Riding into town on a horse with red eyes

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  1. Kunari cringed when he did.
  2. Hello there Mister Cowboy! I think I will call you Crim! :D

    .... You horse looks a little scary. .__.; Is he okay?
  3. Thank for the welcome, Diana!

    Yea, he's on his last legs.
  4. Oh hello there! I'm BZA!

    -puts hand out-

  5. "Does it matter?"
  6. *An XM-32 Wraith ABT rolls up. The hatch pops open.*

    Watch yourself around here.

    Especially if Archetype shows hir faces around here.
  7. Yeah, you'll want some sort of hardened structure when....nevermind.

    And welcome.
  8. Death means nothing to a 'digimortal.'
  9. I'm Patty. ^_^
    *Hands Crim a "PattyPixie Fan Club" tee-shirt and hat*
    You'll be needing these once you realize how amazing I am.
  10. Greetings Horse Man.

    I'm one of the admins and stuff of that nature. Enjoy your stay and don't feed the Meganes. They make people sad.
  11. "We have to help her.." Kunari whimper.
  12. "But how do we find her?"
  13. Thank you all, I feel Very Welcome.

    Slyen@ Cookies and tea good! Thanks for the thought at least.

    Field commander Carl Mcarthy@ I'll watch for the Archtype. Thanks for the heads up.

    Pattypixie@ ~Takes shirt and hat, a little confused~ Fan Club? Well, thank you very much! Your self promotion skills are top notch!!

    Thank you, everyone. I feel quite welcome now.
  14. "Mmm.." Alena tried shaking off the gag by moving her head, "Mm.." she started crying and screaming, all muffled by the gag.
  15. Hi! I'm new also (you are less new than I am, sir) and I liked your thread's title, so I wanted to introduce myself. :D Hope to see you around!
  16. A horse with red eyes? Sounds kind of like that weird statue on campus at Oklahoma University- it's black and white with ruby eyes and they glow in the dark every night ^_____^ I love that statue >>;