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  1. Ever wandered what'd happen if something else happened during a character's story?

    Like, what if Master Chief somehow managed to stay on the half of the Forward onto Dawn and make it back to earth? Or if Leon or Chris somehow didn't continue after their big adventures and married their love interest, started a family. Living happily ever after?

    These questions constantly go through some fans heads.

    Now, here's the chance to live it.

    Story: Something has thrown the timelines to shift and go off track. Changing beginnings and endings. Switching lives. Allowing villains to go unchanged all the while teaming up. In order to right wrongs and set things back to normal. A group of 'people' have decided to group together characters with unique skills.

    This is where you come in. The character, pulled from your franchise to save what basically is the multiverse.

    Basically, you will be playing a character from your favorite series. Should it be video game, TV or movie. Even books as well. Only, the ending has changed....In a direction you choose.

    But, that is if you want to do so. For you can also have it so the character was pulled from mid-story or otherwise.

    But first.

    Franchises you can choose from. [If you do not see a series that is on this list, do PM me or one of the GMs.]
    Resident Evil
    Devil May Cry
    Black Butler
    Darker Than Black
    Scooby Doo
    Doctor Who
    Metal Gear Solid
    Dark Souls, OCs are permitted.
    Bloodborne, OCs are also permitted.
    Call of Duty
    Assassin's Creed
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Fairy Tail
    Lords of the Rings
    Hotline Miami
    Percy and the Olympians
    Team Fortress 2
    Grand Theft Auto
    One Piece
    Red Dead -Revolver and Redemption.-
    Steven Universe
    Dead Space
    Batman Arkham Series
    Ghost in the Shell
    Dragon Ball Z
    Whatever other series we can't think of at the moment!

    Cast List
    Jason Todd - The Outsider
    Edward Lockwood - The Outsider
    Vector - The Outsider
    Adam Jensen - The Outsider
    Jacket - The Outsider
    Snake - The Outsider
    Gray Fox - The Outsider
    Morgana - CynderTheDragoness
    Shruikan - CynderTheDragoness
    Penance/Robbie Baldwin - The Outsider
    Alucard - Victor Markov
    Deadpool - Victor Markov
    Sorena - CynderTheDragoness
    Isis - CynderTheDragoness
    Scooby Doo - LuckycoolHawk9
    Steven Lasket - LuckycoolHawk9
    Burēdo - WitchcraftIsScience
    Seras - Cirilla
    Dante - Cirilla

    Background -If OC.-
    Appearance: -Pic if possible.-

    1: Don't Godmode
    2: Respect GMs and other roleplayers.
    3: Be somewhat realistic, as in. One character can't be at one spot, then at another spot/location that'd take a few days to reach by normal means.
    4: When selecting a franchise. Please don't choose one with characters that can one hit people. I.E Death Note.
    5: Have fun!

    Co GMs: Victor Markov
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  2. Name: Alucard
    Age: immortal
    Franchise: Hellsing
    Powers/Abilities: see the wiki
    Skills: see the wiki
    Background -If OC.-
    Bio: see the wiki
    Appearance: -Pic if possible.-see the YouTube vid linked to this post.

    Name: deadpool, wade Wilson
    Age: unknown
    Franchise: marvel
    Powers/Abilities: breaking the fourth wall, healing factor, combat mastery, Teleportation, psychic immunity, inhumanly strong, razor sharp reflexes
    Skills: Swordsmanship, marksmanship, hand to hand combat,making people wonder what the fuck he's thinking let alone talking about.
    Background -If OC.-
    Bio: see the wiki

