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    All it took was one letter. One blasted letter.


    I'd told myself I wouldn't get mixed up with the law ever again, but I couldn't ignore a friend, could I? From the sounds of it, the UGF (that's "United Galaxies Federation") decided to put Jeremy's planet and settlement on Lock. For those who aren't in the know, putting something on Lock is basically a death sentence for anyone and everyone who lives there. The UGF withdraws military support, if it had any, and severs all trade routes back to the Capital. The settlement that's been put on Lock is effectively isolated. What's cruel about it all, though, is that the UGF doesn't wipe it out. They force those poor folk to try and eke out their own living. If they fail, they die out and the settlement becomes a ghost town or hideout for rogues on the run from the law. If they succeed, the greedy bastards at the UGF re-stake their claim on that settlement, taking their "share" of whatever the settlement was producing. It's sickening. That's why I took up arms against 'em. Intercepting freighters, robbing trains, clashing with the law at every step; it was like something out of an Old West movie. I knew I'd regret becoming a bandit, I just didn't know when. Jeremy was one of my first partners in crime, and we made a hell of a team. Add on our other friend Lynn and we couldn't be stopped. Well, as things usually turn out for a couple of dudes and a lady, me an' Lynn eventually started seeing each other. Our space cowboy days were far from behind us, though. Or so we thought. After one particularly dangerous heist, Jeremy wanted out, and me an' Lynn were startin' to think about kids. We put our pasts behind us, and Jeremy did his time before applying to become one of the UGF's settlers. Me an' Lynn kept running, eventually finding a decent, out-of-the-way place to settle down. 'Course, if you run from the past, it'll eventually find a way to catch up to you.

    The UGF finally found out where we were hiding, and what was going to be a "painless" arrest turned into an all-out gunfight. The town we settled in was a notorious hole, full of bandits and the like. Me and Lynn were given our space 'cause we were one of the founders of the damn place. It's no surprise that the other bandits and criminals wanted a piece of the UGF, too. We were finally able to drive off the law, but not without a price. Many good men died that day, and Lynn... She knew the cost of being an outlaw. Our kids were old enough to understand that she'd died, but they still didn't take the news very well. Worse than I did, anyway. Our oldest even ran off, blaming me for not protecting her. I couldn't give him grief for it, so all I did was pray he knew what he was getting into. Out on the frontier, I made damn well sure to raise our daughter as well as I could. She missed her mother, I could tell, but she took after my side of the family. She didn't let it affect her as much, just like her old man. Eventually, I got that letter from Jeremy, and now here I am, pondering whether I can abandon my teenage daughter, or whether she's old enough to come along for the ride.


    Name: [Your full name. Nicknames, too.]
    Race: [Your species.] - Keep it within reason.
    Faction: [Outlaw, UGF, Settler]
    Age: [How old are you?]
    Occupation: [What do you do for a living?]
    Personality: [What are your strengths and weaknesses? What quirks do you have?]
    Bio: [What is your history? What made you the person you are today?] - No rules on length, just use your common sense.
    Equipment: [What sort of load are you hauling?] - Keep it to on-person equipment. Weapons, augments, tools, etc.
    Appearance: [What do you look like?] - Can be description, image, or both; if image, put it under a link or crop it to a decent size. Images can be anime/art or photo/real life, just make sure it has personality and isn't a "model photoshoot" picture.

