Reward and Punishment (M looking for F)

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  1. Currently, I'm craving for some form of dominance expressed through a sexual Master x Slave RP, where I will be the Master who's 'taking care' of his various sex toys. Looking for two females who's interested in something like this!
  2. Possibly~ ^^
  3. If you need any other type of information, I'd be glad to PM you. :) I'm just looking to see who's actually interested in this type of scenario.
  4. I'm guessing you'd be playing a male master, Yes? ~
  5. Yes.~ Either a harsh, punishing master or a benevolent, generous one who spoils his pets. I'll play either or a mix of both depending on what you, and the other slave, wants. It'd be great to satisfy any of your kinks, fetishes, and needs, so. :)
  6. Sounds good! ~
    You're welcome to pm me with any additional information or questions, etc.
  7. I could possibly be up for it.
  8. Still looking for someone?
  9. I would possibly be interested if your still looking