Rich but lonely ....[Male or Female Needed]

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    Aria comes from a rich family. Good new? She doesnt brag about it. Bad news? She hardly speaks at all...
    Aria is known to be a loner is school, as she sits at the back of the class by herself or sits at lunch by herself. There are many rumors being spread about her such as; "Her family worships the devil!" Or "I heard she murdered her family!" Or even "I heard she sold her voice to the devil so she can live forever!" Fortunately for Aria, none of these are true. She isnt known to have any friends to talk to, but when she does speak, its very soft and quiet. Aria is already known to be bullied for being rich, maybe thats why she doesnt speak to she wont be bullied again.

    Age; 17-18
    Appearance: Same as picture
    Clothes: Wears black a lot.
  2. I'm interested!
    What more are you looking for in the story line?
  3. Just
    general romance i guess :P I dont want to tell you how I would like your RP to fit mine lol i think that would be mean :P Just send me a starter in the message box thingy and i'll follow along lol
  4. I'd love to do it