PARTNER REQUEST Rick and Morty roleplay with my Morty OC


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Hey all, I'm Sarge and I'm 32 years old, so my partner needs to be at least 18+. I mainly roleplay MxM, but will do MxF or FxF if needed. I'm not a fan of doubling, but I can do that if you really want it. As for my post length, I just really try to match my partner. I can do one-liners, up to 3-4, maybe more paragraphs. I am fairly active in the evenings after work and mostly all day during the weekends.

For this rp, I'm not really looking for ships, this is a completely platonic rp.

Name: Morty (Em) His nickname for when I sometimes use him with other Mortys.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Eyes: greyed
Hair: Brown, grown and put in a hair tie to keep it back
Dimension: Z-93

Morty's world was overrun with zombies, eventually Morty and his Rick were the only survivors till Morty ended up getting bit. His Rick, in an attempt to save him tried to cure him but in the process got bit by Morty while he was in his zombie state. Now only half cured, Morty is on his own in a half zombie state, steering clear of other survivors for fear they would kill him and feeding off of animals instead of other humans.

Now, again, this doesn't involve romance, I'm just looking for a completely platonic roleplay where maybe Em won't be alone anymore. If you have a Rick OC, that's cool. If you have any ideas to add onto this, that would be cool too.

DM me if this interests you.