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  1. Alright,

    So for those who don't recognize me. I WAS a mod on RpNation for about a year until the site owner decided to kick(figuratively) all the mods. Then all the mods left and he threaten to ban any of us who try to defend ourselves against the lies he was telling the whole site. Now I keep getting harassed over things I know nothing over.

    To sum up the story. I am angry and need a new place to RP at. :)

    I love Fantasy mostly! Magic, dragon and elves oh my. Anything that can help me escape from my life. I mean, my life is fine! I just don't like roleplaying what I can easily go out and live.

    I mostly like 1x1 over group roleplays and I am willing to try anything once!

    So Iwaku, I am here to make friends and roleplay to my hearts content. :)
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  2. Oh Ricia, Do I have a rp for you :D!!

    First off, welcome to Iwaku, don't forget to press all the buttons before you do anything.

    In a little bit here I am going to be starting work on a huge fantasy rp project, keep your eyes open for it!

    Until then good luck and be welcome!

    Iwaku is a great place and we all love new comers!
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  3. Hey Ricia! :D
    Welcome to Iwaku!
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  4. Hey there~

    Welcome to the site; hope to RP with you anytime soon.

    PD: Sad story :( sorry, all the previous mods of RPnation, may you all find peace.
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  5. Oh wow! Ricia! I remember you!

    I ended up migrating here as well, but with my roleplay group several months back when we were banned from RpN ourselves. XD

    I've found this to be a wonderful place to roleplay, and have personally made it my permanent roleplaying home. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. ^_^
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  6. Thanks guys! I am not very happy about it.. but nothing I can do. Literally. He is site owner. T.T

    But im excited to what is around. ^^
  7. Hey, if you are looking for a Group RP, I'd suggest you mine. (Link in my sig). It's basically parkour with a bit of fantasy and sci-fi. It has been pretty... well... almost dead, I'm struggling to keep it up, but I'm going to revamp it soon so feel free to check.
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  8. I'm not a group RP kinda person, but thank you for the offer. ^^
  9. Ssshhh, we dun like to say bad things about other sites! Especially since we recommend these other sites to people that end up hating Iwaku! O__O

    But welcome to the community! :D Hopefully our community will fill your needs!
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  10. Hi Ricia! I was also a member of RpN most recently, although due to a few compatibility issues I ended up coming back to Iwaku. (: Looking forward to seeing some of your work around here! *newb high-five
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  11. Yeeeaaaahh... ^^;;

    Thank you for the welcoming!
  12. Uh? Sorry for my ignorance then.
  13. I was trying to decline politely? :\ Did I strike a corde?
  14. Sorry things went south on RpN, here's to hoping Iwaku will be everything you need and more! :D
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