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Roasted Chicken Hunt Discussion:
  • The dragon king was once good friends with the emperor in their childhood.
  • However, time passed and greed consumed this emperor. The dragon king noticed a change in his behavior, which merely sparked a confrontation between them, causing a rift in their friendship.
  • The dragon kingdom up in the sky holds twelve relics, one for each of the twelve layers, that keeps the kingdom intact and running properly.
  • One day, the emperor invited the dragon to his palace with the promise of making peace; however, a dreadful scheme lingered in the shadows of his mind.
  • He tricked the dragon king and froze him in the lake/quicksilver, and then went to attack his heavenly palace, stealing the powerful relics in the process.
  • The absence of the relics caused an imbalance within the kingdom, thus many calamities ensued, for which the human world also suffered.
  • The dragon king’s subjects and children, in the meanwhile, scattered about in the human world.
  • Fate would have it so, however, that the emperor’s misdoings would bite sharply back, for more powerful figures rose and the empire was divided into smaller kingdoms. A war between these kingdoms ensued as they fought over the relics.
  • In time, China was divided between __ kingdoms, slowly self-destructing, with all twelve relics scattered between them. These relics were enormous sources of power, with which they used to develop weapons.
  • Ten years have passed since the emperor tricked the dragon king and stole the relics. In the chaos of it all, a dragonling fell from the skies and had been wandering aimlessly in the woods since then, taking peace in the quiet rivers and mountains, avoiding the chaos and bloody war that ensued beyond what her eyes could see.
  • When a nearby kingdom was vanquished, a human girl took refuge in the forests, thus meeting the isolated dragon for the first time.
Rat - Intelligence , agility
Ox - Determination
Tiger - Strength
Rabbit - Charm
Snake - Wit
Horse - Independence
Goat - Calm
Monkey - Agility
Rooster - Integrity
Dog - Loyalty
Pig - Honesty
Dragon - Rulership

I read such a sad story
Actually not really, but I just felt saddened over it
and it was a side story to the main story, but better than the main story and I wish they had their own story
But it was about a king and a queen that loved each other, but as the king was being manipulated he believed that the queen was betraying him, because she chose her brother over the paranoid (and dumb) king who had just been framed for treason
So to lure out her brother the king abuses the queen, forcing her to swear loyalty, forcing her to wear a ring that symbolises said loyalty, and ultimately killing her when her brother marched for her
And the king regrets this act later, after the bro dies as well. And then he commits suicide while drawing a picture of the queen
And because he committed suicide he is punished to become a grim reaper in which he had to lead away souls without having a life himself with his name erased and all
While the queen returns to reincarnate and all. And he falls for her again, triggering all of their memories together and shit goes down
And they still don’t get their happy ever after as his reincarnated queen decides that the best punishment she can give him is by never falling for him and always avoiding him
And then she does so. Grim reaper is sad and the next time he sees her (also the last again) is when she dies as a happy old woman and he has to send her off to the afterlife(edited)
And he is just heartbroken because it wasn’t him
And there is an epilogue where the grimreaper paid off his debt and is allowed to reincarnate again and does so together with the queen and they live happily ever after, BUT I LIKE MY BITTERSWEET ENDINGS SO I WILL IGNORE THE EPILOGUE BECAUSE IT WAS SILLY AND ONLY MEANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD

Character(s) for Roasted Chicken Hunt:

Dayin Du
As the daughter of a merchant Dayin has always been travelling to and fro. Rarely did she stay around in one place for long enough to make close friends, but she did make friendly meetings as she returns. Taught to be as business savvy as her parents are she grew up surrounded by the constant reminder of haggling. With a fine eye for quality, and a deep understanding of economics, Dayin rarely pays more than she needs to.

With the state of the world as it is now, and the nature of her parents' business Dayin isn't uncomfortable with dressing herself as a male. Though she rarely fools anyone, with her feminine mannerisms, and round features, she can at least keep up a lower profile in these times where wars are as common as the rising sun.

Not knowing any better than a world in constant chaos, and fighting over the relics, Dayin has never believed in the existence of gods, or superstition. She doesn't denounce it, but she has no reason to put her faith in prayer either. A critic with an eye out for all sorts of possibilities.

Ahjin Wang
The tenth prince of the tenth concubine of the emperor of the south kingdom. Ahjin, has little chance of claiming the throne despite his virtuous name. A position he certainly doesn't mind. With little, to no expectations assigned to him Ahjin lives his life to the fullest, while still being attended to like the crown prince. Surrounded by a dozens of maids, and all the riches he could hope for, Ahjin has little left to yearn. However, it also leaves him with little of his own, as everything that he has, his brothers own as well. There is nothing in the palace that makes him stand out from the rest of his family, and that is what bores Ahjin, who dearly loves to be special.

As such the spoiled prince is an avid collector of rarities. Things that no one ever believed to be true. Things that were deemed to be a mere legend. Prince Ahjin is a treasure hunter, who will pay anyone finely if they can bring him something truly out of this world. Something his brothers don't have already, something even the emperor doesn't have. Something he can boast about as being the only person around to have it.

A selfish, and spoiled playboy he is. Ahjin loves to drink, and do little work. The prince is everything you expect a prince to be, pampered and comfortable, arrogant and confident. Charming as well, and many like to flock around him for his charms and status.
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Characters for Rapunzel:

Belle 'Tinker' Hook
- A tinkerer of sorts, which earns her the nickname 'Tinker'.
- Daughter of Captain Hook, who is a fugitive.
- She is more noble than her father, as she is loyal to the kingdom as their weapon master.
- Playful before, uptight after the war, she has lost a lot.
- Playful with loved ones, cold to strangers.
- Wants the princess back to bring peace and prosperity.

- Working for the reward that was promised. (Hopes to get a pardon for his crimes)
- Is pretty greedy and selfish.
- Grew up with utterly nothing, and had to fight to survive.
- Flippant and whimsical on the surface, but scarred and bitter underneath.
- Has a curse in which he will obey anyone who say his real name.
- Hides his real name and goes by as Rumpelstiltskin.
- Has PTSD from the war.
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