    *Inspired partly by the Firefly TV series.
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  2. Hlglgllg! I saw you mention this in the chat and wanted to happyflail at you, but my computer did funny things. I don't think I have time to pick up another RP, but I so so so support!
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  3. Name: Isaac Nathaniel Larsen, among other aliases
    Race: Human
    Faction: Outlaw, specifically a former Skyrider.
    Age: 45
    Occupation: Mercenary, Father
    Personality: Isaac is stoic and strong, often the only one to keep his head under stress. He can be ruthless, but he is just and merciful to those who deserve it. He tends to have a stern, often cynical outlook on life, and his battleworn exterior only adds to the effect. On the inside, he has a heart for justice, often avenging those wronged by the cruel. A family man through and through, Isaac cares greatly for his children, and shows no mercy to those who would threaten them. He can be hot-headed and ill-tempered at times, and is prone to swearing when angry.
    Bio: Isaac grew up in one of the more prosperous settlements, his father being one of the UGF's Sheriffs. The Sheriffs were basically self-governed law enforcers who kept the peace on the frontier settlements. Because of this, Isaac grew up knowing a lot about the UGF's methods and laws. When Isaac learned about the UGF's practice of putting settlements "on Lock", he asked his father why their settlement was never put on Lock. His father's answer was simple: "We're a lot richer than those other settlements." Isaac was raised on a decent set of morals, so his shock and mild outrage was justified. He accused his father of aiding a corrupt government, and ran out on him, turning to a life on the road. Stowing away on a mercenary ship, Isaac began his new life as an outlaw. As any stowaway can attest, hiding on an unfamiliar vessel was difficult, and you more than likely got caught. Such was Isaac's fate, as he was discovered in one of the empty cargo stashes by none other than Jeremy "Jim" Stanwick and Lynn Derringer, the future technician and pilot who would later become Isaac's closest friends. Currently, though, they were around Isaac's age - 17 - and were delegated to stocking duty; making sure all cargo was accounted for. The three made quick friends of each other, and it was only through their vouching for him that Isaac wasn't killed by the mercenary leader for stowing away.

    As Isaac spent more time aboard the vessel, the more he learned about its owners. The Skyriders, they were called, were exactly the kind of people Isaac hoped to stumble into. Freedom fighters, after a fashion, and rebels all working to fight back against the UGF for their opportunistic treatment of their settlers. Jeremy was learning how to build weapons and look after the engines, and Lynn was learning the flight systems and maneuvers that would make her a great pilot one day. The only one who didn't really have a job was Isaac, but soon enough he found his calling as a general bandito-type outlaw. He had a good head on him, and took to his gun particularly well, so the Skyriders were content with letting him follow his own calling, after a bit of training of course. Isaac and his newfound friends traveled together for years, eventually taking over the Skyriders' ship, Skyfire, when the older members died out. Isaac was a natural leader, but he never really bossed anyone around. Jeremy had also perfected the design on three of his guns, and gave a special set to himself, Isaac, and Lynn, while he outfitted the rest of the crew with their own. Isaac got the Studs, a pair of pistols, while Lynn got the Razor, a rifle. Jeremy reserved the Boomer, a double-barreled shotgun, for himself. With their custom weapons in tow, the Skyriders were a force to be reckoned with. Years passed as the trio alone dished out tons of damage to the UGF, and with the rest of the Skyriders they caused more havoc than the UGF had ever known. Isaac and Lynn had even gotten together in that time, and were close to having their first child. Jeremy questioned the wisdom of having a child as an outlaw, and his doubts were justified after a particularly dangerous mission. The three had nearly died in an ambush by the UGF, and Isaac lost one of his arms. They were severely outnumbered, but due to dumb luck the group was able to make it out alive. Jeremy crafted a prosthetic arm "that packed quite a punch", according to him, and attached it to the stump left by Isaac's missing arm. The UGF were hot on their trail, however, and Jeremy wanted out of the life that almost killed them all, urging Isaac and Lynn to do the same. They agreed, but they wouldn't be able to turn themselves in like Jeremy planned to, so they had to split up. Jeremy took one of the escape ships and turned the UGF off their tail as Isaac and Lynn sped off towards the frontier.

