Revival: Old Ghosts to New Friends

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  1. [BCOLOR=#808080]Hey There![/BCOLOR]
    So, I had this idea...

    I was reading a really old roleplay that some friends of mine had done

    I want to redo this rp, remake it.
    I'm looking for 2-4 people who are willing to take on this challenge with me.
    We will work together, share ideas, and rebuild the story: But better. Put our own characters, forge our own romances, create our own destinies.

    I spoke to Jae, the original creator, and she gave me some tips on how it was so successful, and I plan on creating my own small group of friends (again, 2-4) to work on this idea..

    Are you ready to take on the challenge?

    Please respond here or pm me if you have any questions, if you are interested in joining, or if you feel I need to add anything :)
    Thank you!
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  2. What is the plot? I really am not able to get a clear one on that.
  3. Hey!

    A man comes into power and becomes a tyrant, orders people killed. He's unjust and evil.

    A young girl's parents are murdered by his faithful armies, but she survives
    She starts a rebellion, which the tyrant is trying to destroy
  4. intriguing I am in
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  5. Yay!
    I'll try and post some more info when I get home ^~^
  6. So to be a bit more specific than my original response (and because I thought on it a bit more~) Here's a more in-depth plot:

    It's a dark, rainy day when the man was elected president. No one knew exactly why, but he'd won by a landslid... Within a few years, he became a dictator. He lived in his mansion in the center of the large, bustling city. Everyone within the city believes that the new dictator was the best thing that had happened in history. No wars, no crime, peaceful prosperity.
    They had no idea of the truth they lived...
    Outside the walls was a barren wasteland, one riddled with waste and danger. Inside the walls, the dictator had a very good way to keep things in order: Assassins. His small group of advisors go out every night, on his order, and take out those who dare stand against him. No justice, just murdering whoever the dictator wanted.
    One night one of them is sent to take out an entire family. However, they leave the couple's daughter alive. She's rescued by her older brother, who saw what happened, but waited until the assassin left. They fled the city, and since then have started a rebel base outside the walls. They need to build an army to take out the dictator, return the city to it's true peace... Will you join them?

    I hope that helps a little! If not, let me know what doesn't make sense and I'll do my best to explain :) Thanks!

    This will take place in the year roughly 2035, and it's a medieval-scifi clash
    like, there will be swordfighting and riding on horses, but there will be helicopters that fly using basically levitation technology (magnetic waves) and cool medical devices and stuff and nice guns
    The swordfighting would mostly be the assassins and infiltration stuff, guns are more out on the battlefield
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  7. Interested
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  8. Woot!

    Any questions or anything?
  9. This sounds fairly interesting. Reminds me a bit if a concept I had a while back, minus the fantasy elements. So, is this thing a more realistic or animation style thing? I mostly ask for character purposes, as well as what kind of humor and depth to use.

    I think for a more realistic setting, I'd go kinda gritty and post modern. Whereas with an animation or anime style setting, probably a bit more laid back, but, still with some darker plot elements.

    Anyway, to reiterate, I think I'm interested.
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  10. Probably closer to animated~

    It'll have some gritty dark times, but, there's gonna quite a few of those moments were you stop and wonder if there really is a war going on..
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  11. Okay, neat. Anime Physics it is. Haha
  12. Not over the top
    But yes, some anime physics ^~^
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  13. Almighty, sounds good to me. I'll gladly join ya when you're ready to get started.
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  14. I'll probably get the main OOC thread set up tomorrow after school :)
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  15. I'm down if you still need someone else ^-^
  16. I can take one more.

    The OOC is currently in progress. I'll have it finished tonight.
    Had more homework yesterday than predicted ^^"
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