Riding Into Eternity

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  1. A shadowy motorcyclist rode into this sleepy little desert down along the Interstate. Normally you would find such transients on this route out in the middle of nowhere and this guy appeared to be no different. He looked semi-thuggish if he wasn't wearing a modular helmet but his jacket, boots, and his gloves gave away he was as badass as you can expect from a biker. He was in no motorcycle club (99% or 1%) but he gave away that we was not to be fucked with. He had a knife and gun and a bulletproof vest to protect himself but he also his bare fists to show that he wasn't to be fucked with. His Harley, a low-riding standard model in red and black, was sure to attract attention when he pulled up to the gas station on the intersection of the Interstate and the access road. He'd been there before to get gas, drinks, and even a bite to eat at the small but decent diner next door. Nobody asked where he got the money and he wouldn't answer. Good thing he was quiet. After he did his gas and drink routine, he settled into the diner's counter and ate his typical lunch. Hashbrowns with chili, onions, cheese, and ham and a nice helping of water and coffee. Perfect for this guy since he never needed to work. He had all the money he could get. Didn't bother him that he was lonely. He had many girls ride with him and none were perfect. They were too bitchy for his taste.

    So that with his luck, he was nice to the waitress that served him. She looked young but old enough to be with. Naive too from the look of it. He didn't pay much attention to her anyways. Just left her a nice tip when he was done and got back out to finalize things before riding off. Or so he thought.
  2. Josie was surprised that the rough looking motorcyclist re-entered the restaurant a few minutes after he left. He certainly didn't seem like he was from around these parts, as he didn't sport the grease-stained jeans or have that nasty BO smell. The man certainly was on his way out of little hole of a town, which is why Josie was startled to see his face again. He looked a little frustrated, and when Josie asked him if he had left something behind, he just asked for a phonebook.

    She glad gave it to him, tending to the rest of the customers at the bar. After several years of working here, since she was 15, Josie was good at it. She took several orders at once without the use of a notepad, but she hated it. She should have gone to college and gotten a degree in something. No way she wanted to spend the rest of her life in this place!

    The man angerly tossed the phonebook onto the corner. Josie eyed him with a slight smirk, he looked pretty mad. "Anything I can help you with?"
    "Unless you're a good mechanic, you can't."
    Josie looked at him for a moment and then went and retrieved a beer from the cooler. "Here, it's on the house."
  3. The man knew his bike was fucked. He had to wait now and that pissed him off. The nearest one he had the best experience with in this area was hours away but he was friends with the guy so the mechanic would drive all the way here tomorrow and do it. Long story short, the mechanic and his family had to pay protection to a biker gang and this shadowy guy broke up the gang, earning the respect of the family and everybody in the area. He took the beer from Josie and began to drink it like he cared. He noticed Josie but thought "Man what is she doing here?" then his mind turned back to his bike. Thankfully there was a hotel nearby. He asked for Josie's name and offered for her to sit down next to him on the counter. If she wanted.
  4. Josie smiled lightly from behind the counter and adjusted her skirt a little. The man looked rather rough and she really didn't want to get involved. Her shift still had another few hours to go, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to get to talking with him. As her mother often said, guys that looked like trouble usually were.
    "Sorry, sir, about I'm still on the job," she gave him a soft smile and then waltzed over to help a few other customers.
    When midnight struck, she was only helping the rough looking motorcyclist and one other "regular" at the other end of the bar. Both had their fair share of drinks, but the diner's owner, Manny, rarely liked to cut people off. That meant less income for him, and he didn't like that.
    Josie rested her elbows on the bar and looked at the man across it, smiling lightly, "don't you have like a... group, or something, that can help you out? You know, like Hell's Angels or something." She winked at him, clearly only jesting.
  5. He flashed a gold grin that went along with "I don't have a group. I go alone." She didn't know it but he had the money to get all gold teeth after losing a few in countless fights. He had lots of money form his parents but he chose to ride forever, something his parents approved upon their untimely deaths and leaving him multiple large trust funds. He had a college degree but the man was a rider for life. "Besides, being along has far more benefits." The man was not interested in giving details unless she wanted to listen to him talk. "Name's Will." He offered a sloppy handshake. "I ride around all the time despite being college-educated and loaded."
  6. Josie's brow furrowed a bit; she barely knew this man and it seemed he liked opening up to her. Nonetheless, she shook his head, figuring he just had a little too much to drink, making him more bold and outgoing than normal. That seemed to be what usually happened with guys around these parts. It sickened poor Josie a lot of the time; the men around here were animals and pigs, but she felt like she'd never get away from this place.

