Rewrite the Future: Preventing the Apocalypse

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  1. “There is a large horde of undead at our gates, and our men can’t hold them much longer. What are your orders?” A courier informs me.
    I glance out the window from my tower, and look upon my facility.
    “Evacuate the facility, when everyone else is clear I’ll leave.”
    “But, the horde might have gotten too far for you to evacuate except by helicopter. You aren’t in that good a condition anymore.”
    “So be it, you have your orders. Any word on the Vampire Legion?”
    “They have responded to our calls and are sending a small force to deal with the zombies. They will be here in five hours however. Long after we will have needed to evacuated.”
    “The order still stands, evacuate the men and lock down as they get clear stall them as long as we can.”
    “Of course, I will inform them right away.”
    How did it come to this? How did so many die to gain our freedom after the end? How? The vampires, I knew since before the end, were a small underground organization of true vampires trying to prevent the destruction of the world. Their secrecy kept them safe, and more importantly alive. The zombies, good lord, were a true surprise. How did so many come into existence, and how did containment fail? How did the government screw up so badly that entire states were consumed by the horde? And they got angry when I led the rebellion that left them as a weak alliance of twelve states. Sixty eight years ago the pandemic reached critical mass.
    I never expected to become the leader of this way of life, I couldn’t see this coming if I had a crystal ball. Mankind never deserved this lifestyle.
    “If you feel that way, how about I give you a chance to stop this?” A dark booming voice echoes in my head.
    “Who are you?”
    “I have gone by many names. To the Greek I was Kronos, more recently I’ve been known as Father Time, much less intimidating, but an accurate title. I have grown weak, that is why time seems to drag on lately, and that is why aging has slowed. You only have this one chance to stop the event. You have one week until the virus is released and a month before it hits the point of no return. Do you remember your contact in the Legion?”
    “How did you know about him?”
    “I know all which regards time, especially crucial moments. Now tell me if you remember him.”
    “I do remember him; he died trying to protect me eight years ago.”
    “Ask him what happened on the Seventh of December? He will know what it means and he will trust what you say next.”
    “Who are you?” My courier asks the man that formed from a mist.
    “Are you ready?” Kronos asks.
    “What all will I have to prove myself?”
    “All that you need will be next to where you wake up. You will be in your body as it was sixty eight years ago. Are you ready?”
    “I’ll be in my twenties again? Do it.”
    I feel myself being cast through time, I see events reversing themselves. I am watching from outside my body. I am being cast back through time. All my work is undone state by state, township by township, block by block. I see my destination, my bed sixty eight years ago. I feel my conscious collide with my body and I jolt into awareness. I am in my apartment and it feels like I had a long vivid dream. On my dresser lies a pile of photos, war photos from my past… future. In the pile are war photos against the horde, against the United States Armed Forces that abandoned us for nearly ten years to deal with the growing horde on our own, war photos that even had the time stamp on them. I realize then, it all happened.
    I pick up my phone which is lying next to my bed and dial in the number of my contact from the Underground Legion as they call themselves right now.
    “Hey. What’s going on?” My friend inside the Legion asks.

    The events of this RP will take place in February 2013, and will start at the one week mark before the virus is released. I am planning on playing as the friend inside the Legion. The time traveler's gender, and other aspects are up to the creator, but the age must be in the twenties. The Legion is comprised of mostly vampires, and some humans (The time traveler is part of the Legion) who are committed to preventing apocalyptic catastrophes. A hostile faction of vampires, known as Bane Eternal, are the rivals of the Legion, and are trying to cause the cataclysm and gain power and control during the aftermath.

    While I doubt many will play as agents of Bane Eternal, it is an option, as is being a vampire or a human. I will accept no more than four total time travelers who will know of the future that I have mentioned. I'd prefer it split 2 Legion and 2 Bane time travelers, but I will be a bit flexible and accept 3/1 or 1/3 for time travelers. No one is Kronos.

    If you are interested here is a CS to work with:
    Age: (True and appear for vampires)
    Race: (Vampire or Human)
    Appearance: (Description or Picture)
    Allegiance: (Bane, Legion, Neutral)
  2. It's quiet an intriguing Rp but also a bit intimidating. I might join after all, this seems like something that will test my abilities. And who doesn't like a challenge? If I do decide to join, I'll post my CS no later than tomorrow.
  3. Fair enough. Here is my character

    Name: Alexander Diranav
    Weight: 198 lbs or 89.8 kg
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Age: 24 (Actual 162)
    Appearance: Alexander is generally a pale individual, and relatively thin compared to the majority of his companions inside the legion. His thin physique doesn't imply being weaker, in fact he is the fourth physically strongest inside the legion. He is Caucasian, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Like many vampires, but not all, his ear developed a pointy tip, and fangs which are unusually long when he was turned.


    Alexander is generally calm, and is hard to anger unless friends are threatened. His demeanor significantly changes when his friends are threatened, becoming extremely violent. His attitude also changes when he is thirsty and needs to feed. During this period, where Alexander needs to feed, he is often tense, trying to resist the urge to feed, especially if he is around humans.


    Alexander has relatively light leather armor, a sword and an MP9 machine pistol.


    Alexander was born January 2nd, 1851 to proud British parents. He grew up quickly and built a very successful franchise by age 19. He was set for life, and was preparing to settle down in 1885, when his first life was tragically cut short at the age of 24. He had fallen for an impressive woman who had been interested in him. Little did he know, she was a vampire and leader of the Underground Legion at the time. Shortly after his transformation was complete and he was inducted into the ranks of the Legion, she had disappeared and was replaced by a more experienced leader. He lived and rose through the ranks of the Legion up to Lieutenant Colonel, when he joined the British forces during World War One. He fought and had made his way to Berlin, and celebrated as the ceasefire was signed. He went back into hiding, training the fledgling members of the Legion. He inducted many human members as World War Two broke out, and joined the American Army Rangers. He was part of the Invasion of Normandy landing on Utah Beach, between Pouppeville and La Madeleine. As his unit grew more and more successful, he received multiple promotions, and was a part of the force that freed Paris from Nazi occupation. His actions were praised, and was honorably discharged at the Battle of the Bulge where he received multiple gun wounds to the legs and arms and still breaking through the German line. The bullets were removed, and little to the knowledge of his superior officers he was still more than capable of fighting the war, which he did without the knowledge or permission from the officers he had served.
    He had been shell-shocked, but it had faded quickly as he trained new troops for the Legion. His thirst was calmed after seeing so much blood, diminished. He met eventually met a young human in 2005 and kept in contact with them, molding their mind to understand that there was more than just humans on the planet, and began training them, knowing that something was off. That the future was tainted with a growing darkness.