    The two hadn't heard from Jeremy for a long while after that, and they feared that the worst had happened to their friend. They were still on the run from the UGF, but after nearly a year of running away, it seems that they were finally able to shake their pursuers. Isaac promoted one of the promising captains of the Skyriders to leader, and he settled in an old town on the edge of the galaxy with Lynn. They were welcomed almost as heroes, as most everyone who lived there did so thanks to the efforts of the Skyriders. Isaac and Lynn were able to have their first child, a boy, and four years later their daughter was born. The two were proud parents, and raised their children objectively, teaching them everything they needed and wanted to know. However, when their son was 17, the UGF finally caught up with them and the town of outlaws. A massive firefight ensued, one in which Lynn was killed. The town had successfully fought off the UGF, but they would be back, and Lynn's loss weighed heavily on Isaac's shoulders. His son blamed him for her death, saying that he wasn't there to protect her, and in a darkly amusing twist of fate, ran out on Isaac. At first, he tried to take his sister with him, but she refused to leave with him. Isaac took the two-hit blow in stride, but the experience left him somewhat exhausted; tired of the world, and those who would take advantage of it. He spent the next five years continuing to raise his daughter to the best of his ability, until he received a letter from an old friend...
    Equipment: His weapons include a pair of Stanwick Studs, and Lynn's Stanwick Razor. He has a mechanical prosthetic arm where his left arm should be, with a reactor built into it that turns from a blowtorch to a flamethrower, depending on how much power Isaac puts into it.
    Appearance: Isaac stands at a hearty six feet, and can nearly always be seen in his signature duster, Stetson hat, and bandana. The left arm on the duster is ripped off to accomodate for his mechanical arm, which acts exactly like a normal human arm. The reactor core glows a reddish orange, and is located where the elbow would be. Isaac's dark brown hair has since acquired a few strands of gray here and there, mostly due to age, but his mustache and beard haven't yet been touched by his age. He is lean, but muscular, even at 45 years old, and looks tough enough to take on a whole gang at once.
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  4. Ahaha, thank you! :D


