urging of Sidaen's manipulative young king; if he sends his eldest daughter to become Queen of Sidaen, Gillador will be spared. How can she safely arrive in Sidaen, however, when the guards are complete morons?

King Gil sent his useless guards out to find the toughest, most brilliant new guards that would escort the lovely princess safely to Sidaen. For once, the silly fat guards succeeded. They brought back five cunning and skilled people to become bodyguards.

Their journey begins now. "

The possibilities look good...

These are the characters I need: One lovely princess, four other riff-raff guards, and maybe some random people like the king of Sidaen and king of Gillador. You can make these characters your own.


--Keep powers reasonable, but your character does need to be more skilled than average, whether it be through fighting exptertise, magic, shapeshifting, or good with weapons.

-- Be nice...

-- Pay attention, and help others pay attention as well.

Here's a checklist (I guess) of what's taken and what's open...

King Gilladry [ ]
Princess Whatever [ ]
Guard [ ]
Guard[ ]
Guard [ ]
Guard [ ]
Guard [ X ]
King of Sidaen [ ]

Is this okay?

Let me go find a bio sheet for anyone interested to fill out....
Hmm, seems interesting. Wondering if I should try for Princess forced to marriage or a riff-raff guard. It'd be interesting to play out the Princess' mindset towards being forced to marry. anyways, prop up that bio sheet, and I'll almost surely join in. :)
Found it!

Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

You may do whatever pleases you :)

I guess I should come up with my own riff raff guard right about now...
Character Name: Mercy of Gillador
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Princess of Gillador
Age: 18, the ripe age for marriage.
General Appearance:red3.jpg See picture to right.
Current Goal/Purpose: She is to marry the young King of Sidean.
General Personality: Sarcastic, moody, with the occasional strike of cunningness. Secretly a hopeless romantic.
General History: Just because she pretended all those stories of princesses finding true love were boring, doesn't mean they really were to her. As the slightly rebellious Mercy grew up, she would always secretly dream of finding the perfect husband whenever she wasn't reading, doing art, or having a moody fit. And the fit she threw, when she found out that her marriage was to be arranged to some stranger… Well, it was scary. Still, she was forced onto this trip, to meet someone she really had no intentions of ever loving.
Beautiful, Church.

Um, here's my Riff-Raff....

Character Name: Shindara (name subject to change)
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Riff-Raff Body Guard
Age: 20
General Appearance: Rather ordinary. She is about 4'10 and small-boned, but far from underfed. Her eyes are big and dark gray, and are usually narrowed in concentration or confusion. Overly long, poofy black waves always seem to get in the way, but she never cuts her hair shorter. A plain wooden staff that is taller than herself never leaves her sight. Her skin is warm, light brown.
Current Goal/Purpose: To protect the princess.
General Personality: Although normal on the inside, she comes across as a creeper that says very strange things, even when no one is listening. It would seem that she does whatever she wants to do, regardless of propriety.
General History: Grew up in a small town in Sidaen, but traveled to and fro between Sidaen and Gillador with her father, who taught her most of the magic she knows now.