Ridiculous lies that you, or someone else bought in to!

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  1. John

    He nodded once again in agreement. "Definitely not a sight I'd like to see again."


    He followed. "So, do we just walk in or tell them to meet us out here... I don't know."
  2. I fooled about a hundred people I was from Ireland while serving in a Concession stand during the game. I even got a few numbers *wink* and people asking me what it was like over there and what was different.

    I was a bit hard pressed to answer but I kept up the illusion till I left the stadium.
  3. When I was about seven my friend asked me to get off at her house, and I didn't want to at first, then she said she wouldn't be my friend if I didn't, so I got off the bus at her house, without my mum even knowing...

    And one time when I was no older than four or five, I was with my one of my friends, her sister and my sister. Her sister and my sister disappeared and then we looked at each other and couldn't figure out what was going on, and she said the God's rapture came and took them and that they were in heaven. I believed it... >_>

  4. When I was little, I really believed that if you ate the seed of an apple, a tree would grow in your stomach. I'd always pat my stomach and be like, "Daddy, I think I feel something" xD

    The most ridiculous lie I ever told would probably be unbelievable, but sometimes people fall for it if I make the perfect face xD
    So anyways, this friend of mine, let's call her N, went to the library with me. We checked out a lot of books, but there was this one book we were going to read together. Inside it, were three boarding passes from last year to Mexico. We hatched up the story on the spot and told it to our other friend, M, in school the next day.

    We told her that the three boarding passes, with the weird names were cousins of N and these passes hadn't been used (that's why they were whole and not half ripped off) and we were going to renew them and go to Mexico with N's aunt. And the names weren't ours because you could buy airline tickets on other people's names, too, N's aunt had bought them on her daughters' names for us. And M went hysterical because she was convinced that we were leaving her and going without her even though we were all best of friends. xD

    She started whining and it was hilarious. We didn't tell her the truth until our other friend looked at the tickets and discovered some kind of void stamp on the back and told M the truth. It was funny though, because we had to make up all sorts of stories to go with it. A fake aunt and a fake lineage and everything xD

  5. When I was about three, my cousins told me that if I jumped off a high place and yelled "I believe!" I would fly like Peter Pann -_-.
    I broke my nose....

    The greatest one someone has ever bought? It wasn't me lying directly, but one of my friends got a hold of my phone and without me knowing, pretended to be an "old, forgotten friend" of one of my exes. He believed the whole spiel and ended up trying to date her...
  6. now this sounds ludicrous, but i swear on my left nut its true.

    this dude lied all the time, so me and my mate convinced him he was the "chosen one" and that we were going to be his tutors in the ways of the ninja.

    no shit he bought it for like a week
  7. I think this is more ridiculous than WMD's. First I need to set the scene though.

    Only openly non-christian family in a small town, this is closed minded small town from hell I'm talking about here. Eh, anyway my brother and I get dragged to a teenage party out by the river, you know the type, underage drinking, underage ... otherthings, but yeah we were there to be picked on basically. So he take an old broomstick and stick it in the ground and start walking in circles around it and then draw in the sand around it topping the stick off with a piece of a nearby plant. Then we walked away, and in half an hour everyone else had left.
  8. Blizzard

    She made her way into the arena and got herself into position "I'm assuming we are just going for incapacity?" She asked with a smile, curious as to what his power was.
  9. Blizzard

    She smirked "I'm sure you can John." She focused on the area around him. She sent more shards towards him


    She chuckled "No no. With your luck you could have been Apollo or Artemis. How long have you been operating?"
  10. i once told my friend in japan that i was going there for the week and he bought it for almost a month! lmao
  11. that last one isn't that outlandish though Barb...I hear about stuff like that all the time ^_^;

    The most outlandish lie I told that was believed was that after three years of knowing me, I finally had to come clean and that my name was not Frans, but in fact Peter. They asked me why I had lied and I 'shamefully' admitted that I didn't like the name Peter. Sad thing was they drove me crazy by calling me Peter in public >.>
  12. There was this friend over at my college. He always likes to tell big fat lies. His biggest running one is about the sequel to The Dark Knight called - get this - The White Knight. Genius.[/s]