    As a note to everyone else, Isaac's children are indeed open to roleplay as. There are some general guidelines I have for them, but otherwise they're fair game. Feel free to PM me if you want to take up one of those roles.
  5. Name: Lifira Flutterfire
    Race: Feynlin/"Fey," a race of animal-like humanoids. A hunter species and society, they are known as excellent bounty hunters and nomads, going where the food goes, and always leaving behind something to grow, to come back to later.
    Faction: Outlaw -- Fey rarely settle permanently--achieving space travel was a miracle in itself. From never registering or believing in paperwork, they are considered vagrants and outlaws.
    Age: 7 -- Young adult, age 23, in human terms.
    Occupation: Exterminator. Lifira deals with the never-ending supply of pests, from space roaches to large, local predators. They are, quite literally, the "bacon" she brings home every night.
    Personality: Lifira is very one-dimensional, concerned only with present matters and filling in the time. She rarely stays rooted in one spot, which makes the lock-down especially hard on her. She does not form attachments to people or things, as Fey are very transient. She also has something of a lazy streak, something that lead to her missing the last flight out of the planet. (She decided to watch the last five minutes of "BASH!")
    Bio: Like most Fey, Lifira was born to a traveling band of hunters. They never interacted much, and kept moving, never putting down roots anywhere. Lifira traveled to the planet after she couldn't wait for her family anymore, a decision she instantly regrets with the advent of the lock-down.
    Equipment: Shotgun, break-action (loaded directly into the barrel); kicks like a mule, but whatever it hits is considerably worse off. Hunting knife, for cutting apart prey. Claws, teeth, bat ears plus predatory instincts.
    Appearance: See left, only with red fur instead of skin. Add a more animal like appearance to a human, and you've got a Feynlin. Lifira is very, very short, and has the body of a small child; messy, spiky hair; bat ears and a razor sharp tail used as a whip. She wears dresses, shorts, and no shoes. Skull or animal bone accessories may appear on her person.
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  7. Name: Unknown Real Name. Nicknames: "Drake"
    Race: Draconian
    Faction: Outlaw
    Age: 243.
    Occupation: Hunt creatures; hired guard; hired hunter; bounty hunter; mainly a miner [Custom Draconian-made drill]
    Personality: Drake is a solitary creature; nobody has ever tried to become his partner or friend, so he doesn't try to get one. The only friend he had he outlived. He is lonely, but will be rare to show it. He can hide emotions like they don't exist, but is friendly enough to mess with people, in a friendly way, of course. He doesn't talk a whole lot about himself, and he doesn't like it when someone is trying to dig too deep too early. He is a Draconian; showing weakness is being a weakness, and pride can get in his way. He knows how to lead, but he does not believe in himself enough to do so.
    Bio: Drake was born and raised by the secretive and quiet Draconian Empire. Well, quiet when it comes to humans. The Draconian Empire is the biggest in the universe, far bigger than the human's. Drake, like all Draconians, was a soldier. For 55 year he trained, and for 75 years he worked as a soldier. For 3 years, he roamed the universe, until he found the human empire, and decided to settle down. 110 years ago, he settled, and he had made a friend. He outlived his friend within 40 years. He has been working on his mining operations ever since.
    Equipment: Standard-issue Draconian Military Battle-armor. Full-coverage helmet, torso, armguards, gauntlets, boots, and leggings. The armor has built-in stasis projectors, shield generators, and backpack-like extension on his back that contains it's Power Core, which recharges easily and quickly to power the suit. The suit itself has many pouches across a belt-like ring across his waist, and other pouches along the side of his leg, and the pouch's material is very strong. They carry anti-poisons, painkiller injections, explosive or smoke grenades, medkits, tools, and ammunition. He has a holster on either side of his armor, built-in, with Draconian-sized pistols in each. Also carries a Draconian kinetic assault rifle across his back. Winches are built in to his gauntlets, and the suit has a tactical GUI, radar, and a stasis shield, allowing for in-space operations.
    Appearance: About 9 feet tall, dark brown thick scale, the scale can also act against armor against lighter ammunition types, and blade weapons, with cat-like dark blue eyes. A 4 foot tail, with the same scale color, that slowly tapers out, and isn't really thick. Heavily muscled, with a spade-shaped head that juts forward on a 5" thick neck. No ears that you can see, and nostrils are at the end of his shovel-like head. Double-row razor-sharp teeth in his mouth, and extendable/retractable claws in his feet and hands.
    Draconian Info: Draconians [in my eyes] look pretty much what I put above, except light-blue, but not in this roleplay. They are very smart, they were genetically created a long, long time ago by a race called the 'Supremes.' They are very big, very strong, and very smart. By all means, Draconians are humanity's superiors in all ways but population, which Draconians fixed through a special form of cloning, and morality. Draconians are not limited like humans: they can kill and kill, and they will not care. WHAT they have killed might matter, but overall, they are a brutal race.
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  8. Sorry, been out of it for a while. Your profile is accepted, RogueSteeler.
  9. Putting my support in while I think of a character for this.
  10. Name: Wendel Augsburg

    Race: Called "Cherel" by humans.
    The Cherel (pronounced like the name Cherelle) are an amphibious race of humanoids which can survive in marshes or deserts. When switching between climates, they undergo a week of adaptive sickness which adjusts the sizes of organs and glands in their body - as well as certain neural functions - so that they can thrive in the new surroundings. Desert Cherel have longer claws and tougher membranes for digging for food and prey, as well as being more irritable towards non-Cherel, and inclined towards "packing" with other Desert Cherel. Their skin is much tougher and can absorb the impact of ballistics, allowing a Desert Cherel to take a few shots without armor - though they'll go down in a hail of gunfire. Wetland Cherel have shorter claws and more supple membranes for swimming, while the claws can still ravage aquatic prey. They tend to be more provisional towards others of all kinds, since they very easily thrive in wetlands. Their skin is only as strong as a human's, so they don't fare any better against ballistics. Cherel always avoid or pursue water depending on their necessities at the time. Feral Cherel will simply base it on the current climate, while civil Cherel will be more strategic about it. While the Cherel have their own civilization and have colonized planets, feral Cherel exist in small packs throughout the Cherel worlds.

