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    Since the time of its establishment as a city, Izan has been known for its massive mining operations. Hidden away deep within a frozen canyon, the city survives the constant subzero temperatures only by the mining of the arcane element Kyr. Kyr is a valuable and rare element; the element itself has a natural heating trait, which makes it a commodity for citizens of Izan.

    When this element was first found in Izan, it was in thousand year old caves that no one had yet explored. When first mined, the working environment was tolerable to Izani miners, who needed a somewhat cold environment to survive in. Over the span of 200 years, the area which Izani could survive had been mined down to nothing but a skeleton; there was no Kyr left. All hope for the city seemed lost.

    There were however, a few miners who could travel down deeper, to places where the temperatures reached over 200*F. Scholars studied these men, and discovered that there bodies had adapted to the warm temperatures, and developed a natural resistance. The mutated men were regarded as a new race, the Kyrals, named after the element they had mined.

    Over the next 50 years, the Kyral race grew. It went from a mere 5 men, to nearly 500. This was not the only change in Izan at this time either. A new King was taking the throne: King Aurael. The new king believed that Kyral race was evil, and had each of them, miner or not, forced into the mines. He used them, and their abilities, to boost production of mining, and the wealth of the city along with it. He had transformed the new, proud race into nothing but slaves.

    Aurael's bloodline remained on the throne for another 50 years, and the population of the Kyral race increased tremendously, and with it the mining production. This brings us to today. Word of an uprising is being spread throughout the slave mines that surround Izan. Some men create weapons forged from Kyr itself, where others have learned to use fire magic. Word of this uprising has also spread to the King, who readies troops in preparation for a possible revolution. With no possible way to send Izani troops to the tremendously hot regions of the mine, the King waits, defending the gates to his city, rather than the exits of his mines.

    Who can I be?
    Q: Who can I play as?
    A: You can play as either a Kyral slave, or an Izani soldier or fighter.

    Q: Why would I play an Izani? Aren't they evil?
    A: You have to keep in mind that without the Kyral race working the mines, they, along with their families, will freeze to death.

    Q: Can I play as an Izani that fights for the Kyrals?
    A: Yes! Make sure you have a good reason why, however. I don't think that very many Izani would help the Kyrals out just for fun.

    Q: Can I play as a Kyral who fights for the Izani?
    A: I would not be opposed to this. Years ago, all of the Kyrans were rounded up and thrown into the mines, where they have not been allowed to leave. If you can come up with a good reason to explain this change of heart, then I would gladly accept this.

    • All Iwaku rules apply here.
    • No power-playing or meta-gaming.
    • Keep it PG-13
    • If you have any questions, don't assume, ask me.
    Character Skeleton
    Race: [ This determines which side you fight for ]
    Appearance: [ Anything over 500px wide needs to be put in a spoiler. See BBCodes if you are unsure how]
    Skills: [ Anything special. No basic survival skills ]
    Gear: [ What your character carries on him/her everyday. ]
    Backstory: [ Don't reveal too much. Minimum of one paragraph ]
    Anything else?:

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  2. Name: Fury'L
    Race: Kyral Slave
    Appearance: Tall youngster, Deep red, long, hair, skinny though oddly muscular, Green eyes
    Skills: More strenght then what is to be seen normal
    Gear: Leather pants, boots and top. A belt with a small sack hanging on it (what's inside is never the same), a small knife and a piece of rope.
    Backstory: Some unknown accident cause my memory to disappear, woking up one day with not the slightest idea who I was, were I came from and what I was supposed to do. Now I'm trying to find my way in this world.
    Anything else?: Yeah... Newby on the block, so not sure if this is alright :-)
  3. Can we be female or do they HAVE to be male for the Kyral? What can be played as a female for your story?
  4. @ZsafineGypsy
    You can play as whatever gender you'd like, regardless of race
  5. Elequana

    Name: Elequana "Fiere" Hetour

    Race: Kyral Fighter

    Appearance (open)


    >Fire Blast: Can create something similar to a fireball, when comes into contact it creates a blast of flames.
    >Fire Resistance: Being a Kyral, She has a natural resistance to extreme heat and flame.
    >Blacksmith: Has a inherited trait of being a blacksmith from her Father, but can only do small items like daggers, basic swords etc.

    Gear: Special armour crafts by her father before he passed away. (Reference in Picture), throwing knives.

    Backstory: Elequana struggled growing up as her family was poor, but did her best helping out around the mines or their home. When the new Aurael Bloodline took throne, her Father became furious as he helped start an uprise. Elequana and her mother Annela begged the man to stand down for they wanted him safe but her father refused. When things got more serious her father lost his life by an Izani troop who beheaded him in a fight. Now furious, Elequana takes his place in the rebellion as she stands tall in the very armour that was crafted specifically for her even though it does not cover a lot of her body it was built for flexibility. During her fight she constantly visits her mother making sure she is OK.

    Anything else?:
    >Elequana is mostly sneaky and not meant for the front lines though she likes to think so.
    >She is very strong and determined but when reminded of her father she acts before she thinks.
    >Expect more later on.

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  6. The Golden General
    Click for image
    Name: Mithas Gharen
    Race: Izani Royal
    Being the General of the Izani army has its benefits. Wherever he travels, Mithas is always accompanied by four NPC guards (Which I control).

