Ridiculous Food Obsessions

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  1. I am a foodie. Or a fattie depending on definitions. 8D I looooove food. And sometimes I go through current obsessions where I want to stuff this one particular meal in my face ALL THE TIME.

    Right now, I am crazy in love with avocados and trying them in different kinds of meals.

    And... and ramen with boiled eggs. Why. Why is that so delicious.

    What are your current food obsessions?
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  2. Ramen with partially boiled eggs is even better! Like when the egg white has basically solidified but the egg yolk is still kind of soft... oh man it makes me drool just thinking about it.

    I am also a huge foodie/fattie! Right now I'm into Japanese BBQ. It's kind of like Korean BBQ, except with much higher quality meat that doesn't usually leave you smelling like smoke and charcoal. There is a place in California a decent drive away (about 30 minutes from me) that has true imported-from-Japan raw Kobe beef for you to place on the grill and cook to perfection.

    If it wasn't so expensive, I'd eat there every day.
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  3. I am right there with you, I am obsessed with food. When I try a new food, I savor every flavor and sort of get so into it so much that it's almost an orgasmic experience. XD Jeremiah has never understood this.

    My current obsession is trying different foods with buffalo sauce sprinkled on them and then baked. Oh my GOD IT IS AMAZING. For a couple of weeks I had an obsession with toasted tuna cheese and jalapeno sandwiches. Before that, it was summer squash sliced and sprinkled with chicken grilling seasoning.
  4. I tend to stick with my phases. They fade a little, but they will pretty much always influence my cooking habits.
    I have a huge thing for hot sauces, I like spicy food.
    My obsession with mango is probably borderline unhealthy. If they grew anywhere near me, I'm not sure I would eat other things. Maybe cubed, browned, spiced potatoes in hot sauce. Yup.
  5. Tuna and red lentils.

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  6. My current food obsession is Tuna with corn bits mixed in and tostadas. I just scoop 'em up and eat them. I guess this food obsession can be...benificial.
  7. Well aren't we just a bunch of Tuna loving fools?
  8. I don't know what tuna has that I like...but it's super addictive sometimes.
  9. Dolphin meat.
  10. Mexican food. If it's homemade even better. >.< I absolutely love the stuff.
  11. Funny, I had tuna for lunch today in between two slices of toast. I like to mix bacon bits and shredded cheese with the tuna salad. <3 Anyway, I'm not obsessed with tuna. I just like to eat it because it's quick, cheap, tastes good, and goes well with lots of stuff. xD

    Speaking of bacon, I'm obsessed with that stuff for sure. I recently was introduced to bacon that's cooked with honey smothered on it... Gawd, I want to eat that stuff 'till I hate myself. I love bacon so much that after I had my baby, my midwife rewarded me with a pile of crispy bacon. lol

    Pasta, too. I like to experiment with pasta by mixing in different ingredients to make it taste awesome. I enjoy pasta plain, too. I seldom get tired of it. >< My mouth makes love to Italian food in general. That's always my first choice when my boyfriend asks me if I wanna go out to eat.

    Aaand, potatoes. I love taters! Fried, boiled, mashed, baked... Potato soup, potato skins, potato salad... Oh man.
  12. Has anyone here tried a Peanut butter, Jelly, and pickle sandwich? They're surprisingly tasty. My favorite combination is white or wheat bread, crunchy peanut butter, strawberry jam, and bread and butter pickle chips. Delicious.
  13. I've heard of pbjp but I'm a little iffy about trying to mess around with a childhood classic.
  14. I think I'd probably enjoy pbjp if I liked pickles at all. But I don't. :[

    Peanut butter and cheddar sandwiches are amazing though~ They're my go-to sandwich combo. Strawberry/Raspberry jam and ham sandwiches are pretty tasty too. (guess who got to make their own sandwiches as a kid?)
  15. Today I re-discovered the awesome of raw eggs splashed on rice with soya sauce.
  16. Mashed potatoes.

    Must I say more?
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  17. Oh lawdy mashed potatoes. Now I crave some..
  18. *Drools when reading angrycactuar's post*

    I am a huge tuna fan, but I am obsessed with baked potatoes right now for some reason. Mmm....Steaming potato with melted cheese and butter, sprinkled with chives and bacon bits...sour cream...add a little bit of your favorite meat sauce or dressing......Cheddar, perhaps? Mmm......

    Oh, and by the way, I eat the entire potato. Including the skin. That's why I drench my potato in cheese and sour cream. I loooove cheesy potato skins with a bit of vinegar.
  19. Cheesy potato skins? *perks head up* That just makes it better. But, Tweetheart, you had me agreeing with you at the sight of your PANCAKE MANTA RAY!
  20. I have to say that Tweetheart's manta ray has made my day. I love unusual food/animal combos!