    Faction: Outlaw
    Age: Equivalent to 27 human years
    Occupation: Lethal Security for Hire

    Personality: Currently in a Desert Cherel state, Wendel is irritable as expected, but another Cherel might call him soft-hearted. He's easy enough to talk to, so long as you watch your tongue. Most people do, on account of the fact that he can easily kill an armed man with his claws. Wendel's also got the social advantage of being raised by humans, and is thus rather partial to them. He doesn't mind shooting anyone he perceives as a bad guy, but he keeps his mind open to who's good and who's bad. He has decided that this world's people are the good guys in the conflict in question. He avoids any water sources on this world on account of the climate and the combat advantages of being a Desert Cherel.

    Bio: Wendel was born to a single mother on a wetlands colony, and lived there until a rogue UGF commander and his force took over, slaughtering Cherel to capture the lands. Smugglers took him in and left for the planet they live on now. He was named Wendel after he survived the adaptive sickness to Desert state. As a Desert Cherel, he was by no means easy for humans to raise, but he turned out well, and became partial to humanity due to his upbringing.

    hoh boy (open)
    Primary - High-Caliber, Double-Barreled, Break-Action Revolver. Pulling the hammer back results in firing off two shots. Bayonet attached for close combat.

    Primary Off-Hand - Falchion

    Secondary - Bullpup Anti-Personnel Rifle with high-powered scope and two laser sights to ensure shot accuracy

    Auxiliary - Shoulder-Fired Anti-Armor/Anti-Infantry Rocket Launcher

    Show Spoiler
    He wears leathers with armor plates to give himself a professional appearance, as well as a piqueish Western-style hat

    Wendel towers over all but the tallest humans, standing at 6' 8" in a relaxed position, his snout facing forward.
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  11. Accepted! Few more and we're golden.
  12. Name: Alexandra Larsen. Only her father is allowed to call her 'Alexandra' though. It's Alex to everyone else.
    Race: Human
    Faction: Outlaw; she takes after her father.
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Aspiring Engineer/Mechanic
    Personality: After her mother died in the UGF raid, the bright, bubbly girl known as Alexandra faded away, replaced by a serious, grim woman called Alex. It's obvious in her actions that she's very similar to her father; she deals with pain well, is rather stoic, and tends to have a foul mouth at times. She almost always seems to be a little grumpy, with a permanent scowl plastered on her face. All the same, Alex shares her father's thirst for justice and sense of guardianship over loved ones. Surprisingly gritty for an eighteen-year-old girl.
    Bio: Born on the frontier to two outlaw parents, growing up wasn't a soft, fuzzy experience. While her parents were very loving, it was the harsh environment of the planet that made her childhood a little more dangerous than most. She learned to handle herself at a young age, from having an older brother that enjoyed picking on her, to becoming a playground tyrant that didn't take any crap from anyone. Once she turned ten, she became a sweet, bubbly girl. She might have stayed that way were it not for the UGF raid. She reverted to a more gruff version of her childhood self; she was grumpy when she didn't her way (and generally when she did) and preferred to knock out someone's teeth instead rather than trying a diplomatic approach.

    After her brother tried to drag her off after their mother's death, Alex decided it was best that she find something to do to occupy her time. She ended up spending a lot of time around the mechanic, watching him fix up engines and vehicles. The mechanic taught her a bit, gave her a few tools, and set her on her way. She turned out to be rather skilled with machines, creating her own multi-tool gauntlet at 16. The next two years she spent constantly refining and remaking her gauntlet, adding and removing tools constantly. She considered asking her father if she could set up her own workshop so she'd have something more to do, but never got the chance to ask him. Her old man received a letter from an old friend, and immediately Alex decided she'd stick with him.
    Equipment: Her multi-tool; a mechanical gauntlet that goes up to her elbow and contains a multitude of useful add-ons. The gauntlet itself makes her arm seem slightly larger than it actually is, which is another asset on it's own; the heavy metal construction gives for a nasty punch. Included in the toolkit are a small blowtorch, a small razorblade, varying lights, a screwdriver, hammer, file, wirecutter, drill, and nailgun. There is also a fairly large blade attachment she's working on, and a modification for working with engines.
    Appearance: Alex takes after her mother; she is slightly pale, with black hair and somewhat delicate features that are misleading to her actual personality. She's rarely seen smiling, or making any other facial expression aside from scowling. She generally wears baggy pants that she tucks into her combat boots, and a tighter-fitting top. She's rather tall for a girl, standing at 5'9", though very slender and lean, weighing 130 pounds. Her hair is long and straight, her bangs cut short so as to prevent hair from getting in her eyes while tinkering. Her eyes are pale and grey, the only bright feature to her otherwise gloomy appearance.

