Ride in a dryer!

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  1. [video=youtube;XxcGRBcXeuo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxcGRBcXeuo[/video]
    I know this isn't a news article but when I saw this.. I had a hard time believing it. Tell me what y'all think. Would you have done this? I feel like that's a stupid question, but I am kinda.. speechless.. I suppose? I dunno.. All I can think is poor child.. Just tell me what you think.

    Relating it to roleplay... I guess I could ask if your character would ever do this.. OR if your character has an odd back story involving an odd incident? Anyway.. Yeah..

  2. I was traumatized when my cat snuck into my laundry and got put in the dryer....
    Then again, the scene in that stupidass movie Roommate scarred me for life, I think. >:[
    What I'm saying is that this is irresponsible. It's a kid! And not an accident! What the hell?

    Kinda makes me wonder if the kid is going to grow up afraid of dryers or something, though.
    If not vaguely brain damaged from it...
  3. Appearently, Youtube just decided to remove the video because it violates the terms of service. Weird. Anyways, based on the title, this is something that should not happen to anyone in their lifetime, and their parents should be made aware of what it means to bring up a child.
  4. I fixed the video >.>
  5. I've been horrified of dryers since I watched 1000 Ways to Die T^T

    That's so mean! I would never ever put someone in a dryer! T^T
  6. If I ever saw someone do this I would first get the kid out of the dryer and then proceed to beat the living day lights out of the parents for doing something so irresponsible and dangerous. I mean seriously who, besides these people, does something like this?!
  7. The prents should be shot.

    At the very least not be allowed to breed anymore.

    If it didn't get so damn hot in the dryer, I would have loved to try it when I was a kid....but yeah..it gets freakin' too hot. Cooked kids is no good.
  8. *Jaw Drops* I've known this to happen in anime, but to see it happen in reality......is surprising.

    Makes me think: Do most anime creators get their ideas from real life situations at times?
  9. When I was little I used to hide in the dryer. It was small, dark and hidden so it seemed like a naturally good hiding place. Of course, I've never ridden in one while it was on. Nor did my parents put me in there on purpose.

    That being said, that video was absolutely crazy. I am not sure what else to even say about it.
  10. This. Spoken like a true Dryer Ninja such as myself.