    "Josie," she offered, and then tapped the little nametag over her right breast.
    Because the bra was pretty quiet and the man at the other end seemed content with his last beer, Josie continued to lean against the counter, a little intrigued by this man. She had never met anyone that rode alone. She cocked her brow a bit, "where are you headed then? Or anywhere in particular? There isn't much around these parts, 'cept us."
  7. "Nowhere and that's how I ride. Pretty much how anyone else that rides gives about their destination unless they're going to a rally." He smirked. "Haven't been to one in years. Too crowded anyways." It was a habit of Will not to choose a particular place anyways. He just rode as if he didn't care where he'd ended up. Of course he'd been drinking but he was still sober enough to leave and get to his hotel. He chuckled. "Why would you care about what I do?" He realized it was time to go back so he paid and left Josie a $20 tip. He would return to the place for breakfast and lunch and hopefully would leave right after lunch.
  8. Josie pondered his last question as she headed to bed that night, sneaking underneath the covers - why did she care? It was rare that the small waitress ever asked her customers qusetions, much less personal ones. She supposed that she was just interested in what he did... as a young girl stuck in a small town, she craved to see the world. Will lived the life she dreamed of; exploration and discovery, not a care or a destination.
    She smiled a bit to herself; it was foolish, but she could imagine herself sitting on a motorcycle and doing exactly what he did everyday. It was so silly, but she had dreams of it dancing in her head as she laid down for sleep.

    Josie was rather surprised the first morning when she came into work and Will was once again sitting at the bar. As she tied her white apron around her waist, she smiled at Manny, who approached her.
    "That guy," he said, jutting a thumb in Will's direction, "refuses to order until you got here. I would go to him first, princess, 'cause he's been here a good damn two hours and is taking up a seat."
    Josie just rolled her eyes and walked over to Will, pen and pad of paper ready to take his order like every other customer.
  9. Will thought Manny was an asshole but decided that waiting for Josie to show was a good idea. He smiled and ordered a usual breakfast of hashbrowns with ham, chili, cheese, and onions with coffee and water. After he got his food, he began to eat slowly and not bother Josie, odd for him, but preferring for her to think about him. He certainly did warm up to the girl but finished and paid and tipped generously again before storming out to help fix the bike when the mechanic he knew showed up. That would take most of the morning and furious swearing came along with it. By lunch, it was ready and Will was checked out of his hotel and ready to eat again after having everything else ready. He smiled at Josie. "I'm back."
  10. Josie smiled into those dark eyes, a little love struck and more intrigued. The man had his helmet underneath his arm, clearly indicating that the bike had been fixed and he was ready to head out soon.
    Josie frowned a little bit. She knew what Will was her last, perhaps her only, chance to get out of here... but what would she say to him? He was a rough and tough biker that probably had seen more of the world and life than Josie had seen in five lifetimes. Still, the idea of getting out of here was sweet on her tongue.

    The young woman leaned over the counter as she always did and tried to bat her lashes a bit. She managed to catch his attention, which she was happy about. "You know that there are other places to eat here, right?" She liked to believe that she was the reason he kept coming back, but that was wishful and nearly absurd. To him, she was nothing and no one special... just a little innocent girl working at a small time diner.
  11. He grinned. "This was the only place recommended to me. What else could I do? Eat elsewhere?" He grinned. "Seeing your face was probably the second reason..." Will gave another gold grin and paid up again and left another tip. This $20, though, had a note folded over it. It was left as sort of a joke he thought. Will thought that she wanted to go with him, or he was thinking she did...he didn't really know, and thought it was a nice joke for her. He left it and began to get the final things ready on his bike and other things he would need. When he got back to his bike from the gas station with drinks and snacks he noticed Josie waiting there to his internal dismay and external surprise. He thought "It was just a joke girl..." He said "Josie...what are you doing by my bike? Come to kiss me goodbye?"
  12. Josie felt absolutely stupid for standing there... especially when he claimed that it was just a joke. Well, the note certainly hadn't indicated that was the case. It just contained a simple request for her to join him if she wanted to. At first Josie had been wondering if he had read her mind; then again, maybe her expression had said it all. The longing, the need to get away from here... it was painfully obvious in her sad eyes and tight mouth.

