Rich and Poor Love.

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  1. Aria seemed to be liked a lot around the school. She had many friends and a lot of guys fell eagerly in love with her. The main reason why is because she was rich; her mother was a lawyer and her father was a successful business man. Aria was grateful with all she had but that's all people ever seemed to notice her for, her money. Its like the Great Gatsby, everyone could love your money but once you're dead, no one would care. She'd only be none as the girl who had the most money. She wouldn't be known as the girl with the best laugh or the girl with the best personality or not even the girl who was just nice all around. As much as she seemed to always have a smile on her face, this feeling that no one actually cared about her, killed her inside.
  2. Nils was the boy who always kept out of the spotlight, he hated being the center of attention and he did his best to be as unnoticable as possible. This was because of two things. First, he was poor. His father abandoned his mother when Nils was born, leaving the distraught woman to raise her child alone. Nils grew up in a small apartment, clothed in secondhand clothing and playing with donated toys. His mother worked two jobs to support them both and therefore was often not around to raise Nils. Secondly, Nils had mismatched eyes. A rare genetic defect caused Nils to be born with one green eye and one blue eye. This led to Nils often being bullied and teased. Upon entering highschool Nils kept to himself. Only speaking if needed and barely interacting with his classmates. It was lonely at times but Nils prefered it to being in the limelight.
  3. As class began, Aria sat with down with some friends and they immediately started talking. They were pretty loud, they'd talk about anything. Video Games, Anime, Drama, TV Show, it was like they couldn't hold one decent conversation without switched into a new topic. Aria had long brown hair and she always seemed to keep a smile on her face. She didn't have a certain style of clothing, she would just wear whatever she felt like wearing that day. She looked around and waved at everyone with a friendly but cheesy smile, "Haaaiiiiii!" She said loudly as her friend laughed at her loudness.
  4. Nils walked into the classroom and sat down in his seat next to a window. His dark blonde hair hastily combed over to slightly obscure his mismatched eyes. He was wearing his well-worn jeans and a plain grey t-shirt. Ignoring the usual loud chatter of his classmates, Nils pulled out a book and began to read.
  5. Aria loudly sat down with a huff. Her and her friend kept talking and talking. She looked at Niles, looked back, then looked again. Mismatched eyes? She never noticed that before. Aria looked at Niles closley and whispered to him, "Ohmahgosh...your eyes are so awesome.." Aria smiled and laughed, "Sorry, I dont mean to seem weird or crazy!" She laughed and looked away
  6. Nils blushed when Aria complimented him on his eyes. Shrinking down into his seat he mumbled "thanks..". Pretending to read his book he peeked over the cover to look at Aria. He stared at the back of her head a he tried to figure out why she had complimented him. Sighing he returned to reading his book as class began.
  7. Even though class had begun, Aria turned back around to talk to Niles, "You're one of those quiet people, aren't you? Don't worry, you don't have to be shy around me." She smiled but still looked him dead in his eyes, "Like, for real, your eyes are amazing. I wish there was something special about me!" She laughed to herself.
  8. Nils blushed slightly, " not really that amazing... I wish i had normal eyes, and i am sure there is something special about you.." Nils quietly talked to Aria as he shyly held his book, unsure of what to do now that a popular girl is talking to him.
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