    Appearance: -Pic if possible.- Deadpool-wallpaper-10839409.jpg
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  3. Spoiler
    Name: Vector
    Age: Assumed 20s
    Franchise: Resident Evil
    Powers/Abilities: He wields a cloaking device that renders almost completely invisible. [Unless he shoots a gun, throw a grenade.] And a device that allows him to disguise himself as the enemy. Though, this too is interrupted by firing off his weapon, and it is not 100% perfect. Since he copies the target's complete look. Which would be suspicious if a soldier saw two copies of his allies.
    Skills: Extremely skilled in Marksmanship, Hand to Hand combat as well as reconnaissance. He also shows skill in chemistry and endurance.
    Bio: His past is virtually unknown. The only information that is known is that he was trained by HUNK and made his pupil. And that he didn't join Delta Team til he was handpicked by a higher up. After dozens of missions, he was among the small four person team that went into Raccoon City to destroy evidence. And one of the few to abandon the mission as Umbrella betrayed them. Though, that little move didn't go so well. As Umbrella ordered several loyal members of Wolfpack to kill him along with the others. Unfortunately for them. Vector managed to elude them and hide himself in the bowels of society. That is until he was contacted by twins who were a bit. Weird. Who offered him a proposal. Join this group, or be left behind to die. Needless to say, he made the logical choice. He joined.
    Theme: Radioactive.
    Appearance: 0Vector-Again-3-vector-orc-31159371-880-724.jpg

    Name: Edward Lockwood
    Age: 25
    Franchise: Bloodborne
    Powers/Abilities: Enhanced speed, stamina and strength. As well as the ability to heal rapidly via usage of "Blood vials." Another thing is that he can use a form of magic, involving blood or something along those lines.
    Skills: Like most Hunters, Edward is skilled in fighting with a variety of tools, or trick weapons as called by some. He does show some skill in marksmanship, though it will never be his first run to in a battle.
    Background: Coming from a moderately financially kept family. Edward was the mute one in a group. Only nodding or some other gesture to communicate. And everything was normal til he heard about a plague of beasts and receiving a summons to Cainhurst Castle. So, mid travel, he became ill with a deadly disease. That was so bad he had to stop in Yharnam to get treatment. It was there, he was offered a contract by a kindly old man who had a 'cure' to his disease. Jumping at the chance of living.....But, Edward couldn't remember much after signing it. Save for receiving a blood transfusion and blacking out. Waking to a nightmare. A city overrun with beasts. And creatures that only a fever dream could produce. Only after defeating a former hunter. Gascoigne. That Edward was contacted by a strange man with a black mist around him. And the darkest eyes. Who offered him a job. One that would involve him teaming up with other 'individuals.' Curious, he accepted. And was thrusted into a realm to meet other people with strange skills.
    Appearance: 011137980_1553933814869390_620502387_n.jpg

    Name: Jason Todd
    Age: 21
    Franchise: Arkham Series
    Powers/Abilities/Gear: Powerful Handguns/Handcannons, Grapple Gun,
    Skills: Weapons Master, Marksmanship, Tactical Analysis, Intimidation Specialist,Peak Human Conditioning, Stealth Expert,Master Martial Artist, Master Escape Artist, Master Acrobat

    Bio: Jason was the second Robin, sidekick to Batman. But that changed when the Joker captured him, torturing him til he was willing to reveal Batman's true identity. But, got interrupted by the Joker who shot him. But didn't kill him, as Joker had Jason wear body armor, to trick Batman into giving up the search. After this, the torturing continued. Til Joker hired Deathstroke to kill Jason. But Jason somehow persuaded Deathstroke to not kill him, in exchange for millions. Which he "acquired" by hacking into Bruce Wayne's multiple bank accounts.

    Some time later, he became the "Arkham Knight." Via help of Deathstroke and Scarecrow. All with hopes of the chance for vengeance on Batman....But, he couldn't. Especially after forgiveness from Batman. Whom he saved from Scarecrow down the road.....And once Batman disappeared after the "Knightfall Protocol." He vowed to do what Batman couldn't. Protect Gotham, by any means necessary.

