Revolt of Shadows

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  1. Man has 'progressed' as far as it can on this world, the entire planet covered in cities, from which black smog arises like smoke from fires. The skies have been blacked out by the perpetual cloud of pollution, gas masks are part of regular attire. CEOs dictate the running of the world, having enslaved the public to their products, as their products provide what they need. Some sell fresh air, others sell lab-grown food and nutrient supplements. Laws no longer exist, just the rules of the stores. Morals have been abandoned, people do whatever they can to survive.
    Rotting bodies litter the alleyways, dirty water runs through the streets as caustic rain pours down, slowly disintegrating anything not protected against it. Bloodstains are as common as graffiti. Food, concentrated air, and clean water is transported to Earth from other worlds, and sold to the populace or earned through working for the companies who sell them. The average man is nothing more than a slave, and those who refuse to submit are denied access to commodities and quickly die off, so there is no rebellion against them. Until now.
    Are you are a worker in one of the factories, and you receive your wages in clean food, water, and air? If so, you live in dull barracks, manufacturing luxuries for the elite class of this society. You are a slave to your employer, unable to quit because you need the wages to survive.
    Or are you one of the higher-ups, playing a dangerous game with your fellow elites? If so, you are the social elite. You are the one enslaving the people to make luxuries for you and your friends. You are the one who owns massive plots of land, thousands of underlings and a million-or-two slaves.
    Perhaps you're a middleman, doing as your 'employer' says for a slightly better wage than the regular workers? If so, you are the slave driver, directly controlling the flow of work and supplies. You are paid slightly more than those you are in charge of. You sleep in a private room, and are both respected and feared. You don't know your boss, but you know what will happen if you cease to work. No wage. And if you don't get your wage, you will die of either starvation, dehydration, or suffocation, more likely the latter.
    No matter who you are, you're sick of it. And it seems others have the same ideas. Join with others to put an end to the corrupt empires and begin restoring Earth to it's former glory, or escape off-world where you no longer have to put up with the horrors on Earth.
    But the real question is, can you survive long enough to accomplish either? Or will it all be in vain? The choice is yours. Each path has its own twists and turns, and forks that may lead to dead ends. Choose wisely. You might just live long enough to see where it leads...

    The Companies:
    Chimera Industires (open)

    Chimera Industries.jpg
    Chimera Industries is the main food production company, producing lab-grown animal tissues and plants to keep the people fed. Along side this, they are the worlds #1 fresh water import company. Chimera Industries also has a darker side: genetic experimentation on humans and lab-grown animals alike. This is driven by the CEO's fascination with ancient mythology, trying to get his scientists to re-create the fantastical creatures that may have been seen when the tales were created.

    Ayre and Tyme Industries (open)

    Arye and Tyme Ltd. concentrate air from off-world to be used in buildings and gas-masks. The Co-Founders James Ayre and Lucas Tyme, enjoyed sporting with their families, and created the production company to manufacture clean air for them to breath. And decided to make a profit while doing so. They've also been experimenting with time travel.

    Survivalist Industries (open)

    Survivalist manufacturing is the largest producer of security and defense weaponry, and protective gear. Survivalist supplies most of the world with gasmasks, weaponry, and protective clothing for 'civilian' workers and many large companies like Chimera Industries and Ayre and Tyme Industries. They also have the worlds largest private military.

    The 'lower class' of slave-workers has very limited technology and resources, not very different from what we have today, aside from better gasmasks, smaller tanks of portable air with just as much content, and food that is grown in labs instead of in fields. If the lower class gets sick, they get told to deal with it, they're replaceable if they can't work. The 'middle class' slave drivers would have more access, to better technology. They would have things like tasers, slightly-more-advanced-than-modern medical facilities, security guards would have arc-casters (guns that shoot small bolts of electricity with no need of a wire for a catalyst) to subdue escapees and either plasma casters, laser guns that affect the nervous system, or sound wave guns that use high frequencies to subdue them. The "elite class" CEOs and their families would likely have more stereotypical sci-fi things, such as robotic servants, laser blades used in duels, hovering vehicles for transportation, and injectable compounds that heal wounds rapidly.

    Lower Class Jobs: Manufacturer, engineer, quality control technician, waste management, janitor

    Middle Class Jobs: Manager (overseer), engineer, quality control technician, security guard, personal guard, scientist, personal servant

    Upper class Jobs: CEO, CEO's relative, Board Member


    Appearance: (pic or descript)(include gasmask either in pic, as separate pic, or in descript)
    (if guard, add pic of weapon and provide information)

    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.
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  2. Name: Luna Gillian
    Age: 18
    Class: Middle
    Job: Personal Servant
    Company: Arye and Tyme Industries
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Gas Mask:
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  3. Name: Azelia Daniels
    Age: 15
    Class: Lower Class
    Job: quality control technician
    Company: Survivalist Industries

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  4. Hah I like how being a ceo's relative is a "job".
  5. WIP

    Name: William 'Buck' Foster
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Personal Security, Arye and Tyme Ltd.
    Class: Middle

    M22 Thermal/Arc Caster - A concealable handgun capable of firing non-lethal subversive pellets scooped from a clip that consists of a malleable plastic block contained in a heatsink system and magnetically charged in the barrel of the weapon. It has a second lethal setting that, instead of charging the pellet, super-heats it to cut through cheap metal like a hot knife through butter and even more damaging to flesh.

    'No Wheezy' Rebreather - Prototype personal carbon dioxide recycling device that eliminates other pollutants and converts the gasses exhaled into breathable air while fitting neatly over the mouth and nostrils. A trade-in that eliminates the need to carry clunky oxygen tanks but requires expensive filtration cartridges, gifted to him for his dedication to the social elites of his employer.

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  6. Yes, yes I can.


    Also, I should make it clear that multiple characters are allowed, up to three. They can all be of the same class, of different classes, or a mix of two and another. My own will be up shortly.
  7. Changes have been made to the CS skeleton. Please adjust accordingly.
  8. Name: Jonas Carthage
    Age: 47
    Class: Upper
    Job: CEO
    Company: Ayre & Tyme Ltd. (secretly runs Chimera Industries)
    Jonas (open)

    Chimera CEO.jpg

    Mask (open)

    But not on this guy's face. That'd be weird.

    Name: Fredrick "Twelve" Nees
    Age: 31
    Class: Middle
    Job: Security Guard
    Company: Ayre & Tyme Ltd.
    Soldier.jpg Gas mask is built into helmet
    Weapon: Seen in hand. SI-46 Urban Hunter's Rifle, a two mode, semi automatic ranged rifle that can be switched between non-lethal Arc Mode, which fires electrically charged, metal, bullet-sized pellets stored in a fashion similar to a bb gun, and the lethal Heartstopper Mode, which increases said voltage by 300%, and fires actual bullets that are designed to become embedded in flesh instead of passing through. Twelve has nicknamed this rifle as Zeus.

    Name: Jack "That One Guy" or "You with the hat" or just "You". No last name, as it doesn't much matter to him any more.
    Age: 26
    Class: Lower
    Job: Manufacturer
    Company: (to be decided)
    Jack (open)

    That one guy.jpg But minus the shotgun. Owning a shotgun would either have taken all his saved funds, got him killed on grounds of inciting rebellion, or he would have had to 'acquired' it from security personel, which would also get him killed.

    Jack's Mask (open)
    Black 1.jpg
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