Rhoderia City- dark fantasy, urban setting

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  1. I play tabletop D&D and created an expansive city for my players. While they used it, I feel like the full potential wasn't reached. So I'm starting a group RP here to allow the city to really come alive. It's of course based in AD&D but there is no reason people with no background in that game can't join.

    Rhoderia City includes:
    • Multi-generational war- leaves homeland neglected
    • Militaristic government- forced into brutal policing for lack of manpower
    • Merchant guilds- jealously guard their wealth with mercenary protectorates
    • Smugglers- offering salvation from the hellhole
    • Thieves Guild- a once prominent part of city life, now segregated to the slums
    • Demi Human v Human ethnic conflict- scapegoated for terrible disease of near memory
    • The ASF- a shadowy group of violent criminals to some, a liberation force to others
    Looking forward to seeing you navigate the twists and turns of dark and desperate city, where no decision is without consequence and no path is without danger!

    Start a conversation with me to discuss characters, thank you
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  2. Do you have a link to the OOC or signup page?
  3. Yes but I'd prefer that we first have a conversation about what type of character you'd like to play. I want to write situations that would best fit the classes/characters of the players
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.