    Appearance: 0batman__arkham_knight__the_red_hood_by_thereal_redx-d91j0dp.jpg


    Name: Adam Jensen
    Age: 34
    Franchise: Deus Ex Human Revolution.
    Powers/Abilities: A variety of cardiovascular and muscular augmentations, such as an internal rebreather, a health system, an internal battery, and the Typhoon Explosive System. And his arms have a nanoceramic blade inside them that can be released at either the wrist or elbow for close quarters combat. Two more augmentations attached to his spinal column: a reflex booster and the Icarus Landing System. [Which allows him to safely fall from any height.] A cloaking device that allows him to be able to pass through lasers that'd normally trip an alarm. A CASIE Augmentation. Where he can "Read" someone's personality just by talking to them. And persuade them to his advantage. As well as a few hacking tools in his head. His eyes also are immune to flashbangs.
    Skills: Amazing marksman, hand to hand fighter, negotiator, and stealth.
    Bio: Adam was born with a mutation that was researched at White Helix labs, said mutation was the ability to "accept" augmentations. And not require chemicals to allow for acceptance from the body. But, when a fire was started. Only Adam survived with the help of an unknown person. He later was given to a nice family. Before he went on to several collages and academies. After this, he went into a Police career. Eventually SWAT. But was fired due to him not firing on a suspect. Before being hired as Security Specialist at Sarif Industries. At the suggestion of his girlfriend, Megan Reed. But, as she was the rise with research that could help people's bodies accept the Augmentations, she and a few others were kidnapped by an unknown group who later nearly killed Adam. Crippling him, and causing him to be augmented. Heavily. Jumping ahead, Adam was later contacted by two people. One lady and one man who offered him a position on a team to save something very important.
    Appearance: 0e1972adf4da45a9d718c5282432e9521.jpg
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  4. [Update.]

    Personality and Gear can added onto CSs, should the character lack powers/special abilities.

    And a friend has suggested a little "teaser" of the intro.

    So, here goes nothing.

    Time: Unknown
    Location: Unknown.

    In a realm, where there was floating pieces of rock and buildings. Two people were conversing with a strange man.

    The two people looked very similar to the other one, as evident by their clothing color and style, hair color, eye color and skin features. But, one was male, and the other one female. These two people were the. Lutece Twins. Wonderful minds, a bit on the 'weird' side. The evidence being, how they're able to show up and disappear in a blink of an eye. See things from a different perspective. And finish each other's sentences.

    Their strangeness was only shared by the person they were talking to. The Outsider. A tall man wearing a brown coat, grey pants and shoes. Pitch black eyes. And the fact he was emitting black mist....And floating.

    "I assume you two are here for a reason aside from wanting to have a chat." He said.

    "We do. We assume you've seen the rifts?" Rosalind said. "Yes....They've been becoming more frequent...Caught me off guard when a......Creature appeared, saying it was the definition of chaos. Sent him back to his.....Universe." The Outsider replied.

    "A theory. If these rifts go unchecked..." Rosalind started before Robert finished with. "The worlds will merge into one. Something very-" "-unpleasant to experience firsthand." Rosalind was the one to interrupt her twin this time.

    "So, what do you propose?"

    The twins looked to one another, nodding before looking back to The Outsider. "When attempting to solve a problem outside of one's field. They should-" "-Get outside help. As low as it is. But, too many rifts to take care of, with just-" "The three of us." Rosalind began, before being interrupted by Robert who in turn was interrupted by Rosalind.

    The Outsider rubbed his chin in thought before nodding his head. "This could work out.....Go forth and.....Find volunteers, even if they're willing or not..." With that said, he vanished into black mist. Probably off to set things up.

    While with the twins, they too vanished. Off to find "volunteers."

    Hope that is good enough, and a side note. The Lutece Twins are from Bioshock Infinite, and The Outsider is from Dishonored.
  5. (WIP)