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  13. Anybody up for some interspecies shipping?
    wink wonk
  14. Name: Arkikio. (known as Arkik the Merchant, or Arkik)

    Race: [Your species.] - Human

    Faction: [Outlaw, UGF, Settler] - Settler

    Age: [How old are you?] 23

    Occupation: [What do you do for a living?] - A traveling Merchant/Mercenary for hire. Travels around looking for his next adventure or sell.

    Personality: Arkikio is a very sociable person often found talking with his clientele before actually completing the task or after selling something. He doesn't have a particular place to call home except his small ship he calls Alice to remind him of his sister, whom disappeared after a series bandit raids that killed their parents. He tends to be very calm when conducting business but can be hasty and curious at times, and when in trouble, tends to "wing it" (as he says). He has extrasensory perception, allowing him to react very quickly and slice through bullets, as he dubbed Quicktime.

    Bio: [What is your history? What made you the person you are today?] - No rules on length, just use your common sense.

    -Arkikio was a settler on the frontier-land as he and his family of three


    [​IMG] ,





    Arkik, moved toward a new life away from crime. His mother was deeply rooted in the underground bandit empire and had many enemies. In fact, if it weren't for that. Arkikio would still be in one of the UGF settlements by now. But that was not the case, she soon died from a UGF raid on their colony which took her life and many of Arkik's friends. In an act to flee, they took the nearest ship to a colony far from the UGF which had worked for a time. But soon the bandits had located them and launched a series of raids upon their settlement, whittling away at their defenses until, the bandits lay at their doorstep. In the aftermath, Anther and Arkikio lay severely injured, and Alice dragging both of them away to bury them. However, Arkikio managed to collect himself and hold on for dear life, realizing that this life of crime set by his parents was not for him, he and Alice decided to split from his remaining father, bringing him to a nearby bandit town and patching him up.

    -2 years later (13 years of age) Soon later, Arkikio decided to split away from his younger sister (which was 9) and find his way throughout the worlds and come back for her. But she knew of his plan, and left 30,000 *insert money type* for him. With this money, he found a nearby UGF colony and purchased a used three seat spacecraft which he named Alice. To remind him of his promise to comeback for her...

    Equipment: [What sort of load are you hauling?] - Keep it to on-person equipment. Weapons, augments, tools, etc. Arkikio wields a carbon-steel blade which extends into a sword. A composite heretic bow that shoots heated bolts, and a set of gloves that allows him to wield it.
    *creds to Samouel from deviantART* http://samouel.deviantart.com/
    *creds to Samouel from deviantART* http://samouel.deviantart.com/

    Appearance: [What do you look like?] - Can be description, image, or both; if image, put it under a link or crop it to a decent size. Images can be anime/art or photo/real life, just make sure it has personality and isn't a "model photoshoot" picture.

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  15. Accepted!
    The currency for this RP is Credits, sometimes shortened to "cred" in slang.
  16. So is the giant newt (Wendel) the only one with a rocket launcher? Really? You'd think mercenaries would be ready for armor!
  17. Credits. Ah thanks for the info.
  18. Btw. Is there anything else that we should know, that would help us to write in our roleplay?
  19. Mm, not particularly. I tend to develop lore as the RP dictates, and answer questions when problems arise. If there's anything specific you want/need to know then feel free to PM me, though.

    We should be good to go. I'm gonna give Kylen another day, and then we'll get this show on the road. And by day I mean we'll be starting on the 10th. There's no character limit though, so anyone can make a character at any time.
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