    Lion's Strength
    Mithas' unarmed strikes are very powerful, near bone-crushing.

    Royal Armor
    Forged from a molten mixture of Kyr and Bronze, this armor, which takes on a golden appearance, signifies Mithas' place in the royal family. It is durable, and radiates moderate levels of heat.

    Royal Blade

    Made of the same alloy as his armor, Mithas' blade also radiates heat.

    Born into the rich and noble Gharen family, Mithas' quickly rose to royalty when his sister married the king. He was always fond of the Izani military, and began to pick up on some of the swordfighting techniques when he was about 10. His fighting skills increased as he entered his teenage years, and he had gotten the attention of the king by the time he was 18.

    He was made an officer in the army, and in the next few years he rose to his current position.
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  7. Name: Allise Dentrica

    Race: Izani, fights for Kyral slaves

    Allise (open)

    Allise is a short girl, only about
    5' 4" tall. She has long brown, hair with magenta eyes.

    Skills: Allise is actually a very studious girl, making top marks at her school. She has also always had a large fondness for Kyr, sparking her interest in the material and, against her fathers wishes, in helping the Kyrals. She can also hunt and set small snares.

    Gear: A thick woolen coat with a hood lined in fur. She also has an antique wooden hair comb from her mother, containing a small pocket knife in the handle that she can use to carve wood or skin small creatures. Her tall blue dyed boots are thickly lined with rabbit fur, and she has a matching blue woven scarf.

    Backstory: Allise was born into an aristocratic family, along with her three brothers. Her brothers were all older than her, growing up to become strong and and obedient soldiers. Because she was a lady, and born into a rich family, Allise was the crown jewel of her family, always receiving pampering and everything a privileged young lady could ask for, including an advanced education and immense wealth. But, instead of using her power and intelligence for greed and corruption, she often donated her money to mistreated Kyrals, and most of her free time was spent researching Kyr and being outside, against the wishes of her mother, who always wanted her to be a prim and proper young lady.

    Anything else?: She has visited the Kyr mines many times without her family knowing, including her brothers, in order to take notes on the substance and help the slaves.
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  8. Is it safe to assume that this RolePlay will not be starting anytime soon? If you have plans of letting this RP go, don't give up hope but I would like to know soon so I know if I should stop watching this thread or not.
  9. @ZsafineGypsy
    you can unwatch this.
    It didn't really take off like I'd hoped, and we don't have enough people playing on team Izan
  10. Very well. My character Still stands but if the RP takes off, PM me and I will return. Best of luck.
    Could I reccomend creating an Banner Ad for this? Might help! @Diana takes care of most if not all ads. She is also a staff member if you are unaware, along with a habit of being a stalker But you didn't hear that from me.
  11. I know Diana. I might have an ad put up, that is a great suggestion.
  12. If I may ask a question what exactly is the Izan military structure like I.e ranks and specialties( i.e calvary, heavy infantry, special forces, magical mounts like dragons or gryphons)? Also how does the commoner noble thing work out. Is it possible for a commoner to achieve high rank or is it strictly nobles doing all the leading?
  13. @Hisoka
    Military is pretty much anyone who could fight. Magic users are just a bonus.

    Social status is based on FAMILY, CONNECTIONS, AND MONEY
  14. @OverCast

    That wasn't what I ask. I wanted to know the specific names of specific ranks, who outranks who. How are specialist divisions organized, exactly what kind of specialists there are and how their ranking structure interacts with the main army.

    Also I wanted further clarification on if the Izan military is a meritocracy or not. Not precisely how the social pecking order works.
  15. Show Spoiler

    Commander - Commander
    Officer - Officer - Officer - Officer - Officer
    Captain - Captain - Captain - Captain - Captain - Captain
    Infantry - Infantry - Infantry - Infantry - Infantry - Infantry

    The military is a form of meritocracy. When a captain either retires, or is promoted, he picks one of the infantry who has demonstrated the skills needed to be a captain, who then gets the position. An Officer would pick one of the six captains and so on and so forth.

  16. @OverCast

    Alright easy enough to understand but why the lack of anything but basic infantry. You don't win wars by being that inflexible.
  17. @Hisoka
    Because up until now Izan hasn't really had to worry about a war. The military was always just there as a show of power.
  18. @OverCast

    So Izan's king is incompetent to the point of not even having a proper army. This despite sitting on an extremely valuable and rare resource? I am assuming there are other countries out there, countries that no doubt covet this resource. I mean come on, your telling me not a single one of them thought hey lets invade this poorly led country with its piss poor army and take it for ourselves?
  19. @Hisoka
    The resource isn't very valuable to any of the other countries. It's main function is for heating purposes, and Izan is the only frozen country. Secondly, Izan isn't worth the effort to raid. The area is surrounded by very large mountains that would take weeks to pass.
  20. @Hisoka
    I understand you are pointing out flaws and a poor structure, but to me it sounds like you are being a little harsh about it. No one writes perfect roleplays or even perfect in general. I think you should be more polite about this instead of throwing daggers. Asking questions is fine, but maybe the creator didn't want other countries in focus or a structured military. He probably wanted things to be basic and simple, something he could just relax to instead of being competitive. A goal of Group A and B fighting for freedom is basic enough. Hisoka be nicer, or politely offer your ideas. Thank you.
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