    Name: Sorena Courrier
    Age: 20
    Franchise: Supernatural
    Powers/Abilities: none
    Gear: a knife with runes carved into the blade. It can kill Demons. Other weapons include an array of sawed-off shotguns, usually loaded with rock salt, various rifles and pistos loaded with silver, iron, and the normal lead rounds. The keeps a rod of pure iron in the trunk of her car, a black '69 Dodge Charger.
    Skills: Fighting/shooting, survival. Finding weapons is ordinary objects.
    Background -If OC.-
    Bio: when Sorena was 16, her parents were killed. Her house had been haunted, and the ghost was out for blood. She managed to escape thanks to a pair of brothers who specialize in killing the paranormal and supernatural. Having had no other family to go to, and no one would understand what she had witnessed, Sorena's rescuers took her to a friend of thiers. The woman already had taken in two teenage girls who had been through things like Sorena had. She had a family again. Sorena had taken to following the older girl, even hunting with her. Now she hunts on her own. She catches up with her adoptive family every now and again, even hunting with the brothers who had saved her that day.
    Appearance: -Pic if possible.-
    Sorena is somewhat short, standing at 5'2" and weighting in at around 150 lbs, a lot of it being muscle. Her shoulder length brunette hair is usually kept tied back in a ponytail. Her hazel eyes are quite expressive, flaring a rusty red around the pupils when she gets angry. She has a tatoo over her left breast that matches the pendant of her necklace, which she never takes off.
    images (1).jpg

    Name: Isis Harmon
    Age: 18
    Franchise: Fairy Tail
    Powers/Abilities: Ice-Make Magic
    Skills: making objects/weapons from ice and fighting.
    Background -If OC.-
    Bio: Isis is one of Fairy Tail's newest members. Late in the discovery of the fact that she can use magic, she was trained by Fairy Tail's own Ice Mage. Much to her delight, she did not develop her teacher's habit of stripping. The most clothing she sheds is her coat. Being in Fair Tail, she has a strong sense of family and comradarie.
    Appearance: -Pic if possible.- Untitled_zps7818a706.png
    Isis has white blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is classicaly beautiful and curvy. She bares the Fairy Tail Guild Mark in sapphire blue on her right shoulder.
    (Her Guild Mark)
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  6. ~|Name|~
    Burēdo jiyū



    Ability, which is ment to generate explosions, to just explode. But with a little of creativity, power can be used for increasing kinetic energy for attacks, since explosion that he generates are mostly harmless for him, and even fly. Ability may also configure different characteristics of explosions - their range, their color, energy. Burēdo can also lock explosion in "cell" concentrating it to blast out of "cell" as combustic ray.
    Ability, to project series of invisible (or not) arms, which are given almost full power to manage organic matter - Ability is very graphical since it can simply cut off a humanoid creature head, so he uses it on enemies only in very dangerious situations. Ability can also work as transport for Burēdo, since he can project several arms, making "Bridge" - but that kinds of structures are very vulnerable, and with even small loss of concentration, they can simply fall apart.
    (P.S. Ability can be trained to affect on ALL kinds of matter)
    (P.P.S "Arms" can take form of elements near which they are// I.E. Burēdo is near water, he uses Vectors, and creates massive arm of water)
    ~Musical Manipulation~
    Ability, main point of which is projecting different kinds of music, which increase either speed, or strength, or other characteristics of person. Ability can also manipulate matter by different kinds of music, which are either projected through Burēdo's headphones, or through any other musical device which is close to him.

    Acrobatic swordfighting (I.E. - Pearl from SU)//Basic scientific knowledge


    Being born in city of Little Rock, in family of mixed Japanese immigrants, and American bankruptcies, he had mixed feeling towards any kind of luxury and aristocracy.
    His abilities awoken very early, erupting out of his body when he was angry. Family had to leave the city, since some people saw his abilities. At that moment, family broke up, and Burēdo had to live by himself.
    After 5 years of alone life, Burēdo was semi-trained with his abilities, and sometimes even helped people.