    Carefully she took a few steps towards him, offering the best smile that she could, though it was more of a grimace. "Well, I'm not joking. Honestly, Will, you can drop me off at the next city if you really hate me that much. But... you're my only hope to get out of here. I'm going to go crazy if I stay in this place."
  13. He was taken aback on the inside but looked serious on the outside. He didn't expect her to come along. But Will changed his mind and decided why not, she was coming with him. He stepped forward as well but uttered "If you're going to ride with me, it's not going to be free." He knew that if she was going to ride with him, she would have to pay him back somehow. He had the money to support his riding but he was looking for something else: sex. That is, if she knew what he meant. He still wasn't sure why he was going to bring her along but he sure wanted to.
  14. Josie surveyed Will's expression for a moment. It wasn't free? Well, it made sense she supposed. He had to pay for gas and it wasn't like they were going to get two hotel rooms or something when they were staying in a town or something...
    "It's okay," she murmured, "I have some money put away in the bank to give you." She had been saving for a new car but she figured that this was going to be a better investment in her future... getting away from here was what she really needed. "I just need to go home and leave a note, and grab some clothes."
  15. Will knew she didn't get the meaning. He chuckled. "I don't need your money...but go do your things and come back." He would wait until she got back and he waited for a good while. "I wouldn't blame her for not knowing the meaning...she is new to this after all...wonder if she asks one of her friends about it..." He noticed Josie returning and he gave her a leather jacket and a helmet with goggles. "That's all I got for ya for now. We can find a town to go into to get you more things if you need."
  16. Josie quickly secured a few times to the back of the bike and wondered what Will wanted if he wasn't going to take her money. She shrugged it off though, figuring that in time he'd take it.
    The young woman felt bad that she was leaving her parents and brother behind, but really, they would probably understand. They knew that their little girl was going stir crazy in this place. SHe hadn't said where she was going or with who, either. The note had said "I need to get away. Love, Josie" and been left on the counter. She didn't want them to worry, after all. She was a big deal that could take care of herself.

    Soon enough she had hopped onto the back of the bike as she instructed she wrapped her arms around Will. He was rather large, but in a muscular way. She could feel the power of him even underneath that thick leather jacket, and knew that she would be safe. For some odd reason, she trusted this mysterious stranger.
  17. He rode off onto the Interstate as soon as she was on. And when he said randomly riding around, Will meant it. They would ride for hours at a time in no particular direction. The only places he stopped were roadside places with gas stations and hotels. It was as if Will was being deliberately lost for the hell of it and he enjoyed it. It was about a week of this when he stopped once and checked into a hotel. He had Chinese delivered to them and while they waited, he asked Josie to lie next to him on the single bed in the room. He wanted to know how she was enjoying it and he knew she was well far from home now.
  18. The week had passed swiftly, and Josie hadn't said much to Will. She supposed that he was not a talkative person and she really couldn't blame him. He had told her that he rode alone and now that he had a passenger he did not seem to change much. Josie tried not to ask questions about where they were going but she had to admit that she enjoyed rising on the back of the bike. At first it had hurt a bit but she was rapidly getting used to the hum underneath her legs and his muscular back pressed up to her belly.
    She was happy that they were checking into an actual hotel today though and happily sat on the bed with Will. She craved a shower but figured shed give him some company for now. He hadn't asked for the money and when she offered he also didn't take it.

    "Will. CAn I ask you a question?" ehe inquired gently.
    When he just nodded she blushed and asked, "how... How exactly did you want me to pay for this? I thought you wanted the money I had... I swear I have some to give."
  19. Will didn't want to tell her directly that the meaning of "Riding ain't free" was for a girl to pay the rider with gasoline (which he could easily pay), weed (which he didn't smoke), or sex. But he felt he had to so he explained in the most polite way he possibly could until he heard a knocking at the door. He grumbled, hoping it was their food, when he opened it and was bum rushed by a much bigger thug and held down him viciously. Will struggled but was given a cold clock to the face while the thug went over to a scared Josie. "Hey little girl..."
  20. Josie was still dazed by the information that Will had given her - that she was meant to fuck him, his words not hers - when she went the ruckus. She looked up and before she could even react, a very large, dark skinned male was closing on her. She screamed out and kicked her legs, searching the room for Will but unable to find him. She screamed again and then backed away, only to fall completely off the bed and hit her head. She saw stars for a moment, and then felt she was being picked up by someone.

    And suddenly she was on the bed against, her feet at the headboard, and her breasts were being exposed. There were a lot of faces, some dark and some light, but all with satanic eyes and dark smiles.
    "Damn!" one of them called out as they groped at little Josie's nicely sized breasts, "came here to get that bastard, and we got ourselves a little toy!"
    Another one bellowed, holding her wrist down, "it's our lucky day!"
    Josie screamed; screamed for Will, screamed for help. They couldn't do this... and suddenly all thoughts of having sex with Will left her, leaving little Josie with fear and a terrified expression.