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  1. Riddle:
    "A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved."

    Have you ever created a riddle for someone to solve before? Riddles tend to rely on word having multiple meanings and metaphors to express details about an object. They can be rewarding to solve, especially if they're very difficult and clever.

    My challenge to you is thus:
    I want you to create a riddle to be solved!
    Make sure you include the answer, behind spoilers or something.

    The dark back of the van is my lair,
    ropes and lines my gold and gems.
    Lurking therein until a brave knight of the sky
    comes to drag me out into onto the grass

    Polyester wings stretch across a field wet with dew
    and a fan breathes life into them as wicker creaks
    my body standing upright again at last
    what a relief it is to stretch!

    When my gypsy tent is billowed into the air
    my mouth is assembled
    I breathe fire in a great gust and ward off the chill of morning
    as I climb into the sky without a flap of wings.

    Every breath stands me straighter,
    every burst of fire sends me that much closer to heaven
    but without the fire's warmth I sink titanic
    back to Earth where the van waits in the field
    men like ants ready to anchor.

    My wings fall flat and are rolled up again
    my mouth disassembled, the smell of fuel in the air
    and wicker creaks again as my body retreats into the lair
    and the knights drive me home.

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    Hot Air Balloon
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  3. I am myself, until I meet you.
    Then, I am you.
    Unless, that is, you are me.
    If you are me, then I am me, but at the same time, I am you.
    If I am you, and you are me, then we are eachother, but not at all.
    What am I?

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  4. I am a symbol
    But not one used to write
    I have represented countless things
    From Revolution to Despotism,
    From Hope to Despair,
    From Peace to War,
    All across the globe
    From Russia and France
    To India and America.
    I have been held high in pride
    And destroyed in Defiance,
    Often by the same people.
    What am I?
    Answer: (open)
    A Banner
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  5. I strike swiftly, silently
    Surrounded by dark clouds in turmoil
    I am the harbinger of unseen sound
    The world around me is illuminated by my presence
    Yet Death and destruction is the only thing I leave behind
    What am I?
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    A bolt of lightning

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  6. You are... lightning!
  7. It breathes but has no hearbeat,
    It roars but it has no voice,
    It dances but it has no feet,
    New life can come from what it destroys.
    What is it?

  8. I strike from the air
    and from thy own hands
    from inside I destroy
    from outside I harm thee none
    Hot but cold you become,
    I confuse you
    Your body aches
    and with beaded sweat
    I roll off your forehead
    until all at once
    or slowly little by little
    I vanish to someone else.
    What am I?
    I am... (open)
    A Virus
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  9. Three lives have I;

    light enough to caress the sky;
    soft enough to sooth the skin;
    hard enough to crack rocks.

    What am I?

    Answer (open)
  10. It's a science one!

    Many things, I do not share:

    I cannot breathe but though I live
    In a place of light and heat
    There is no air to breathe
    The gas you all hate
    Is my byproduct waste
    I produce so much
    It's even in my name
    What am I, that lives
    Without breath but
    A complete jigsaw I make.
    Answer (open)
    A methanogen!

    (This is very hard and if anyone actually gets, good on you)
  11. I am the choice of captains, counts and tigers,
    And the perennial favourite of students.
    I am an early riser, born for the mornings,
    I bring strength for the day ahead,
    I am dry and I am solid,
    Yet wetness brings out the best in me.

    What am I? (open)
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  12. I store the knowledge of past civilizations, but I can be a lover, a murderer and your best friend.
    I move at a pace unknown.
    Those who use me use me more with each encounter.
    I take any shape and size.

    What am I?

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    A novel
  13. easy one.

    I hold the shroud to keep the rain in
    I'll snap if you try and drag me down
    I'm on planes, trains, and automobiles
    I have the shape, but I am not a promise

    What am I?

    answer (open)

    A shower curtain ring. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a movie that has a shower curtain ring salesman.
  14. That's right, enjoy your sweet reward. But I hold in me my child, who can't be killed by your wight chisels. He will grow out my grave, and he will become even greater than you.


    A peach!
  15. I am hated by the same beings that love me,
    I can unite people as well as cause strife,
    I live for a day before being revived in the night,
    I have turned my closest clients into zombies dependent on me.

    What am I?

    I am... (open)

    A smartphone
  16. I bring peace with me when I come
    But sorrow is my companion
    People fear my very possibility
    And my meaning is deeper than the deepest canyon

    I am the only thing every being has in common
    I have many forms, am seen many ways
    I come unexpected you can never know
    People count to me using years, months, weeks,and days

    There are many names I go by
    And all are true
    One is know to everyone
    Can you giess it before I come for you
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