    Corpse Party PSP Theme ~ Remix

    Burēdo stands at height of 2,6 meters, which is very unusual for his age and body type.
    He has semi-long curly orange hair, with pink tips.
    He has piercing on his lips.
    His eyes are dark red in center, and bright yellowish-orange on ends.
    They have small spark, with two shining slice plumes on them.
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  7. @The Outsider
    Changed my CS a little bit - added more detalis to abilities, and added one more ability.
  8. Hmm . . is there a limit to characters used here? I kind of want to use both Scooby Doo and a Marvel OC of mine. @The Outsider
  9. The only limit is how much you can handle. In other words, make/play as a many characters as you can handle. @LuckycoolHawk9
  10. I think I will just do two. ( I have juggled 60 on another site, but damn it isn't easy) I should have my bios up in a bit, just working on other replies first. @The Outsider
  11. I'm working on my crazy antihero.
  12. My muse has been failing me as to creating bios for my characters. I can at least get physical descriptions up of tbem if I can't find a pictureto my liking.
  13. Name: Scobert ' Scooby' Doo
    Age: 7
    Franchise: Scooby Doo
    Powers/Abilities: Speaks English with a stuterer
    Gear ( Drawing from video games/ movies): Lantern, Megaphone, Jackhammer, football helemet, gum, parsol and some others I might.
    Personality: Scooby Doo is a somewhat cowardly dog who often runs from things that frightened him too. He however can be brave and fight his own fight if he needs too, though he will run first.
    Skills: Swordsmanship, Karate, Running
    Background -If OC.- N/A
    Bio: Wiki here
    Appearance: -Pic if possible.-

    Name: Steven Lasket Junior
    Age: 26
    Franchise: Marvel OC
    Powers/Abilities: He has super strength, quick reflexes and the inability to get drunk
    Skills: Is hyper intelligent, has high durability and is a master of one fighting type. He is a decent hacker if he puts his mind to it. Despite being a genius, he deflects it and often does not bring it up.
    Background -If OC.- Steven Lasket Jr. was born to Martha Lasket and Steven Lasket, a millionaire and his wife. A day after he was born, his father had vanished without a trace, leaving nothing but notes for his son about a incomplete genetic enhancement formula that he worked on fifteen years ago( the one that was originally in comics) and his mother was heartbroken but raised him to be a respectable member of society while hiding her grief. She did this for her whole life. When Steven was young, he got really into Captain America comics and found them to be an inspiration and the hero to be a pseudo- dad to him.

    By the age of sixteen he hired a team of scientists to genetically make him have the same powers as his hero. Believe or not, his mother was openly against it (really against that she tried to pay the scientists to NOT do it.) Sadly, despite her protests, Steven went through the process after the scientists completed the formula after two years but his mother interfered and was shot with the unstable version ( which had no harmful effect) which had a side effect making his mother younger, but nothing else. These scientists quit their job as they did not want to deal with the consequences of such an experiment.

    It took him another eight years more to find a new group of scientists to work on his project . However, these scientists happen to be HYDRA ( Unknown to Steven) and asked him to come to their special office to continue to work on them which was outside of his reality. He did not realize this at the time and finally finished the incomplete formula that his father had given him and the HYDRA scientists tested it on him. Due to some very specific oddites in the new formula, a few minor glitches happened with the second experiment. One such glitch was the reverse aging of Steven to look five years younger, along with his golden eyes. Another glitch was to look exactly like his hero physically but still retain certain aspects of himself ( his intelligence, personality, his beard and his hair) After the eventual success, the HYDRA scientists kept him there and allowed him to train his body. Due to the multiple breaches and the experiment itself,he was found by SHIELD and eventually grew to find out that he was the son of Tony Stark.

    Personality: Personality: Steven is generally an open guy who likes to talk to people, he occasionally subtly flirts with women and he is nice to his teammates. He can be quite sarcastic and somewhat unhinged during arguments to the point he cannot distgunish friend from foe, if this happens, steer clear of him. Another damging effect the serum had on him is that he will sometimes have memory loss and need things repeated to him. However, if you are his enemy, he is brutal with his tactics and can be quite cold but he will stop if he is ordered too.

    Gear: A copy of Captain's shield
    Bio: N//A, OC

    Appearance: -Pic if possible.-: Eyes are golden. He typically wears grey muscle shirt, a green leather jacket and jeans. He also wears sunglasses outdoors to hide his eyes.


    @TheOutsider ( All finished)
  14. And now we have the merc with the mouth. Expect a good deal of him breaking the fourth wall.
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