Richland Heights (Condemned)

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  1. You know this place. You see it on the way to work, the apartment that always catches your attention and makes you contemplate why it sends shivers down your spine at even the briefest glance. You know it's been condemned for years, the red tape around the lot always there, and you know you've always wanted to see why.
    It looks the same as every other little apartment complex, paint peeling and rust growing, but it feels different. You think you've read an article about it but you're not sure. Whatever this feeling is, you've convinced your buddies that it's worth a midnight ghost hunt.
    But will you be hunting ghosts... or will they hunt you?

    This is your survival, I'm interested in what people think they would do, and I would LOVE if you would make a character based on your personality traits. If you want to make a japanese guy who happens to be a master at martial arts and parkour for the sake of being able to fight and dodge everything, this is not the RP for you.

    Physical Appearance (picture/written/both):
    Something you believe makes you unique:

    I don't want your history, it doesn't make a difference in this story, as a person you can divulge that information to the others in the RP itself. I'm very open to suggestion and if you have an issue please don't hesitate to let me know.

    HOWEVER, if you're mad because you died you'll have to deal with it. I'm looking to keep 1 person alive at the end of this and I'm not playing favorites for who it is. I'm playing the boogeyman in the closet and you're the prey, so just have fun.

    Final note: I'm looking for no more than 5 characters for this RP, but order of application doesn't make a difference. If I feel like your character doesn't fit the RP I'll let you know and you can choose to edit or opt out. (NOT THAT I EXPECT MORE THAN 5 PEOPLE TO APPLY)

    Final final note: I've been out of the storytelling game for a while, so please bear with me, but I'm looking to have a lot of fun, I hope anyone who joins has fun as well.
  2. Name: Marlo Wilde

    Physical Appearance: Short and slightly curly blonde hair, brown eyes and wire-rimmed square glasses, a round-ish face, and a curvy body. She is a little on the short side, only 5'4", but doesn't believe it matters. Most of the time she wears a button-up shirt and dark pants, and always has a hat and a plain steel ring on, along with various necklaces and other accessories. She has pale skin from years of spending her time inside than out. Marlo has a scar on the back of her right hand, barely visible now.

    Age: 24

    Profession: Studying to be a robotics engineer, but is currently an artist and writer, though she isn't famous for either.

    Something you believe makes you unique: She believes to have had 'paranormal' experiences in the past, but nothing in recent years. She is a firm believer in the supernatural, but is quiet about it.
  3. Name: Richard 'Ricky' Dawkins

    Physical appearance: A bit taller than average at 6'5", short messy brown hair, averagely handsome but kind face, squared jaw under a goatee, dark greyish blue eyes covered by square black plastic glasses. He's a large man, giving off an impression of physical strength while not exactly being muscled. Generally wears slightly worn jeans, a black zip-up hoodie featuring an Aperture Science logo on the chest and across the back, and a pair of simple black converses, worn with use.

    Age: 20

    Profession: Studying to be an actor, as well as aspiring to be a Lets-Player with a YouTube partnership. Makes ends meet working at a local Starbucks.

    Something unique: Ricky fancies himself quite the comedian, he's always up for a laugh and tries to be an entertaining as possible around others, even succeeding at times. He does this to try and hide a deep sense of loneliness and solitude, and as such he craves attention and doesn't do well when forced into isolation.
  4. I. Am. Now. Excited. Those characters are freaking awesome, it's exactly what I was hoping for. All we need are at least 2 more people.
  5. Name: Charlotte Hunt

    Physical Appearance: Long rusty brown hair with deep green eyes. About 5'6", a pretty average height. Has a pallid complexion with few freckles sprinkled over her skin. Weighs around 120lbs; healthy but slightly thinner than average. She is usually seen in a tank and flannel paired with torn/patched jeans. Accessories include a pentacle choker and chain ankh necklace.

    Age: 19

    Profession: Currently working towards a bachelor's degree with a part time job at a department store

    Something you believe makes you unique: Charlotte is a pretty impressive artist. She does anything from painting to just plain sketching. In elementary school she was always doodling and as she got older she discovered her talent. She has successfully done multiple realistic potraits of people and has managed to make a few extra bucks at local craft fairs.
  6. Okie dokie, well if you guys want to start it with just 3 people, I'm good for that. We could always give it a couple days just in case, but it's y'alls decision.