Rhapsody: A World Without Color

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  1. This is an idea I am reviving from WAY back when Iwaku 1.0 was on Proboards under the admin Peridox.

    It isn't even my idea. I want to say it was Reikei's idea originally.

    At any rate:

    The world is without color. Everything is black, white, and shades of gray. This is how the world has always been. Until one day, someone walks into the village looking very strange. They aren't white, or black, or gray. They look different. Vibrant. Alien.

    The people of this world do not know what to make of her. We would say she had color.

    This girl, Rhapsody, is journeying across the gray world with a touch capable of creating hues where previously there was none.

    Your role is up to you - Perhaps you are intrigued by these new hues and want to see what they are all about, joining Rhapsody on her quest. Maybe you are terrified of what this would do to the world and want to see her stopped. Perhaps instead you just heard about her from the rumor mill and are now looking to study her, beholding the colorful changes she leaves in her wake.

    Questions arise: Who is Rhapsody? Why is she different? What is this color she is bringing? How does this change everything the world knows?
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  2. This sounds like it could be real fun. Are you still up for it? I know its been a few days since you posted this.
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  3. Oh um I love this book, I can't think of the name though .-. except it's music and colors but yeah I'm interested
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  4. I am still down with making it happen.
  5. @Dramma


    i just sent you both an invite to the group thread
  6. I dont see mine yet
  7. You gotta go to the um thingy, the groups tab and it should appear on the left?
  8. I'm interested. Discussing the world this takes place in, is it a modern, normal world or one of fantasy? As in strange races and magic and such.
  9. Didn't get em.
  10. sent it again

    check under the "My Groups tab"
  11. I got it :)
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  12. This sound interesting. If you're still looking, can I join in?
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  13. Room for one more? ^^
  14. sent you an invite
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  15. I didn't get it. ^^; And I checked under the My Groups tab, too.
  16. wait a bit. the other location is a PM that iwaku automatically sends with the invite.
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  17. Ah, okay. Will do. :)
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